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On May 6, 2014, the Village Council approved an ordinance that will allow residents to keep hens in their rear yards, with a permit issued by the Village following proof of consent by neighboring property owners.

Hens are allowed under the following parameters:

  • Only hens will be permitted. All other fowl, including roosters, are prohibited.
  • No person shall keep more than four hens.
  • Properties currently eligible under the 50-foot setback requirements will not be required to obtain a permit, unless seeking to place the structure less than 50 feet from all property lines of an adjacent property
  • Structures housing hens shall be located in the rear yard only
  • Under the neighbor consent model, the setback requirement for a structure housing hens is seven feet from all property lines of an adjacent property. Adjacent is defined as a parcel that comes into contact with the applicant's property at one or more points.
  • The permit application shall include a consent form signed by each adjacent property owner and tenant.
  • The fee for the permit is defined under Animals and Fowl in the Village's User-Fee, License and Fine Schedule.
  • Permits will be limited to single-family detached residences and will expire five years after the date of issuance
  • All feed shall be kept in rodent-proof containers

Residents seeking a permit to keep hens must use the consent form on the permit application provided by the Village. Permits will be issued beginning May 19, 2014.

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