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October 19, 2021

1. Call to Order

Mayor Barnett called to order the Village Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and led those in the room in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. He explained the protocol for the meeting and the guidelines to submit public comment.

2. Roll Call

Council Attendance (Present): Mayor Barnett, Commissioner Walus, Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt, Commissioner Kulovany, Commissioner Gilmartin, Commissioner Glover

Council Attendance (Absent): Commissioner Hosé

Non-Voting: Village Manager Dave Fieldman, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca, and Village Clerk Rosa Berardi

3. Proclamation

A. Community Planning Month
B. Code Compliance Month

Stan Popovich, Village of Downers Grove Community Development Director, received the proclamation. Thanked the Mayor, Council and staff for hard work.

4. Minutes of Council Meetings

MIN 2021-9128- A. Minutes: Village Council Meeting Minutes -October 12, 2021


MOTION: To adopt the meeting minutes of the October 12, 2021 meeting as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Walus

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Walus, Sadowski-Fugitt, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Mayor Barnett


5. Public Comment

Public Comments/Questions

Tom Schroder of 4815 Forest:

  • Not in favor of removing Forest & Prairie dead-end barricade immediately; in favor of leaving barricades longer for full evaluation and completion of study recommended by Public Works and TAP Commission.
  • Requests motion to vote to keep barricades in place to finish the traffic study; submitted signed neighborhood petition to the Council.

Steve Scarlati of 4811 Forest:

  • Not in favor of 4-way stop signs; believes they will not stop accidents and will increase traffic on Forest; not in favor of additional stop signs on Prairie as they will increase traffic from Prairie to Warren.
  • In favor of dead-end barricade at Forest and Prairie.

Francis, resident  (no last name or address given):

  • Will come back to speak about gaming issue when at that point on the agenda.
  • Wilson & Ogden; drivers use Wilson as bypass for Ogden; in favor of restricting this as a bypass.

Debbie Scarlati of 4811 Forest:

  • In favor of dead-end barricade at Forest & Prairie
  • Spoke of high volume of cars on Forest and of special needs daughter getting on bus, while vehicles honked or drove around the bus furiously.

David Rose, resident:

  • In favor of environmental sustainability; would like to see District #58 Longfellow school property converted to greenspace
  • Not in favor of approval of license plate reader system due to lack of data.

Jim Kelly, resident:

  • Requests Village oversight of DuPage County PADS
  • Spoke of not-for-profit and gave his phone #708-577-8956 and email for anyone that would like to contact him.

Vito Siciliano of 4808 Forest:

  • Not in favor of 4-way stops on Prairie.

Sharon Sicilian of 4808 Forest:

  • In favor of decreasing accidents at Forest & Prairie; not in favor of removing barricade at Forest & Prairie.

Maureen Casey of 4815 Prince:

  • In favor of safety for entire neighborhood.

Robin Rutkowski of 4730 Prince:

  • Not in favor of money spent on barricades for dead-end at Forest & Prairie; in favor of incremental process to address safety at Forest & Prairie - more economical and equitable for entire community
  • In favor of additional stop signs on Prairie

Cindy Zaeske of 1130 Franklin St:

  • Not in favor of volume of cars on Franklin St
  • In favor of safety for entire community and even disbursement of traffic

Angie Winslow of 4816 Forest:

  • Not in favor of incremental changes; have already been attempted without success
  • Requests full traffic study and temporary trial of dead-end to occur and not end prematurely

Danielle Bergandine of 4803 Prince:

  • Requests PD enforcement for speed limit and full stops at stop signs in neighborhood
  • In favor of removal of dead-end barricade on Forest and a 4-way stop at Forest & Prairie

Steve Scarlati of 4811 Forest:

  • In favor of decreased volume for safety; decrease bypass traffic
  • Not in favor of increased stop signs

Resident returned to podium

  • Not in favor of motion to vote to remove barricades done during manager's report at the last meeting
  • Requested someone make a motion to continue to keep barricades in place for a few more weeks to finish study and gather data to make decision

Resident returned to podium:

  • Residents are not looking to block off Forest & Prairie to increase property value.

Mark Brenner of 4726 Prince:

  • Not in favor of dead-end barricade on Forest & Prairie; not equitable to rest of neighborhood
  • In favor of 4-way stop at Forest & Prairie

Maggie Sluzas of 4733 Prince:

  • In favor of system of 4-way stops on Prairie including at Forest & Prairie - wants incremental steps
  • Requested data available regarding accidents at Prairie and Prince

Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of 4-way stop at Forest & Prairie
  • Concerned about traffic backups during rush hour

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of keeping barricade for a few more weeks for full study and data counts
  • In favor of study of 4-way stop at intersection next to compare with barricade data

Brian Erickson of 4805 Forest:

  • In favor of eliminating cut-through traffic on Forest with dead-end barricade on Forest & Prairie - not in favor of stop signs.
  • Requests before and after data counts on main collector streets before and after barricade

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of study to address entire neighborhood as a whole; issues and flow of traffic

6. Mayor's Report

Mayor Barnett: Does not live on Webster, lives on Maple and has lived there since 1998, so he know. What high traffic volumes in residential areas is like and cut through traffic is a problem. In the case of Webster, 250 cars were forced to remain on 55th Street; different than disbursing 1500 throughout a neighborhood. Village has grid system and many streets have higher counts while others have lower. When there are opportunities to improve counts, the Village will take them. Solutions are driven by what the effect will have on the entire grid system; broader scope. The Council understands there's a real problem at Forest and Prairie that they are trying to solve it. The Council also understands residents are seeking a solution to the problem not to cause any harm to one another. Asking the residents to stay focused on the goal to reduce the frequency and severity of the accidents at Forest and Prairie.  No existing limits, rules, ordinances, numerated values within the Village or any Village specific goals about counts of traffic on individual streets; adjusting those counts was not the goal.  The numbers 39 and 24 have both been used as cited accidents on the issue of Forest and Prairie - to clarify 39 collusions were cited as there was a report run by the Police Department which included all accidents occurring on the 4800 block of Forest Avenue. Staff studied the report and as a result found that 11 of the 39 collisions occurred at Franklin (the nearest cross street), that takes the number down to 28. Another 4 of the 28 accidents that occurred were determined not likely occurring due to a function of the intersection of Forest and Prairie.  That is that is how staff got to the number 24 for accidents at the intersection of Forest and Prairie and 24 accidents is a concern and a problem that needs to be solved.  The parking study performed by KLOA on the west end of Prairie Avenue, which will appear later on the night's agenda, shows there were not many accidents on Prairie. The Council's motion enabling barricades at the Forest and Prairie intersection did not include a timeframe or specific metric for data before reconsidering the measure. Motion included a monthly report on measures; which are ongoing and will continue.  A report in mid/late November will be given regarding what resulted once the barricades were removed; this situation will not be over  until the frequency and severity of accidents at the intersection are reduced. Regarding the LPR system, the Council discussed this at 4-5 different meetings. There was an important Q & A discussion with the Police Chief which was very helpful. Not sure if that is enough "data" for one person, but asked for those questioning if it was a good or bad decision, to look back at meeting minutes and listen to the recordings that are available to the public.  Asked all to exercise patience and think of and look for the best in your neighbors.

7. Consent Agenda

BIL 2021-9127  -  A. Bills Payable: No. 6624 - October 19, 2021

Summary: No. 6624 - October 19, 2021


COR 2021-9143  -  B. Claims Ordinance: No. 6629, Payroll - September 24, 2021

Summary: No. 6629, Payroll - September 24, 2021


MIN 2021-9154  -  C. Minutes: Note Receipt of Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes

Summary: Note Receipt of Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes: Liquor Commission 10-19-21


MOTION: To adopt all items on the Consent Agenda, as presented

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Walus

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Commissioners Walus, Sadowski-Fugitt Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Mayor Barnett


8. Active Agenda 

ORD 2021-9146  -  A. Ordinance: Authorize the Payment of Redevelopment Project Costs, Dissolving the Special Tax Allocation Fund and Terminating the Village of Downers Grove Tax Increment Financing for the Downtown Redevelopment Project Area ORD #5887

Summary: This authorizes the payment of redevelopment project costs, dissolving the special tax allocation fund and terminating the Village of Downers Grove tax increment downtown redevelopment project area.

MOTION: To adopt an ordinance authorizing the payment of redevelopment project costs, dissolving the special tax allocation fund and terminating the Village of Downers Grove tax increment financing for the Downtown redevelopment project area, as presented.  ORD #5887

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Walus

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Commissioners Walus, Sadowski-Fugitt, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Mayor Barnett



Public Comments/Questions

Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of TIF system and debt
  • In favor of environmental sustainability; use of renewable resources

Council Comments/Questions

Mayor Barnett: Believes the TIF system in Downers Grove was a success. Expressed gratitude to Betty Cheever, Marilyn Schnell, Coral Carlson, Tom Sisul and Mike Gilbert who began the TIF and benefits to Downers Grove.


ORD 2021-9145  -  B. Ordinance: Amending Certain Traffic Control Provisions Along Prairie Avenue ORD #5888

Summary: An ordinance amending certain traffic control provisions along Prairie Avenue.


MOTION: To adopt an ordinance amending certain traffic control provisions along Prairie Avenue, as presented.  ORD #5888

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Walus

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Commissioners Walus, Sadowski-Fugitt, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Mayor Barnett


Public Comments/Questions

Resident returned to podium:

  • Question: If changes on Prairie increases traffic volumes on Forest, what will happen?
  • Not in favor of increased traffic volume on Forest being acceptable
  • Secondary issue of volume of traffic bypassing Main St on Forest is part of the problem, not just collisions

Mayor Barnett: It will be considered if it happens. Goals are clearly identified

Alberto Torrez 1700 Prairie:

  • In favor of dedicated bike lanes
  • Not in favor of sharrows

Resident retuned to podium:

  • Requests a model to see where traffic will go if Prairie receives multiple stop signs; concerned about increase on Warren Ave
  • Not in favor of stop signs on Prairie or increase in traffic volume on Forest
  • In favor of keeping parking on south side of Prairie and a shared bicycle lane on Prairie from Main to Belmont

Mayor Barnett: This is the Active agenda is to establish a 25 mph speed limit from Belmont to Main; installation of all way stops at Lee, Oakwood and Saratoga; installation of pedestrian crossings at Lee, Seeley, Oakwood, and Saratoga. On the First Reading later on agenda is the discussion, but not action, of the consideration of additional stop signs at Lee and Belmont; consideration of on street parking; and design of bicycle features

 Resident returned to podium:

  • Question: On what basis were stop signs as opposed to other options recommended?

Danielle Bergandine of 4803 Prince:

  • In favor of reduction of speed limit on Prairie and addition of stop signs for safety

Resident (no name given):

  • In favor of stop sign at Oakwood & Prairie; 4-way stop at Forest & Prairie; some 3-way stops on Warren

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of stop signs at Oakwood, Forest, and Lee
  • In favor of additional stop sign between Lee & Belmont

Council Comments/Questions

Commissioner Kulovany: In 2012 neighborhood area #2 (Main St to Lee and Warren to Ogden) traffic study was done with several items from study not implemented. Traffic area #7 (Lee to Belmont and Ogden to Warren) - current study with suggestions. Looking at traffic calming and speed reduction which includes a combination of stop signs, refuge islands, pedestrian signs and roadway markings. Best way of controlling traffic and speed is giving the people the feeling that road is narrowing. Grove and Carpenter bump out (road narrowed) slowed traffic. 

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Not only are we just adding stop signs but also a lot of bump-outs, which many of the Council members have been wanting to see in many areas. This study does not include Prairie & Forest. Voted to keep barrier in place - but for the record will not put a motion forward now when the room is emotionally charged as it doesn't lead to the best decision making. Interested in hearing more data, having more conversations with staff and with Commissioners (one-on-one). In support of Prairie Ave provisions to reduce speed and increase safety in that corridor.

9.      First Reading

ORD 2021-9155  -  A. Ordinance: An Ordinance Establishing Video Gaming Regulations

Village Manager David Fieldman presented on this Ordinance. In 2009 the State of Illinois adopted the Video Gaming Act allowing video gaming to take place in certain businesses. Law allows municipalities to opt out of video gaming. To date the Village has opted out. Video gaming is identified as a priority action item on current work plan.

Staff has prepared a draft ordinance which includes regulations for video gaming:

  • A Village issue license would be required to operate gaming terminals. License would be issued to establishments holding restaurant, recreation, club, and brew pub liquor licenses. Currently 55 establishments holding these licenses. Gaming licenses would be handled as additional liquor licenses. Establishments must hold current liquor license in good standing for 12 months prior to application for a gaming license. One time application fee of $1885 required. Number of licenses limited to 20 village wide. Number of terminals limited to 6 per establishment. Possibility of 120 terminals in Village. Establishments must place terminals in a separate room with size restrictions on the room. Violation of the gaming license could result in revocation of general liquor license and vice versa. If ordinance approved by Council, would become effective January 1, 2022 and license applications reviewed on first come first serve basis.
  • Based on draft ordinance; revenue projected $250,000 - $500,000 annually. Three sources of revenue: one time application fee $1885; annual terminal fees of $1500 per terminal; Village share of state revenue based on volume of activity at terminals in Village. Estimated range based on 60 at low end; 120 at high end; looked at revenues of other municipalities in study provided and prepared by the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference.

Council Comments/Questions

Commissioner Glover: Supports implementation of video gaming in restaurants. Allows Downers Grove to retain existing businesses and attract new businesses when gaming is allowed down the street in other municipalities. Benefits residents who do not want to travel outside of community for gaming. Every town Downers Grove shares a border with, except for one, allows gaming.

Commissioner Kulovany: 12 month requirement is because Village wants businesses to survive on current business motto and not on video gaming.  Decisions are made based on zoning, not based on business mottos. Used newest Liquor licensing as a comparison.  Comparison packet uses the towns of Westmont, Darien, Oak Brook Terrace, Woodridge, Willowbrook, Lemont and Lombard used for comparison. Contends that Downers Grove is comparable to Glen Ellyn, Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Naperville, and Elmhurst. Downers Grove rated by Forbes as one of top 10 friendliest towns. Rated 2nd in livability and is in the 10 best cities for kids. Concern that video gaming in downtown will dramatically change essence of downtown. Spent last 20 years cleaning up Ogden Avenue and still in process; spent last 27 years cleaning up the downtown. Pandemic forced implementation of outdoor dining changing nature of downtown which needs to be protected and kept family friendly. Issue with signage for gaming. Would like the revenue and understands need for businesses to be competitive.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: In favor of ordinance. Does not see video gaming as a moral issue or failing. Addiction is physiological issue, not moral or ethical. Does not want it as part of narrative. Understands concern with signs due to hard work on sign ordinance. Interested in staff thoughts on signs; incentivize businesses who do not use flashy garish signs. In favor of choices for businesses, competitiveness, and keeping business in Downers Grove.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Generally in support of video gaming. Not unconditional and has reservations. Supports it to provide an opportunity for businesses to diversify revenue streams. Does not believe it will be a major revenue source for Village. Does not think comparison towns allowing gaming cafes are a good comparison. Likes the way the draft ordinance is written to prohibit gaming cafes. Would vote no if gaming cafes were part of ordinance. Ordinance must be written in a way that is clear on what is defined as a gambling café, how to exclude them, and how to prevent existing businesses from becoming cafes. Question to staff is how to interpret definition of gaming revenue in relation to gaming café.

Mr. Fieldman: Ordinance was drafted with intention of preventing video gaming cafes by: define video gaming cafes; outright prohibition of video gaming cafes; limiting the geographic space within a facility that can be used for video gaming. All working together for the result of not having video gaming cafes. Want to insure ordinance reflects policy direction of Council.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Limiting maximum amount of revenue from gaming helps to prevent video gaming café. Interested to know if other Commissioners are also concerned with not having video gaming cafes.

Mayor Barnett: Shares same concerns. Thinks this is not a good idea. If logic is for this to be a draw for new and existing businesses, café component is something to avoid.  Value judgements have been built into the ordinance and he wants to make sure the ordinance helps in preventing businesses from evolving into gaming cafes

Other Commissioners agreed with Mayor Barnett

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: The number can be set at a recommended level and then revisited in 12 months and a deadline and timeline can be set to check in on it. 

Mr. Fieldman: Food and beverage tax numbers are reported locally so there is a better understanding now than years ago which can be looked at. Understands Council is making it clear that the ordinance will not allow stand-alone single purpose gaming entities.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Considerations: trial ordinance with limited number of licenses to test; requiring video surveillance and alarm systems - adding level of security; restriction of visibilities of terminals from outside of building; sign restrictions. Schaumburg allocates 50% of fees to gambling addiction; can look at that as an opportunity to offset concerns.

Commissioner Walus: During pandemic never realized how much she could love local businesses and restaurants as much as she has learned to during that time; wants to continue being a cheerleader for the businesses giving them an opportunity to do well for themselves. Concerned current downtown vibe will be changed; particularly in relation to signage - current sign ordinance strict for a reason. May be sticking point for her. Video gaming signs change feel of space. Wants to avoid stand-alone cafes. Open to discussion about all the item Commissioner Gilmartin brought up.

Commissioner Kulovany: Downtown is somewhat insular in relation to competition. Decision to eat downtown vs. establishment on Ogden Avenue is different. There may be some protection to downtown businesses if prohibited downtown.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Concerned about having different rules for different areas for signage. Can give incentive program to not use a sign to limit or not use signs in certain areas. Wants to be fair; worth discussion of creative ways to address sign issues.

Mayor Barnett: There is the ability to do this on a zoning basis; consider not doing this in the downtown areas. Asked Enza for her thoughts on signage and ordinance - long history of sign ordinance and we take our ordinance seriously. Takes seriously rights, speech, and advertising. Floor plans for license holders, 500 sq. feet seems large; twice as large as he wants it to be; wants to see what it looks like in different size establishments in Village.

Mr. Fieldman: Staff has already done this and came up with lesser of 25% because for reference a two car detached garage is 700 sq. feet. Carol, Stan, and the team will share the drawings they have already made.

Mayor Barnett: Asked Mr. Fieldman about data from other communities in terms per terminal values and facility types. Would like additional commentary on discounting per terminal, if excluding parlors.

Mr. Fieldman: Study came from DMMC self-reporting. Will see if data can be obtained at that level. One of the major factors in addition to café and parlor or not, is also whether your community is home rule or not. State law says non-home ruled can only charge local license fee of $25.00 and license fee Village is proposing is $1500. Revenue projection may look high due to home rule ability to charge $1500 per terminal.

Mayor Barnett: Interested in potential other uses for the revenue; dedication of future revenues to something such as public safety pensions which is an ongoing increasing challenge burdening every resident in town and is largely outside of Village control. May be value in assigning revenue.

Public Comments/Questions

Leonard Ververs of 4713 Cornell:

  • Requests Council look at the revenue numbers again before voting

Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of gaming downtown and look of signage

Mike Gilbert of 3740 Glendenning:

  • Commends Village for TIF and results they have today
  • In favor of gaming; not in favor of $1500 fee per machine

Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of gaming in Village

Resident returned to podium:

  • Asked what crime data is at gaming establishments

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of gaming

Victor Aranda of 4617 Belmont:

  • In favor of video gaming

Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of gaming

Bryan Bentley owner of Bryan's American Grill in DG:

  • In favor of video gaming

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of gaming

Mayor Barnett: Time is 10:20pm; not deciding this tonight; would like to be done; speak up if you have something that hasn't been said, or if it can wait until next discussion that works too.

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of gaming; businesses may move to other communities if there is a set number of licenses issued

Resident returned to podium:

  • Council patience is amazing

Unnamed Speaker, owner of Holiday Inn Express at 3031 Finley Rd:

  • In favor of gaming.

Alberto Torrez, President of DG Moose Lodge:

  • In favor of gaming and of keeping discrete and away from children
  • Not in favor of signs or huge gaming room

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of more specific information regarding video gaming logistics

Council Comments/Questions

Commissioner Kulovany: Questions if there is an issue related to noise pollution with video gaming and if there is a way to regulate it.

Commissioner Gilmartin: All this is on the table. Can look at regulating machine noise.

Mr. Fieldman: Will do further research on signage, zoning approach, regulations in downtown, revenues per terminal per facility, and more to be addressed at upcoming meeting.


ORD 2021-9159  -  B. Ordinance: West Prairie Avenue Corridor Plan and Neighborhood Traffic Study #7

Mr. Fieldman presented this ordinance and explained this is a continuation of the discussion from last week and Neighborhood Traffic Study #7.  Manager Fieldman introduced Public Works Director, Andy Sikich, who gave a presentation.

West Prairie Avenue Corridor Plan proposed improvements recommended by staff and TAP Commission:

  • Reduce speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph
  • All way stop control at Lee, Oakwood, Saratoga
  • Marked pedestrian crossings at Seeley & Stonewall
  • Pedestrian refuge islands at all 5 locations
  • Eliminate parking on south side of Prairie from Belmont to Montgomery
  • Marked bike lanes from Belmont to Lee and sharrow from Lee to Main

Staff researched retaining parking on south side of Prairie and marked bike lanes and options for reducing vehicle speeds and enhancing pedestrian safety between Belmont and Lee; including potential for additional stop signs.

Currently parking from Belmont to Montgomery, parking is allowed on south side of Prairie in striped parking boxes. Not enough room for dedicated bike lanes, but there is enough room for both parking and vehicle lanes that are wide enough for sharrows. Between Lee and Montgomery there is not enough room for parking and vehicle lanes that are wide enough for sharrows; only room for parking or sharrows within vehicle lanes. If parking is left in place along the curb, staff would opt for bump outs or curb extensions instead of pedestrian refuge islands at any of the marked pedestrian crossings where parking remains.

Additional improvements that can be made to improve to help slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety between Lee and Belmont: all way stop at Lee; marked pedestrian at Stonewall. Additional staff recommendations: add second marked pedestrian crossing at Woodward including refuge island or curb bump out; installation of permanent speed feedback monitors between Woodward & Belmont; addition of programmable traffic signal heads at Belmont.

Neighborhood Traffic Study #7

Since 2010 Village has looked at traffic on neighborhood by neighborhood basis. Study engaged KOLA Inc. for traffic study of area #7 between Ogden and Warren, and Belmont and Lee.


  • Adding stop signs at various location so all intersections are traffic signal or stop controlled
  • Reduce speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph on Prairie and Warren
  • Pedestrian improvements could include: center line striping; pedestrian refuge islands; pedestrian crossing signage; ladder style crosswalks
  • Increase bike route signage on designated bike routes in addition to marked lanes on Prairie

8 intersections in neighborhood have no or yield stop control; those would be replaced with stop control on at least one or more legs.

Proposed Enhancements

  • Install park zone speed limits on Lee along Lee and Grant park and on Warren along Loy Park;
  • Install new or add yellow boarders to existing speed limit signs
  • Refuge islands on Prairie and at existing mid-block crossings on Pershing, Wilson, Woodward, and Stonewall
  • Add and refresh crosswalks in high visibility ladder style crosswalks
  • Add pedestrian signage and in street pedestrian crossing signs at various locations
  • Add center line pavement markings at Lee and Warren to help slow traffic
  • Selective use of speed monitors and target enforcement

Proposed Bicycle Enhancements

  • Bike lanes
  • Additional bike route signage along Village's designated bike routes

Warren discontinuity in width and well used parking prohibits KOLA recommendation of marked bike facilities along Warren. TAP Commission recommended full report in entirety to Council for approval.

Council Comments/Questions

Commissioner Gilmartin: Programmable signal heads; definition?

Mr. Sikich: Signals that may be angled so motorists cannot see traffic light color until they are closer to light. Discourages vehicles from speeding to catch a light.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Is Warren able to be widened in the future to accommodate bike lanes?

Mr. Sikich: Has not looked at that.

Mr. Fieldman: Will have an answer at next discussion.

Mayor Barnett: Challenges with bike lanes with varying widths of roadways and changing conditions for bicyclists.

Mr. Sikich: Changing block by block is not the best idea.

Mayor Barnett: Wants to encourage people to ride bikes and provide safe transit for it across the community, yet the existing streets were not made for this. Warren Ave is already a heavily bike traveled route. Are the choices bicyclists feel safest and choose to ride more important than pavement markings and signs? Appreciates hierarchy, but if focusing on bike work, then that is a different conversation about how serious to get regarding it. This proposal for bicycles does not seem effective to him.

Mr. Fieldman: Thinks the concept of whether cyclists seek out places where they feel safest riding is important. Which affordances is the Village trying to provide is the policy question.

Mayor Barnett: Encourages all to think about whether in the future, next year, if there is to be a serious conversation about how to make streets safer and more appealing to bicyclists.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Was the study the impetus to recommend the dedicated bike lanes? Was it based on volume or opportunity to leverage the space that was there?

Mr. Sikich: It is a multi- pronged approach. It's a designated bike route in the Village bikeway plan, so KOLA saw an opportunity to make is a safer bike route and to introduce traffic calming elements.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Loves that thinking. Thinks his challenge is there is not a fully comprehensive plan that it is mapped out in a way that is meaningful and can leverage some of the things the Mayor discussed. Agrees that next year bicycle routes throughout Village is important to look at.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Feels that it is important to discuss a complete streets plan at some point. Not interested in taking something away from residents if in the long term this may not be a part of the bike plan. Feels sharrows on that portion of Prairie are a good compromise. Would like to look at bike path issues on a larger scale in the future rather than piecemeal. In favor of bump outs, pedestrian islands, more pedestrian signs especially on western end of Prairie, and signal heads. Hesitant regarding speed monitors; interested in more data on cost and effectiveness. In favor of changing yield signs to stop signs.

Commissioner Kulovany: Agrees with many of the comments. Would be nice to have the space for both dedicated parking and bike lanes. In favor of keeping parking on south side of Prairie with sharrows and bike route signs.

Mayor Barnett: Summarize: retaining parking on south side of Prairie; run sharrows as far as they can go on Prairie; parking would take precedence over sharrows on east stretch.

Public Comments/Questions

 Resident returned to podium:

  • Not in favor of encouraging bicyclists/bike lanes on Prairie. In favor of utilizing Warren for cycling
  • In favor of making clear where the bicycle paths in the Village are. In favor of stop signs on Warren

 Bill Nally of 4808 Woodward

  • Requests a stop sign at Prairie & Woodward
  • Not in favor of flashing crosswalk sign; stop sign safer

 Resident returned to podium:

  • Question: Why stop sign at Lee & Grant?

 Resident with home on corner of Prairie (no name given):

  • In favor of dedicated lanes for cyclists on Prairie
  • In favor of stop sign at Woodward & Prairie
  • In favor of programmable traffic signal also at Main and Prairie

 Lauren Loeb of 2029 Prairie

  • In favor of parking on south side of Prairie; programmable signal heads at Belmont; stop sign at Woodward
  • In favor of sharrows for cyclists on Prairie and for dedicated bike lanes on Warren

 Andy Broomhead of 2010 Prairie

  • Submitted petition with over 100 signatures to vote for shared plan. In favor of stop sign at Woodward
  • In favor of metered speed sign; wants it on temporary basis before making permanent

Resident returned to podium:

  • In favor of monitoring speeds on Warren and enforcement
  • Requests clarification of what type of transportation is allowed in bicycle lanes and larger bike plan

Javier Nuno of 2030 Prairie Ave

  • In favor of stop sign at Woodward & Prairie in addition to crosswalk and speed reduction to 25 mph on Prairie

Andy Broomhead of 2010 Prairie

  • Requests signage with designation of a school zone or warning of school zone ahead on Prairie between Pershing & Belmont

Mayor Barnett: Council will continue this conversation at the next meeting

10. Manager's Report - FY 2022 Budget Introduction

Mr. Fieldman did not introduce the FY 2022 budget due to the lateness of the hour. Budget meetings will start up in November.

11. Attorney's Report

Pursuant to Section 2.5 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code, Village Attorney, Enza Petrarca presented the following ordinances for Village Council consideration:

  1. An ordinance establishing video gaming regulations.
  2. An ordinance amending certain traffic control provisions along west Prairie Avenue and neighborhood traffic study #7.

12. Council Member Reports

Commissioner Kulovany: Downers Grove Historical Society is hosting a History on Tap Trivia Tour Thursday, November 11, 2021 from 7pm - 10pm. Go to to purchase tickets.

13. Adjournment

 MOTION: To convene into Executive Session pursuant to Section 2.C.2 of the Open Meetings Act to consider collective negotiating matters between the Village and its employees or their representatives. RESULT: Motion carried unanimously to convene into Executive Session at 11:09 p.m.   

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Walus

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Commissioners Walus, Sadowski-Fugitt, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Mayor Barnett



Respectfully submitted,

Rosa Berardi

Village Clerk