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Counseling Services Resume at 842 Curtiss Street

Village Manager Dave Fieldman has announced that Associates in Family Care (AFC), Naperville, IL has entered into a lease agreement with the Village at the location formerly occupied by the Village’s Counseling and Social Services Department at 842 Curtiss Street.

AFC will provide counseling services at both below market and at-market rates and has hired three part-time counselors previously employed by the Village. The lease will allow qualifying residents previously served by the Village to continue to receive below market rate counseling services by the same counselors at the same location.

“Overall the agreement fills a service void and keeps a viable building occupied while enabling the Village to reduce operating expenses,” stated Manager Fieldman.

AFC offices can be reached at (630) 434-5595. Additional agencies in the region that provide below-market rate counseling services include:

  • Metropolitan Family Services (Wheaton/Woodridge) 630-784-4800
  • Community House (Hinsdale) 630-323-7500
  • Catholic Charities (Lombard) 800-240-7011
  • Naperville Community Outreach (Naperville) 630-961-2992
  • DuPage Community Clinic (Wheaton) 630-682-0639

For more information, contact Douglas Kozlowski, Communications Director at 630-434-5550.