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Bicycle and Unclaimed Property Auction

The Downers Grove Police Department will be using the website Property to sell unclaimed property and surplus items. The following items will be posted on Property Room after May 26, 2009.

If you believe that any of the listed items are rightfully yours to be claimed, please contact Property Control Officer Dru Ingram at (630) 434-5637 prior to May 26.

Serial Number Make Color
SNMNG06D26685 Schwinn Red
L030109184 Kent Silver
L060908536 Razor Silver
106009774P0798782 Murray Red
GS06032649 Next Green
GB060300339 Kent Blue
HC6711330 Huffy White
CA30160976 Mongoose Beige
00DT252993 Rhino Red
HCIE18054 Mongoose Red
HC4619462 Huffy Black/Pink
TBT0415C19E7402 Trek Black
HL0400054 Mongoose Blue
H11242647 Pacific Blue
BLD05M024400 Huffy Turquoise
BB03E24991 Huffy Blue