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Heritage Festival Status

The difficult decision of suspending the Heritage Festival in 2010 was not taken lightly by the Village Council. Months of discussion based on serious financial analysis revealed that operational changes needed to be made immediately to stabilize the Village’s financial health.

The Village Council also directed the Community Events Commission (CEC) to evaluate opportunities for the restructuring of events in Downers Grove for 2011 and beyond. The primary goal of this effort will be to ensure that events are totally self-funded. All are welcome to attend the Community Events Commission (CEC) meeting on Tuesday, December 15 at 4:00 p.m. in the Committee Room at Village Hall, 801 Burlington Ave.

Although the economy has created many challenges, the Village is excited at the prospects of operating community events in the self-funded model. We are aware that several local non-profits are contemplating hosting events in 2010. Through our permitting process, the Village is ready to assist those organizations.