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Fences, including walls and plants in the nature of a fence, may be erected in conformance with the following guidelines:

  • It shall be unlawful to erect or alter any fence within the Village unless a permit has been issued by the Village.
  • No fence shall be constructed in any yard, which by nature of the material used for its construction, its design or its location, would impair public protection or public safety by obstructing the vision of persons using the street, sidewalks, or driveways on or adjacent to such yard.
  • All fences shall be constructed so that structural elements, if any, are located on the side of the fence facing toward the property on which the fence is constructed.
  • All fences are to be constructed INSIDE your lot line.
  • If the proposed fence is to be located in an area where the remote water meter reader now exists, please contact our Water Department at 630.434.5460, to set up an appointment to relocate the unit.
  • Remember call JULIE , toll-free at 1.800.892.0123 before you start your fence project so that you do not risk injury or costly repairs.


  • Bring two (2) copies of your Plat of Survey at time of permit application to the Community Development department. These copies will be kept by the department.
  • Indicate with a red marker on the Plat of Survey copy the placement of your fence (inside your lot line).
  • Fill out fence application form and submit with the plat of survey.
  • After the fence application is reviewed and approved, applicant will be notified and a fee (please refer to fee sheet) will be required at permit pick-up time.
  • A fence permit shall be valid for a term of six (6) months.

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