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It is unlawful for any person to drive or move or for the owner to cause or knowingly permit to be driven or moved on any street in the Village any vehicle or vehicles of a size, weight or load not in conformance with the limitations and regulations stated in ILCS Ch. 625, Art. 5, §15-102 (width), ILCS Ch. 625, Art. 5, §15-103 (height), ILCS Ch. 625, Art. 5, §15-107 (length) and ILCS Ch. 625, Art. 5, §15-111 (weight).

Upon application to the Village, and upon good cause shown, the Village may, in its discretion, grant a special permit authorizing the applicant to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size or weight exceeding the maximum specified in this article, or otherwise not in conformity with the provisions of this article, upon any roads under the jurisdiction of the Village if such load is composed of a single object that cannot reasonably be dismantled or disassembled.

The Chief of Police or his or her designee is authorized to approve the application for routes. Upon approval and payment of all required fees, the Chief of Police or his or her designee shall issue a permit allowing passage of the oversize and/or overweight vehicles over Village streets. The permit shall be specific and contain:

  • Permit number.
  • The dates the permit is valid.
  • Whether the permit is single, round or continuous routing.
  • The description of object or vehicle to be moved.
  • Authorized gross weight, axle weight, width, length and height.
  • The authorized routing over Village streets including the origin and termination point within the Village.
  • The fee paid.
  • The date and signature of the Chief of Police or his or her designee.
  • In addition, the permit will specify general conditions that the permittee must comply with that are consistent and reasonable for the protection of the general public and Village streets. A copy of all permits will be maintained by the Police Department for information and compliance.

A one-way or single trip movement means one move from the point of origin to the point of destination. Any additional stops between the point of origin and the point of destination are expressly prohibited. Round trip movements means two trips over the same route in opposite direction. Continuous moves are movements generally to one site over a period of ninety (90) days. Continuous move permits may be issued for a period not to exceed ninety (90) calendar days

Any person driving any vehicle, object or contrivance upon any highway or highway structure is liable for all damage which the highway or structure may sustain as a result of any illegal operation, driving or moving of such vehicle, object or contrivance, or as a result of operating, driving, or moving any vehicle, object, or contrivance exceeding the maximum dimensions or weighing in excess of the maximum weight specified in this Article but authorized by a special permit issued as provided in this Article. The measure of liability is the cost of repairing a facility partially damaged or the depreciated replacement cost of a facility damaged beyond repair together with all other expenses incurred by the authorities in control of the highway or highway structure in providing a temporary detour, including a temporary structure, to serve the needs of traffic during the period of repair or replacement of the damaged highway or highway structure.