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Table 1: Contact information.
Public Works Department (630) 434-5460
Community Response Center (630) 434-2255
Traffic Manager, William Lorton (630) 434-6863

In addition to the physical items that control traffic, the Public Works Department maintains parking meters, the parking deck pay units, and coordinates the Plan Commission’s signing requests as well as develops programs to address current traffic safety issues.

Transportation and Parking Commission

The Transportation and Parking Commission conducts meetings related the transportation of people and materials; parking; traffic, including control, daily trends and abatement; pedestrians and non-motor vehicle traveling persons; and traffic signage. They are an advisory body to the Village Council.

Traffic Calming

The Village is committed to maintaining safe streets for both vehicles and pedestrians and performs vehicular and pedestrian traffic count studies as needed. There are a number of types of studies which can be performed, such as a vehicle count, speed count, average daily total, vehicle type, and directional count. If a resident feels as though traffic on a particular street is not safe, they may apply for various physical and operational solutions through the Village’s traffic calming program.

In order to begin the process of traffic calming, a resident should review the Village’s Traffic Calming Application Packet, which details the Village’s traffic calming program and gives residents information regarding the following:

  • What is Traffic Calming?
  • Typical Traffic Calming Review Process
  • Traffic Calming Process Flow Chart
  • Traffic Calming Petition Form
  • Traffic Calming Policy

After the resident and at least four neighbors have completed the Traffic Calming Petition Form included in the packet, staff will review the petition and send it to the Transportation and Parking Commission and the Village Council for review and a decision.

Signs and Signals

The Village maintains 19 traffic signals around town.  All others are maintained by either the State or DuPage County.  All other traffic signals are maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

There are over 300,000 lineal feet of pavement markings to direct traffic. Over 15,000 signs and sign posts are along Village streets. All signs are posted and maintained in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the source of all U.S. standards for roadway signage.

Please note: To report damaged signs or malfunctioning signals, please contact the Community Response Center.