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Fire Hydrants


Table 1: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Fire Department (630) 434-5980
Public Works Department (630) 434-5460
Police Department (630) 434-5600

The Village has 2,776 fire hydrants connected to the water system. The hydrant is used to help save lives and possessions and must be in good working condition if it is needed in an emergency. The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Fire Department flush, test and repair these fire hydrants throughout the year.

Fire hydrants are painted on a five-year cycle. 

It is important for residents to realize that fire hydrants should not be tampered with and turning them on could lower the water main pressure within the area making fire fighting more difficult. If someone is seen tampering with a fire hydrant, the Police Department should be contacted immediately.

If you would like to report a fire hydrant that is leaking or is in need of repair, please contact the Public Works Department.