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Storm Damage/ Tree Removal Companies

  • In the event of a storm, the Village is responsible for the clean up and removal of fallen branches and debris from trees located in Village parkways.

The removal of branches and debris which comes from private trees and vegetation is the responsibility of the property owner. The Village will not pick up private vegetation stacked in the parkway.

Residents may dispose of tree debris through the Village’s Yard Waste Collection program or a licensed tree company.

  • In the event of a storm declared to be of catastrophic proportions, procedures outlined in Resolution 2004-59 will be enacted. Information regarding the disposal of storm debris under these special circumstances will be made available through the Village website, Village corner, DGTV Channel 6 and posted at Village Hall, the Library, and the train stations.

Village-Licensed Tree Removal Companies

Companies performing tree removal activities in the Village of Downers Grove need to have a tree removal license per Municipal Codes 8-71 to 8-74. Tree Removal Licenses are INVALID without insurance. The date shown reflects the information on file with the Village. Consumers should ask to see a current certificate of insurance. 

This license must be renewed every calendar year, and a certificate of insurance must be provided. Consumers may also want to ask tree removal companies how many staff members are Certified Arborists. A Certified Arborist has passed a national test on arboriculture and tree care through the International Society of Arboriculture, and annually attends seminars and classes to retain this certification. A license can be obtained by completing the Tree Removal License Application.

The following companies have obtained a tree removal license as of May 3, 2018.  A vendor is not currently licensed if the date of insurance has expired. 

Table 1: Contact list of licensed tree removal companies.
Company Phone Insurance Expires
1-2-Trees (630) 519-3124 08/29/2018
Andreu Tree Service, LLC (630) 699-7921    04/21/2018
Arbor Care Tree Service (630)739-6936 01/14/2019
Arborworks (630) 352-3215 12/31/2018
B. Haney & Sons, Inc.  (630) 495-1831 06/14/2019
Bartlett Tree Experts (630) 960-4001 12/01/2018

(The) Care of Trees (630) 545-0606 09/01/2018

Davey Tree (630) 323-7220 09/01/2018
Eagle Eye Tree Service (630) 270-9364 04/09/2018
F&M Montoya Tree Service, Inc.  (847) 338-6065 06/09/2018 

Hernandez Landscaping, Inc.  (773) 884-0799 03/04/2019
Homer Tree Service (815) 838-0320 05/15/2018
Illinois Tree Service, Inc.   630) 915-8349 02/19/2019

J & J Tree Service (630) 254-5862 04/10/2019


Magic Hands Tree Service (815) 467-5709 03/02/2019
Mike's Tree Service (630) 971-8733 07/22/2018
Nature's Tree Inc d/b/a SAVA Tree/Save A Lawn (630) 821-7752 07/01/2018


Sinnott Tree Service (708) 579-5300  03/26/2018
Smitty's Tree Service, Inc. (708) 385-2814 02/01/2019
Steve Piper and Sons (630) 898-6050 01/01/2019
Superior Ground Services, Inc (630 )247-9624 10/26/2018
T & M Tree Service (630) 303-4641 04/17/2019
Undercutter's Tree Service (630) 969-9383 10/09/2018
Vidito Tree Experts (630) 241-1800 07/11/2018
Winkler's Tree & Landscaping (708) 544-1219 12/01/2018