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October 02, 2018

1. Call to Order

Mayor Martin Tully called the regular meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Downers Grove Village Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Mayor Tully led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

2. Roll Call

Council Attendance (Present):  Commissioner Barnett, Commissioner Walus, Commissioner Earl, Commissioner Waldack, Commissioner White, Commissioner Hosé; Mayor Tully

Absent:  None

Non-Voting:  Village Manager David Fieldman, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca, Village Clerk April Holden

The Council meeting is broadcast over the local FM radio station, WDGC. In addition, a tape recording and videotape of the meeting are being made using Village-owned equipment. The videotape of the meeting will be used for later rebroadcast of the Council meeting over the Village cable television Channel 6. 

The Council will follow the rules of conduct for this meeting as provided in Sec. 2.5 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code. These offer the public the opportunity to comment at several points in the meeting. First, immediately following approval of the minutes of past meetings, an opportunity will be given for public comments and questions of a general nature. If a public hearing is scheduled for this meeting, an opportunity is given for public comments and questions related to the subject of the hearing. Finally, an opportunity is given for public comments and questions on items appearing on the Consent Agenda, the Active Agenda and the First Reading. 

The Mayor stated that at the appropriate time the presiding officers will ask if there are any comments from the public. Individuals wishing to speak should raise their hand to be recognized and, after acknowledgment from the presiding officer, approach the microphone and state their name. Remarks should be limited to five minutes, and individuals are asked to refrain from making repetitive statements.

Mayor Tully said there are agendas located on either side of the Council Chambers, and he invited the audience to pick up an agenda and follow the progress of the Council meeting.

3. Minutes of Council Meetings

MIN 2018-7907 - A. Minutes:  Executive Session Minutes for Approval Only - September 4 and September 11, 2018

MIN 2018-7913 - B. Minutes:  Council Minutes - September 18, 2018

Motion:  Commissioner White moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Commissioner Waldack seconded the motion.

Mayor Tully declared the motion carried by voice vote. 

4. Mayor's Report

Mayor Tully expressed his deep sadness at the passing of Linda Kunze, whom he described as "the hub on which the wheel of the downtown turned progressively for two decades."  Ms. Kunze served as Executive Director of the Downtown Management Corporation, and passed away on September 25.  The Mayor said she was a warm, caring and magnanimous person known by everyone.  She was welcoming of residents, strangers and visitors alike, and her name is synonymous with many special events held in Downers Grove.  Mayor Tully said the outpouring of sympathy on social media has been a testament to her connection with the community.  Together with Linda's family, the Downtown Management Corporation Board and the Village are working to select a location downtown to be named for and dedicated to Linda Kunze in recognition of the indelible mark she left on the cornerstone of the community.  An announcement regarding that dedication will be coming soon.  The Mayor then asked that a video entitled, "Downtown, Then and Now" be played in memory of Linda Kunze.  He said it is satisfying to know that Linda was able to see the development and all she had accomplished in Downers Grove.  Following a moment of silence in honor of Linda, Mayor Tully thanked her family for sharing Linda with the community and expressed condolences on their loss.


Mayor Tully proclaimed October 2018 as Arts DuPage Month in the Village of Downers Grove and encouraged all citizens to promote the arts and culture in the Village.  He presented the proclamation to Robin Tryloff, member of the Arts DuPage Advisory Committee and a board member of the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation.

Ms. Tryloff thanked the Mayor and Village for this recognition.

5. Public Comments

This is the opportunity for public comments.

George Swimmer echoed the Mayor's comments about Linda Kunze, saying he has known her for many years and even when she was not feeling well, she was always smiling and positive.  The Village was blessed to have her and he is sorry that they have lost her.

Mr. Swimmer gave background information on his history in the Village.  He ran for State Representative many years ago and lost in the primary.  He wanted grade separation at one of the railroad crossings in Downers Grove. Mayor Krajewski invited him to sit on the committee regarding the Belmont grade crossing underpass.  Now there is an underpass.  Mr. Swimmer said that there have been discussions about additional grade crossing underpasses.  The Plan Commission did not understand it.  He noted that there have been a number of fatalities in Downers Grove in the past 25 years.  The only way to reduce the number is to raise the track bed as has been done in Oak Park.  Almost 200 trains traverse through Downers Grove daily, and he takes pride in using the Belmont underpass.  Mr. Swimmer asked Mayor Tully to appoint a special task force regarding grade separations in Downers Grove, particularly raising the track bed.  He said he could suggest some names.  He indicated that the DuPage Railway Safety Council met recently with about 150 people in attendance at the meeting.  Dr. Wilson, Chair, had a daughter killed crossing the tracks.  Mr. Swimmer mentioned George Graves, former Downers Grove Police Chief, who serves on the Railway Safety Council and started Railroad Safety Week, which is now a national event.  Mr. Swimmer said we have had too many tragedies in Downers Grove.

Mayor Tully said he was aware of the forum.  This is a challenging undertaking and the timing might be better now than at any other time.  He spoke of the crossing at Washington and Burlington and said he would see what he can do.

Mr. Swimmer commented that at the crossing mentioned by the Mayor, a car will stop on the tracks waiting for passengers to clear the crossing.

The Mayor added that the safety measures are not always obeyed. 

6. Consent Agenda

COR 2018-7914 - A. Claims Ordinance:  No. 6283, Payroll, September 14, 2018


BIL 2018-7915 - B. Bills Payable:  No. 6416, October 2, 2018


RES 2018-7875 - C. Resolution:  Authorize a Three-Year Agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, Public Employees Division, Effective May 1, 2018-April 30, 2021

This authorizes an agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150.




MOT 2018-7904 - D. Motion:  Award $78,800.00 to Performance Construction & Engineering, LLC, Plano, IL for 2018 Storm Sewer Conflict Manhole Replacements

This awards a contract for 2018 storm sewer conflict manhole replacements to Performance Construction & Engineering, LLC of Plano, IL in the amount of $78,800.00.

MOT 2018-7905 - E. Motion:  Award $522,100.39 for a Three-Year Contract to Sheridan Plumbing and Sewer Inc., Bedford Park, IL, for Storm Sewer Maintenance Services

This awards a three-year contract for storm sewer maintenance services to Sheridan Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. of Bedford Park, IL, in the amount of $522.100.39.


MOT 2018-7910 - F. Motion:  Award a Contract Not to Exceed $44,880.00 to Doland Engineering, LLC, Palatine, IL, for Engineering Services for Prince/Forest Drainage Project

This authorizes execution of a contract for engineering services for the Prince/Forest drainage project (SW-080-18) to Doland Engineering, LLC, in the amount of $44,800.00 plus 10% contingency in the amount of $4,080 for a total not-to-exceed $44,880.00.


RES 2018-7906 - G. Resolution:  Authorize Participation in the National BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative

This authorizes execution of an interlocal contract for cooperative purchasing with the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative.

A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING                                                                                               PARTICIPATION IN THE NATIONAL PURCHASING COOPERATIVE



MOT 2018-7911 - H. Motion:  Authorize the Purchase of a Wachs ERV-750 Automated Valve Exerciser in an Amount Not to Exceed $27,000.00 through the BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Program

This authorizes the purchase of a Wachs ERV-750 automated valve exerciser at a cost not to exceed $27,000.00.


MOT 2018-7918 - I. Motion:  Award $21,760.00 to Allied Door Inc., Lombard, IL, for Installation of New Overhead Doors at Fire Station #1

This awards a contract for the installation of new overhead doors at Fire Station #1 to Allied Door, Inc. in the amount of $21,760.00.

RES 2018-7921 - J. Resolution:  Appoint Megan Miles and Daniel Carlsen as Deputy Village Clerks for the Village of Downers Grove

This designates two existing staff members, Megan Miles and Daniel Carlsen, as Deputy Village Clerks.




MIN 2018-7917 - K. Minutes:  Note Receipt of Minutes of Boards and Commissions

Summary:  Library Board - August 29, 2018; Stormwater and Flood Plain Oversight Committee - March 19, 2018; Zoning Board of Appeals - May 23, 2018


Motion:  Commissioner White moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.  Commissioner Earl seconded the motion. 

Votes:  Yea: Commissioners White, Earl, Walus, Waldack, Hosé, Barnett; Mayor Tully

Nay: None

Mayor Tully declared the motion carried.

7. Active Agenda

8. First Reading

ORD 2018-7909 - A. Ordinance:  Amend Certain Stormwater Provisions

Village Manager Dave Fieldman said that staff has been working on this for about two years.  The ordinance amends stormwater management regulations for residential development projects.  This is a Village Council priority action item, which has been thoroughly reviewed.  This ordinance reflects direction provided by the Council and requires all new houses and additions of 400 s.f. or more of footprint expansion to provide onsite stormwater storage.  It also requires new sump pumps to discharge into either a storage area or an infiltration system.  The ordinance substantially achieves both project objectives:  1)  Reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff, and 2)  Accommodate residential renovation and redevelopment.

Commissioner Barnett said that he supports this as a logical next step.  Balance is the goal.  This feels like the focus is on net change and he would like to see it implemented.  They can gauge it as they go to see what adjustments might be necessary.

Commissioner Waldack thanked the staff and his colleagues for their work.  They cannot change the topography and the soil.  It was not a simple solution, but he can support this.

Commissioner Hosé stated that he thinks this will help alleviate the impact of construction activity, and he looks forward to supporting this.  He also thanked staff for bringing this forward.

Mayor Tully expressed his appreciation for all of the input they have received.

Mr. Fieldman thanked the residential homeowners present in the audience.


ORD 2018-7876 - B. Ordinance:  Amend Parking Restrictions

Nan Newlon, Director, Public Works, explained that this ordinance addresses two items related to parking in the downtown area.  The proposed ordinance has public parking components as well as loading zones and three-hour parking.  She said this also includes language regarding enforcement of construction vehicle parking in violation of approved construction site plans. 


ORD 2018-7884 - C. Ordinance:  Adopt the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in Lieu of Passage of an Appropriation Ordinance

Mr. Fieldman said this is the first of many discussions of the 2019 budget, which was published on the Village's website on September 21.  Copies are available at the Downers Grove Library.  Tonight's meeting is the first of eight meetings.  The Manager presented a video of the 2019 proposed budget.  Mr. Fieldman said this budget has few new concepts, as it is the product of the Long Range Plan and many other plans.  It is a product of Council direction.  He said staff will begin discussion with the General Fund and related funds next week.

Mayor Tully said that this is truly the culmination of a long process and many plans over many years.  He thanked everyone for all of their work.  It is both a direction and a philosophy.  The Mayor commented that the budget presented is an evolution in transparency, which brings a lot of confidence with it. 

9. Manager's Report

INF 2018-7919 - A. Information:  Facilities Sustainability Plan Update

Mr. Fieldman said staff is seeking Council direction related to the Facilities Sustainability Plan. The Village's plan is to re-evaluate options in conjunction with a private sector development. The re-evaluation is scheduled for the summer of 2019. Last week, however, the Village received an offer from Location Finders International (LFI) to purchase a portion of the Village-owned Civic Center property for $8 million. Staff is seeking Council direction on how to respond to this offer.  Additional information is in staff's report on the Village's website.

Mayor Tully said this is an unexpectedly pleasant development. He's hoping this will help toward making a decision on this issue.

Commissioner White said it is interesting to see this offer. He remains convinced that the townhome option is the best option, but it is for non-financial attributes. He said $8 million in cash tips the scales between financial and non-financial attributes. He said that they have to take a serious look at this. He supports Option B and would not stand in the ways of updated proposals. The police need facilities. Option B is to direct staff to negotiate the key terms of a redevelopment agreement with LFI.

Commissioner Hosé commented that DuPage Medical Group was not his preferred offer initially. This revised offer meets his concerns. This solves the concerns about density and impact on the neighborhood. It is a win. He supports Option B.

Commissioner Waldack said he is a strong believer in process. The last process had flawed choices and the public was emphatic that they didn't want more density. Townhomes appear to be the best land use, but it was a flawed offer. The medical building fell short financially. He thinks there is something we can do with the present offer through a Special Use to make it attractive to the downtown. It is now financially feasible and does not include high density. He thinks they need to move forward with the facilities issue. The Village needs a new police station, and needs to move quickly. We should move quickly with LFI and we should get the word out to other entities that submitted bids. His choice is Option D, and to keep things open for a limited time. He favors Option D and Option B simultaneously while they are informally seeking offers only from townhouse developers.  Option D is to begin facilities planning efforts now. 

Commissioner Barnett said he also thinks this is a good idea, as it will add value to the community. He supports Option B and thinks they should take advantage of this opportunity.

Commissioner Earl commented that this came as a surprise. She said that the Council should wait at least two years. Townhomes were her preferred option, and she felt the density of townhouses was appropriate as it is a transit-oriented site. She would continue with the current plan until the spring after the elections. She doesn't agree with the medical building option for this site. If everyone wants to solicit townhome options, she has no problem with that choice.

Commissioner Walus said she was a bit leery of the offer initially. She feels now is the right time and supports Option B. It does not obligate the Village. She asked if the Village is at risk due to previous offers.

Village Attorney Petrarca said the Village is not at risk.

Mayor Tully commented that the objective is not to redevelop the land. It is to address the issue of an obsolete police department building and Village Hall building. How we pay for that has been studied. They discussed creating a funding source for the replacement of these buildings to minimize the impact on the community.  The Council has looked at numerous proposals-apartment buildings, townhomes, and medical office buildings. His concern was the financial gap with the medical office building. This addresses the financial gap. They have the benefit of the passage of time. He finds the logistical aspects of this proposal attractive. He is in favor of pursuing negotiations of this option for key terms of a potential redevelopment agreement with LFI-Option B. It does not commit the Village to anything.

Mr. Fieldman said that he has heard five members of the Council prefer Option B.

Commissioner Waldack asked if another offer were to come in, would they turn it down.

Mayor Tully replied that they would negotiate in good faith with anyone until binding terms were established.

Commissioner Waldack said he was seeking clarification that if another offer came in for better land use or better money whether the Village would consider it. 

There were no comments from the public.

Mayor Tully expressed his appreciation for the thought that has been given to this development.

10. Attorney's Report

Pursuant to Section 2.5 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code, the following are presented for Village Council consideration:

  • An ordinance amending provisions of the stormwater regulations
  • An ordinance amending parking restrictions
  • An ordinance adopting the fiscal year 2019 budget in lieu of passage of an Appropriation Ordinance

11. Council Member Reports

Mayor Tully said that next week, October 9, a presentation will be made by a number of organizations including humane societies, residents and business owners on the topic of a potential ordinance regarding the sale of pets.  He said the Village has reached out to Chamber 630 and invited them to weigh in, as well as a pet storeowner on Ogden Avenue.  Nothing will be decided on this matter next week.

The Mayor said he is the District 3 municipal representative on the DuPage County Stormwater Management Committee.  The Committee met this morning.  He updated information regarding the countywide flood plain map.  Letters of determination will be issued by FEMA.  The effective date for the new countywide flood plain maps, after adoption, will be August 1, 2019. 

The Mayor then noted that water quality improvement program grants are available with a deadline of Friday, January 11, 2019.

Commissioner Hosé announced that the Night at the Firehouse will take place on October 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Station 5.  Activities include a live burn, tour of the firehouse, rescue demonstrations, viewing fire apparatus, etc.

12. Adjournment

Mayor Tully asked for a motion to adjourn. 

Motion:  Commissioner White moved to adjourn.  Commissioner Earl seconded the motion.    

Mayor Tully declared the motion carried by voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

April Holden

Village Clerk