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Neighborhood Traffic Study #5

Table 1: Project and contact information.
Project InformationData
Start Date August 2016
End Date April 2017
Percent Completed 100%
Village Contact Transportation Manager, (630) 434-6863

Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to continue to study traffic and pedestrian issues on a neighborhood-wide basis. Study Area #5 is bounded by Ogden Ave to the north, Belmont Road to the east, Warren Ave/Burlington Ave to the south, and Walnut Avenue to the west. Data analysis from this study will result in a set of physical and operational recommendations that will improve intersection controls, address pedestrian and access needs, address vehicular speeds, review school operations, and minimize the potential for present and future crashes and conflicts.

The Village authorized contractor for the project is KLOA, Inc. of Rosemont, Illinois. Data collection includes temporary electronic counters as well as manual counts of pedestrian and vehicles by KLOA staffers at intersections and mid-block locations. Roadway measurements, intersection re-configurations and vehicular operations will also be examined. Recommendations will be presented after data analysis, consultations with Village staff, and input from the residents.

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