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August 03, 2021


1. Call to Order

Mayor Barnett called to order the Village Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and led those in the room in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. He explained the protocol for the meeting and the guidelines to submit public comment.


2. Roll Call

Council Attendance (Present): Mayor Barnett, Commissioner Hosé, Commissioner Walus, Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt, Commissioner Kulovany, Commissioner Gilmartin, Commissioner Glover

Non-Voting: Village Manager Dave Fieldman, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca, and Village Clerk Rosa Berardi

3. Minutes of Council Meetings 

MIN 2021-9041 - A. Minutes: Village Council Meeting Minutes -July 13, 2021

MOTION: To adopt the meeting minutes of the July 13, 2021 meeting as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


4. Proclamation - National League of Women Voters 100th Anniversary

  • Mary Hobein, President,League of Women Voters of Downers Grove-Woodridge-Lisle, spoke about the history of the organization and of the women who were a part of it. This included one of Downers Grove's very own Betty Cheever, elected Mayor in 1983 and served for 16 years. Ms. Cheever also served as President on the Board of the League of Women Voters.

5. Public Comment

  • Jim Wolf, resident, spoke of concerns with Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt social media comments.

Mayor Barnett: Reminded audience the members of the Village Council are all elected officials and the purpose of the body is to make policy decisions for the Village of Downers Grove; members of the Council may say things that the public disagrees with but in the end we are all neighbors.

  • Paul Scott, with Unity Partnership, spoke about the organization and the support it offers to the Police Departments in DuPage County; he spoke of his work with the Police Departments to build a diverse police force.
  • Hilary Denk, the League of Women Voters - Downers Grove Woodridge, Lisle, invited all to the 100th Anniversary of the League of Women Voter's on August 8th @ 4pm.  The celebration is to take place at Hummer Park in Downers Grove.  Further information regarding the event can be found here.
  • Steve Scarlotti, resident, concern about utility lines that are run through his property.

Mayor Barnett: The Village's Community Development Department will be in contact to discuss the matter.

  • Greg Nosich, Pultool Inc., concerns about construction in the area and the effects it will have on the company's driveway apron.

Mayor Barnett: The Village's Community Development Department will be in contact to discuss the matter.

6. Consent Agenda

BIL 2021-9035  -  A. Bills Payable: No. 6606 - July 20, 2020

BIL 2021-9039  -  B. Bills Payable: No. 6608 - August 3, 2021

COR 2021-9020  -  C. Claims Ordinance: Payroll No. 6417 - June 18, 2021

COR 2021-9040  -  D. Claims Ordinance: Payroll No. 6419 - July 2, 2021


RES 2021-9010  -  E. Resolution: Accept and Abrogate Certain Public Easements at 555 31st Street, Commonly Known as Midwestern University RES 2021-43

Summary: This resolution accepts and abrogates certain public easements in the Village of Downers Grove for 555 31st Street.


RES 2021-9043  -  F. Resolution: Accept and Abrogate Certain Public Easements at 5430 Belmont Road, Commonly Known as Belmont Bible Church RES 2021-44

Summary: This resolution accepts and abrogates certain public easements in the Village of Downers Grove for 5430 Belmont Road.


RES 2021-9014  -  G. Resolution: Approve the Granting of an Easement to Commonwealth Edison Company over the Fairview Train Station Parking Lot (Lot I) Property Located on Fredenhagen Place, to Facilitate Electrical Service to 5117 Fairview Avenue  RES 2021-45

Summary: This resolution authorizes the execution of an easement agreement with Commonwealth Edison Company, an Illinois Corporation, for access and utility purposes.


MOT 2021-9027  -  H. Motion: Award a Contract for the 2021 Right of Way Accessibility and Pedestrian Safety Improvements in the Amount of $226,208.60 to Alliance Contractors, Inc. of Woodstock, Illinois

Summary: This motion awards a contract for the 2021 Right of Way Accessibility and Pedestrian Safety Improvements in the amount of $226,208.60 to Alliance Contractors, Inc. of Woodstock, Illinois.


RES 2021-9013  -  I. Resolution: Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Defining the Maintenance Responsibilities and Apportionment of Energy Costs for Traffic Signals Located Along State Highways RES 2021-46

Summary: This resolution authorizes the execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Village of Downers Grove and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for traffic signals on State highways within the Village.


RES 2021-9050  -  J. Resolution: Authorize an Agreement with Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI) of Sugar Grove, IL for Rehabilitation of the 71st Street Well (No. 14) in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $140,559.20, Which Includes a 10% Contingency RES 2021-47

Summary: This resolution authorizes the execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI) of Sugar Grove, IL for Rehabilitation of the 71st Street Well (No. 14).


MOT 2021-9049  -  K. Motion: Authorize a Contract with F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, LLC to Install Ornamental Fencing Around the Top Floor of the Parking Deck in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $224,538.67, Which Includes a 10% Contingency

Summary: This motion authorizes the execution of a contract with F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, LLC for the installation of ornamental fencing on the top floor of the parking deck in an amount not-to-exceed $224,538.67, which includes a 10% contingency.


MOT 2021-9038  -  L. Motion: Award a Contract to Copenhaver Construction, Inc. of Gilberts, IL for the Jefferson-Brookbank Sidewalk Connection Project in the Amount of $77,634.00

Summary: This motion awards a contract to Copenhaver Construction, Inc. of Gilberts, IL for the Jefferson-Brookbank Sidewalk Connection project in the amount of $77,634.00.


RES 2021-9031  -  M. Resolution: Authorize an Amendment and Three-Year Extension with Fifth Third Bank for Banking Services RES 2021-48

Summary: This resolution authorizes the execution of an extension and amendment to a Master Treasury Agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Fifth Third Bank, successor by merger to MB Financial Bank.


MIN 2021-9047  -  E. Minutes: Note Receipt of Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes

Summary: Note Receipt of Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes: Board of Fire and Police Commissioners 6-3-21 and 7-14-21.

MOTION: To adopt all items on the Consent Agenda as presented.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett


7. Active Agenda

ORD 2021-9002  -  A. Ordinance: Approve an Amendment to Planned Unit Development (PUD) #32 for Oak Trace Senior Living Community at 200 Village Drive

Summary: This ordinance approves amendments to the Oak Trace Senior Living Community Planned Unit Development (PUD) #32 at 200 Village Drive.


MOTION: To adopt an ordinance approving an amendment to the Oak Trace Senior Living Community Planned Unit Development (PUD #32) at 200 Village Drive: ORD 5876                                      

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus

AYES: Commissioners Hosé, Walus, Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Mayor Barnett



Commissioner and Mayor Comments/Questions

  • Commissioner Hosé: Complaints by residents of Darien Club Estates were investigated; all issues have been handled/resolved; in approval of this Ordinance.
  • Commisioner Kulovany: Assured residents of Downers Grove and Darien Club that Oak Trace will provide a berm with landscape to provide a shield on the South side of the property; originally Commissioner Kulovany voted against Phase 2 at the Plan Commission meeting because at that time he felt Oak Trace had not given appropriate notice to the residents living in the Patio Homes but he trusts that those residents will have the right of "first refusal" to move into the townhomes; he is in favor of this ordinance.

8. First Reading

MOT 2021-9023  -  A. Motion: Direct Staff to Construct Traffic Safety Improvements at the Intersection of Prairie Avenue and Forest Avenue


PRESENTATION: Public Works Director, Andy Sikich, used a slide presentation to discuss the safety issues at the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Forest Avenue. He reviewed the Village's response including trial improvements.  However, due to unanticipated consequences, the improvements were removed prematurely. Videos were reviewed of the driving behaviors during the trial period.  Lastly, Mr. Sikich discussed three different traffic safety improvement options approved by the Transportation and Parking Committee (TAP), included were advantages and disadvantages of each.  The three options were:

  1. Stop sign (3 or 4-way)  
  2. Right-in/Right-out on Forest
  3. Permanently close south leg or both legs of Forest at Prairie

The following could be used in addition to any of the above options: Additional striping and signage; sight lines to be improved; additional traffic calming.

Public Comment

  • The following residents of Forest Avenue made comments about issues with Forest Ave and the intersection of Forest and Prairie : vehicle accidents, pedestrian safety (especially school-aged children), the volume of traffic on Forest Avenue during peak times of the day. Most of the residents were in support of Option 3.
    • Steve Scarlati
    • Vito Sicliano
    • Angie Winslow
    • Brian Erickson
  • Nancy Spigota, resident of Florence Ave, doesn't live in immediate neighborhood but agrees it's a problem area and is happy the Village is doing something about it; complaint about Fairview as well.
  • Karen Laio, resident of 4608 Forest, lives further south on Forest (closer to the High School); doesn't agree with Option 3; doesn't want traffic diverted to cause congestion and issues on other streets/intersections; would like trials to happen while school is in session.

Mayor Barnett: Issues with trees, traffic and storm water can have effects on everyone; this is not a debate and asked the audience to hold their applauses; these issues are personal to everyone. 

Commissioner and Mayor Comments/Questions

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Struggling with this; was thinking bump outs with stop signs before; wants to know the impact of traffic patterns and how emergency vehicles will be affected if the road is closed off; doesn't want to shift the problem from Forest to another road.

Mr. Sikich: Would do any of the improvements on a trial basis to see how traffic would be disbursed.

Commissioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Wants to see more pedestrian bump-outs and medians throughout the Village to improve pedestrian safety.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked if an average car can make a turn around without making a 3pt turn in a 50ft cul-de-sac; worried about the impact of closing this road to ambulances in route to Good Samaritan Hospital; questioned if Downers Grove has a position on speed bumps.

Mr. Sikich: Yes cars can make a turn around, trucks would have an issue; as for emergency vehicles, he believes most emergency vehicles use Main Street in route to the hospital but there are options that can be explored to allow emergency vehicles to still get through the road; there are pros and cons to speed-bumps - cars slow down when approaching and speed right back up again.

Commissioner Walus: Resident mentioned there is no increase to pedestrian safety with Option 1 - asked if this was true or if it was left off the presentation accidentally/overlooked.

Mr. Sikich: Option 1 would improve pedestrian safety but not as much as Option 3; wasn't intentional to leave pedestrian safety off of Option 1.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Any talk of fixing any of the line of sight issues?

Mr. Sikich:  Conversation with utility companies was started regarding moving lines underground but will be quite the process; parkway trees could be removed - they are smaller in size and can hinder the sightline more than larger ones.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Consideration to move trees on residential private property that block views at the stop sign.

Commissioner Sikich: No consideration to moving trees that are on private property; sidewalk is set back so far, it is just known that cars need to creep up to get a clear view westbound.

Commissioner Glover: Asked if there's been consideration to put a "pork-chop" at Franklin from the train tracks to go only right.

Manager Fieldman: That was looked at during one of the first staff meetings - wasn't sure if Mr. Sikich was with the Village yet then; those notes to be located; the idea can be in the mix.

Commissioner Glover: Asked if consideration could be made to include bump-outs on Prairie as well. 

Commissioner Hosé: The cars that want to be on Main St. would be on Main St. already; afraid if Forest is blocked off at Prairie those cars will be diverted to turn onto Franklin, to Prince, to go back to Prairie and continue north on Forest; we don't want to take the most dramatic option first; thinks we need to start with traffic calming on Prairie and Forest with either a three or four way stop; doesn't agree with closing the street off right off the bat.

Mayor Barnett: Doesn't think signage is very affective; people are busy, distracted, not paying attention and trying to go too fast; this intersection is different and worse than others; spoke of other areas of town work was done to alleviate the traffic patterns; spoke of traffic being diverted and causing issues on another street, i.e. the closing of Cumnor affected Florence for people trying to get to the train station; signage isn't enough; thinking along same lines as Commissioner Glover to make it easier to divert traffic to Main St; agrees with Commissioner Hosé, closing the street will only move traffic to another street; wants to make it easier and more logical for people to drive on Main Street - wants to think along those lines; wants to enhance pedestrian safety with bump-outs and marked cross-walks to slow people down - including other intersections along Prairie; sightlines at intersection of Prairie and Forest - there is a hill -  unsure how residents will react, but maybe there shouldn't be any trees between the sidewalk and the street; there are concerns about traffic being diverted to a street with a kids playground - wants everyone to be thoughtful of these things; the last traffic study (COVID measurements) showed speeds were within five miles per hour; another study should be considered; lastly a temporary option should be in place and measured while Downers Grove North HS is in session to help understand the impact better.

Manager Fieldman: School opens on August 13th; a new measurement will be taken then and shared.

Commissioner Kulovany: Compared traffic to a water balloon - if you squeeze in one place it pops out in another place; number of accidents is unacceptable; seeing and hearing the accidents on video is horrendous; thinks there's an excess speed problem on Prairie and signs don't work; thinks we need to be dramatic in our ways to slow down traffic; the school children and car volume is dangerous; is concerned about diverting cars to Prince; agrees that a trial of the option chosen should be done first; thinks those people that drove the wrong way on Prairie when the temporary barriers were up should all have been ticketed.

Mayor Barnett: Glad to hear that people are happy there's been more police enforcement, however that isn't part of the solution, as the PD doesn't have the man power.

Public Comment 

  • Tom Shroeder, resident, 4815 Forest Ave., asked that Mr. Sikich and his educated staff be allowed to use the option they feel is best, at least on a temporary basis; doesn't think speed bumps and "porkchops" will help - they won't cut down on the volume of cars; the intersection is dangerous so wants to try the best option and if it doesn't work, we come back to the drawing board.

Mayor Barnett: Asked if the recommendation is from staff or TAP.

Manager Fieldman: The recommendation is from TAP; staff recommendation was embodied in the temporary barriers that had to be taken down due to reckless driving.

Brandon Gabry, resident, 4826 Forest Ave., concerned about speeds of cars; is ok with using no right turns.  

Commissioner and Mayor Comments/Questions

Commsioner Walus: Thanked residents for coming out and for sharing the videos; she has physically run on Forest and stated at Prairie she had to jump onto the sidewalk; doesn't want this issue taken to another street; wants all to know the Council is thinking long and hard about what works best for this street and for the community.

9. Mayor and Council Member Reports

Commisioner Gilmartin: Acknowledged and congratulated Downers Grove South alumni, Tori Franklin, on her performance at the Tokyo Olympics - she didn't bring back a metal but great to see a Mustang represented at the Olympics; August is National Immunization Awareness Month - get vaccinated and wear a mask.
Commisioner Sadowski-Fugitt: Seconds Commissioner Gilmartin, all should get vaccinated and wear a mask.
Commissioner Walus: Rotary Grove Fest is August 19-22; the fest is run entirely by volunteers; to volunteer visit Rotary Grove Fest.
Mayor Barnett called for a 2-3 minutes break at 8:42 p.m. before reconvening in the Committee Room for long range strategic planning efforts to be presented by the Downtown Management Corporation and the Economic Development Corporation.

10. Manager's Report

Manager Fieldman - Tonight's Discussion Summary

Village Manager, Dave Fieldman took a moment to frame up our discussion.  He stated we are here for long range planning and the Villages efforts to create a plan that guides not only day to day operations and budget but addresses and identifies issues that may affect the long term future.  The Long Range Plan identifies issues, puts together strategies and solutions to address the issues, culminating an annual eighteen month work plan.  Much of the work plan and priority action items are related to the Downtown Management Corporation (DMC) and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  This year's innovation is to take the Strategic Plans of the two organizations and compare them to the Village's, to be sure they are all aligned. 

REP 2021-9057 - A.  Report: 2021-2023 Long Range Plan - Downtown Management Corporation Strategic Plan

Mr. Phil Stromberg, Board Chairman for the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation and Commercial property owner at 1011 Curtiss, shared the history of the DG Downtown Management Corporation ("DMC").  He stated he was a member of the downtown business community for twelve years when the first Special Service Area (SSA #2) and the TIF that produced infrastructure updates, the parking deck and other upgrades, were formed in the late 1990's.  He spoke about the struggles getting all the businesses on board with the SSA creation, but ultimately, with Linda Kunze in charge, it was created and was a success.  Flash forward to 2020, the downtown property owners agreed to re-up the SSA and SSA #11 was created. Earlier this year the DMC formed sub committees, i.e. Finance, Aesthetics and they make presentations to the Executive Board for approval.  Erin Venezia would provide a presentation this evening, based on report was created summarizing the DMC's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan (linked above).

Ms. Erin Venezia, DMC Executive Director, shared the DMC's Mission statement and its Strategic plan.  The plan included support for local initiatives, ways to attract and retain businesses, increasing the engagement of high school students in various community events, increasing the Village's holiday décor and increasing the number of staff members within the organization. 

Commissioner Kulovany: Many Downers Grove residents moving here from Chicago; asked if there's been any outreach to the more prominent restaurants in areas of the city, i.e. Logan Square, Wicker Park, Bucktown, to see if those owners have interest in moving to the western suburbs; there's a segment of our community willing to wait in line 45 minutes to get into those places; there's a defined downtown business area - not looking to redefine it- but would like to see restaurants on streets within the downtown other than just Main Street; with the expanding downtown footprint, we need to keep an eye on the business expansion as well as residential expansion.

Ms. Venezia: Within the last year there has been no outreach - businesses have been reaching out to the DMC; it is something to consider in the future.  

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked Ms. Venezia to share ideas on the plans to get the High School students involved.

Ms. Venizia:  The high school students had involved in events such as the Fine Arts Festival as live entertainment pre-COVID; is trying to get them involved in more live entertainment events - there are a few ideas being thrown around, but nothing is concrete just yet.

Mayor Barnett: Read some things aesthetic related including holiday décor and there are some things he would like to see, such as public art - he asked what they could do to help facilitate such a thing; as for the general athletics downtown, he'd like talks about décor, banners, coverings and planters; it looks great but it can use more help; the Village is relying on the DMC to prioritize and help push those items. 

Mr. Stromberg: The Aesthetics Committee meets on Thursday and he will be sure to discuss the Mayors comments with the committee.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked what additional staffing would be used for.

Ms. Venezia: They are still narrowing down exactly what direction they will be going with staffing.

Mayor Barnett: Asked if the current finance model supports it.

Ms. Venezia: Yes they are working on that with the 2022 Budget.

Mayor Barnett: Wants to know when these discussions will happen again; the Village relies heavily on its downtown and economic activity/vitality - those areas are an enormous part of how the residents feel about their community.

Commissioner Kulovany: Asked if any thought of bringing back the Classic Car Show - feels it brings a festive atmosphere and brings people into town; those people that come in may come back in the future to our businesses and other events; without it he feels there's a hole in the fabric of Downers Grove.

Mr. Stromberg: The feedback from the business owners is very strong; there is a proposed business owner meeting scheduled for August 16th and they will discuss public art and get direct feedback; the Moose Lodge held a car show recently and they are still learning how it runs - he and Erin will meet with a board member he is acquainted with and will encourage him; DMC will offer their help to do something more casual before the year runs out (but still have the feel Commissioner Kulovany eluded to).

REP 2021-9054 - B.  Report: 2021-2023 Long Range Plan:  Economic Development Corporation Strategic Plan

Mr. Robert Fernandez, Board Chairman for the EDC, along with Mike Cassa, President and CEO with the EDC thanked the stakeholders and members of the EDC Executive Committee for putting together the Long Range Plan and spoke to the importance of bringing businesses to the Village and retaining them for the long-term. 

Using the EDC 2022-2026 Strategic and Business Plan (linked above), Mr. Cassa summarized briefly the corporation's Five-Year Plan, reviewing its six-year core objectives and also its one-year or three-year plans.  Various action items were reviewed under the core objectives:  attracting new businesses, retaining/expanding existing businesses, attracting international businesses to the area, creating incentives for companies to relocate to Downers Grove Class A buildings, and purchasing customer relationship management software to track and communicate with businesses.  Mr. Cassa spoke to having a response to the shortage of labor for existing and future businesses as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.  In the plan there will be the creation of a Downers Grove Visitors Bureau -- a top priority -- and it will market the Village as a destination for visitors, for businesses, for hotel guests and will include sports tourism; a growing segment.  Further specifics followed.  Lastly, the Partnership for Prosperity program will be promoted to businesses -- basically the EDC's membership program. 

Mr. Cassa reported the EDC's Business Plan was also completed and included as the last section of the EDC's Economic Development Strategic Plan.  He reviewed the goals under the business plan and explained the plan will be presented to other businesses and organizations.

Mayor Barnett: Appreciated the presentations, believes that with the Village's budgeting process and long-range planning process in alignment with the DMC and EDC, it allows everyone to work better together; the actions the Village takes will be supportive of all the three organizations.  He reminded the public of where their taxes are used for.

Commissioner Kulovany: Spoke about the challenges of bringing in businesses to the first floors of multi-family residential buildings and office buildings  located in the downtown area but on streets other than Main Street; the downtown area expands beyond Maple to Burlington; would like to see the EDC market underground parking, first floor retailers, with business offices or residential space above that - see if there is any interest out there; he wants us to be bold, that way we can take advantage of the sales tax and real estate tax in that type of situation; Packey Webb was a good example of this. 

Commissioner Gilmartin: Appreciated the work that went into this; especially happy to see the focus on entrepreneurship and having a dashboard to compare objectives; asked about the marketing aspect of the plan - being so close to the city - noting the money being requested for Marketing in the budget was modest and asked if increasing that portion of the budget would move the needle in terms of business and revenue increasing.

Mr. Casa: Doesn't believe in throwing tons of money into marketing - most of it is done through him with relationship building; marketing strategies also include their website, most recently LinkedIn and some trade shows; they keep an eye on their competitors to be sure they aren't missing anything; he believes a town sells itself; anything money is spent on dollar wise needs to be measurable. 

Mr. Fernandez: The EDC is positioning themselves to make special requests that are strategic, they present proposals for projects to the Village Council, if approved, they request the amount of money needed to conduct studies for projects; after this, they come up with a plan to market that the Council endorses, then maybe another special request would be OK - but it is all coordinated with the projects. 

Mr. Casa: Five years ago spent about $4000 a year for four years (pre-pandemic) for a reception at Alter Brewing that got the Mayor, Dave, Council members and everyone on their team out to meet; will do it again in 2022 (will be in their budget); this was done to build relationships; they are looking at a branding strategy for visitor and business attraction - which will cost some money - needs to be looked at fully and added to the budget (cost might be approximately $30,000). 

Commissioner Kulovany: The EDC has an opportunity to create revenue generators; asked the EDC not be shy to come to the Village to partner up.

Mr. Casa: Much like the Village, the EDC tries to run a "lean machine"; had four full-time employees in 2015-2016, an employee left and they didn't replace her - lowering personnel costs; they tap into other organizations, especially the Village, i.e. they use the Village's IT services at no cost (only call them once every four - five months) and that saves them a line item in their budget.  

Mayor Barnett: Asked Mr. Fernandez to thank all that worked toward this plan.

Commissioner Gilmartin: Asked if a Grant Writer is needed to apply for 501C3 grants or if they will contract out. 

Mr. Casa: There are so few grants to apply for; he went into an explanation on the types of grants and the process involved to apply for them. 

Manager Fieldman: Kathy Desmarteau, Village Grants Coordinator, helps the EDC with grants.

Mayor Barnett thanked all.

11. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the August 3, 2021, Village Council meeting.

RESULT: Motion carried unanimously.

MOTIONED TO APPROVE: Commissioner Hosé

SECONDED BY: Commissioner Walus,

AYES: Commissioners Glover, Gilmartin, Kulovany, Sadowski-Fugitt, Walus, Hosé, Mayor Barnett



Mayor Barnett declared the motion carried by voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 9:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rosa Berardi

Village Clerk