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Storm event recap: February 26

The Village of Downers Grove experienced heavy rains on Thursday which caused localized flooding throughout the community. Total rainfall for the event is estimated at 2 inches. At the height of the event, rain fell at approximately 1 inch per hour. The high intensity rain and frozen ground contributed to localized flooding as area creeks and storm sewers quickly reached capacity due to the fast run off.

With heavy rains in the forecast, Public Works began clearing inlets at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. Work continued throughout the day and evening and stretched well into the early morning hours on Friday. During peak times of the storm, 14 Public Works staff members were mobilized to clear inlet structures, monitor roadway flooding and perform pumping at various locations.

The Village received an estimated 270 calls between 8 and 10 p.m. regarding flooded roads, stranded vehicles and requests for pumping.

Residents may contact the Village with flooding problems experienced during this storm event by calling Public Works at (630) 434-5460 or via email at Flood Response.

The Village’s Watershed Infrastructure Improvement Plan was adopted in 2007 and calls for $25 million in stormwater improvements over a three-year period. Several projects have already been implemented or are due to begin soon to alleviate severe flooding problems in the Village