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Long Range Financial Planning Starts May 19, 2009

The Long Range Financial Planning Process will begin in Downers Grove this Tuesday, May 19, following the regular Village Council Meeting. Over the summer months, the Village Council and staff will engage in a process to develop the long-term financial strategies and plans that will be used as the basis for future financial decisions. Implementation of the process was identified as a top priority in the 2008-09 Strategic Plan.

Long Range Financial Planning uses financial forecasting and analysis to identify long-term issues. The results will be used to manage financial decision making and assist in the preparation of annual budgets and future strategic plans. Issues will be presented and discussed early in the process, followed by solutions and strategies prepared by staff.

The sessions are designed to create awareness of issues or potential solutions relating to the long term financial health of the community and will provide multiple opportunities for input and discussion. The purpose is to allow for dialogue among community members, the Village Council and Staff in order to build consensus for the solutions and strategies presented.

Between May and August 2009, Long Term Financial Planning sessions will be held in the Committee Room at Village Hall, following regular Council Meetings. The public is welcome to attend and participate on the following dates: May 19, June 2, July 7 & 21, August 4 & 18.

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