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Jury Duty Telephone Scam

The Downers Grove Police Department is alerting residents about a telephone scam involving jury duty. A caller identifies him/herself as an officer of the court and notifies the victim that a warrant has been issued for their arrest for failure to report for jury duty. When the victim advises that they were never notified reference jury duty, the offender asks the victim for their social security number and date of birth, claiming to need this information to cancel the warrant. The information is then used to steal the identity of the victim.

Per the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this scam is being reported in 11 states, including Illinois, and is spreading quickly.

Always be suspicious of any attempt to get personal information. The court system, and most reputable organizations will not call you and request information such as your social security number on the phone. Never provide sensitive information to unsolicited callers.

If you receive such a call, contact the police department immediately at (630) 434-5600.