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Stormwater Management


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Public Works (630) 434-5460
Julie Lomax, Stormwater Administrator (630) 493-8821

What are the differences in tap water, wastewater, stormwater and stormwater utility?

Tap Water

Treated water that comes from a faucet and used for drinking, bathing, cooking, and household purposes. Tap, or potable water, is managed through the Village's water service.


Non-potable water previously used for showering, washing clothes or flushing the toilet. Wastewater is managed through the  Downers Grove Sanitary District, a separate entity from the Village.


Stormwater originates from rain, melting snow, or other outdoor activities (car washing, watering lawn, etc.). Water that cannot soak into the ground either flows directly into creeks or through ditches or storm sewers to the creeks. All runoff eventually enters one of the three creeks in town.

Stormwater Utility

The Village's Stormwater Utility plan calls for a stormwater fee that would cover the cost of future capital projects, debt service related to those projects, and well as operational and maintenance costs.