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Safety and Crime Prevention

Home Emergency/Safety Kits

There are several types of emergencies for which  households should plan, including natural disasters.  In times of crisis, it is important to be self-sufficient, as emergency services may be taxed by a high volume of calls. The best way to care for your family is to prepare a home emergency kit which includes a supply of food and water to sustain family members for three to seven days. Additional supplies include a first aid kit, extra clothing, blankets and flashlights.  

The website is an excellent source to help prepare an emergency kit, form a family disaster plan and stay informed. Other resources:

Child Safety Seat Fitting

Table 1: Contact information.
Make an Appointment (630) 493-4795

The Village offers free child safety seat checks, by appointment. Safety seat checks are conducted by a certified child safety seat technician. Participants are asked to read their safety seat's instructions and install the seats prior to their appointments.

Safety seats are most effective when the unit is appropriate for the child's age and size, properly installed in the vehicle, and the child is correctly positioned in the seat.

Identity Theft

Safety Programs

Table 2: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Crime Prevention (630) 434-5641

Security Survey

Upon request, a Downers Grove Crime Prevention officer will complete a security survey of your home or business using principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.): inspections of locks, windows, doors, security systems, lighting, and landscaping techniques to deter crime. This service is provided at no cost.

Neighborhood Watch

Concerned citizens may obtain details about organizing a Neighborhood Watch Program in their area. The meetings can be conducted in a resident’s home another location. Residents will be provided with general crime prevention techniques, an explanation of the Neighborhood Watch philosophy, and guidelines on how to proceed in their neighborhoods.

Vacation Watch Program

The Downers Grove Police Department offers a service in which residents can complete a Vacation Watch Form and drop it off at the Police Department. Non-sworn personnel will conduct a security check of your home while you are away on vacation to insure all doors and windows are secure. Homes will be checked as time permits and up to four weeks at a time.

Bicycle Safety and Registration

This program stresses the fundamentals of bike safety and promotes the safe and responsible use of bicycles. and helmets. Please register your bicycle online.

Citizen Ride-Along Program

The Citizen Ride-Along Program permits our residents to ride along on patrol with a police officer. Residents must be at least 13 years old to participate. In addition, all juveniles must have parental permission to ride along; adults must sign a liability waiver.

Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver is a national organization dedicated to saving lives at rail crossings. The program, which focuses on safety around railroad tracks and trains, has a variety of lesson plans geared for all ages.

Babysitting Program

Offfered in April, the program is geared toward middle school-aged students who will learn about the responsibility involved in caring for infants and young children during routine and emergency situations. Sponsored by the Downers Grove Junior Woman's Club.

Be Smart/Be Safe

Teaches children how to deal with strangers and can be tailored to different age groups. The program includes clearly defining what constitutes a “stranger” and what a child should do if approached by one. The instructor provides the children with helpful guidelines to follow when unaccompanied by an adult without causing undo alarm or fear. The program may include interactive role-playing to assist children in understanding. 

Internet Safety for Parents

Developed to educate parents about the Internet. The program includes the realities of children unknowingly interacting with sexual predators while on the Internet and provides parents with strategies to lessen the chances for their children to be victimized. It also encourages parents to be proactive and instruct their children about both the benefits and dangers of cyberspace. This program gives parents the training to determine the guidelines necessary to keep their children safe.

Cooperative Safety Programs

Table 3: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Downers Grove Park District (630) 963-1300

Home Alone

Workshops for children include handling emergencies or unusual situations when there is no adult present. The adult workshops include discussion of providing guidance and support for children who are occasionally left alone. It focuses on legal considerations, fire safety and prevention, and maturity levels of children.

Safety Town

Safety Town is a one-week program designed to provide early childhood safety training for children ages five and six. The program is co-sponsored by the Police Department, Downers Grove Park District, and Downers Grove Junior Woman's Club.