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Fire Chief Phil Ruscetti Announces Retirement

Village Manager Dave Fieldman announced today that Fire Chief Phil Ruscetti will retire effective August 28, 2009. Chief Ruscetti will take advantage of the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) that was open to all employees as part of an on-going plan to address financial challenges resulting from the economic downturn. A total of eight employees have volunteered for the program which was approved by the Village Council in June. “I’ve actually been eligible for retirement for over two years, but wanted to see a couple of projects through. The timing is now right given the availability of this program,” stated Ruscetti.

Chief Ruscetti, a member of the Downers Grove Fire Department since 1987, was appointed to this post in 2001. Throughout his 22 year career, he has served in a variety of roles including Fire Fighter Paramedic, Lieutenant, Battalion Chief of Training and Interim Deputy Chief of Operations.

Chief Ruscetti is credited with achieving a number of important goals for the Fire Department including the construction of Fire Station 2, the implementation of operational efficiencies and the establishment of numerous community partnerships with local schools, businesses and citizen groups. “I’m very proud of the improvements made over the last several years in our emergency response, fire prevention and public education programs. The professionalism and competency exhibited by our fire fighters during critical incidents is also another great source of pride for me,” Ruscetti said.

The appointment of an Acting Fire Chief will be announced in the near future.