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New Parking Lot Opens to Belmont Commuters

On July 15, 2009, a new parking lot was unveiled to Belmont Road commuters at the northeast corner of Belmont Road and Hitchcock Avenue. Parking Lot K (also known as the former Skuddlebutt’s property) can only be accessed off of Hitchcock Avenue and can accommodate 111 vehicles. Parking stall numbers are suspended from an overhead cable to identify the space for which the commuter is to deposit the daily fee in the payment boxes, located at the site.

A Parking Lot Notice alerted commuters that the daily fee lot located on the east side of Belmont Road between Warren and Haddow Avenue would be permanently closed as of July 15.

In addition to the new lot, alternate parking is available at the vacant parcel at the northwest corner of Burlington Avenue and Belmont Road. This gravel surface lot can only be accessed off of Belmont Road. It can accommodate 50 vehicles and will have parking stall numbers mounted on posts in front of each parking stall.

*All commuters parking in these lots MUST continue to pay the $3.00 Daily Parking Fee at the payment boxes. Locations are shown on the Parking Lot Notice.

Please contact Public Works at (630) 434-5460 with any questions.