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Overnight Parking/Parking Tickets/Vehicle Stickers

Table 1: Contact Information.
Contact Telephone
Overnight Parking (on street) (630) 434-5600
Overnight and General Parking Questions (630) 434-5500
Parking Tickets/Enforcement (630) 434-5600

Overnight Parking


  • Parking on Village streets between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. is prohibited by Village ordinance. Residents with a need to park overnight on the street must obtain permission from the Police Department and should fill out their request online by clicking on the form below:
  • Residents of the Downtown Business District may park overnight in the designated area on Level 1 of the Parking Deck, with a valid permit. The quarterly cost is $195.
  • Commuters with valid quarterly parking permits who wish to leave their cars overnight should request permission from the Police Department at (630) 434-5600.

Where Else Can I Park Overnight?

Main Street Station

  • Lot F (on the north side of the tracks along Warren Ave, east of Washington St.): An overnight parking permit must be purchased in advance at Village Hall, 801 Burlington Ave., during business hours. The fee is $6 per night. Customers are limited to a maximum of five nights of overnight parking per calendar month.
  • Parking Deck: Overnight parking is allowed on Level 5 on Friday and Saturday evenings only, with police notification. Call (630) 434-5600 or complete the online form. Be ready with your space number. 

Belmont Road Station

  • Overnight parking is available in the designated area on the north side of the tracks along Burlington Ave, west of Belmont, near Rose Ave. (Spaces #497-510).  These spaces are free after 3:00 p.m., but need to be paid for by 7:00 a.m. the next day (Monday-Friday). An option is to use the PAY BY PHONE feature.  

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are given for a number of reasons, but all stem from parking inappropiately within the Village. Be sure to read signs posted on streets, in parking lots and in the Parking Deck. To inquire about a parking ticket, contact the Police Department.

Parking tickets may be paid online or reviewed case by case by submitting the Parking Citation Review form.

Vehicle Stickers

The Village does not require vehicle stickers. 

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