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Pothole repair is an ongoing operation of the Public Works Department’s Street Repair program. Crews work throughout the Village in sections, according to the established Snow Route Map. Depending on the number of potholes, it typically takes a two person crew about three weeks to make a complete round of the Village.

What causes a pothole?

Potholes are a sign that the street pavement is wearing out. Over time, pavement cracks and breaks due to water or wear and tear from traffic. Water trapped between the cracks may cause erosion under the surface and cause the pavement to sink down and break, resulting in a pothole.

During the winter, water under the pavement freezes and expands, then thaws and contracts. This freeze/thaw cycle accelerates the rate of pavement deterioration and increases the incidence of potholes, making them more noticeable following periods of cold temperatures and rain/snow.

Pothole Repairs

The Village makes every effort to fill potholes as they are discovered or reported. When it is cold or wet outside, the material used to patch potholes doesn’t adhere as well to the surrounding pavement. Pothole repairs made under these conditions may not last as long as compared to when conditions are ideal, but are necessary for safety reasons. This may explain why it seems that the same pothole never gets fixed, when in reality it has been repaired several times.

Because potholes are a sign of underlying pavement damage, filling a pothole is a temporary solution. If the cause of the pothole is not corrected, such as water getting under the pavement, pothole patches may fail, or more potholes will continue to form.

The only long-term solution for areas of problem potholes is to repave the street, or in some cases, reconstruct the street from the ground up. Potholes will not usually form on pavement that is in good condition and designed to withstand the street’s traffic volume.