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Deer Creek Drainage Study

Deer Creek Drainage Improvements

On September 9, 2019 staff conducted a neighborhood meeting for the Deer Creek Drainage Improvements to provide updated information on the improvements and to receive resident feedback. The meeting presentation can be found here: September 9, 2019 Deer Creek Drainage Improvements Neighborhood Meeting 


Staff presented the results of the Deer Creek Drainage Study to residents on January 9, 2019.  Additional information can be found here: January 9, 2019 Drainage Study Presentation

The four proposed projects include:

  • Project A consists of removing brush and trees and other associated maintenance along the creek. This will reduce restrictions and clogging at the Fairview Avenue culvert.  
  • Project B consists of regrading the area between the two detention basins. This will improve the functionality of the basins and reduce the frequency of overtopping.
  • Project C consists of removing the connection of the storm sewers in the rear yards to the detention basin outlet storm sewer.  A separate storm sewer will be installed for rear yard drainage. This will reduce the frequency of ponding within the rear yards.
  • Project D consists of increasing the height of the berm of the east detention basin, resulting in less frequent overtopping.

All of these projects are planned to be designed and constructed in 2019. These are modest projects. They will improve stormwater drainage for small to moderate rain storms. These improvements will have no impact in major events similar to April 2013 or October 2017.

To address larger flooding issues, including instances when St. Joseph creek overtops its banks, DuPage County is completing a study to to identify the causes of flooding in all of the St. Joseph Creek watershed and will recommend improvements to reduce this flooding. The County study will update modeling and develop and evaluate flood control alternatives. It should be completed by early 2020.

Here are maps showing the project locations:

Further details can be found within the Deer Creek Drainage Report.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Meeting