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October 05, 2010

1. Call to Order

 M ayor Ron Sandack called the regular meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Downers Grove Village Hall.  Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

 Mayor Sandack led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

2. Roll Call

 P resent: Commissioner Marilyn Schnell, Commissioner Bob Barnett, Commissioner William Waldack, Commissioner Sean P. Durkin, Commissioner Bruce E. Beckman, Commissioner Geoff Neustadt and Mayor Ron Sandack  Non Voting: Village Manager David Fieldman, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca and Village Clerk April Holden  T he Council meeting is broadcast over the local FM radio station, WDGC.  In addition, a tape recording and videotape of the meeting are being made using Village owned equipment.  The videotape of the meeting will be used for later rebroadcast of the Council meeting over the Village cable television Channel 6.

The Council will follow the rules of conduct for this meeting as provided in Sec. 2.5 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code.  These offer the public the opportunity to comment at several points in the meeting.  First, immediately following approval of the minutes of the past meetings, an opportunity will be given for public comments and questions of a general matter.  If a public hearing is scheduled for this meeting, an opportunity is given for public comments and questions related to the subject of the hearing.  Finally, an opportunity is given for public comments and questions on items appearing on the Consent Agenda, the Active Agenda and the First Reading.

The presiding officer will ask, at the appropriate time, if there are any comments from the public.  If anyone wishes to speak, the individual should raise their hand to be recognized and, after acknowledgment from the presiding officer, approach the microphone and state their name and address.  Remarks should be limited to five minutes, and asked that individuals refrain from making repetitive statements.

Mayor Sandack said there are agendas located on either side of the Council Chambers, and he invited the audience to pick up an agenda and follow the progress of the Council meeting.

3. Minutes of Council Meetings

 E xecutive Session Minutes for Approval Only - September 7, 2010  Council Meeting - September 21, 2010 There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, Mayor Sandack said they would be filed as submitted. Capital Projects Update

 4. Public Comments - General Comments on Matters Not Appearing on Tonight's Agenda

 G eorge Swimmer, 4905 Main Street, thanked the Council for their hard work.  He's been coming to the meetings for probably 15 years and knows that their work is basically volunteer work. He has been a Village resident for many years and has been involved in railroad safety for a long time.  Mr. Swimmer said that Metra operates many trains daily through Downers Grove, and he feels that Metra operates dangerously because there is only one locomotive engineer in the locomotive compartment.  Class 1 carriers have two people in the locomotive compartment who each have the ability to stop the train in times of danger.  Metra's engineers work split shifts, including the morning rush hour, followed by a break, and then the evening rush hour.  This is a dangerous way to operate transportation equipment due to the fatigue factor.

Mr. Swimmer explained that there is a second train warning system in place along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe system, so Metra trains can pass a stopped train, which can result in death; but Metra and the BNSF don't tell the public about this situation.  Metra should run a safer program, as there are many accidents.

With regard to the grade separation, he said it appears as though there will be a grade separation at Belmont.  The plan to raise the tracks, which goes back 60 years, is still viable at Forest, Main Street and Washington. He said it is probably more viable than what is taking place at the Belmont Station.  He asked the Council to take a close look at this.  The State and federal governments have millions of dollars in funds available for grade separation.  Train traffic is increasing and the BNSF has indicated that there will be a 30% increase in train movement in the next 20 years.  Trains are getting longer and they will be closer together. They are experimenting in the West on a train that is a mile and a half long.   He said now is the time for the Village to plan, and he urged the Council to start planning for grade separation now for train safety.  

5. Public Hearings


6. Consent Agenda


 COR 00-04266 A.  Claim Ordinance:  No. 5867, Payroll, September 24, 2010

Sponsors: Accounting A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: N/A

 BIL 00-04267 B.  List of Bills Payable:  No. 5854, October 5, 2010

Sponsors: Accounting A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: N/A

 RES 00-04263 C.  Resolution:  Authorize an Agreement and Addendum with B&W Control Systems Integration re:  SCADA System Improvements

Sponsors: Public Works





RESOLUTION 2010-72 A motion was made to Pass this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: SCADA

 RES 00-04254 D.  Resolution:  Authorize Agreements with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois

Sponsors: Human Resources




RESOLUTION 2010-73 A motion was made to Pass this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Insurance - Health, Employee, Employee Benefits

 RES 00-04268 E.  Resolution:  Authorize Acceptance of Public Improvements - Villas of Maple Woods Subdivision

Sponsors: Village Engineer




RESOLUTION 2010-74 A motion was made to Pass this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Subdivision - Maple Woods, Subdivision - Villas of Maple Woods

 MOT 00-04269 F.  Motion:  Authorize a Change Order with Tri-Brothers Contracting, Southgate, Michigan, for Fire Hydrant Painting  

Sponsors: Public Works

Summary of Item: The amount of the change order would reduce the existing contract amount from $119,420.05 to

$118,730.00, a reduction of $690.05. A motion was made to Authorize this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Fire Hydrants

 RES 00-04270 G.  Resolution:  Authorize a Supplement to H.T. E., Inc. Software License and Services Agreement with Sungard Public Sector, Inc.

Sponsors: Police Department





RESOLUTION 2010-75 A motion was made to Pass this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: CAD

 RES 00-04271 H.  Resolution:  Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation for Cumnor Road Resurfacing

Sponsors: Public Works





RESOLUTION 2010-76 A motion was made to Pass this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Illinois Department of Transportation, Roadway Improvements

 MOT 00-04279 I.  Motion:  Note Receipt of Minutes of Boards and Commissions

Summary of Item: Library Board - August 25, 2010 A motion was made to Note Receipt Of this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Boards and Commissions Minutes Passed The Consent Agenda

 A motion was made by Commissioner Schnell, seconded by Commissioner Barnett, that the consent agenda be passed. The motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Y ea: Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Barnett, Commissioner Waldack, Commissioner Durkin, Commissioner Beckman, Commissioner Neustadt and Mayor Sandack

7. Active Agenda


 ORD 00-04264 A.  Ordinance:  Regulating Permit Placement

Sponsors: Community Development

Summary of Item: This regulates the placement of building permits.




ORDINANCE NO. 5153 A motion was made by Commissioner Schnell, seconded by Commissioner Barnett, to Adopt this file.  Mayor Sandack declared the motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Y ea: Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Barnett, Commissioner Waldack, Commissioner Durkin, Commissioner Beckman, Commissioner Neustadt and Mayor Sandack  Indexes: Permits

8. First Reading


 ORD 00-04281 A.  Ordinance:  Provide for the Issuance of One or More Series of General Obligation Refunding Bonds of the Village of Downers Grove

Sponsors: Finance

Summary of Item: This authorizes bond refundings pursuant to specific parameters.






ORDINANCE NO. 5154 V illage Manager Dave Fieldman reported that this ordinance would provide for the issuance of one or more series of General Obligation Refunding Bonds.  This is traditionally referred to as a parameters ordinance.  It will permit the Village to proceed with the refunding of existing bonds using a negotiated sale provided the refunding meets certain parameters in the ordinance, and the ordinance would be valid until April 30, 2011.  He said this is a cost-saving measure recommended in the Long Range Financial Plan.  The Village approved this type of parameters ordinance last year, resulting in significant cost reductions.  If this ordinance is approved, staff has identified the 2002 downtown TIF funds as the first refunding opportunity.  Staff anticipates closing on this transaction on November 10.  It would save approximately $350,000 expressed in today's dollars.  He added that Standard and Poors reaffirmed the Village's AA+ bond rating today.

The Mayor said reaffirmation of the AA+ bond rating reflects well upon the Village's financial standing, and some of the actions taken by the Village to promote fiscal restraint.

Commissioner Durkin commented that this is very important for the Village.  Approval of this action illustrates sound financial management practices by the Village as a whole.  The action of the bond refinancing is well received by the bond rating companies.  The practice of refinancing bonds when possible helps the Village retain the AA+ rating and will help us when there are short-comings in the budget.  This is a win-win for the Village, particularly with the volatility of the current financial market.

The Mayor said that these changes allow the Village to act more rapidly to favorable financial changes in the marketplace, and hopefully gain savings.   Indexes: Bond Issue, General Obligation Bond - Refund

 ORD 00-04274 D.  Ordinance:  Amend Sunday Hours for On-Premise Consumption of Liquor

Sponsors: Village Attorney and Liquor Commission

Summary of Item: This amends Sunday liquor serving hours for on-premise license holders.





ORDINANCE NO. 5157 M anager Fieldman said this, and the next two items, are proposed changes to the liquor license regulations.  First it would create a liquor license classification for video-gaming facilities.  Secondly, this would amend the ordinance to include indoor simulated golf facilities in the definition of "recreational facilities," allowing those facilities to apply for a liquor license.  Thirdly, it would allow on-premise consumption of liquor beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. The Liquor Commission recommended in favor of all three of these changes.

The Mayor clarified that these items would be voted upon separately.

Mayor Sandack said he thinks the Sunday change is precipitated by hotels that wish to do weddings and special events earlier.  Downers Grove is the only community that still holds to the noon time frame for liquor consumption on Sunday.  This is no substitute for strict adherence to the Village's rules, if this should be approved.  He noted that the Liquor Commission and the Village Council take the Village's liquor rules seriously.

Commissioner Waldack said he has concerns about earlier liquor licenses, and in particular, he is concerned about a video game facility offering liquor at 9:00 a.m.on Sundays.  When he first started with the Village, liquor licenses were adjunct to food service.  He said that video gaming draws a younger crowd, and he hopes to receive feedback from the residents regarding this proposed change.

Commissioner Schnell expressed similar concerns as expressed by Commissioner Waldack.  The video gaming portion is not limited to individuals aged 21 or over.  She asked about the golf simulation and whether that was limited to those 21 or older.

Village Attorney Petrarca said she was not sure about the golf facility, and would obtain the age limitations information for the Council.

Commissioner Schnell noted that she has no problem with the hotels needing to be competitive with a 9:00 a.m. license, but she has conceptual and philosophical problems about the video gaming and golf simulation ordinances.

Commissioner Beckman said staff has provided the Village with a voluminous amount of information on this.  He has mentioned to staff his concerns about serving alcohol at 9:00 a.m.on a Sunday morning.  This paints a very wide swath and includes hotels wishing to serve Bloody Mary's or a Mimosa at a hotel brunch as well as other entities, such as sports bars as an example, that serve food in name only on a Sunday morning.  He is curious as to how they will manage that aspect of liquor service.

Commissioner Neustadt commented that it is a privilege, not a right, to have a liquor license.  The Police Department will perform the enforcement with this change, and will continue its controlled buys.  He said that taking a liquor license away is a big part of a business, and licensees will be smart to follow the rules.

Commissioner Barnett said that hotels and restaurants are under-21 establishments too.  He pointed out that some of the philosophies have changed over the last 6-8 years, and they should not lose sight of the increases in fines for license violations.  There are expectations about behavior regarding underage service or over-service.  He said that the Village is here to legislate behavior and has issued stiff penalties to violators.

Commissioner Durkin said that he supports these changes.  There are only so many special liquor licenses available, and this will put the Village into the same field as the other surrounding municipalities.  He said that the Council is looking to retain sales dollars in Downers Grove.  He reiterated that liquor service in the Village is a privilege and not a right.  The Village has all the tools to provide for enforcement, including the requirement of food service, and the Village in this case is amending the definition for the indoor golfing facilities.

Commissioner Waldack asked how complicated it would be to have a special liquor license for establishments that want to have brunches.

Village Attorney Petrarca said that they can request an extension to their liquor license, but they are limited.  Commissioner Waldack asked if they could change the limitation to allow certain establishments to start at one time and have other service times available for others.  Village Attorney Petrarca said they could limit it to certain license classifications.  The complexity comes in terms of enforcement.   With respect to enforcement, Commissioner Waldack then asked Mr. Fieldman for a copy of the chart that shows police activity including hours.

The Mayor said, from his perspective, they have made changes to the Village's Liquor Code, and those changes have been commensurate with changes occurring in and around the Village's various business areas.  He said the Sunday rule makes sense to him, because of the competitive nature of things. The time matters less than the quality of the licensees and the enforcement provisions.  If there is a problem, the Liquor Commission will hand out a penalty.  He has faith in the Liquor Commission and he will support these measures.

Commissioner Barnett noted that there are license-holders in all classifications that never cause problems, and others who have problems.  It is less a function of the type of organization, and more a function of the management.  Indexes: Liquor Ordinance Amendments

 ORD 00-04275 E.  Ordinance:  Amend Recreational Facility License Classifications

Sponsors: Village Attorney and Liquor Commission

Summary of Item: This amends recretional facility license classifications to include indoor golf facilities.





ORDINANCE 5158 Indexes: Liquor Ordinance Amendments

 ORD 00-04276 F.  Ordinance:  Create a Gaming Facility Liquor License

Sponsors: Village Attorney and Liquor Commission

Summary of Item: This creates a liquor license classification for gaming facilities.




ORDINANCE NO. 5159 Indexes: Liquor Ordinance Amendments

 ORD 00-04273 B.  Ordinance:  Amend Certain Administrative Fees - Police Department

Sponsors: Manager's Office

Summary of Item: This amends the Municipal Code regarding Village user-fees, licenses and fines, and corrects code

reference inconsistencies.





ORDINANCE NO. 5155 T he Manager said that Items E and F apply to fee updates for the Police and Fire Departments.  The 2010 Strategic Plan calls for a review of the administrative fees.

Police Chief Bob Porter explained that some fees are mandated at the State level, but there are others that staff recommends should be changed.  He indicated that one recommendation is to eliminate the bicycle registration fee of $.25.  He has no idea how long that fee has been in place, and it makes sense to eliminate the fee.  Chief Porter said that increasing fees for parking violations from $5 to $25 could be misleading.  The majority of parking violations are $20 which will see a $5 increase, and will be consistent with other municipalities.  In addition, the fine for late payments of citation would be increased from $10 to $25.  Finally, for those who choose not to pay for their parking violations, a letter can be sent to the vehicle owner informing them of the violations.  Should they not pay, the Village would have the ability to notify the Secretary of State's office to suspend the vehicle owner's license.

Commissioner Neustadt commented that this is good timing as it relates to parking concerns in the downtown area, as well as across the Village.

Commissioner Schnell asked for clarification that all parking tickets would be $25.00.  Chief Porter verified that, with the exception of handicapped parking violations.

Commissioner Beckman noted that parking violations affect the flow of traffic as well.  He said that other communities use other measures, such as the boot, for enforcement.  Chief Porter said that using the boot was administratively very difficult.  This is a more effective way to deal with issues. Indexes: Police Department, Fee Increases

 ORD 00-04272 C.  Ordinance:  Amend Certain Administrative Fees - Fire Department

Sponsors: Manager's Office

Summary of Item: This amends the Municipal Code regarding Village user-fees, licenses and fines, and corrects code

reference inconsistencies.





ORDINANCE NO. 5156 F ire Chief Jim Jackson said that there is a proposed increase in the ambulance fees for residents for Basic Life Support from $350 to $450, Advanced Life Support I from $500 to $600, and Advanced Life Support II from $550 to $650

For non-residents, Basic Life Support fees would increase from $450 to $550; Advanced Life Support I from $650 to $750; and Advanced Life Support II from $700 to $800.  He added that they would increase the mileage charge from $5 to $8, and want to eliminate the $50 for oxygen, which will be incorporated into the fees as proposed.

Chief Jackson said fees for alarm malfunctioning would also increase from $10 to $30 per day.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the transportation fee, and if it relates to a patient choosing to go to a hospital other than the closest one.  Chief Jackson responded that it would be from one's residence to any hospital.

The Mayor asked if many of these fees are covered by a resident's insurance coverage, and Chief Jackson said they were.

Commissioner Beckman asked about malfunctioning alarms and whether they are residential or business.  Chief Jackson said that the majority of fire alarms are commercial, but there is no differentiation being made.

Commissioner Neustadt asked how many alarms are out of commission for thirty days or more.  Chief Jackson said he didn't have that information, but it usually is corrected within a day or two.   Commissioner Waldack said he reviewed the monthly report and looked at the June ambulance calls for residents and non-residents.  He asked if they were to raise fees, would they be collected from insurance companies.  Chief Jackson said that they have experienced a 91% collection rate, but that varies among the companies.

Commissioner Waldack then commented about charges to residents, saying that the Village wants them to send their bills to their insurance company.  The objective is to get as much payment as the insurance company is willing to pay.  He said that the Village does not go after the difference for residents, since the residents pay taxes to the Village.  Non-residents don't pay taxes, and they are required to pay 100% of the fee charged.

Mr. Fieldman said that is consistent with Village practice.

Commissioner Waldack said over the past few months, when our accounting firm published the financials, he saw the increasing revenue run to about $800,000.  He saw a correlation to core services to programs such as Meals on Wheels, which, in addition to providing meals, also provides well-being checks.  He then commented to the Council members regarding Saturday's Workshop.  He saw Saturday's Workshop as an initial presentation of the entire budget and an open discussion.  He apologized to those Council members who took offense to his bringing up the Meals on Wheels component at the end of the meeting.  It was not his intention to bring up inappropriately the anticipation of a future discussion of human services.  He wanted to advise his fellow Commissioners that he would like a discussion at a future session, possibly next week.  He did not intend to offend anyone.

Commissioner Barnett said he believes they are treating everyone equitably and with as much empathy as possible.  Taxes cover about $.25 on the dollar.  This is not an attempt to double-up the costs, it is an attempt to recover costs.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether the fees are in line with other communities, and Chief Jackson said that the Village is in the middle range.

Commissioner Beckman noted that the Village is comparable to other government entities, and Village costs are considerably lower than private ambulances.

Commissioner Durkin suggested looking at some of the past incidents, saying that in the last year there were three home fires.  The Village had to use a lot of water to fight those fires, and he thinks they should investigate how to obtain reimbursement from the insurance companies for the water usage in those cases.  Mr. Fieldman responded that staff researched this and could not find another municipality in Illinois that does that; however, they will not abandon the idea.   Commissioner Durkin responded that River Forest did this in the early 1990s. He recommended staff begin with River Forest.  He said the Village is paying a lot for the water, has been a leader in many other areas, and he would like to see a report on this submitted to Council within 90 days.

Mayor Sandack said that last both year's budget and this year's, highlight core services.  There are expenses involved in attending to an ambulance emergency.  He said that the property taxes cover only about 1/3 of the core services provided, and they are the only predictable revenue source.  Insurance companies will and should pay for these services.  It is not the intention of the Council to dun a resident, but it will seek to collect from non-residents.  He said the Village and Council have to be fiscally prudent.  Indexes: Fee Increases, Fire Department

 RES 00-04278 B.  Resolution:  Authorize an Amendment to an Agreement with Houseal Lavigne Associates, LLC

Sponsors: Community Development





RESOLUTION 2010-78 T om Dabareiner, Director, Community Development, said staff is proposing a resolution to authorize an amendment to the contract with Houseal Lavigne for additional work on the comprehensive plan to analyze one additional geographic subarea.  The cost of the amendment is $10,000, which raises the contract to $187,900.  He displayed a chart showing that the Comprehensive Plan review is on schedule and eight meetings have been held.  He highlighted the work done to date, stating that those involved felt more work was warranted on the Fairview Station area.  The area is in need of re-evaluation and an analysis of the existing sites has been done.  Several catalytic opportunities and redevelopment concepts have been proposed, and staff feels this detailed approach would be helpful for the Fairview Station area and its surroundings.  He said the next meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Ad Hoc Committee would be on October 26, at Fire Station 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Sandack reminded everyone that the Village hired Houseal Lavigne for TCD3 and the Comprehensive Plan review.

Tom LeCren, 545 Chicago, asked where the money is coming from for this amendment, as it was not in the budget.  He said he asked previously about the funding for the traffic study, and that question was not answered.  Mayor Sandack responded that he could not say which exact line item the funding came from, but said that significant savings in capital project budgets identified elsewhere are being used where possible.  Mr. LeCren said that when the budget was passed, the budget was not amended and this is not identified anywhere.  Mr. Fieldman responded that this project will be from the General Fund, and the year end estimate included in the FY10 budget reflects the extra $10,000 in this project, so changing the figures is not necessary.  Mr. LeCren questioned again that this is from the General Fund, and the Mayor responded that was correct.  Mr. LeCren then asked how it could come from the General Fund since that is in the hole and the Village is using reserves.  Mr. Fieldman explained further that the General Fund budget for FY10 calls for expenditures of $833,000 more than planned revenues with some use of existing fund balance.  The FY10 year-end estimates are running at about a use of $795,000 and this item was included in that figure.

George Swimmer asked why staff isn't doing this.  Mayor Sandack said that staff is doing this, but it is a large plan and they have had the benefit of a consultant to date.  They are expanding the scope of the job to discover some deficiencies.  This is an effort to rewrite the Comprehensive Plan, which has not been done since 1965.  It is a labor-intensive job.  He noted that two members of the Committee are in the audience.

Mr. Fieldman stated that staff does have the skill-set to do this work; however, staffing levels have been cut by 12.2% over the last four years.  It is more cost-effective to hire out these types of labor-intensive projects.  Mr. Swimmer asked why they cut staff then.  The Mayor said that they are trying to find a balance between our own professional staff and outside consultants for unusual projects.  There are those who think we are over-staffed and others who don't think there are enough staff.

Commissioner Schnell said she has no problem moving forward with this. There are two railroad crossings in this area, and she asked whether they would be looking at those as well.  Mr. Dabareiner responded that in this area there is a unique circulation pattern, which contributes to some of the area's challenges.  They will identify the issues, but will not develop a design.  The railroad crossings have a controlling influence in a number of different ways. It is an area of many unique situations that require additional study.  Commissioner Schnell then asked whether the Committee solicited information from residents bordering the study area, since this is both a commercial and residential area.  Mr. Dabareiner said at this stage they will rely on general information distributed on the website, and will take input from residents if it is offered.  They do not have the resources at this time to do one-on-one communication.

Commissioner Waldack also shared concerns about the budget.  This is budget versus actuals.  He said that in the public sector, at the end of the year you can do budget amendments, as opposed to the private sector.  He supports this amendment and said that not including this area would make it less than a Comprehensive Plan.  Indexes: Comprehensive Plan

9. Mayor's Report

 New Business

 Mayor Sandack said that last week he moderated a panel discussion with the Illinois Municipal League that had to do with grade separation projects.   The Village's project is perhaps the last one that will go below ground.  Illinois has stated they'd rather go above then below ground in the future.  He said it was an interesting conversation.  There is now a local match contribution, and he noted that the Village does not have that requirement with the Belmont project.  The Village has not had to contribute any funds to it.  The railroads now say that they will pay to close separations, and the railroads are interested in reducing the accident percentages.

 RES 00-04280 Resolution:  Appoint Members to Boards and Commissions

Sponsors: Mayor

Summary of Item: This establishes the following appointments and reappointments:


Community Events Commission


Reappoint Dave Humphreys to a three-year term expiring August 31, 2013.  


Library Board of Trustees


Appoints Dan Loftus to a term expiring August 31, 2015

Reappoint Tom Reed to a six-year term expiring August 31, 2016





RESOLUTION 2010-77 T he Village Clerk read the Resolution.

Commissioner Neustadt said Dave Humphreys is a long-time member of the Community Events Commission.  His professional experience lends itself to this Commission.

Commissioner Beckman said Dan Loftus is appointed to fill the term vacated by Steve Daniels.  Mr. Daniels is moving to Colorado.  Mr. Loftus has served the Village in other capacities prior to this appointment.  The reappointment of Tom Reed comes at a good time.  He has unique skills in library service management.

The Mayor thanked the appointees for volunteering to serve and thanked Steve Daniels for his many years of service to the community. A motion was made by Commissioner Schnell, seconded by Commissioner Barnett, to Adopt this file.  Mayor Sandack declared the motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Y ea: Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Barnett, Commissioner Waldack, Commissioner Durkin, Commissioner Beckman, Commissioner Neustadt and Mayor Sandack  Indexes: Boards and Commissions Proclamations

 M ayor Sandack proclaimed October 2010 as Community Planning Month in the Village

Mayor Sandack proclaimed the week of October 3-9, 2010 as Fire Prevention Week in the Village of Downers Grove.

10. Manager's Report

 The Manager announced that the FY11 budget process is ongoing, and will be on next week's Council Agenda.  Attorney's Report

 Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting six (6) items to the Council:  1)  An ordinance amending the Fire Prevention/Fire Department fees and provisions; 2)  An ordinance amending fees and provisions related to motor vehicles and parking; 3)  An ordinance amending Sunday liquor serving hours for premises with on-site consumption; 4)  An ordinance amending recreational facility license classifications; 5)  An ordinance creating a gaming facility liquor license; and 6)  An ordinance providing for the issuance of one or more series of General Obligation Refunding Bonds of the Village of Downers Grove, DuPage County, Illinois, authorizing the execution of one or more bond orders and escrow agreements in connection therewith, providing for the levy and collection of a direct annual tax for the payment of the principal of and interest on said bonds and furthering securing said bonds with a pledge of certain incremental taxes. Future Active Agenda

 12. C ouncil Member Reports and New Business

 N ew Business

Under New Business, Commissioner Barnett discussed the Village's Board and Commissions, most notably Human Services and the Grants Commission.  The effects on government resources are clear, and the tolerance on taxes is known, but the needs of those Commissions are ongoing and greater than ever before.  He asked if the Village could leverage the name and authority of the Village, and the volunteers from the community to act as a clearinghouse for information, and perhaps even funds, to fill voids left by the economic reality we are presently living in.  He thinks they may be able to do a lot of good without budget implications.  He asked for the consent of the Council to do initial research into this matter.

Mayor Sandack agreed, especially with regard to the Human Services Commission.  He does not see a downside to this idea.

Commissioner Neustadt said he believes this to be a great concept and the Human Services Commission is a great place to start.

Commissioner Schnell agreed that it is a great idea and that there are needs not being met.  She said Human Services Commission could look at how other communities are looking at the challenges facing everyone.  Other groups took up certain activities in the Village, but core issues such as Meals on Wheels are not being championed.

Commissioner Beckman asked about the level of involvement of staff, and Commissioner Barnett said he doesn't know at this time.  This is just the beginning of the conversation.  Commissioner Beckman noted that the Council agreed they could direct staff to research items on a four-hour basis.


Commissioner Neustadt announced that the Downers Grove Fire Department and the Professional Firefighters Association #3234, have teamed up with the Pink Heals Foundation. October 3-8 the Firefighters and staff will wear pink shirts to raise awareness for breast cancer.  He said more information can be found at

Commissioner Neustadt said tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6, is Night at the Firehouse at Fire Station 3.  It will be an educational and fun evening for the whole family.

The Commissioner then reminded everyone of the Village Firefighters 16th annual silent parade.  It begins at 7:00 p.m. in Hinsdale, and is expected to pass through Main and Maple at 7:15 p.m.  This is a tribute to firefighters who have lost their lives in duty.  There will be a ceremony at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle following the parade.  It is a moving and memorable ceremony.  Commissioner Neustadt thanked the Fire Department staff for their dedication.

Commissioner Waldack announced that there is an upcoming election in November.  This Thursday at 7:30 p.m. there will be a candidate forum with local candidates at First United Methodist Church, 1032 Maple.  Candidates for the DuPage County Board Chair will be present, and there will be a meet and greet with more local candidates following the meeting.

Commissioner Barnett said that last Thursday he had the opportunity to spend time with Fire Station 2 red shift.  It was an extremely rewarding experience, and the Village employees are top drawer.  He thanked them for their kindness to him and for their service to the Village.  He thanked Joe Difatta, Brad Cummings, Mike Dravo, Mike Covelli, Steve Carlsen, Brian Meister and Glenn Mathias for their time and dialogue.

Commissioner Schnell announced that early voting would begin soon for those who would like to get their vote in now.  Village Clerk April Holden said early voting begins October 11.

Commissioner Durkin announced that the Downers Grove Noon Lions Club will be hosting a wine-tasting auction at Avery Coonley School.  They have hired Lemon Tree to be the caterer, and wine will come from the Downers Grove Wine Shop, a Village local business.  This will take place on Saturday and tickets are still available.  The proceeds of this event will go to the Lions charitable endeavors.

Mayor Sandack announced the Mustang Music Bowl at South High School from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on October 9.

The Mayor then referenced a recent event involving a small, unincorporated town in Tennessee.  A family had not paid their $75.00 fee to be included in the fire protection district.  The Fire Department responded to a call for a fire at their home.  There were no life dangers, so the firefighters watched the building burn.  The Mayor said that the Village is lucky and blessed to have core Village services, but the services must be paid for.  The Village has excellent services, but they cost above and beyond property taxes.  

13. Adjournment

 C ommissioner Schnell moved to adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to Section 2(c)(11) of the Open Meetings Act  to consider litigation.  Commissioner Barnett seconded.

VOTE:  YEA - Commissioners Schnell, Barnett, Beckman, Neustadt, Durkin, Waldack, Mayor Sandack

Mayor Sandack declared the motion carried and the Council convened into Executive Session at 8:37 p.m.