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October 12, 2021

1. Call to Order

Mayor Barnett called to order the Village Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and led those in the room in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. He explained the protocol for the meeting and the guidelines to submit public comment.

2. Roll Call

Council Attendance (Present): Mayor Barnett, Commissioner Hosé, Commissioner Walus, Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt, Commissioner Kulovany, Commissioner Gilmartin, Commissioner Glover

Non-Voting: Village Manager Dave Fieldman, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca, and Village Clerk Rosa Berardi

3. Minutes of Council Meetings

MIN 2021-9128- A. Minutes: Village Council Meeting Minutes -October 05, 2021

MOTION: To adopt the meeting minutes of the October 05, 2021 meeting as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


4. Mayor's Report
5. Proclamation

A. National Pharmacist Month
Students from The Academy of Student Pharmacists of Midwestern University were present to accept the proclamation.  Hannah Farley, President, approached the podium and said a few words.

On behalf of the American Pharmacist Association, Academy of Student Pharmacists at the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy, thank you for proclaiming October American Pharmacist Month in the Village of Downers Grove. Purpose of proclamation is to recognize the service of pharmacists to the community, which are the most accessible healthcare professional providing health screenings, immunizations, and medication therapy management and other services. Pharmacists reduce the number of people who end up in the hospital, provide the best therapy recommendations for those hospitalized, decrease medication related errors, and improve patient outcomes. With the release of COVID-19 vaccines, pharmacists have played a crucial role in administering vaccines and providing education to communities. Pharmacists know that providing continuous care to patients is important as the pandemic continues and continue to operate drive through clinics and utilizing indoors when needed. Clinics provide blood pressure and blood glucose screenings and lifestyle and medication counseling. Organization teamed up with University's College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacist Chapter to fulfill unmet need of healthcare at Morningstar Mission, which is a homeless mission helping people develop skills to productively re-enter society. The mission provides many resources, but lacks healthcare resources, giving the organizations the opportunity to provide health screenings, mental health resources, and medication education and counseling. First event was held last month and another will be held in January. Goal is to increase presence to once a month to provide residents consistent healthcare. Student pharmacists are humbled by the care they are able to provide the community and excited to continue work as future pharmacists.
B. Arts DuPage Month

6. Public Comment

Comments on non-agenda items:
David Rose, resident:

  • Would like proof of the value of EDC partnership before Council commits to 10 years of paying for EDC partnership; in favor of environmental sustainability in EDC future plans and metrics by which work is assessed; in favor of removing proposed agreement from this meeting's consent agenda for public scrutiny and discussion.
  • Urges Village Council to re-examine and improve handling of electronic remarks. 

7. Consent Agenda

BIL 2021-9127  -  A. Bills Payable: No. 6622 - October 12, 2021

RES 2021-9153  -  B. Resolution: Resolution: Authorize an Agreement with the Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation  RES #2021-68

Summary: Resolution: Authorize an Agreement with the Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation


RES 2021-9140  -  C. Resolution: Authorize an Agreement with Zoll Corporation of Chelmsford, MA in the amount of $118,185.49 for the Purchase of Three Cardiac Monitors RES #2021-69

Summary: This resolution authorizes an agreement with Zoll Corporation of Chelmsford, MA in the amount of $118,185.49 for the purchase of three cardiac monitors.


RES 2021-9144  -  D. Resolution: Authorize the participation in the Illinois Safe Routes to School Grant program through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) RES #2021-70

Summary: This resolution authorizes the participation in the Illinois Safe Routes to School grant program through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).


MOTION: To adopt all items on the Consent Agenda, as presented

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


8. Active Agenda

RES 2021-9110  -  A. Resolution: Approve the Final Plat of Subdivision for 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue

Summary: This resolution approves the final plat of subdivision for 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue

MOTION: To adopt a resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue, as presented. RES#2021-71

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



ORD 2021-9107  -  B. Ordinance: Amending the Zoning Ordinance to Designate the Property at 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue as Planned Unit Development #65 and Authorize a Hotel and Restaurant Development

Summary: An ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance to Designate the Property at 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue as Planned Unit Development #65 and Authorize a Hotel and Restaurant Development.


MOTION: To adopt an ordinance amending the zoning ordinance to designate the property at 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue as Planned Unit Development #65 and authorize a hotel and restaurant development, as presented.  ORD #5883

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



ORD 2021-9108  -  C. Ordinance: Rezoning Certain Property Located at 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue

Summary: An ordinance rezoning certain property located at 2751-2761 Ogden Avenue.

MOTION: To adopt an ordinance rezoning certain property located at 2751 Ogden Avenue, as presented. ORD #5884

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



ORD 2021-9109  -  D. Ordinance: Authorizing a Special Use for Lot 2 of the Ogden & Walnut Resubdivision to Permit a Restaurant with Drive-Through

Summary: This ordinance authorizes a special use for Lot 2 of the Ogden & Walnut Resubdivision to permit a restaurant with drive-through.

MOTION: To adopt an ordinance authorizing a special use for lot 2 of the Ogden & Walnut resubdivision to permit a restaurant with drive-through, as presented.  ORD #5885

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



MOT 2021-9116  -  E. Motion: Approve a Two-Year Agreement with Minuteman Security Technologies for a Total Cost of $226,684.53 to Purchase an Automated License Plate Reader Camera System

Summary: This motion approves a two-year agreement with Minuteman Security Technologies for a total cost of $226,684.53 to purchase an Automated License Plate Reader Camera System.

Public Comments/Questions

David Rose, resident:

  • Inquired if there is data to support the purchase of the Automated License Plate Reader Camera System.
  • Inquired on any information specific to the success the system provides for retrieving stolen vehicles and if system will help prevent crime.

Mayor Barnett: Yes, there quite a bit of reported data from first to subsequent meetings, and information provided on who uses these, how they are used, and what performance expectations should be; the data is embedded in the packets of reports which the Village Council has been dealing with for 4 months.  The Mayor explained this item and the next item on the agenda are related to how policing in Downers Grove is accomplished reflecting changes in State law and the environment we find ourselves in as seen in the news. Have been working with other agencies throughout DuPage County as well as the Downers Grove Police Department to develop a system and process intended to improve the effectiveness and safety of policing in the Village. The first conversation about this occurred during long range planning this and there have been 2-3 subsequent conversations about it. This system is an extension of an existing program the Village uses to provide fixed cameras at many locations - the Village currently has been using license plate readers on several Police Department vehicles for 5-6 years.  The license plate readers have been very helpful and successful.  Tonight the intent is to move to vote on this. The Mayor told Mr. Rose to request specific data he is seek in writing to Village Manager, Dave Fieldman. 

Commissioner Hosé: Page 1 of the staff report on this is available on the website on the agenda; the first bullet point of the updated recommendation reads "Based upon the data from the PD current mobile plate reader system there were approximately 200 hits over a 30 day period". This is using just a few cameras on a few PD vehicles. The new system will be much more extensive and there are 86 pages of reading on the subject.

MOTION: To adopt a motion approving a two-year agreement with Minuteman Security Technologies for a total cost of $226,684.53 to purchase an automated license plate reader camera system, as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



MOT 2021-9115  -  F. Motion: Approve a 5 Year Agreement with Axon Enterprise, Inc. in the amount of $698,841.20 for the Purchase and Servicing of Body Worn Cameras, Squad Car Cameras and a Cloud Based Digital Video System for Police Department Interview Rooms and Evidence Management

Summary: This motion approves a 5 year agreement with Axon Enterprise, Inc. in the amount of $698,841.20 for the purchase and servicing of body worn cameras, squad car cameras and a cloud based digital video system for Police Department interview rooms and evidence management.

Mayor Barnett: Village believes there is an opportunity to be better from a policing accountability standpoint and this is also in response to recently changed State law bringing the Village into compliance well ahead of the deadline set by the State.

MOTION: To adopt a motion approving a 5 year agreement with Axon Enterprise, Inc. in the amount of $698,841.20 for the purchase and servicing of body worn cameras, squad car cameras and a cloud based digital video system for Police Department interview rooms and evidence, as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



ORD 2021-9137  -  G. Ordinance: Amending an Ordinance Providing for the Regulation of and Application for Small Wireless Facilities

Summary: This amends an ordinance providing for the regulation of and application for small wireless facilities.

Mayor Barnett: This is an amendment and adjustment to bring Village into compliance with state law.

MOTION: To adopt an ordinance amending an ordinance providing for the regulation of and application for small wireless facilities, as presented.  ORD #5886

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously roll call. MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


9. First Reading

ORD 2021-9146  -  A. Ordinance: Authorize the Payment of Redevelopment Project Costs, Dissolving the Special Tax Allocation Fund and Terminating the Village of Downers Grove Tax Increment Financing for the Downtown Redevelopment Project Area

Summary: This authorizes the payment of redevelopment project costs, dissolving the special tax allocation fund and terminating the Village of Downers Grove tax increment downtown redevelopment project area.

Village Manager David Fieldman presented two items on the first reading agenda. An ordinance to close out and retire the downtown tax increment financing district which has sparked massive investment in the downtown and has been a transformative agent. The downtown has been revitalized and Manager Fieldman looks forward to continuing with that investment over the next several years under a new operating model. This ordinance is the last Village Council action on the downtown tax increment financing district, a project which began a quarter century ago.

Council Comments/Questions
Commissioner Hosé: Terminating this TIF in the status it is in is a huge win for the Village; there has been tremendous redevelopment and reinvestment in the downtown area; this success is because of the hard work of staff, the Council and the Economic Development Corporation and many others - thanks to the many people involved over the past 20 years; looks forward to more success in years to come
Mayor Barnett: December 1997 Council began and continued the Village on this path to make the TIF successful; TIF and rebate agreement can inspire negative emotions; Councils past did the community a service with this TIF. The downtown that is seen and enjoyed today is largely a function of the efforts put forth in this TIF.


ORD 2021-9145  -  B. Ordinance: Amending Certain Traffic Control Provisions Along Prairie Avenue

Summary: An ordinance amending certain traffic control provisions along Prairie Avenue.

Village Manger, David Fieldman, introduced Public Works Director, Andy Sikich, to present background information on this item.

Mr. Sikich began stating a portion of the presentation will include a preview of items also included in neighborhood traffic area No. 7.  -  the study area is from Ogden to Warren, and Belmont to Lee and will be presented in entirety in a future meeting. Tonight's discussion is regarding Prairie Ave from Belmont to Main. Staff has assessed existing conditions on this stretch of Prairie which currently carries between 5400-6600 vehicles per day; 85% speeds range from 32-45 mph. Between 2015-2020 there were 52 accidents along this stretch of Prairie not including the intersections of Belmont or Main. Currently no traffic controls on Prairie between Belmont and Main and one marked pedestrian crossing at Oakwood. Many pedestrians cross Prairie for school, parks, downtown, and businesses along Ogden.

Proposed Improvements (excluding intersection of Forest & Prairie)

  • Reduce speed limit from 30 to 25 mph
  • Install all-way stop signs at: Lee, Oakwood, Saratoga
  • Install marked pedestrian crossings at: Stonewall, Seeley
  • Construct pedestrian refuge islands at all five of above locations to act as traffic calming and provide safer pedestrian crossing
  • Eliminate existing parking along south side of Prairie between Belmont and Montgomery
  • Paint marked bike lanes from Belmont to Lee and sharrow symbols on pavement from Lee to Main

Transportation and Parking Commission has reviewed plan and recommended improvements as recommended by staff.

All way stops recommended for following reasons:

  • Lee acts as a minor collector carrying traffic from Ogden to Warren
  • Oakwood currently has a marked school crossing
  • Saratoga Ave north leg carries 2000 vehicles per day and acts as local collector from Prairie to signal at Saratoga & Ogden

Pedestrian crossings recommended for following reasons:

  • Stonewall Ave has good sight distance and connects to Hoopers Hollow Park
  • Seeley Ave is the only street between Lee & Oakwood that connect Ogden and Warren and connects to Pierce Downers School

Proposed bicycle facilities:

Belmont to Lee; proposing two 11 foot vehicle lanes and a marked bike lane in each direction requiring elimination of existing parking along south side of Prairie.

Lee to Belmont; pavement narrows and does not have room for marked bike lanes; proposing painted sharrow symbols in each travel lane to designate that motorists must share the road with bicycles, help slow traffic down, and raise driver awareness.

Staff received phone calls and emails in favor of traffic calming along this stretch of Prairie. Some residents who live on Prairie between Belmont and Montgomery have indicated they are not in favor of removing the parking. Staff received a letter and petition in favor of pedestrian crossing at Oakwood & Prairie.

Mayor and Commissioner Comments/Questions

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Asked if pedestrian crossings will only be located where they are marked on the slide presentation or if they will also be where there are 4-way stops.

Mr. Sikich: There will be pedestrian crossings at the stops as well. The other ones are unprotected pedestrian crossings.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked If passed, how quickly can Public Works implement this, can it be done in stages and how soon can stop signs be installed.

Mr. Sikich: It can be done in stages. If passed stop signs can be installed quickly. The pedestrian refuge islands and other improvements would likely happen next year with the resurfacing of Prairie; stop signs within a week.

Commissioner Hosé: In favor of all ideas. Stretch of road being uncontrolled has resulted in it being a speedway. This will make is safer for entire neighborhood.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Appreciates addition of dedicated and shared bike lanes and pedestrian safety measures.

Commissioner Walus: In favor of measures and increased pedestrian safety.

Public Comments/Questions:

Andy Broomhead of 2010 Prairie:

  • Not in favor of losing parking on Prairie
  • Requesting retaining parking and adding sharrows all the way through
  • Issue with Lee being last stop sign. Request for stop sign at Woodward.

Joe Rondinelli of 1920 Prairie:

  • Not in favor of losing parking on Prairie. In favor of alternative #2
  • In favor of bike lanes on Warren
  • In favor of slower speed limit on Prairie

Lauren Loeb 2029 of Prairie:

  • Not in favor of losing parking on Prairie
  • Request for stop sign at Woodward
  • In favor of bike lanes, sharrows, pedestrian crossings

Bill Nally 4808 of Woodward:

  • In favor of adding stop sign at Woodward & Prairie
  • Concerned desire to improve pedestrian traffic on Prairie will redirect vehicles and increase traffic and parking on street that has no sidewalks

David Rose

  • Inquired about putting stop signs at collector streets and the impact of stop sign on Saratoga.
  • Inquired about speeds of vehicles being able to travel no more than 25-30 mph with the proposed stop signs.

Mayor Barnett: Page 2 of tonight's report lists various goals of the changes including speed limit reductions, stop controls, traffic calming. The stop control section lists each street and each unique situation. Neighborhood and traffic systems function with each other playing a role in where actions that will help reduce speed, control traffic, calm traffic, and provide bike facilities. It is an effort to analyze entire system and choose changes and adjustments to improve aspects of how the system functions.

Mr. Sikich: At a leg such as Saratoga that carries significant traffic, for pedestrian and vehicular safety the 4-way stop makes logical sense at this location. Impetus behind this is to make Prairie a safer place for all people and modes of traffic: walkers, bikers, vehicles. Stop sign is not just for vehicular traffic, but also for pedestrians and bicyclists. Due to volume of traffic on north Saratoga, it makes sense to have stop sign there.

Mayor Barnett: Regarding inquire of vehicle speeds between stops not being above 25-30 mph. The purpose of the measures is to reduce the speed limit to improve safety of all modes of traffic; pedestrian, non-motorized, and motorized vehicles. Hoping reduced speed limit and stop signs will improve safety to all modes.

Joe Rondinelli of 1920 Prairie:

  • Asked if eliminating parking really would reduce the speed of traffic; how the removal of parking is tied to reducing speed limits.
  • In favor of reducing speed limits and adding stop signs.

Mayor Barnett: These are systems with multiple goals in improving traffic safety for vehicular traffic, non-motorized traffic, and pedestrians. There is also an alternate design.

Mr. Fieldman: Idea is to improve safety for all modes of transportation. Bike lanes are intended to provide increased level of safety for cyclists. Both bicycle lanes and on street parking are recognized ways of traffic calming and to reduce speed. Council has a choice to value parking on the street compared to goal of the separated bike lanes. Both have value to community and neighborhood. If Council chooses to keep parking as an option, then sharrow striping is an alternative to bike lanes. If favoring bicycle safety design over convenience and attributes of parking, then the choice would be the plan proposed tonight.

Mayor Barnett: All of the traffic options have tradeoffs. Mixing traffic behavior involving traffic, bikes and pedestrians to improve safety, the answers are not obvious and there are always tradeoffs.

Joe Rondinelli of 1920 Prairie:

  • Asked if there is a cost tradeoff between the 2 options presented - parking, sharrows vs. bike lanes

Mr. Fieldman: Negligible difference as both involve paint and on street striping.

Joe Rondinelli of 1920 Prairie:

  • If both calm traffic in favor of keeping parking, utilized more than bike lanes will be.

Steve Scarlotti, resident of Forest Ave:

  • Not in favor of bike lane unless it can be all the way down Prairie.
  • In favor of dedicated bike lane on Warren

David Rose, returned to podium:

  • How soon will decisions be made in regards to Warren? Stretch that is completely unmarked.
  • In favor of changing yield signs to stop signs on streets that intersect with Warren near Belmont.

Mayor Barnett: Not prepared to discuss Warren which is not on this meeting agenda.

Mr. Fieldman: Neighborhood traffic study No.7 addresses issues Mr. Rose identified and will be on an agenda shortly.

Javier Nuno of 2030 Prairie:

  • Not in favor of losing parking on Prairie
  • In favor of slowing speeding and 25 mph speed limit

Robert Schroeder 4700 Prince

  • Asked if a a study be done on Prairie & Forest when stop signs are in place without barrier

Mayor Barnett: That will be discussed later on the agenda this evening.

Lauren Loeb 2029 of Prairie

  • Requesting a traffic study to look at safety of school crossing at Prairie & Belmont
  • In favor of reduced speed on Prairie

Mayor and Commissioner Comments/Questions

Mayor Barnett: Currently no traffic control on this stretch of Prairie and residents requested traffic calming along Prairie and improved pedestrian and cyclist safety which is what began the study and recommendations.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked the current parking on Prairie allow overnight parking.

Mr. Fieldman: It has the same overnight restrictions as the rest of the Village, no overnight parking.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Lack of cycling may be due to the lack of safe cycling that the Village provides. This may be good opportunity to offer more safe cycling spaces.

Commissioner Kulovany: Is there enough room for both parking and a sharrow in the south lane and retain bike lane on north side of the street?

Mr. Sikich: The bike lane on the north side of the street could not be retained. There would have to be sharrows on both side of the street with parking on south side.

Commissioner Kulovany: What is difference in safety between dedicated bike lane and sharrow?

Mr. Sikich: Does not have study to back it up. Dedicated bike lanes are viewed as safer than sharrows. Any measure for cyclists is awareness and protection.

Commissioner Kulovany: Guessing we are satisfied that sharrows are safe enough from Lee to Main because there is not the physical room for bike lanes.

Mr. Sikich: Bicyclists will be in the road one way or another. Sharrows call attention to it and raise awareness.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked what notification process prior to a TAP meeting on something such as the Prairie study would be.

Mr. Fieldman: Established practice on neighborhood traffic studies for a better part of a decade notifying every household of the meetings. Prairie plan came about in the middle of neighborhood traffic study No.7. Staff sent snail mail letters to every property that fronted on Prairie informing about TAP meeting and posted information in general on Village website.

Commissioner Hosé: Asked what considerations led to no stop sign between Lee & Belmont.

Mr. Sikich: From a traffic perspective Lee is the local collector from Ogden to Warren. West of there, there is not a logical collector road where a stop sign would make sense, but it can be looked at.

Mr. Fieldman: There are no strong objections to further considerations of stop signs in this area. As brought up by residents, Pershing may present some challenges, but other streets are open to consideration.

Commissioner Hosé:  Asked where another stop sign would be put between Lee and Belmont.

Mr. Fieldman: Can get the information shortly for the next discussion.

Commissioner Kulovany: On east side there was a concern that stop signs were too close together. Took a drive through Hinsdale to compare. The speed limit in Clarendon Hills on Chicago Ave is 25 mph, when cross over Rt 83 to Hinsdale it remains 25 mph. The first stop sign is at Monroe, two blocks later is the next stop sign at Madison, two blocks after is a stop sign at Vine where speed limit drops to 20 mph, 2 blocks after is a stop sign at Lincoln, then a stop sign one block later at Washington, and one block later at Garfield. Chicago is not exactly the same as Prairie, but similar enough, fairly certain it is designed to slow traffic through residential neighborhoods.

Commissioner Walus: Building off of Commissioner Hosé; is interested in seeing another stop, particularly at Woodward per resident request. Would like information on this.

Mayor Barnett: Asked if parking is removed from Prairie, what are sidewalk conditions in other areas that vehicles would park; was any part of this intended to compel drivers to choose a different route. Asked for information on this.

Mr. Fieldman: More work to do; will put this on another first reading for more dialogue with the Council and the neighbors next week or following into November. More time to do more homework, get more feedback, and go through ideas.

Commissioner Kulovany: Requesting investigation of sharrow for entire length.

10. Manager's Report - Update on Forest and Prairie

First monthly report regarding impacts of temporary improvements installed at Prairie and Forest. Report provides the Village Council with information and opportunity, but not obligation, to provide further policy direction. Information presented tonight includes traffic counts taken on two 24 hour periods; Tuesday, Oct 5th and Thursday, Oct 7th. This is the same counting process Village uses on other traffic related projects including neighborhood traffic studies. Staff has rounded traffic counts and expressed in terms of ranges reflecting the two different counts. Same process was used in September, prior to installation of temporary improvements, to establish the baseline or before conditions.
Mr. Sikich presented the report. Updated information on the installations at Prairie and Forest. Intersection of Prairie and Forest is just west of the traffic signal at Main & Prairie. 24 accidents occurred at this intersection between Jan 2012 and April 2021. Majority of accidents included vehicles northbound of Forest and eastbound on Prairie. Contributing factors included: traffic volumes and speeds on Prairie; traffic volume on south leg of Forest; and limited sight distance looking west from northbound Forest. In 2020, staff began working on plan to reduce frequency and severity of accidents at this location. Initial Village response included: tree pruning; driver feedback signs; increased police presence. Meeting was held March 30, 2021, and in May temporary measures were deployed to prevent left turns and through movements from Forest onto Prairie and to provide traffic calming. Temporary measures removed after two weeks due to observed dangerous driving behaviors. Staff proposed multiple options for this intersection including: either 3 or 4 way stop signs; right-in, right-out on Forest; using either porkchop islands or a barrier median on Prairie; permanently closing the south leg or both legs of Forest. Options reviewed and discusses by Transportation and Parking Commission and by Village Councils in July, August, and September. On September
7th Village Council directed staff to install temporary traffic control measures including the closure of the south leg of Forest at Prairie and adding stop signs at Prairie to create an all-way stop. Public Works personnel installed temporary measures on September 17th after taking initial baseline traffic counts earlier that week. Measures included barriers closing the south leg of Forest, stop signs on Prairie creating all way stop, striping of stop bars and
crosswalks, and temporary medians in the middle of Prairie to provide traffic calming. Last week, Public Works staff took additional traffic counts after the temporary measures had been in place for approximately 3 weeks.
Key Observations So Far

  • Both speed and traffic volumes at this intersection have been reduced significantly
  • No rear-end crashes or backups onto Main have been reported due to stop signs on Prairie
  • Traffic has been dispersed into the street network
  • About 10-20% of traffic that used to take northbound Forest appears to now be driving in areas outside of study area
  • Traffic speeds on northbound Prince have increase slightly

Traffic before Measures were put into Place

  • Prairie has typically carried between 5400-6600 vehicles per day
  • Forest Ave between Franklin & Prairie has carried 1600-2300 vehicles per day
  • Prince St between Franklin & Prairie has carried 250-300 vehicles per day
  • Saratoga Ave between Franklin & Prairie has carried 600-850 vehicles per day

Updated Counts Taken by Public Works Staff last week

  • Forest between Franklin & Prairie carries roughly 10% of what is was prior to temporary measures
  • Vehicles appear to be using Franklin and is split between those that go west on Franklin to Saratoga, and those that head east towards Main St.
  • Between 450-750 additional vehicles went west on Franklin per day
  • About 600-650 additional vehicles went east toward Main
  • Total traffic volume on these two blocks was increased to just over 1500 vehicles per day on Franklin between Forest & Prince, and just over 3300 vehicles per day between Forest & Main.

Appears that most additional traffic that now heads west on Franklin from Forest uses northbound Prince and northbound Saratoga. Northbound traffic on Prince increased by about 150-200 vehicles per day. Northbound traffic on Saratoga increased by about 200-325 vehicles per day. Total traffic on Prince north of Franklin has more than doubled to between 530-590 vehicles per day, and total traffic on this block of Saratoga is about 950-970 vehicles per day. Traffic on Prairie at this location was reduced by 750-900 vehicles per day, a reduction of 12-15%.

In general speeds were not significantly changed throughout the neighborhood with a few exceptions:

Speeds on Prairie at all side of the intersection at Forest are now significantly lower

Most notable reduction is to the eastbound traffic from Prince to Forest; before measures the 85% speed was about 37 mph; updated count showed 26.6 mph; a reduction of over 10 mph. Speed at this eastbound intersection has been one of the major contributing factors to accidents at this intersection. 85% speeds on surrounding streets stayed roughly the same or slightly decreased with the exception of northbound traffic on Prince between Franklin & Prairie which increased from over 28 mph to just shy of 32 mph; increase of 12%. Residents on this block of Prince St submitted a traffic calming petition form a few days after the temporary control measures were installed.

Mayor and Commissioner Comments/Questions

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Questions why Prince is the only one that seems to have increased speeds since there is about a 50/50 split between Saratoga and Prince.

Mr. Sikich: Does not have that information.

Commissioner Hosé: Traffic on Prairie decrease in both speed and volume - asked what that is attributed to - stop signs and street closure or other factors.

Mr. Sikich: Could be both. There is some southbound traffic increase on Prince and Saratoga, not as much as northbound, but could be that vehicles which used to go southbound of Forest are now going southbound on Saratoga and Prince.

Commissioner Hosé: Traffic on Prairie decreased 12-15% and speeds have dropped east and westbound; asked what contributed to that.

Mr. Sikich: Decrease in speeds due to the stop sign mainly and traffic calming. Cars that used to take Prairie and then turn right on Forest now are turning right on Saratoga or Prince. More like 100-200 cars.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked why we used 4 sets of data prior to the study and 2 sets post.

Mr. Sikich: 2 days' worth of data were used prior and 2 days' worth of data were used post.

Mr. Fieldman: Andy went through historical numbers in addition to the before counts done just before the temporary improvements were put into place. A traffic consultant did the counts many months before. All that data is included in first slide creating 4 counts. The comparative data is the September counts compared to the October counts.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Confirmed there is the same size data sets on both side of the pre and post counts.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked if the Village has an Ordinance limiting the volume allowed on any street.

Mr. Sikich: No

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked if staff thinks the measures that were put in were effective in appropriately disbursing the volume of cars.

Mr. Fieldman: Presenting the results. There are many tradeoffs in different ways. Shifting traffic and changing character of neighborhood is different from if it reduced speeds on Prairie. There are many facets to discussion.

Mayor Barnett: Goals of changes were to reduce severity and frequency of accidents at the intersection. Goals were not set as it relates to particular traffic volumes anywhere.

Mr. Fieldman: This was initiated by Staff noticing the severity and frequency of accidents at the intersection as well as resident, Mr. Erickson who lives on the corner, contact. This started with a narrow focus to reduce the severity and frequency of car accidents at that location.

Mayor Barnett: Asked if historical volume data was used to designate streets as collectors and thoroughfares - it affects policy decisions like snow falling order and things like that. 

Mr. Fieldman: Yes. The number of average daily traffic volume tends to affect how street is labeled and categorized. There are rules that traffic engineers use. These drive policy decisions such as snow plow routes and priorities.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt:  6000 cars a day on Prairie and 2400 cars a day on Forest seems high given the numbers we are seeing on other streets (Prince and Saratoga) after the closing; asked if the volumes on Prince and Saratoga were typical based on historical data of similar streets, or was it high; asked if that lead to reason for doing study in the first place.

Mr. Fieldman: The traffic numbers on the side streets on Prairie that range from very small from 150 to up into 600-900's is expected range.

Mr. Sikich: Agreed.

Mr. Fieldman: Does not have an answer off the top of his head on a street such as Prairie with the same design elements.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Asked if 2400 cars on Forest is higher than what is generally expected on a street like that.

Mr. Sikich: Relatively subjective because it is also network based. Many of the other streets connect Prairie and Warren and do not have a crossing at the railroad tracks.

Mr. Fieldman: We would expect to see those volumes as one of only 3 railroad crossings.

Mayor Barnett: Western end of Prairie Saratoga numbers in the 2000's, it connects to traffic light at Ogden Ave same as Forest at this point connect to railroad crossing. Would expect throughout town to see network driven rates are higher than others.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked if the speed limit on Forest is 20 mph and had been that way for many years correct.

Mr. Sikich: Yes, at least as long as he has been with the Village.

Mr. Fieldman: All the streets under Village jurisdiction and control by default are set at speed limits of 25 mph. Every street that has a different speed limit than that under Village jurisdiction is done so by Ordinance of Council. Research found that Forest Ave was the subject of an Ordinance establishing a 20 mph speed limit.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked if Prince currently at 25 mph by default.

Mr. Sikich: Yes

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked what the speed numbers of Forest were when collected.

Mr. Sikich: Does not have information off the top of his head.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked if the change in traffic to any of the streets measured changed the categorization of the street.

Mr. Fieldman: Not to his knowledge.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked how the 4800 block of Forest is categorized.

Mr. Fieldman: Research can be done into it. Naming of a category of a street can take on more significance than this context. The idea is to categorize to help make other policy decisions such as snow plow routes.

Mayor Barnett: Names can be named anything. Maintenance and service related items are cause for prioritizing.

Commission Gilmartin: Asked if categories are based on traffic volumes.

Mayor Barnett: Networking also, yes.


Public Comment/Questions:

Danielle Bergandine 4803 Prince:

  • Concerned accidents will increase at Prince and Prairie; traffic volume increased with Forest closed.
  • In favor of: flashing 4-way stop at Forest & Prairie, eliminate dead end, increase sight lines with street light.
  • Not in favor of dead-end at Forest and Prairie.

Mayor Barnett: Please hold applause to expedite meeting and keep conversation flowing.

Cindy Zaeske of 1130 Franklin St:

  • Agrees with everything Danielle said.
  • Not in favor of additional traffic volume on Franklin.
  • Not in favor of dead-end at Prairie & Forest.

Robin Rutkowski of 4730 Prince:

  • Has neighborhood petition to have dead-end removed at Prairie & Forest: issue relocated to Prince.
  • In favor of 4-way stop at Prairie & Forest or make that block of Forest one-way.

Steve Scarlati of 4800 Forest:

  • Requests traffic volume be pushed to Main St instead of Forest or Prairie.
  • Requests coordination of traffic lights at Franklin and Prairie.
  • In favor of dead-end on Forest. Not in favor of stop signs.

Cindy Zaeske of 1130 Franklin St:

  • Petition from Franklin & Prince Requests: a different solution.

Mark Brenner of 4726 Prince St

  • In favor of stop signs at Forest; not in favor of dead-end at Forest.
  • Not in favor of traffic volume increase on Prince while Forest is zero; dividing neighbors.
  • Requests different options such as: 4-way stop; speed bumps; enforcement of speeds; Forest one-way street; time of day restrictions.

Paul Martinez of 4807 Prince:

  • In favor of 4-way stops and additional stop towards Woodward and reduced speed limit on Prairie.
  • In favor of pushing traffic to Ogden and Main streets instead of neighborhood.

Sonja Cimera 4637 Forest:

  • In favor of stop signs on Prairie.
  • Not in favor of the dead-end on Forest.

Melissa Brenner of 4726 Prince:

  • Asked if point of exercise was to improve vehicular traffic safety on Forest & Prairie or to improve property enjoyment of residents on Forest.
  • In favor of 4-way stop.

Andy Hardy (no address given):

  • In favor of speed control and stop signs on Prairie for safety.
  • Not in favor of dead-end on Forest.

Robin Rutkowski of 4730 Prince:

  • Asked if block was included in study.
  • Requests extension of study to Prince and for speed and traffic enforcement in their quadrant for safety.

Mr. Fieldman: This general area was neighborhood traffic study #2 in 2012. Neighborhood traffic study #7 is the area on the west side. The analysis and work at the intersection of Prairie & Forest was initiated this round several months ago in the spring. The corridor plan for Prairie from Belmont to Main came about because of issues and comments learned about through neighborhood traffic study #7 and discussion of this issue. The last time this neighborhood north of Prairie specifically was looked at was 2012.

Maggie Sluzas 4733 Prince:

  • Not in favor of dead-end on Forest.
  • In favor of keeping parking on Prairie, stop signs, sharrows; compromise for the majority.

Lynn Graham 4609 Forest:

  • Was a study done with a 4-way stop before the dead-end was put in on Forest? Not in favor of dead-end..

Mr. Fieldman: Staff and residents noticed high number of accidents at this intersection. Staff began working on a plan which included multiple options to reduce frequency and severity of accidents. Actions included: neighborhood meeting of residents on Forest Ave on March 30th; temporary measures in May; TAP Commission and Council addressed at meetings July through September; multiple options on the table.

Mayor Barnett: On September 7th, Council voted to put the measures into place which are at the intersection now; 3 stop signs and closed street selected from a series of options from the TAP Commission. Other options were considered; this was what was chosen as the next step; requesting trial of 4-way stop at intersection.

Commissioner Kulovany: TAP and Council had 23 options presented; 4 people had to choose a combination from those options and this is what was selected.

Andy Hardy returned to podium:

  • In favor of 4-way stop sign at Forest and Prairie in conjunction with the other stop signs on Prairie.

David Rose returned to podium:

  • In favor of addressing issues of traffic light at Franklin & Main.
  • Not in favor of dead-end on Forest.

Commissioner Hose made a motion to direct staff to remove the barrier at Forest and Prairie Avenue and install a four way stop control.  

Commissioner Gilmartin: Doesn't support motion so shortly after starting analysis of whether barricades id effective; at the intersection of Forest and Prairie there were 39 accidents over last 5 years - 1 per month this year; Commissioners supported the closure a few weeks ago because something had to be done - took recommendation from TAP commission regarding temporary closure; was concern that traffic would disperse in detrimental way to surrounding streets but argues closure was the only way to determine what the impact would be; important to look at data and make sure all are talking about same numbers -many numbers floating around about preliminary traffic counts are incorrect; hopes Mr. Sikich's presentation has dispelled rumors about traffic increases of 3-400%.  Data was made available today of counts done over the weekend; based on data the temporary closure has been effective and traffic counts demonstrate that impact on surrounding streets is considered acceptable; numbers telling us that 60% of cars that used to head north on Forest are now driving on Main; per presentation counts showed 10-20% others cars found other routes not mapped out on survey (not Saratoga or Prince); the remaining traffic was split between Prince and Saratoga; traffic on Prairie was reduced by 15% - a benefit he believes is due to the closure not stop signs; counts on Saratoga prior to Forest closing showed 850 cars per day and increased 14% after the closing to 970 - traffic on Prince has doubled; after the closing  Saratoga was at 590 cars; doesn't want to remove barricades and send the wrong message; data shows the traffic problems were not shifted down the street; have heard about changes that are yet to come on Prairie - making it clear Council has not voted on that; there's some expectation that work to be done on Prairie will improve situation on Prairie and Forest - in documentation staff believes the Prairie improvements being recommended will not significantly influence or be influenced by the improvements of Forest and Prairie - factors such as signal at Main, volume of traffic on Forest and sight distance issues creates specific considerations at that intersection that are not heavily influenced by traffic controls to the west; important to move forward with improvement plans on Prairie but it's premature to remove barricade; asked the consideration to remove barriers be pushed back a few weeks to give staff time to collect more data; asked for fellow Commissioners not to ignore the data, staffs guidance and TAP commissions guidance - requested they do not vote to remove the barrier.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Intersection unique because of RR crossing, volume of drivers and speeding; of the 2400 cars going down Forest during the counts after closure, 10-20% weren't in study area at all, increase of 450 - 750 cars went westbound - that number was split between Prince and Saratoga; empathizes with extra traffic on Prince and Saratoga - has lived in area of Downers Grove where traffic was heavy at times and difficult to have cars speeding down the street with families around;  not trying to change in traffic but thinks only six weeks into this traffic number are better than could have been expected; agrees it is premature to remove barrier - wants to wait for traffic calming measures to go in on Prairie. 

Commissioner Kulovany: 24 accidents on Forest and Prairie in six year period and since April, 2021, have had one accident per month; mentioned earlier attempt to using barricades at the intersection and people blew through stop sign and turned the wrong way onto oncoming traffic, creating an even more dangerous situation; 20 years ago made it a "no left turn" - 20 years to long to wait to correct situation; excessive speed on Forest is concerning- people driving 28 mph in 20 mph zone; excessive traffic on Forest; thinks a four way stop at the intersection with additional stops on Prairie will help solve the problem; wants to have way to divert traffic to Main Street an "arterial street"; wasn't expecting situation with four rows of people from Forest replaced with four rows of angry residents from Prince; worried not enough solid things being planned to solve the problem; didn't want to create a situation to change the way of life for the people on Prince and Saratoga; is undecided right now and is looking for colleagues who are in support of this; wants to know what they have to say to solve the problem in a concrete way within the next couple of weeks.

Commissioner Hose: only reason the Council started talking about Forest and Prairie is because of the accidents; high traffic volume is expected in many areas but this intersection is a topic because of safety due to traffic speed, sightline issues; the 3 way stop at Forest and Prairie has slowed traffic and resulted in a 12-15% reduction in traffic volume - believes it will continue to reduce as the free flow traffic is restricted further once other stops signs are installed; with all the other stop signs in place, the goal of making the intersections safer will be achieved; with limited visibility at the intersection it makes it difficult to see a car driving 30-40mph - it will not be difficult to see a car stopped at a sign right next to you;  wants to get to the root of the problem and believes a 4 way stop at Forest and Prairie is the resolution - as did all the council members were in favor of prior to the September 7th meeting; doesn't think removing the barricade is premature as putting it in place was the premature move; can't speak from anyone else on the Council but hasn't heard anything from anyone on the 4800 block of Forest about this issue in the 8.5 years he has been on Village Council; summarized by saying there are less drastic/restrictive ways to deal with the crashes at Forest and Prairie including a four way stop at that intersection and others down Prairie, then in the spring other traffic calming steps, such as narrowing the street, can be discussed; would like to take reasonable measures now to fix the safety issues, as well as restore the status quo ante for the rest of the neighborhood.

Commissioner Walus: Highly emotional issue; the Council thinks about these issues all day long and they weigh heavily on them; for her personally on Aug 3rd meeting stated she had a fear of impacting other streets; at the Aug 17th meeting she stated she was very hesitant to close the street and mentioned several things she was concerned about and discussed a less restrictive option to start; traffic study No. 7 had not been completed to improvements on Prairie were pending - in the meantime, on or about Aug 27th,  there was an accident at Forest and Prairie - that accident pushed her to completely change her thought process; she couldn't wait for the TAP study after the severe accident that had happened; now has the study in front of her and doesn't know how the Council is going to vote, but is hopeful we will movie in a positive direction with calming measures on Prairie; the study shows the improvements will slow speeds and reduce volume of traffic for the whole stretch of Prairie - which are contributing factors to the accidents at Forest and Prairie; she had no idea how voting in favor of the barricades would affect the whole neighborhood; through she was concerned on Aug 3rd and 17th, she never truly understood what the barricade would look like for the neighborhood as a whole; her current thoughts aren't strictly based on emails from residents but also come from the knowledge of what the TAP report states; has gone back to her initial thought of the meetings prior to the crash with the information brought before the Council.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Clarified at one point it was said the numbers of Prince more than doubled and that is not accurate; the numbers on Prince were 250-300 and increased by 150-200, so the numbers have not more than doubled. 

Mayor Barnett: The data itself is on page 16.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: For her the accident wasn't necessarily what changed her mind but it was the data that showed the number and percentage of accidents at that location vs. other spots on Prairie that did it; that was part of the timeline that happened.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Agreed the accident had very little impact on his decision; the data that was drilled down into - more than the accidents - and multiple site visits on his own to actually see a lot of the sightline issues that could not be resolved brought him to where he is at.

Mayor Barnett: When spoken about last his thoughts were to take one step at a time and see what the impact was knowing that the rest of Prairie Avenue was under consideration - seemed likely the changes to be made along Prairie Avenue would have an affect here as well; what we know by what we have seen - a barricade stops through traffic - haven't learned much; we know that stop signs substantially change speeds on Prairie Avenue; Commissioner Hosé's point that resonates with him is that when we see accidents, we need to consider two people have to make a mistake; cannot say that the lack of accidents is a function of and only limited to the effect of the barricade; it wasn't only two choices, it was also two changes;  don't know for certain if the stop signs alone would eliminate the accidents - if the severity and frequency of accidents is the goal; if they are moving the goal, which he suggests they are,  he wants to focus on trying to drive certain volumes in certain areas thank it's an entirely different conversation that practically needs to restart; picking volumes of cars that are acceptable on residential streets to all the Council members is difficult - you will find street after street where residents wish the  volumes on their street was different; heard some of it anecdotally tonight; the numbers vary wildly; difficult to decide what makes volumes acceptable; goal is to try to reduce the severity and frequency of accidents at the intersection of Forest and Prairie; unsure if stop signs at an intersection with sightline issues is the solutions, but they did help on Washington - with different sightlines; stop signs all over town are often the result of people wishing the Village could control traffic more; convinced should put the four way stop in at the intersection of Forest and Prairie, measure some more, put the balance of the Prairie work in, measure some more, and if there is still a problem, the team is still here - the next least restrictive thing can be done - could be a porkchop or the barricade; Forest is like many other east-west streets that connects to the downtown and they function together as part of a system; isn't comfortable picking pieces of the system to change for a reason other than the safety of an intersection - felt this way before and remain that way; would like to see Commissioner Hosé's motion supported with stop signs put in and wants to see stop signs go into the balance of Prairie and then continue to monitor the situation; if there is still an accident per month after the four way stops are in at five new intersections across a mile of street then the next step will have to be taken.

Commissioner Kulovany:  Got the report late this morning; wants confirmation from colleagues if this passes then stop signs are to be put in right away on Prairie; he isn't satisfied with the results - we diverted to much to Prince and Saratoga; didn't know what the numbers would have been; worried about the flooding that collects on Prince Street and the more cars and the faster the cars travel, the more the water will end up in peoples yards (hopes not in their basements); people have expectations based on the type of street they purchase their home on; doesn't think people of Forest Avenue expected the speeding and the accidents on their street; likes having a placeholder and isn't comfortable in removing it unless he knows what will be in place to cover it - for him it's all the stop signs on Prairie; if we make Prairie a little less comfortable to drive on, they will go to Ogden Avenue; lives in southwest corner of town and many times has to make the decision if he is taking Belmont or Forest to get to places like Good Sam; would kike assurances that we are taking care of the people on Forest without messing up the people on Prince and Saratoga (the brick streets).

Commissioner Gilmartin: Confirmed that Saratoga is a brick street; the volume increase on Prince is at the low end of what Saratoga experienced prior to the closure; doesn't think we are pushing traffic in the way of any sort of significant volume; thinks it's important to decide to let the data tell the story and not emotion; creating a pendulous decision making process on the Council that isn't instilling belief or confidence in the residents.

Public Comment

Steve Scarlotti returned to the podium:

  • Questioned if traffic studies were done and consideration was made when the following occurred:
    • New apartment complexes were built.
    • Closed drop off points on Prince and made that for buses only - made all the cars/ parents drop their kids off on Forest.
  • Upset residents on other streets are now complaining about volume when their numbers do not come near the 2400 cars per day on Forest.
  • Forest Avenue fought 20 years ago to force traffic back onto Main Street and Forest was given a "no left turn" sign to reduce southbound traffic - doesn't feel that is enforced.
  • Thinks people are turning left on Prince to get to the school to avoid the Stop sign at Forest - has nothing to do with the barricade.
  • Feels unfair Forest bears it all - no way to dole out the traffic without the barricade.
  • Can't get out of driveway during rush hour.
  • Stop sign instead of barricade will back up cars on Forest, making traffic on the street worse.
  • Doesn't think the barricades have been up long enough to see if they truly worked.

Paul Martinez returned to the podium:

  • Said his neighbor submitted drawings to the Council this evening with new ideas to divert traffic would like them considered.

Danielle Bergandine returned to the podium:

  • Only proponent of the dead end the people on the 4800 block of Forest; has consequentially impacted the rest of the community, including the residents on Forest north of the barricade.
  • Requested a study of the volume of vehicles at Washington and Prairie to compare to Forest and Prairie.

Tom Schroder, 4815 Forest Ave:

  • Can't compare Washington to Forest because they don't have a sightline issue.
  • Five new developments, a parking deck, increased parking on Burlington, a new medical building and many new restaurants in the Downtown Area have spiked the volume of cars on Forest over the last several years.
  • Said a normal residential street should have between 500-1000 cars.
  • Suggests a "right turn only" sign at Forest and Franklin and a" no left turn" at Prairie and Prince to reduce the volume of cars dramatically.
  • Suggests keeping the dead end and removing the stop signs at Forest and Prairie.
  • Number of accidents to date at Forest and Prairie is 39 and 11 have happened in the last 12 months.
  • Wants total volume of traffic looked at (number of cars) not percentages taken into consideration.
  • Doesn't think barricades were up long enough.

Andy Hardy returned to podium:

  • Speeds of 28 mph mentioned by Commissioner Kulovany was actually north of Prairie.
  • Other streets in the Village have high volume of cars, stop sign and other calming measures should be put into place - doesn't think dead end is the answer.

Mayor and Commissioner Comments/Questions

Commissioner Kulovany: Wants to revisit the idea of improving the light at Franklin and Main Street, to make it easier and avoid the cut through.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Data is new and was given to Council this morning; could potentially be removing the barrier tonight; in order to give the Council more time to review the data Commissioner Gilmartin motioned to table the motion to remove the barricades at Forest and Prairie until November 9th

Mayor Barnett explained that when a motion to table is made, the motion is considered without further debate.

MOTION: To adopt a motion to table the motion to direct staff to remove the barrier at Forest and Prairie Avenue and install a four way stop control until November 9, 2021.

RESULT: Motion fails 4-3

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Gilmartin

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt

AYES: Commissioners Gilmartin, Sadowski-Fugitt, Kulovany,               

NAYES: Commissioners Glover, Walus, Hosé, Mayor Barnett

Commisioner Glover: Position remains the same; with the new information believes the four way stop at Forest and Prairie, in addition to the other stop signs on Prairie, believes this is the correct action to take to adequately address the safety concerns without affecting how the community moves throughout town. 

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked the other Commissioners to voice their opinions on immediate action to put the stop signs in along Prairie Avenue immediately if action is taken to remove the barricades; Commissioners Glover, Hosé, Walus and Mayor Barnett were in  support of the placement of the stop signs immediately.

After Council discussion the following motion was voted on:

MOTION: To adopt a motion to direct staff to remove the barrier at Forest and Prairie Avenue and install a four way stop control.

RESULT: Motion passes 5-2

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Glover

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Glover, Kulovany, Walus, Mayor Barnett

NAYES: Commissioners Gilmartin, Sadowski-Fugitt

Manager Fieldman: Informal direction from the Council during the 1st Reading of the plan on Prairie; took note about the inter-relationship about timing and the relationship with stops signs and the motion that just passed; staff to provide an update on the implementation of the motion that just passed at the next Village Council meeting; staff will also figure out how to handle further discussion on the Prairie plan to allow for further development of those ideas and concepts - especially along the west portion as there seems to be consensus for at least the stop signs on the west portion; appreciates the Council direction.

11. Attorney's Report

Pursuant to Section 2.5 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code, Village Attorney, Enza Petrarca presented the following ordinances for Village Council consideration:

  1. An ordinance authorizing the payment of redevelopment project costs, dissolving the special tax allocation fund and terminating the Village of Downers Grove tax increment downtown redevelopment project area.
  2. An ordinance amending certain traffic control provisions along Prairie Avenue.

12. Mayor and Council Member Reports

Commissioner Hosé: Is the EDC liason and wanted to comment the EDC operating agreement and the changes that have been made along the way including giving the Village voting members on the Board  (not just Ad-Hoc members), increased accountability because the EDC is coming to the Village for budget requests - in the past they have been tied to the hotel tax and in 2020 the hotel industry was hit hard wouldn't have been good for the EDC and  the EDC has performed at a very high level; thinks the agreement is a very good thing. 

Commissioner Kulovany: Downers Grove Historical Society is presenting their Historian of the Year award to Marilyn Ludwig at 1p.m on Saturday at the Lincoln Center; the public is invited; visit the Historical Society website for more information and to reserve tickets.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Youth Outlook is opening its Drop-in Center at the First United Methodist Church for teens age 12-20; anyone is welcome between 6:30-9:00 p.m.

13. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the October 12, 2021, Village Council meeting.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus,

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


Mayor Barnett declared the motion carried by voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rosa Berardi

Village Clerk