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DG Achieves 82% Census Return Rate

Downers Grove residents have heard the message to return their 2010 Census forms. Compared to the national participation rate of 71%, Downers Grove has achieved an 82% participation rate, attributed to the Village’s awareness campaign that began in June 2009 at Heritage Festival, supplementing Census Bureau efforts. Subscribers to the Village’s E-News have been receiving the census message weekly since September 10, 2009, as well as in the Village Corner, Hometown Times newsletter, announcements on DGTV Channel 6 and on the Village website.

If you have not returned your census, there’s still time. Beginning May 1, census workers will begin going door to door to households that failed to mail back their forms.

Residents are urged to return their completed census forms. The short form was mailed to households in mid-March.

It is to everyone’s advantage to cooperate with census workers and return your survey. Census data is used in many ways, most importantly to determine our representation in Congress and the distribution of federal funds to Downers Grove.

More information is available on the U.S. Census Bureau website.

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