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Anti-Icing Treatment Applied Prior To Winter Storm

The Public Works Department was out in advance of the forecasted winter storm conducting anti-icing on Main Street and Fairview Avenue this morning. 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected overnight tonight (Mon 2/8) and an additional 6 to 10 inches is expected overnight tomorrow (Tue 2/9).

Anti-icing is the process of applying liquid freeze-point depressant chemicals to road surfaces ahead of a snowstorm. This helps prevent a bond from forming between the snow and/or ice and the roadway, resulting in a situation where the snow and ice either melts, or is easier to plow away. A benefit of utilizing this system is a reduction of salt material and labor costs.

Anti-icing techniques are a more targeted approach to snow and ice control which results in using less salt than traditional methods – ultimately reducing snow and ice control costs. It also has a number of additional benefits, including reductions in the amount of damage to trees, grass, and shrubs adjacent to the roads and in the chloride content of run-off that goes into lakes and streams.