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Village Approves Updated Building Codes

The Downers Grove Village Council passed an ordinance to adopt the International Code Council’s (ICC) 2006 series of building and fire codes, the 2008 National Electrical Code, and updated amendments to the 2004 State of Illinois Plumbing Code at their meeting on October 6.

Building plans and permits approved on or after November 6, 2009, will be subject to the updated codes. Updating these codes was a high priority within the 2009 Strategic Plan. During the process, staff met multiple times with key stakeholders in the Village including the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce, contractors, builders, developers, architects and property managers. Their participation in the process resulted in codes that all agreed would be beneficial to the safety and well-being of the community.

“The adoption of the these codes will not only maximize insurance rating discounts for our residents, it also creates efficiencies for those who work in the building industry, as the 2006 codes are used by most communities in the area”, stated Community Development Director Tom Dabareiner. He added, “These new codes also recognize the latest in building technology,materials and installation techniques.”

The updated codes pertain to all aspects of residential and commercial construction on private property including building, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, property maintenance and mechanical systems. “This represents a comprehensive overhaul and I encourage everyone to contact the Community Development Department before starting any construction project and we’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding these updates”, stated Mr. Dabareiner.

All updated Building Codes have been incorporated into the Village Municipal Code by reference. The Community Development Department is available for questions at 630.434.5515.