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Managing Stormwater at Home

Stormwater Run-Off at Home

By adding stormwater control features to your property, you help reduce the amount of  stormwater flowing into the Village's stormwater system and onto your neighbor's property. You also help the environment by improving the quality of the runoff that reaches our waterways. For additional information about our waterways and what you can do to help improve water quality in our Village, visit our Creeks and Wetlands page.

Post Construction Best Management Practices(PCBMP)

The purpose of the PCBMP Manual is to provide property owners and developers with help meeting the Village's requirements for on-site stormwater runoff management. The Village code requires that property owners add water quality and stormwater control features any time new construction or additions to an existing  structure result in more than 700 square feet of net new impervious area. Property owners can meet the requirements by adding features such as rain gardens, dry wells or permeable pavers.

Cost-Share Program

The Village offers financial assistance to residents seeking to make stormwater improvements on their private property. To qualify, the proposed improvement must mitigate existing flooding conditions such as structural flooding of a house/garage or non-structural flooding over multiple properties. Flooding conditions must be present on more than one property to receive reimbursement. Once the qualifying criteria are met, reimbursement of up to $1,500 is available for each participating property. The maximum reimbursement per project is $10,000.

For more information or to apply for the Stormwater Cost Share Program call Public Works at 630-434-5460.

Rain Gardens

A variety of information on constructing rain gardens can be found below:

Rain Barrels

A rain barrel is a water tank used to collect and store rainwater at the end of your downspout, which you can then use to water plants, wash your car and reduce your water bill. They are a simple, efficient, low-cost method for homeowners to collect and recycle water. The Conservation Foundation offers rain barrels for sale, as well as local retailers. 

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