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April 22, 2008

Mayor Sandack called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall. The Mayor led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Present:Mayor Ron Sandack; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin, Geoff Neustadt, Bruce Beckman; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Village Manager Cara Pavlicek

Visitors: Press: Eva McKendrick,The Sun Residents: Paul Colgan, Attainable Housing Alliance, Addison; Erin Vaughan, Aramark, Downers Grove; Scott Krafthefer, Oakwood Development, 4525 Middaugh Avenue; Michael Holub, IL ESGR , 304 W. Burlington; George P. Graves, IL ESGR , 3920 Garden Avenue; Marge Earl, AHHC , 4720 Florence Avenue; Chad Walz, AHHC , 1300 Palmer Street; Philip Schnell, 1240 39th Street; L. Bedalov, 4840 Seeley Drive; Linda Kunze, Downtown Management; Damienne Sater, 605 Prairie Avenue; Stephanie Meehan, Kudrna & Associates, 203 N. Cass, Westmont; Bill Wrobel, DG Watch/DG Coalition for Managed Redevelopment, 7800 Queens Court; Jack Dare, Ad Hoc Housing Committee, 1656 Carol; Amy Lawless, DuPage United, 41 N. Park Boulevard, Glen Ellyn; John Hazard, DuPage United DG Housing Team, 1029 Blanchard; Mary Hason, DuPage United DG Housing Team, 5720 Hillcrest; Any Clark, Downers Grove Watch, 1226-62nd Street; Ken & Dorothy Lalla, 3441 Hickory Court; John Schofield, 1125 Jefferson Avenue; Tim Meaney, 420 Franklin Street; Ken Lerner, DG Coalition for Managed Redevelopment, 4993 Whiffen Place; Kevin O’Connor, Ad Hoc Housing Committee, 4600 Prince Street; Frank Falesch, 820 Prairie Avenue; Greg Bedalov, DG EDC , 2001 Butterfield Staff: Wes Morgan, Director, Human Resources; Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development; Judy Buttny, Director, Finance; Robin Weaver, Interim Director, Public Works; Robert Porter, Police Chief; Doug Kozlowski, Director, Communications; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling & Social Services; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Community Events; Police Department – Tracy Adams, A. Barczak; G. Giesmann; Rick McMahon, C. Widlacki; Michael Eddy

Mayor Sandack explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.

Police Award

Police Chief Robert Porter welcomed La Grange Police Chief Mike Holub with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve of the Department of Defense, and Office Mike Eddy of the Downers Grove Police Department.

Mike Holub said that Master Sgt. Eddy of the Air National Guard nominated the Village Police Department for an award. He read the nomination by Master Sgt. Eddy which explained how the Village Police Department supported him and his family when he was deployed.

Officer Mike Eddy said that his experience with the Village Police Department has far exceeded his expectations. He was moved by the support he received, and the kindness extended to his wife and his family while he was deployed. He thanked the Village Council and many of the Police Department staff.

Chief Porter expressed his pride in his Department, saying that the Department has pulled together in supporting those in need. He is happy that the Department has Officer Eddy as a member.

The Mayor thanked Officer Eddy and Mr. Holub, saying Officer Eddy is a credit to his Department and his country. He thanked him for his good service.

Economic Development Corporation

Greg Bedalov , President of the EDC , said that Sara Lee asked him to report that on Earth Day they have elected to turn off the Sara Lee sign on their building at an appropriate evening hour, and the sign will be turned back on the following morning.


1. Active Agenda and Informational Items

Ad Hoc Housing Committee Report to Council . Deputy Village Manager Dave Fieldman said that the Ad Hoc Housing Committee made a motion requesting the Council to direct further public dialogue on this issue as part of the Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan process.

The Mayor thanked Committee members for their service to the Village.

1. Erin Vaughan said she represented the employers of Downers Grove as the Vice President of External Affairs at ARAMARK . She provided information on her three years as a member of the County-wide task force on Homeownership. Ms. Vaughan presented her thoughts on the impact the issue of housing on employers. She said she became interested in this issue because she believes that there is an impact on the business of ARAMARK . The impacts include proximity to work, employee retention, and employee recruitment. She discussed the Anderson Economic Group Report and commended the Village and the Anderson Economic Group for a solid analysis of a difficult-to-measure issue. The Anderson study was a methodologically sound approach that provided valid empirical data on long-term housing supply and demand. It was refuted by people who, in contrast, attempted to extrapolate trends from anecdotal “snap shots” of the market.

Ms. Vaughan said she felt the main points of the Homeownership issue were misunderstood. There was a discussion about entitlement and supply of homes on the market, but the issue is the economic well-being of Downers Grove and freeing up the market to enable homes to be built that are in an affordable price range, not about giving somebody a home who hasn’t earned it, or subsidizing mortgages for anyone who is looking for a hand-out.

Ms. Vaughan then reviewed the Village’s possible action steps and suggestions for action. She suggested that the Village examine and prioritize the list of action step possibilities that resulted from the Ad Hoc Committee’s work, and then move into timely action. She further suggested that the Anderson Economic Group be brought in to explain any questions the Village has about the report. Ms. Vaughan concluded by saying that employers in the Village of Downers Grove benefit from their employees owning homes close to where they live in the form of productivity, increased retention rates and improved recruitment success. Employees of Downers Grove companies benefit from living closer to where they work in the form of reduced fuel prices, more opportunity for advancement in their careers, and greater ability to stay in and contribute to the community as they age.

2. John Hazard , 1029 Blanchard, said that the vote was three in favor of a gap, and six who said there was no gap or believed that the apparent gap is not a relevant policy matter. He said something should be done about the housing situation, and providing housing for those who live in the community is a key part of the equation. He said he was not recommending an entitlement program. Mr. Hazard said that middle income housing has been seen as a problem for a long time, with the median family home price increasing 68% between 2000 and 2005. He noted that the Village Council charged the Ad Hoc Housing Committee to determine whether the Village had a middle income housing problem. He reviewed some of the data that was provided to the Committee. There was no shortage in housing below the $200,000 price range, and above the $300,000 range, based on a September, 2007 market. The hypothetical gap in this range was never discussed or analyzed relative to the shortage in question. The consultant reported no shortage ignoring the gap between the $200,000 and $300,000 range. Mr. Hazard said the 6-3 vote was not surprising. He indicated that discovering the existence of a problem can be achieved through study of the information that has been done through research. The Council can then move to stabilize the mix of the housing.

3. Paul Colgan , Executive Officer of the Attainable Housing Alliance from Addison, said he has been involved in housing issue discussions in DuPage County, and is impressed by what has been done in Downers Grove by its leadership. He sees this as creating an opportunity for the Village to be a leader in this area. Mr. Colgan stated that he does not see the reports presented by the consultant, and the Assessor’s information to be mutually exclusive. If there is a good, healthy mix of housing, the question is how can the Village maintain that. The snapshot provided is not enough. Downers Grove has a tremendous jump on other communities, and the mix of housing and opportunity in Downers Grove is what makes it vibrant. Mr. Colgan said he hoped the Village doesn’t stop what it has done so far, and that the work can be carried forward to the next level.

4. Ken Lerner , 4943 Whiffin, said he was present on behalf of the Downers Grove Coalition for Managed Redevelopment. He said they would like to see the Village continue to study this issue as a prelude to action. The community has shown great interest and concern about attainable housing and should not be ignored. Mr. Lerner added that the Coalition is interested in solutions that preserve the existing housing stock. Smaller homes can be a source of affordable housing. There are a variety of measures that can be considered toward stabilizing the community. Mr. Lerner then noted that measures to preserve existing housing stock would be beneficial to the Village. Attainable entry-level housing is an important factor in achieving the goal of having a healthy community life cycle.

5. Kevin O’Connor , said he was proud to be part of the Committee and felt that the work of the Committee was cut short. He voted that there was not a gap; however, he was surprised to see the Committee’s work end, and would like to see the efforts continue. He referenced Table 8.2 in the Committee’s report, which shows housing in the price range being studied equaled about 45% of the housing stock. He believes this issue requires continued attention and volunteered to continue his service. He added that some of the definitions were not completely worked out by the Committee.

6. Tim Meaney , 420 Franklin Street, commented on the work of the Housing Committee. He referenced a motion passed by the Ad Hoc Housing Committee by a vote of 8 to 1 that stated that working families earning between $65,000 and $125,000 have difficulty finding and purchasing housing valued between $175,000 and $325,000 in Downers Grove, and that the maintenance and preservation of houses in this price range is integral to maintaining attainable housing. He said the concepts of maintenance and preservation as well as stabilization should be further addressed by the Village. He said stabilization implies looking at trends in the Downers Grove housing market and asking if the trends are in line with the vision for the community. It does not mean freezing home prices or tampering with the market, but means assuring that development is managed in a way that is in line with the Village’s Strategic Plan’s Vision 2022 statement.

Mr. Meaney said an example of not doing this is Hinsdale. He discussed the social and economic costs of Hinsdale not taking a more active role in managing the transformation in its housing stock.

Mr. Meaney emphasized that education is a very important part of this process. Stabilization, maintenance and preservation do not mean entitlements, do not mean adding programs that put demands on the Village’s tax revenues, and do not negatively impact property values. He suggested examining this issue in the context of Total Community Development III (TCD III ) and establishing a standing committee to monitor trends in the Village’s housing situation and reporting periodically to the Council.

Mayor Sandack responded to Mr. Meany’s comments that there is a request for the Council to accept the Committee’s report and refer it to the TCD III .

Commissioner Neustadt said he heard positive comments regarding looking for solutions to the issue. He appreciates having the information provided by the Committee, and agrees with moving forward with this study. He thanked he Committee members, as well as Commissioners Schnell and Waldack for their chairing of the Committee. The Council now has a lot of information it did not have prior to this project.

Commissioner Schnell said that housing prices are beginning to stabilize, and the Village has an opportunity to look at where it is now, and where it is going. She will support the recommendation to move forward in this study. As Chair of the Committee, one of the advantages was that there was an opportunity for agreement, and there was good and valued discussion of “what if’s.” Commissioner Schnell noted that the group as a whole talked about keeping housing stock at a level appropriate for this community. She said also warned about having the project become cumbersome. The Committee was composed of a diverse group of people with great backgrounds which provided for discussion even when there was not unanimity of thought.

Commissioner Beckman commented that he shared Commissioner Schnell’s view that the report should be accepted by the Village Council and referred on to TCD III . There were strong feelings expressed by the Committee members as to what could be done to provide affordable housing in this community. He said that there seems to be adequate stock of affordable housing in the Village today, but the question is what happens tomorrow. The Village is in a slow down in the redevelopment process, and that situation should be used to analyze what needs to be done to fulfill the expectations of the community.

Commissioner Waldack commented that the report presented by the Committee is representative of a massive amount of work, with everyone working very hard on the report. He noted that as a community, we are the fastest aging community in the Advocate Healthcare System. He sees this as an appropriate discussion for TCD III , and thanked those who dispelled the myth that this is an entitlement program. He approves of the motion to refer this to the TCD III . They will discuss the bond cap and IHDA later.

Commissioner Durkin said he reviewed the information provided and met with some of the members of the Committee, thanking them for their work. He agrees that the report contains very good information and should be accepted and referred to TCD III . He also referenced reports included from the MLS as to available stock, showing 100 single-family homes in the price range of $190,000-$325,000 and 75 homes in the price range of $299,000-$375,000. Corrections in the market will help with this housing issue, and he believes debating this will benefit future generations.

Commissioner Tully said that staff’s request is to receive the recommendation and direct further dialogue. Accepting the report means it will become part of the record. The recommendation for further public dialogue will be discussed as part of the Comprehensive Plan which has long-range consequences. He said that the Village’s current Comprehensive Plan has not been updated since the 1960s. Commissioner Tully said he doesn’t think the Village knows where it wants to go at this point. TCD III will discuss whatever the participants want to discuss. In terms of a Comprehensive Plan he wants to hear more about this as it involves zoning, land use and economic impacts. This is a big undertaking. He sees some of the questions raised as unanswerable at this time. He thanked the members of the Committee, staff and Commissioners Schnell and Waldack for their leadership. He noted that this discussion has been plagued by issues of definition and possible definitions with terms such as “preservation,” “conservation,” “maintenance.” Historic Preservation can be measured and is definable. The Committee’s work has raised more questions than it has answered, at no fault to the staff, consultant or members. He still questions what the real issue they are trying to resolve is, and are there standards which have been violated here. He does not think there is a violation requiring further action. He also doesn’t see a social or economic ill that needs to be addressed at this time. Commissioner Tully stated that he has always thought of this as workforce housing, which is not isolated to the Village of Downers Grove, but is much broader than that. He is not sure there is a compelling basis for action as has been identified. He sees that this could be used for future action, as it is a fluid concept and will change. He supports continued dialogue, and would like more information as to the Comprehensive Plan and what a municipality should have as a comprehensive plan. He hopes that the TCD III will be a step in the right direction.

Commissioner Tully then asked staff about the recommendation regarding the real estate transfer tax, which he though required a public referendum. Village Attorney Petrarca said that was correct.

7. Jeff Merrionette , Government Affairs Director of the Main Street Organization of REALTORS ®, said he spoke with some of the members of the Committee. He provided information on housing in the Village. The median family income for Downers Grove is $80,604; however, may other factors affect the affordability of a family to purchase a home such as credit history, savings, and financial gifts from family members, FHA rules and reform involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Mr. Merrionette said that today Downers Grove has 122 homes for sale between $200,000 and $300,000 and 168 homes if the limit is moved up to $330,000. He compared this to comparable housing stock in other DuPage communities. Mr. Merrionette noted the slow nature of today’s marketplace and said the Midwest is experiencing a slow market with very little decline in prices. He said in Downers Grove, at the pace houses have sold in the past month, it would take 21.3 years to sell every house on the market today. He concluded by saying that the REALTORS ® Organization stands ready to work with DuPage United and Downers Grove to explore housing issues.

Commissioner Waldack asked if Mr. Marionette worked with the same organization as Pam Krieter, and Mr. Marionette said he did. Commissioner Waldack said Ms. Krieter mentioned a study done by the University of Illinois that stated that every housing sale generates about $28,000 in economic activity. Mr. Marionette said that a study was commissioned with the University of Illinois to determine the impact of a home sale on a community, in terms of how many jobs are created when a home is sold. Their study was able to quantify that information. He said he hopes to have this information available within the next month.

Mayor Sandack commented that the Council has given meaningful time and attention to this subject through the invaluable work of the Committee. The report and compilation of work is valuable and a natural starting point for further discussion. He indicated that this was a difficult task they were asked to perform, and serves as a good starting point for TCD III . The Mayor said that the Comprehensive Plan is a distinct and different issue. This Task Force was asked tight questions, and was charged with fact-finding, including determining definitions. They were asked if there was a shortage or potential looming shortage, and they said “no.” The data collected and the report presented is good information. He wants the Village to be a forward-looking community, and be ready to review this issue annually. He sees the Village in pretty good shape in comparison with some neighboring communities. He does not think the work done by the Ad Hoc Committee was done in vain. It was a good starting point and the TCD III will have a body of work for future study. Mayor Sandack said he believes that the Village’s charter is to be true to a higher focus. He believes this has been a genuine effort and the Council will continue to listen. He thanked everyone for their work, noting that it was greatly appreciated.

Deputy Manager Fieldman said that staff would provide more information at the May 13 Workshop meeting on the comprehensive planning process.

Zoning Map Amendment, Final Planned Development with a Variance, Final Plat of Subdivision, and Special Use. Mr. Fieldman asked Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development, to address this item.

Tom Dabareiner , Director, explained that this item involves a change in zoning for a proposed development consisting of 16 townhomes. He showed the area on an overhead, saying the area in which the developer is requesting a variation contains a grade change. Mr. Dabareiner noted that the Plan Commission unanimously recommended this project.

The Mayor noted that Mr. Thoman sent an e-mail which he asked be made part of the record. Mr. Thoman’s e-mail noted four areas of concern regarding this project: Stormwater mitigation – no permeable area to mitigate water run-off and a highly impractical system of three-foot tubes with no clean out traps or access for proper jetting. Mr. Thoman noted that Public Works staff have made public presentations on the problem with pipes. The developer has talked about the possibility of leasing or purchasing land from the railroad for water retention, but this is speculation. He asked that the number of units be decreased by four for a total of 12 units. Other concerns include landscape design, zoning and the timetable. Regarding zoning, he suggested that R-5A or R-6 as more appropriate for this area. With respect to the timetable, Mr. Thoman indicated that until the developer can agree to a completion date, the approval for this project should wait.

John Schofield , 1125 Jefferson, reviewed the four points covered in Mr. Thoman’s e-mail.

The Mayor asked staff for an explanation about the zoning concept. Mr. Dabareiner said that this proposal is located in the downtown transition area, and the density is within the range of the surrounding residential districts.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the stormwater detention. Mr. Dabareiner indicated that it is a pipe system. The Commissioner said she thought there were other areas with pipe systems in the ground and asked how this works. Mr. Dabareiner said there are other pipe systems and they are considered in the range of best practices for stormwater detention. It is designed to accommodate the runoff from the development and not to cause flooding elsewhere.

Mr. Dabareiner said with regard to zoning, staff feels it fits in well in the area and is appropriate. Staff also supports the sample of materials presented.

Commissioner Schnell said she was aware of the lack of creativity in the landscape plan. Mr. Dabareiner said there is a limited amount of space on the site, but the developer will continue to work with the Village Forester.

Commissioner Waldack said he has asked many questions of staff regarding the zoning and Mr. Thoman’s e-mail, and requested that answers to some of the issues raised by Mr. Thoman be answered in the Council’s packet next week. The Commissioner said as the Council considers the ornamentation, he is concerned that there will be changes down the line and Council should specify what it expects from the developer. He is concerned that the parking only provides four spaces for guests. He wishes more parking was available, even though this is according to Code. He thinks they may need to revisit parking requirements for residents, guests and people in the downtown area. He would like to know whether they can add more parking. Mr. Dabareiner said they can ask, but the area is tight.

Mr. Dabareiner said in terms of the design, staff has requested specific material samples to avoid the problems which occurred with the Forest Avenue development.

Commissioner Waldack reiterated his interest in addressing the parking requirements in the downtown area in the future.

Commissioner Durkin asked about a means for cleanup of the underground water detention area. Mr. Dabareiner said there is a cleanup system. In further response he indicated that the price range of the townhomes is $450,000 and higher.

The Mayor said that this type of project must meet the Council requirements for stormwater. The developer is exceeding the open space requirement, though the Council can encourage discussion between the developer and Forester regarding the type of landscaping included. He said that there is only one variance request which seems minor, but asked whether the variance is properly situated given the steepness of the land. Mr. Dabareiner said that the slope of the land is a unique situation making the proposal acceptable. Mayor Sandack then said that there is no debate necessary on the need for redevelopment on this parcel of land. It transitions well into the downtown area, and could add much to the community as a whole.

Commissioner Tully summarized that this request changes the zoning from M-1 to residential zoning, and the developer is requesting a final PUD and special use. He noted that this is an issue of down-zoning, since it is less dense than would be permitted in the M-1 industrial use. Mr. Dabareiner agreed that there is a decrease in potential activity and intensity. Commissioner Tully asked, since this is a downtown transition area, whether there is a better way to propose this, and Mr. Dabareiner responded that they are using consistent tools with regard to the zoning change. In further response, he said he would review whether this area has to comply with any specific design requirements. The Commissioner then added that with respect to stormwater, the developer must meet the requirements. He indicated that with regard to the developer’s proposal, it appears that all standards have been met.

2008 Village Bond Cap Authority. Mr. Fieldman said this ordinance has two components, first to cede a portion to Romeoville and second, to preserve the remaining amount. Staff requests a waiver of the one-week waiting period.

Commissioner Waldack said that the Village has $4.1 million in the bond cap. He has no issue with ceding a portion of it to Romeoville. Regarding the waiver of the $100 fee, he doesn’t see the necessity to waive this and thinks it sets a bad precedent. This ordinance will leave the Village about $1.3 million in the bond cap funds. He noted that there is a request from IHDA for the bond cap and he suggested reserving it and ceding it to IHDA . He then suggested a motion to refer this to the Finance and Administrative Committee.

The Mayor said that the ordinance as presented is simply to reserve the funds.

Commissioner Neustadt said that the IHDA letter seems like an offer for service, and not an official application. He suggested that they complete the process.

Commissioner Beckman asked if this is first come/first served until the Village receives an official application. The Mayor said that the Village has a policy in place, and they are simply reserving the remaining funds.

Commissioner Schnell asked for clarification that they are not dong anything more at this time than reserving it. The Mayor said if they should receive an application it would be appropriate to refer it to the Finance and Administrative Committee.

Parking Ordinance Amendment. Mr. Fieldman said this ordinance clarifies signage for the taxicab area outside of the Main Street station.

Commissioner Neustadt said that he sees taxicabs parked in the turnaround area and asked for extra enforcement, with letters being sent out to the taxicab licensees.

Commissioner Beckman echoed Commissioner Neustadt’s comments, saying that the turnaround area can look like a parking area for taxicabs.

General Obligation Bond Issuance for Watershed Improvements. Mr. Fieldman said this item consists of two motions. One motion is to proceed with the suggested sale of GO bonds. The second motion is to engage he services of Chapman and Cutler as the Village’s bond counsel. This has been an ongoing discussion as part of the 2008 budget discussions. Mr. Fieldman said that the negotiated sale will allow the Village to select an underwriter to direct negotiations. This system is used when the market is volatile. Two key components would be brought forward to the Council which would include selection of an underwriter, and establishing a parameters ordinance with conditions under which a negotiated sale could proceed. The parameters ordinance would also address bond refunding.

Mayor Sandack said that the Council had a detailed meeting on March 31regarding this matter. He said the financial advisor led the Council through the steps at that time. A negotiated sale is very competitive and gives the Village options.

Commissioner Durkin agrees that a negotiated sale is the best way to go, saying that the March 31meeting was a great education. He has a concern that they go to an RFP for the bond counsel. He has nothing against the firm recommended but thinks the RFP is the best way to go.

Commissioner Beckman asked what the time frame would be for an RFP and Deputy Village Manager Fieldman said that they need to provide ample time for people to respond.

Mayor Sandack said that Chapman and Cutler are the gold standard of bond counsel, a known commodity. He has no argument with Commissioner Durkin’s perspective, however.

Mr. Fieldman said going to RFP would delay the issuance of contracts for the first projects potentially scheduled for May or June.

Commissioner Durkin responded that he deals with RFPs all day long, and the time line is set by the Village. It would be available on the website as well.

Commissioner Beckman asked what they would be gaining, and whether they are splitting hairs. He said there is a confidence level with Chapman and Cutler.

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said the Village has a high confidence level with Chapmen and Cutler, who has served the Village for the past 18-20 years. Price is not the only factor.

Commissioner Schnell said her concern is that the Village gets the quality of service it needs in this particular bond market. She suggested they could go out for an RFP for future bond issuance. There is a timeline involved here and she would not want them to begin projects late. She suggested discussing this with Northern Trust for Al Ambrose’s recommendation.

Commissioner Waldack commented that he understands the reason for a negotiated sale. He is concerned about revenue sources to pay back the bonds, however. He asked what would happen if the Village does not meet the Home Rule Sales Tax targets expected, and how the Village would pay this back without relying on an increase to the property taxes. Mr. Fieldman said he would provide that information to the Council.

The Mayor said that an RFP shouldn’t delay anything. There is no real good time to do this as there will always be unpredictability. He believes not going forward would be a tremendous disservice to the residents. The economy is always questionable.

3. Consent Agenda Items

Mr. Fieldman said items p., Resolutions and License Agreements with Denali Spectrum Operations, LLC ., s., Update to Village Council Policy – Compensation Plan, and u., Authorize the Village Manager to Negotiate the Purchase of a Used Commuter Bus, would be removed from tonight’s agenda.

Addendum to Host City Agreement for the USPRO Championship. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of an agreement with Chicago Running and Special Events Managements, Inc., for the USPRO Criterium Championship and the USCF Elite Criterium Championships. This establishes the dates of this year’s race.

Friday Night Classic Car Show Special Commercial Event License and Fee Waiver – Downtown Management Corporation . Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of a Special Commercial Event License and fee waiver with the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation for the 2008 Friday night Classic Car Shows. These shows are proposed to be held each Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. from May 23 to September 5, 2008.

Commissioner Beckman asked about the financial relationship with the Downtown Management Corporation as he was surprised to see an additional fee. Mr. Fieldman said if the Council directed, they could recommend an amendment.

Commissioner Waldack said he received information regarding the race from the Downtown Management Corporation. The Car Show has a positive effect on businesses. He looks at the fee waiver as a thank you for putting up with the Pro Criterium race.

Firefighter Turnout Gear Purchase. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of the purchase of firefighter turnout gear from Air One, Inc. of Elgin, Illinois, in the amount of $196,963.65 of which $177,267.28 will be reimbursed by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant.

Resident Engineering Services for Prairie Avenue Improvements. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of an award of a contract for Phase III resident engineering services for the Prairie Avenue improvement project to Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. of Rosemont, Illinois, in the not-to-exceed amount of $204,551.63.

Commissioner Waldack asked about a report card process for a number of items. He feels like this is rubber stamping. Mr. Fieldman said that the report card system is starting this year. Staff has a system and can share the form.

The Mayor noted that Christopher Burke is a well-known company and was involved in the earlier stormwater report. They are a reputable firm. He added that the report card system is in progress.

Bid: Carpenter Street Improvements. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of an award a contract for the Carpenter Street improvements project to Brothers Asphalt Paving, Inc. of Addison, Illinois, in the amount of $972,049.05. This changes the scope of the work.

Bid: 2008 Preventative Seal Project. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of an award a contract for the 2008 preventive seal project to A.C. Pavement Striping Company of Elgin, Illinois, in the amount of $241,174.12. This amount is on budget.

Bid: 2008 Resurfacing Project. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of a contract for the 2008 resurfacing project to James D. Fiala Paving Company, Inc. of Bolingbrook, Illinois, in the amount of $2,093,197.44.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the contractor for this project. Mr. Fieldman said it is Fiala.

Bid: 2008 Replacement Sidewalk Program . Mr. Fieldman staff seeks approval of a contract for the 2008 replacement sidewalk program to M&A Cement Work, Inc. of Bensenville, Illinois, in the amount of $153,033.

The Mayor said all of these items are for lowest responsible bid recommendations.

Commissioner Durkin said A&R Cement has done many years of services with the Village. He said there is no information as to work done by M&A and asked for details.

Change Order: Rock Salt. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of a change order for the purchase of rock salt for the 2007-08 winter season in the amount of $19,677.65 for additional deicing materials needed in response to this year’s extraordinary snowfall and adverse icy road conditions. A budget amendment will likely be requested at the end of 2008.

The Mayor noted that compared to other communities, the Village ended up very well, given the weather situation this winter. He said that Public Works did very well with respect to managing this.

Bid: Water Meter Testing and Repair. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of an award of a contract for water meter testing and repair to M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. of Valparaiso, Indiana in the amount of $14,585.

Bid: Streetlight Maintenance. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of a award of a contract for streetlight maintenance services to Meade Electric Company of McCook, Illinois in an amount not to exceed $95,000. There are 1,450 streetlights in the Village. Staff believes this can remain in budget if managed correctly.

Traffic Sign Materials. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of a contract for the 2008 traffic sign materials in an amount not to exceed $12,000 to Osburn Associates, Inc.

Bid: Traffic Sign Blanks. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of a contract for the 2008 traffic sign blanks in an amount not to exceed $18,000 to US Standard Sign.

Commission Beckman asked about the amount of the bid as compared to the budget. Mr. Fieldman said the bids are based on the unit prices, not the total amount.

Bid: Traffic Sign Posts. Mr. Fieldman said this is to award a contract for the 2008 traffic sign posts in the amount of $20,304 to Allied Municipal Supply.

Resident Engineering Services for Carpenter Street Improvements. Mr. Fieldman said staff is seeking approval of a resolution authorizing award of a contract for Phase III resident engineering services for the Carpenter Street improvement project to V3 Companies of Illinois, Ltd. of Woodridge, Illinois, in the not-to-exceed amount of $84,577. He said that V-3 would serve similarly to an Owner’s representative and has worked with the Village on many projects.

Resolutions and License Agreements with Denali Spectrum Operations, LLC . Mr. Fieldman said this item has been removed from the agenda.

Medical Billing Contract. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks approval of a contract for medical billing services with Andres Medical Billing, Ltd. of Arlington Heights, Illinois, for an amount equal to six percent of the revenue collected by the Village.

Commissioner Waldack questioned how the Village bills for ambulance services, as there is insurance coverage that the Village should take advantage of, as opposed to having residents pay for the service. He asked for a report as to whether the money is from insurance companies. Mr. Fieldman said staff would provide the information.

Contract Extension Outsourcing Utility Billing Services for Printing and Mailing. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks authorization of an extension to the contract with A.B. Data, Ltd. for the provision of utility billing services in an amount not to exceed $20,000. This is on budget.

Update to Village Council Policy – Compensation Plan. Mr. Fieldman said this item has been removed from the agenda.

2008 Transit Grant Agreement with Pace. Mr. Fieldman said staff seeks a resolution authorizing execution of a grant agreement with Pace. This is a planned agreement with Pace.

Authorize the Village Manager to Negotiate the Purchase of a Used Commuter Bus. Mr. Fieldman said this item has been removed from the agenda.


Referral of Matters to the Standing Committees of the Village Council

Mayor Sandack asked that the following matters be reviewed by the Finance and Administrative Committee: The actuarial report for the Police Department and the Fire Pension Fund at a meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 12, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. He also asked that the annual audit be reviewed at a meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 21, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.

Commission Waldack noted that the May 12 date may change.

White Hen Pantry

Mayor Sandack said the Village has received an application for an off-premise beer and wine only liquor license from White Hen Pantry, Inc. d/b/a White Hen Pantry located at 4946 Main Street. He noted that a public hearing for a liquor license application may be waived and the application must be placed on file for a minimum of two weeks, subject to public comment prior to the issuance of a new license. The Mayor said the store is going back to corporate ownership. He is placing the application on file in the Village Clerk’s Office. Barring any objection, once the two week waiting period has passed, a liquor license shall be issued to White Hen Pantry, Inc. d/b/a White Hen Pantry located at 4946 Main Street.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting 11 items to the Council: 1) An ordinance amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois, codified as Chapter 28 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code, as amended to rezone property located at 715 & 719 Rogers Street; 2) An ordinance amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois to designate Rogers Street Redevelopment as Final Planned Development Number 50 with a variation; 3) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for Rogers Street Redevelopment Subdivision; 4) An ordinance authorizing a special use for Planned Development #50 to permit construction of attached single family dwellings to exceed one (1) unit per 4,000 square feet of land area in the Downtown Transition District; 5) A resolution authorizing execution of the 2008 addendum to Host City Agreement for the USPRO Criterium Championship and the USCF Elite Criterium Championships in Downers Grove, Illinois; 6) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Suburban Division of the Regional Transportation Authority (Pace); 7) A resolution authorizing extension of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and A.B. Data, Ltd. for utility billing services; 8) An ordinance amending parking restrictions; 9) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and V3 Companies of Illinois, Ltd. (Carpenter Street Reconstruction); 10) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (Prairie Avenue Reconstruction); and 11) A resolution authorizing a license agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation for the 2008 car show season.

The Attorney asked the Council to consider a motion waiving the one-week waiting period to consider new business to approve the transfer of a portion of and reserve the remainder of the Village’s 2008 volume cap.

Commissioner Tully moved to waive the one-week waiting period to consider new business. Commissioner Durkin seconded the motion.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioners Tully, Durkin, Beckman, Neustadt, Waldack Schnell; Mayor Sandack

NAYS : None

Mayor Sandack declared the Motion passed.

An Ordinance approving the transfer of a portion of and reserving the remainder of the 2008 volume cap in connection with private activity bond issues, and related matters. This will approve the transfer of a portion of and reserve the remainder of the Village’s 2008 volume cap. As a condition of the partial transfer of the volume cap, the Village of Romeoville agrees to pay an administrative fee of $28,689.55.

Commissioner Tully moved to adopt “An Ordinance Approving the Transfer of a Portion of and Reserving the Remainder of the 2008 Volume Cap in Connection with Private Activity Bond Issues, and Related Matters, ” as presented. Commissioner Durkin seconded the motion.



VOTE : AYES : Commissioners Tully, Durkin, Beckman, Neustadt, Waldack, Schnell; Mayor Sandack

NAYS : None

Mayor Sandack declared the Motion passed.


Frank Falesch, 820 Prairie, asked about Curtiss Street, north of Unit 2, and whether the Village owns the sidewalk because it needs to be repaired. He pointed out the location of the crosswalk. Mr. Fieldman said that the Village has not yet accepted the improvements. He will make sure that the work is done in the overnight hours.

Mr. Falesch said that the pavement is bad as well, and the use of materials does not make sense to him.


Commissioner Waldack said that he would like to see the $1.3 million reserved in the bond cap eventually ceded to IHDA for housing, and to have it placed on the next agenda as a referral to the Finance and Administrative Committee. As to an application, he said that he understands that IHDA does not apply to every municipality in potential bond cap situations. They request the available bond cap and the Village would set up the program to match one of their programs. The Village would basically fill out the application for them.

Mr. Fieldman responded that IHDA is in receipt of the application, and staff has not yet received it. Their letter was an offer of services rather than a request for ceding. He has called them for clarification as to who will fill out the application.

Commissioner Tully said if there is an actual request in hand compliant with the Village’s policy, then discussion should take place with them. He has no problem discussing that at the May 6 meeting if the request is compliant with the Village’s policy.

Commissioner Durkin said he thought the Village’s policy was March 1, and now they appear to be extending it to May 6. He feels as though they are forcing the bond cap on IHDA .

Mr. Fieldman said the deadline is March 1 in the competitive environment. After March 1, it is first come/first served.

Commissioner Neustadt said his opinion was that it is important to get an application from IHDA or any other group before they discuss referring it.

The Mayor said that the Village needs to receive a legitimate request.

Commissioner Schnell reported that Public Services/Public Safety Committees met yesterday and discussed traffic calming. This issue should be on an agenda in May.

Commissioner Tully congratulated the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce on their new office, saying they had a great hospitality celebration.

Commissioner Tully then commented on the Comprehensive Plan, saying that he asked some time ago that the efforts that took place several years ago through the joint meetings of the EDC and Plan Commission concerning the Future Land Use Plan be reviewed. These recommendations have been ignored and are sitting in limbo, and he would like to see what the status of those recommendations is and whether revisions to those recommendations should be considered.

The Mayor added his congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce and the EDC . Their offices demonstrate a better business environment.

Mayor Sandack said that tomorrow the Illinois Works meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn Select. At that meeting the capital bill will be revealed as contemplated by the Governor. The capital bill is long overdo and needed. He said that this is the next step in continuing the Village’s awareness campaign. The Village Council will be represented at that meeting.


Commissioner Tully moved to adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to Section 2©(1) of the Open Meetings Act to discuss personnel. Commissioner Durkin seconded.

VOTE : YEA – Commissioners Tully, Durkin, Beckman, Neustadt, Waldack, Schnell, Mayor Sandack

Mayor Sandack declared the motion carried and the Council convened into Executive Session at 10:04 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh