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July 12, 2008 - Strategic Planning

Consultant Lyle Sumek, Lyle Sumek Associates, Inc. welcomed those present to the strategic planning session at 8:05 a.m. at Fire Station 2, 5420, Main Street.

Present: Mayor Ron Sandack; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin, Geoff Neustadt, Bruce E. Beckman

Staff: Acting Village Manager Dave Fieldman; Assistant Village Manager Mike Baker; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Director of Communications Doug Kozlowski; Village Clerk April Holden; Management Analyst Megan Bourke; Information Services Director Liangfu Wu; Director of Counseling and Social Services Andy Matejcak; Interim Public Works Director Robin Weaver; Director of Community Development Tom Dabareiner; Director of Human Resources Wesley Morgan; Police Chief Robert Porter; Fire Chief Phil Ruscetti; Management Analyst Brandon Dieter; Community Events Director Mary Scalzetti; Finance Director Judy Buttny

Consultant: Lyle Sumek, Lyle Sumek Associates, Inc.

Residents: John Schofield, Tim Meaney, Mark Thoman

Mr. Sumek outlined the agenda for session, consisting of reviewing the goals as revised for 2008, establishing goals for next year, and developing an action agenda and management action list for 2008-2009.

Goals 2013

Council established objectives and goals for the priorities established at Friday’s session:

  1. Top Quality Village Infrastructure and Facilities
    1. Objectives
      1. Improve neighborhood infrastructure curbs, gutters, streets, sidewalks, stormwater and drainage system
      2. Replace and improve Village facilities to increase operating efficiency, promote productivity and support effective customer-friendly services
      3. Complete major capital projects on time and within budget
      4. Upgrade water system
      5. Maintain urban forest
      6. Improve interoperability communications system
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following six most important:
      1. Space needs for Police Department, Village Hall, Social & Counseling Services
      2. Funding for needs: Water, street, Police Department, Village Hall, communications system
      3. Determining capital priorities
      4. Residents “buy in”
      5. Completing major projects: Project management, number of construction sites, Village staff capacity
      6. Aging infrastructure and facilities requiring replacement and increased maintenance
    3. Goals – Actions – Council identified the major projects and voted for the following six highest priority actions (not including the major projects):
      1. Major projects
        1. Watershed projects
        2. Belmont underpass project
        3. Prairie Avenue reconstruction
        4. Maple Avenue water main projects
        5. Sidewalk matrix projects
        6. Woodward Street project
        7. Neighborhood traffic calming: Project completion
        8. SCADA system
      2. Village facilities plan, design and funding, including public education
      3. Comprehensive Transportation Plan
        1. Grove Commuter Shuttle updates
        2. Circulator Study, Phase 4
        3. Analysis of public parking
        4. Para-transit
        5. Bikeways
      4. Capital Project: Long-range funding and implementation strategy
        1. Neighborhood street repairs
        2. Sidewalk repairs
        3. Pavement management system
      5. Future Fire Stations
        1. Direction, study and recommendation
      6. “Green” Energy
        1. Research, study and direction
        2. Review Codes
      7. Public Works plans and projects
        1. Public notification and information
  2. Strong, Diverse Local Economy
    1. Objectives
      1. Maintain, expand and balance local economy and tax base
      2. More retail businesses and sales tax base
      3. Effective EDC -public-private partnership
      4. More residents working in Downers Grove
      5. More businesses in Downers Grove
      6. Expand home-based businesses/offices
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following five most important:
      1. Retaining current businesses
      2. Attracting major corporations – headquarters and regional offices
      3. Reducing sales tax dependence on automobile dealers
      4. Competing with other cities that want Downers Grove businesses
      5. Lack of Village “brand”
    3. Actions
      1. Unified economic development plan
      2. Integrated, community-wide brand and marketing initiative
  3. Exceptional Municipal Organization
    1. Objectives
      1. High performing directors, supervisors and employees accountable for the task, work products and goal achievements
      2. Top-quality core services responsible to current and future community and resident needs
      3. Financially sound and sustainable Village government
      4. Village government trusted and respected by residents
      5. Village organization aligned with Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs
      6. Be “Green” mindful in the Village operations
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following six most important:
      1. Blog and proactive of the Village’s message
      2. Image of instability
        1. Retention of manager’s and employees
      3. Personal accountability for actions
      4. Maintaining staff capacity with heavy workload and stretched to capacity
      5. High residents’ expectations
        1. Demand for excellence
      6. Mandates, aggressive legislation and labor requirements
    3. Goals – Actions – Council identified actions in progress and voted for the following highest priority actions (not including as those actions in progress):
      1. In progress
        1. PRIDE implementation
        2. Revised budget format
        3. On-Base document management system
        4. Labor Negotiations
        5. Police re-accreditation preparation
      2. Village Manager selection
      3. Purchasing policy
        1. Review and update
      4. Financial plan (5 years) and policies
        1. Review
        2. Direction
        3. Alternative revenues
      5. Customer service
        1. Enhancement and performance measures
      6. Market compensation study and policy direction (Village employees)
      7. Health insurance
        1. Evaluation
        2. Policy direction
      8. Fleet evaluation and direction
      9. Contributions to community organizations (non-profits)
        1. Policy and actions
      10. GASB 45
        1. Policy direction
        2. Funding
      11. Risk management fund
        1. Evaluation
      12. Organization efficiencies and cost savings
        1. Evaluation and actions
  4. Vibrant Major Corridors
    1. Objectives
      1. More attractive commercial corridors
      2. More contribution from corridors to local economy, and reliable revenue to the Village
      3. Attract non-residents to Downers Grove
      4. Easy access and traffic functionality
      5. Corridors having authentic and unique identity
      6. Full service community for residents
      7. Upgrade existing and aged commercial buildings
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following five most important:
      1. Competition with trade areas (including Lombard, Woodridge, Bolingbrook, Oak Brook, etc.)
      2. Lot depth and land acquisition
      3. Car dealerships
      4. Retail and business vacancies
      5. Changing macro-economic trends
    3. Goals – Actions – Council identified actions in progress and voted for the following five highest priority actions:
      1. Actions in progress:
        1. IDOT enforcement grant – salary reimbursement
        2. Sidewalk land acquisiton
      2. Business incentives: Tool development
        1. Agreements for Sales Tax Rebates & Business Retention
      3. Ogden Strategy: Implementation
      4. Gateway/Entrance sign program development
      5. 75th Street corridor plan
      6. 63rd Street corridor plan
  5. Preservation of Our Residential and Neighborhood Character
    1. Objectives
      1. Tolerance of neighborhood private redevelopment
      2. Continued reinvestment in the neighborhoods
      3. Maintain safe and secure neighborhoods
      4. More pedestrian-friendly and connected neighborhoods
      5. Homes and rental units up to code
      6. Preservation of neighborhood, including unique architecture, urban forest and brick streets
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following five most important:
      1. Disagreement among neighbors on aesthetic values
      2. Polarizing perception on Village involvement
      3. Housing market forces
      4. Personal property rights vs. community benefit
      5. Aging neighborhood infrastructure and service capacity
    3. Goals – Actions – Council identified two projects as “on the horizon” and voted for the following six highest priority actions:
      1. “On the horizon” – Zoning code revisions and Subdivision control ordinance review
      2. Comprehensive Plan: Update
        1. Neighborhoods
        2. Economic development
        3. Downtown
        4. Land use
        5. Transportation
        6. Housing
        7. Natural features
      3. TCD 3 program
      4. Urban forest program
        1. Funding for maintenance
      5. Emerald Ash Borer
        1. Funding
        2. Direction
        3. Cost – $2.25 million
      6. Historic preservation ordinance
        1. Certification and enablement
      7. Building code
        1. Update and revision
  6. Authentic Downtown – The Heart of Our Community
    1. Objectives – The top five objectives are:
      1. More people attracted to downtown – destination for residents and non-residents
      2. Increase occupied retail commercial business space
      3. Increase service businesses and retail store, grocery stores and hardware stores
      4. Easy access and parking in downtown
      5. Redevelop Village Civic campus – a core to the future of downtown
    2. Goals – Challenges and Opportunities – Council voted for the following five most important:
      1. Parking
        1. Overnight
        2. Commuter
        3. Employee
        4. Shopper
      2. Mixed use development and residents’ expectations
        1. Urban and suburban
      3. Retail vacancy and mix of retail
      4. Age and condition of buildings
      5. Underutilization of alleys and private alleys
    3. Actions – Council identified the following five highest priority actions:
      1. Downtown master plan revision
      2. Downtown design guideline/pattern book report
      3. Façade program development
      4. Parking study and long-term plan
      5. Alley improvement program

Policy Agenda 2008-2009

Top Priorities

  1. Village facilities plan
  2. Capital project long-range fund and implementation
  3. Comprehensive plan
  4. TCD 3
  5. Village Manager

High Priorities

  1. “Green” energy policy and plan for Village facilities
  2. Unified economic development plan and strategy
  3. Village community-wide brand and integrated marketing plan
  4. Façade program and policy
  5. Downtown alley improvement policy
  6. Business incentives for corridors
  7. 63rd Street corridor

Management Agenda 2008-2009

Top Priorities

  1. Financial plan
  2. Customer service enhancement
  3. Health insurance evaluation
  4. Fleet evaluation
  5. Downtown parking study
  6. Ogden strategy; implementation

High Priorities

  1. Future Fire Station location study and direction
  2. Public Works plan and projects – public notification and information
  3. Building code
  4. Gateway entrance

The meeting was adjourned at 11:56 a.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk