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August 14, 2007

Mayor Sandack called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Ron Sandack; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin, Geoff Neustadt, Bruce Beckman; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Staff Attorney Beth Clark; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Village Attorney Enza Petrarca

Visitors: Press: Eva McKendrick, The Sun Residents: Peter Hultman, 5540 Walnut, Unit 12-C; Barbara McLellan, 5300 Walnut, Unit 13D; Lorraine Resnak, 5300 Walnut, 14D; Charlotte Davidge, 5300 Walnut, 19C, Rachel Toberman, 5300 Walnut 16C; Marilyn Hannapel, 5300 Walnut, 11C, Helen Kuta, 5300 Walnut, 5C; Andy Clark, 1226 62nd Street; Bill Wrobel, 7800 Queens Court; Frank Falesch, 820 Prairie; Tony and Mary Nevrly 1310 Gilbert; Linda Kunze, Downtown Management; Greg Bedalov, Economic Development Corporation; Damienne Souter, Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce; Joe Finato, 801 74th Street; Allee Williams, 936 Warren; Mike Runk, 542 Creekwood Ct., Westmont; Scott Jacaway, 4828 Oakwood; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore

Staff: Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Bob Porter, Police Chief; Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Community Events; Megan Bourke, Management Analyst; Robin Weaver, Interim Director, Public Works; Judy Buttny, Director, Finance; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling & Social Services; Dennis Burke, Assistant Director, Human Resources; Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works; Stan Balicki, Assistant Director, Public Works; Doug Kozlowski, Director, Communications; Brandon Dieter, Management Analyst

Mayor Sandack led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Mayor Sandack explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


1. Active Agenda and Informational Items

Final Report – St. Joseph Creek, Lacey Creek and Prentiss Creek Watershed Improvement Plan Engineering.

Final Report – St. Joseph Creek, Lacey Creek and Prentiss Creek Watershed Improvement Plan Financial Analysis.

Village Manager Cara Pavlicek said the first two matters would be presented collectively. The engineering portion will be presented by Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager. She said she would then discuss the financial analysis.

Dave Fieldman , Deputy Manager, stated the goal of the project was to improve the stormwater system throughout the Village. He said that the recommendation only affects the public systems. The timeline began in October 2006 as the result of a major storm that caused damage in the Village. Mr. Fieldman provided timeline information on the preparation of the Final Report. The approach used included hiring four engineering firms which studied three primary watersheds: Lacey Creek, St. Joseph Creek, and Prentiss Creek. The report concludes that there are three major drainage issues in the Village including inadequate stormwater storage systems, inadequate conveyance systems, and insufficient maintenance. Recommendations made are based on high, medium and low priority classifications. High priority represents situations that have an immediate danger potential; medium priority do not result in costly damage to property; and low priority includes those which are minor problems and isolated. There are a total of 55 recommended projects, 16 of which are in the high priority, 24 in the medium priority and 15 in the low priority category. The total costs are estimated at $340 million.

Mr. Fieldman then reviewed the implementation of the projects recommended. This will be a multi-year approach, working on both high and low priority issues. Staff recommended that this be included as part of the annual budget process. He noted that this project couldn’t be implemented in the same way as the sidewalk matrix program. There are various circumstances, such as availability of funding, and physical constraints that account for the difference.

Mr. Fieldman reported on four planned public information meetings to convey to residents the scope of the project. He said that Assistant Director of Public Works Mike Millette will present a more detailed report on the project next week.

Manager Pavlicek said that the policy question which Council will be asked to address over the coming months is how the Council wants to pay for these stormwater improvements. There are 55 projects recommended, and 45% of the $340 million amount includes soft costs (professional fees the Village will incur designing and bidding the proposed infrastructure). She said that staff believes that the project should be evaluated from a financial perspective prior to the FY08 budget discussions starting January 1, 2008. She said the three priorities are: 1) create a stormwater capital fund; 2) identify sources of revenue for FY08 , and 3) identify expenditures for FY08 . Staff identified a list as sources of revenue that could legitimately be applied to stormwater projects. The Manager indicated that revenue sources could include property taxes, home rule sales taxes, water funds, telecommunications taxes, the hotel tax, and the stormwater utility tax. The Village’s EAV is $2.2 billion and every penny of tax rate generates $220,000. The current property tax rate is 0.37 per $100 of tax evaluation, and the Village collects approximately $8.4 million. Those funds are spent primarily for corporate police, corporate fire, and pensions for police and fire.

The Manager said that 73% of the EAV is based on residential property, 24% commercial and 3% industrial. The median home value in the Village is $389,000. She noted that the Village has the third lowest tax rate in DuPage County, and staff felt, for purposes of discussion, that it was reasonable to have a conversation about potential tax increases. Currently, the Village’s property tax levy is $0.37 per $100 of valuation. A property tax increase of $0.10 would result in a levy of $0.47 per $100 of valuation which would amount to a daily increase of $0.36 for a home valued at $389,000 or a daily increase of $0.55 for a home valued at $600,000.

The second category staff felt should be studied is sales tax revenue. The Village has a 7.25% tax rate, 1% of which is paid to the Village of Downers Grove. The current ½ cent Home Rule Sales Tax generates $4.6 million which goes toward capital projects, including stormwater projects. An increase of ¼ cent would result in an initial increase in revenue of approximately $2.3 million. Staff has not recommended using the sales tax since there are concerns that this is a competitive retail environment, and there is sensitivity to the competitive rate of sales tax within the Village. One option suggested, however, is to direct $1 million per year from the $4.6 million to a stormwater capital fund.

The Manager explained that the Village’s water fund is an enterprise fund supported by the Village’s 16,000 customers. She explained how the Village purchases water from the DuPage Water Commission, and the Village sets the rate to cover the cost of the water and the maintenance of the system. Staff said that Council could consider placing a flat fee on the water bills to deposit into the capital funds, using a tiered approach. Increasing the bill by $10.42 six times per year would generate $1 million annually. Staff recommended a tiered approach if the Council chose this option.

Regarding telecommunication taxes, the Manager said that they could be increased. There is a currently a 5% tax on all intrastate and interstate messages which generates $4.5 million annually. The Village has the ability to increase that tax to a maximum 6% tax, but it is a decreasing revenue stream. The Hotel Tax which currently is 4.5% generates about $900,000, but that is also considered a decreasing revenue stream. A 1 % increase would generate an additional $189,000 annually.

The Manager then discussed the Stormwater Utility, saying the Village could establish a Stormwater Utility or participate in the proposed utility of DuPage County. That is about a year from fruition, so would not be a viable option for 2008.

Manager Pavlicek said there will be an annual need for revenue similar to what is in the existing Capital Fund, which currently has a dedicated revenue stream of $4.6 million. Staff suggests combining revenue sources. Expenditures would be made on either a pay-as-you-go or a pay-as-you-use basis. She discussed issuing bonds as a funding mechanism as well. She then outlined the next steps including providing a series of public information meetings. Next week more information will be provided from the engineering standpoint. Staff recommends that Council Workshop this item on September 11 and provide direction via a motion on September 18 regarding the budget document being prepared. Budget document discussions begin in late October.

The Mayor said that one of the most important things in this continuing process is that there will be continuing opportunities for the public to learn about this. This presentation was an overview of the program, and the report outlines street-by-street projects based on priority levels. There are 55 such projects. He noted that there will be meetings on August 28, September 7 and September 15. The Manager said that staff will provide a press release tomorrow with all meeting details, and information will be on the website. Hard copies of the report will also be made available.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the projected cost of $340 million includes roadway construction. Mr. Fieldman said it would include it as related to a specific stormwater project.

Commissioner Schnell asked about medium and low priorities which seem to be related to lack of maintenance. She asked how they will include additional costs over time. Mr. Fieldman said that staff will be addressing that issue in the FY08 budget.

Commissioner Durkin asked whether there is any possibility of buy-back options and the Manager said that staff can look at that. Commissioner Durkin then asked whether slides could be presented to the Council before the meetings. The Manager said they will be on line, but cannot be provided beforehand due to time constraints.

Commissioner Tully expressed his appreciation for the information. He said that the project timeline goes back quite a bit before 2006. Stormwater Utility was discussed as much as five years ago, but perhaps without the same sense of urgency. Regarding the $340 million preliminary estimate, he asked if this represents 2007 dollars. The Manager said it does. Commissioner Tully then noted that if this is delayed the costs will probably be even higher. He said that the suggestion to create a dedicated fund is an important aspect of this project, as it allows for transparency and accountability.

Mayor Sandack said that there will be more information coming through the series of informational meetings. He said that the $340 million is a numbing figure, but is also illusory. It is professional engineers’ estimates, and includes soft costs. Infrastructure projects are on the forefront of this Council’s agenda, and the Council has the responsibility to look at its infrastructure, upgrade it and maintain it.

Final Plat of Subdivision for 5505 Middaugh Avenue . The Manager asked Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development, to discuss this item.

Tom Dabareiner , Director, Community Development, said that the petitioner is seeking approval for the final plat of subdivision for 5505 Middaugh. The property is 150’ wide x 213.5’ deep, and is in an R-4 zoned area. The proposal is to subdivide the site into two lots 75’x213.5’. No public improvements are required. There is an existing house, which will be demolished. The developer would have to make the required school and park donations. Mr. Dabareiner stated that this request is consistent with the Future Land Use Plan.

Commissioner Waldack noted for clarification that no variations are being requested and that everything falls within the requirements of the ordinance. He noted that in this situation there is an increase of density. He said that they could possibly consider impact fees for stormwater in the future.

Special Commercial Event License Agreement – Downers Grove Downtown Management.

The Manager said this request is for the Fine Arts Festival in the downtown area using public streets. They are requesting a waiver of fees for the Village’s services.

Linda Kunze of the Downtown Management Board, a not-for-profit organization, said that they are requesting a waiver of only the application fees of $150. She said that the community and the merchants enjoy this art show. This year there are artists coming from Puerto Rico, Arizona, Florida, etc. They have received a community grant and are not asking the Council to cover the cost of police and public works staff. They have $2,500 to cover those costs and they will try to cover the remaining costs. They are only requesting waiving the $150 application fees. This will be the 31st annual Fine Arts Festival.

Commissioner Schnell said that it becomes problematic to close the streets downtown as there were more people living in the downtown area. She noted that the parking deck is not used for events as it was designed to be, and she would like staff to develop a policy regarding use of the deck.

Commissioner Beckman said he will support this. He has heard a number of complaints about closing the downtown streets. He doesn’t know what the economic impact is on businesses, but asked whether there is a possibility to move events to Mochel Drive or other areas.

The Mayor said that there has been considerable discussion about this event, and ironically, this is the one event the merchants really like. Merchants are not thrilled about the bike race, but they would not like to lose the Fine Arts Festival. He said that both Commissioners Beckman and Schnell raised good points.

Commissioner Tully said that it is important to look at the future and change, and the Council must responsibly consider the closing of streets. He is only aware of three closings each year. The Manager noted that staff could provide a report on street closures. Commissioner Tully added that as more property owners are in the downtown area, who are not business owners, it will change the downtown area. He said that the petitioner is asking to use a particular space. In this instance, the people most directly impacted by the event are the ones asking for the event. The Village needs to be aware of the changing mix of owners and businesses.

Commissioner Waldack said he saw no problem with waiving the fee, and asked about the cost of co-sponsorship.

Mary Scalzetti, Director of Community Events, said that in 2005 and 2006 the cost was about $8,500 and the costs were split between the Village and the Downtown Management Board. She said it depends upon the revenue.

2008 National Ice Carving Championship.

The Manager asked for direction regarding executing an extension of the 2007 National Ice Carving Association (NICA) agreement to host the 2008 National Championship.

Commissioner Durkin asked whether there is a cost increase, and he also asked about the survey.

Mary Scalzetti said Community Events did the survey, saying they have done this for a number of years. Costs would be similar to the 2007 event; however, areas have been found where staff costs can be cut. They will also work with the EDC for housing.

Commissioner Tully noted that the Ice Festival is not new to the Village, but hosting the National Ice Carving Championship is new. The question last year was whether the Village should expend additional dollars to host this championship. Last year was an unqualified success, and the turnout was exceptional, over and above previous years. He said that it had a positive economic impact, and there were no street closures. Typically, the ice festival cost was $15,000 and the cost of the Championship is $55,000. He thinks it is worth the money in terms of the quality of the event, the number of participants, and the overall turnout. He noted that this is only a one-year commitment.

Commissioner Waldack said it was a great event last year, and many people attended. He suggested trying to preserve the artwork instead of destroying it after the event, particularly when the weather cooperates.

Commissioner Schnell said that she has no problem going forward with this. She said that the Village should not rest on its laurels however. She said that perhaps they need to advertise more for this event. The carvers commented on the quality of service from the community, and she would like to see the same level of participation as last year.

Commissioner Neustadt asked whether there was an issue of train vibration. Ms. Scalzetti said there was a slight concern, but it didn’t cause problems. She said that the Community Events Commission is looking at other locations as well.

The Mayor said that last year he was one of the people who doubted this. He said it was a great turnout and was well done.

Referral of Recycling Facility Issue to the Environmental Concerns Commission .

The Manager said that staff has prepared a motion to refer this to the Environmental Concerns Commission.

John Schofield , 1125 Jefferson said he supports this but thinks there is some confusion about the definition, and the Village should clarify what exactly is meant. He thinks they are referring to a waste debris, sorting and construction of a transit facility. The Village’s moratorium was adopted on July 10 for 90 days and ends October 8. He said that they need to put the right requirements on the Environmental Concerns Commission to keep to the timetable. They may need extra time to consider this, and the motion should define the timetable or time frame.

Lorraine Tresnak , 5300 Walnut, said that she had never heard of the Environmental Concerns Commission and it never came up when they were discussing construction recycling. She asked if they have an impact on this.

The Mayor said that the Village can make referrals to them and ask for their opinion.

The Manager said the 5240 Thatcher issue was under the purview of the Plan Commission. A zoning application could not be referred to the Environmental Concerns Commission. Ms. Tresnak said she understands that the previous petitioner has applied again at the same address, 5240 Thatcher. She said that someone has a misconception of what the requirements are as 5240 Thatcher butts up against residential property.

The Manager said that the application that is on file with the Village was applied for prior to the moratorium. That application will be under the purview of the Plan Commission once the moratorium ends. That is a separate issue and unrelated to this matter. She said that the current ordinance does not include the 1,350 foot limitation. Ms. Tresnak asked what the moratorium says.

The Mayor explained that the moratorium means that nothing can move forward until the moratorium ends. Now the ordinance is being discussed, not the specific application. The Village is looking at potential changes to the ordinance and for that reason this is being referred to the ECC . The ECC will review the ordinance, not the petitioner’s application.

Ms. Tresnak extended an invitation to the Council members to see her building and where it is in relation to 5240 Thatcher.

Commissioner Beckman asked what staff wants the ECC to study, and the Manager said this was not staff initiated. Commissioner Beckman referenced the last sentence on the green sheet, “Staff requests the ECC study the effects an in-town recycling facility would have on the Village’s solid waste contract, in addition to any other issues the ECC determines have standing in this debate.”

The Mayor said it is the Council’s duty to get the staff to do what the Council wants with relation to the ECC referral. He agreed that the last sentence on the green sheet is awkward.

Commissioner Waldack said that he had suggested several questions and gave them to the Manager and was told that they would be part of the motion. He said that the next meeting of the ECC is September 12, which cuts down on the time the ECC has to study this. He said they might want to consider extending the moratorium.

Commissioner Schnell said that when the ECC looks at this issue, it will be looking at the environmental issues, not zoning issues. That is all they will be looking at. It is important that the ECC discussion is limited to environmental concerns and not zoning issues. She said it is important for residents to understand the distinction.

Manager Pavlicek said staff is aware of the timeframe of the moratorium, and if they need an extension of the short timeframe, staff will come back to the Council.

Commissioner Schnell reiterated that her comments were not directed to staff as much as to the residents, so that they understand when they attend the ECC meeting that discussion will be limited to the one area of environmental concerns. There will be no discussion as to issues related to zoning or the request that will be before the Plan Commission.

Commissioner Tully said it is unfortunate that language which was intended to get this topic before the Council has caused some confusion. He explained that there was a petition that was withdrawn, and it was before the Plan Commission. This is not about a specific petition or petitioner. He said that this is an amendment proposed to the Zoning Ordinance as related to a particular type of special use. The Council felt that the ECC should perhaps look at this proposed amendment in terms of its environmental impact. It is the Council’s responsibility to determine the charge to the ECC , and what is written is not what he thought the Council had in mind. He thinks the ECC will be asked to look at the proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance with respect to a particular category of special use. He added that it is inevitable that an extension of the moratorium will be necessary.

Commissioner Beckman clarified that the Council will provide their ideas to the Village Manager, and that will come back next week for a vote. He said if they need more time to discuss this, they could further delay this issue.

The Mayor said the Council can do that. They are talking about a recommending board. They will not opine about a specific petition, but are giving a recommendation with regard to environmental matters.

The Manager said that any comments received by the end of the day tomorrow will be part of the motion. Anything received after that would be part of debate.

Mochel Drive One-Way Street with Stop Control at Burlington Avenue.

The Manager said that with the development of Acadia on the Green, Mochel Drive will be a one-way street heading northbound with traffic control signage at Burlington.

Commissioner Neustadt thanked the staff for having the green backing taken off the fences along Mochel Drive to improve visibility.

Parking Restrictions on Hillcrest Road, North of Jefferson Avenue.

John Schofield , 1125 Jefferson said he supports this parking restriction. He lives close to this intersection, and this action will protect children and vehicles. The area needs attention, as there is illegal parking within 30 feet of the traffic control sign. Enforcement is necessary as well as signage to be sure that the intersection is clear.

Commissioner Neustadt said that both Items H and I will be appreciated by both residents and the schools.

Grant Street and Seeley Avenue Intersection Controls and Parking Restrictions on Grant Street.

The Manager said this would establish an upgrade of the intersection from a 2-way to a 4-way stop sign, and would also establish “no parking” restrictions on Grant.

Commissioner Beckman said he concurs with this and asked whether this has been evaluated in terms of the enhanced congestion it will bring regarding Herrick and Pierce Downer schools. The Manager said that staff works with the schools and will get the specific information on this issue.

2. Consent Agenda Items

The Manager reviewed the items for questions and/or comments.

Fee Waiver: First Presbyterian Church. The Manager said this is a request for a waiver of permitting, plan review and inspection fees in the amount of $14,907.80 by First Presbyterian Church for an addition and renovation of the property at 339 Fourth Street.

Bid: Bus Purchase. The Manager said this is a follow-up of a memorandum of understanding in conjunction with PACE . The available options are: Option 1, purchase four buses; Option 2, purchase five buses; Option 3, purchase six buses; Option 4, purchase seven buses and Option 5, purchase eight buses. Staff recommends Option 2, the purchase of five buses. The reduction in the number of buses is due to financial constraints as the prices are substantially higher than anticipated. They are looking for delivery in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

The Mayor said this was debated in 2006 and related to the purchase of eight smaller, modern, ADA accessible CNG buses. These buses are different and more expensive, and if the Village goes forward with the eight buses it will be significantly more expensive than originally anticipated.

Commissioner Neustadt said he thought Option 2 is a good one since there has been money allocated already. He asked whether the Village can survive until October with the current fleet.

The Manager said that the Fleet Services Manager would prefer to have the buses as soon as possible. The Village has been fortunate so far with bus performance, but they are older buses and are costly to maintain.

Stan Balicki , Assistant Director, Public Works, said with respect to the condition of the present vehicles, obtaining parts for four of the buses is increasingly difficult.

Commissioner Neustadt asked whether the Village can partnership with PACE for parts. Mr. Balicki said PACE knows of the Village’s interest in doing this. Commissioner Neustadt asked whether the Village will have a larger bus to continue using in October. Mr. Balicki said he feels that the Village can continue a bus in service, but it will be costly.

Commissioner Durkin said he voted against the buses the last time this was before the Council. The delivery date on these buses never comes through. Now they have to hope that the current fleet can be kept up and running. He asked what the cost of the delay will be – the potential loss. He thinks they need to analyze this. He would like to see some financial figures on this.

The Mayor said the propriety of the system is not under discussion. At this time the Council has to pick an option.

Commissioner Durkin recommended zero buses, and the Village should just kill the deal.

Commissioner Schnell said she prefers Option 2. She asked about limitations on the use of the buses, and whether it is correct that they can only be used to and from the train station. The Manager said she would have staff provide that information. Commissioner Schnell said she was concerned about assumptions being made by senior citizens and other groups who hoped these buses could provide additional services. She wants to know what the limitations are, what can they be used for outside of the commuter shuttle. If they purchase five buses, they may need additional buses later on. The buses the Village currently uses are too large for our community.

Commissioner Waldack disagreed with Commissioner Durkin’s comments. He thanked staff for the information that was provided in response to his inquiries. He is very disappointed that the Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) did not get this information in time to weigh in on the subject. He said that some TAC members go along with Option 2 as better than nothing. He would have preferred to have the option to review this earlier. He will digest the information and would like to get all eight buses. As far as PACE goes, it is a quasi-governmental bureaucracy and it has been a bad experience dealing with them. PACE ’s dilly-dallying has put the Village in the situation of going from 8 to 5 buses, and puts the burden on the Village. He believes that the Village will get the buses, and is providing very good service in providing public transportation for its residents. He urged everyone to look at bill SB0572 , amendment 3, which addresses some of the issues. He recommended the website which has information on the RTA , PACE and funding. He urged people to contact their Representatives. At the very least, the Village should go with five buses.

Commissioner Beckman said he will support Option 2, but has concerns with the continuing cost of maintenance on the existing buses as the Village waits for delivery of the new buses. He would like to know if the costs are escalating or remaining the same. The Manager said she would provide a copy of the FY07 budget and prior years showing how they are tracking.

Commissioner Tully said this is very frustrating after the decision was made to move forward. The grant opportunity was to provide eight buses for $112,000, and he’s not sure that the Council will see the buses before his term expires. They picked eight buses because that’s what is required to run the system. Five buses is not enough to run the system. While he agrees with Option 2, he questions whether or not that is sufficient. Commissioner Tully said that there will be a budget amendment for a sixth bus and asked for the estimate for a pre-owned vehicle before moving forward with this. If they are purchasing only five, he wants to make sure the system will work.

The Mayor said that having fewer buses has an effect on the system, and he agrees with Commissioner Tully that they should look at the sixth vehicle.

Commissioner Tully said he can support the purchase of five buses, but is not sure whether five buses can do the job.

Bid: 2007 Replacement Sidewalk Program. The Manager said this is to award a contract for the 2007 Replacement Sidewalk Program to Strada Construction Co. of Algonquin, Illinois, in the amount of $119,692.50.*

Bid: Pickup Truck Purchase.* The Manager said this is for the purchase of a 2008 four-wheel drive Ford F350 pickup truck from Currie Motors of Frankfort, Illinois, in the amount of $29,545.00.

Vehicle Storage Facility Roof Replacement. The Manager said this is to award a contract to Roofs, Inc. of Lyons, Illinois, in the amount of $25,300.00 for the replacement of the roof on the vehicle storage facility adjacent to the fleet maintenance garage.

CALL ONE Telecommunications Agreements. The Manager said this is for three telecommunication contracts with CALL ONE for 36 months and one contract for 12 months. CALL ONE is a reseller of AT&T services that provides municipalities discounts through a purchasing contract with the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative.

Commissioner Beckman said his concern is about the current provider no longer supporting the current monitoring line unless the Village pays for additional service. He is concerned that a reseller of a service provider can provide the same service for free that the service provider will be charging the Village for. His experience is that it will be difficult to do.

Judy Buttny , Finance Director, said that there are three contracts for 36 months and one for 12 months. The 12 month contract is for water monitoring lines and is available to the Village at the old rate for one year, after which it will go up. Staff will look at the options and will work with Dr. Wu’s department to determine other options.



The Mayor read a proclamation regarding the Sarada D. Planjery Memorial Community Learning Center and proclaiming August 10, 2007 as Sarada D. Planjery Memorial Day . Communications Director Doug Kozlowski was present at the Ray Graham Association event, and it was a moving ceremony. He thanked the Planjerys for their contributions to the Ray Graham Association for People with Disabilities.

Proposed Ethical Standards – Ordinance Amendment and Policies

The Mayor said that this item will be workshopped on September 11, 2007. He asked the Council to review this closely and make their comments and recommendations. This would amend the Municipal Code to adopt the State’s Official Employees Ethics Act in its entirely, rather than by reference; and a resolution to establish an official Village policy to include the following ethical standards: Standards of Village Governance, Standards of Village Council Campaign Practices, Standards for Village Council Participation in Outside Organizations, and Standards to Prohibit Interest in Municipal Contracts. The idea is to consolidate a body of ordinances into a single Ethical Standards Ordinance amendment.


The Manager said that the Village is soliciting applications for the Public Works Director.

She then asked Mary Scalzetti to provide information on the Bicycle Race. Ms. Scalzetti said the Village hosts the National Championship this weekend beginning on Saturday at 1:00 p.m., Sunday at 9:00 a.m., and the Pro Criterium on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Information is on the Village website. She added that the big wheel race for ages 2-7 takes place at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Municipal Facility Needs Assessment Study Update.

Mike Baker , Assistant Village Manager, provided an update on the needs assessment study for 801 Burlington, the Police Station, police services garage, and the Counseling and Social Services building. He said the project was identified in 2006 with directions to staff to conduct the study as part of the Village’s Strategic Plan. Mr. Baker said that the Council authorized a contract in May 2006 with PSA -Dewberry and that study is nearing completion. The report will be presented to the Council on August 28 at the Workshop meeting.


Village Staff Attorney Beth Clark said she was presenting seven items to the Council: 1) An ordinance amending traffic regulations at Grant and Seeley; 2) An ordinance amending parking restrictions on Hillcrest Road; 3) An ordinance amending traffic regulations on Mochel Drive; 4) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the Middaugh Avenue Subdivision; 5) A resolution authorizing a special commercial event license agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and United Communications Systems, Inc. d/b/a Call One; and 7) A resolution authorizing execution of an extension to an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the National Ice Carving Association.


Bill Wrobel , 7800 Queens Court, commented that in passing the First Presbyterian Church at 339 Fourth Street he noticed that they have a yellow-orange plastic fence installed. The trees are not protected. He asked if the Village is waiving the fee for this project that staff make sure they comply with the regulations. The Mayor said he will ask the staff to look at this.

John Schofield , 1125 Jefferson said that the online podcast works. He thanked the Village for making this available, and suggested this be integrated with the minutes.


Commissioner Beckman said he met with members of the community regarding the EDC , sidewalks on Florence Avenue, and the infrastructure development. He appreciates the comments he received from these individuals as it enables him to gauge the pulse of the community. Secondly, with regard to the Windy City Sports and Pro Criterium Championship, he said that this is a sanctioned bicycle race. He has cycled many miles in his lifetime, and he highly recommended people to attend this event.

Commissioner Durkin said it has been brought to his attention that Al’s Beef is closed, and was told that there is a sign in their window regarding a bigger and better location. He asked the staff to look into this sign.

Commissioner Tully encouraged all residents to come to the Pro-Criterium races. Windy City Sports has given Downers Grove prominent recognition. He also thanked the Downers Grove TV staff and Don Wilson for the 2007 Heritage Festival video. It was exceptionally well done.

Commissioner Schnell thanked the Downers Grove Noon Lions Club for their new teachers’ luncheon, and for inviting the Council to attend.

Commissioner Neustadt thanked the Information Technology department for the live feed of DGTV . He looks forward to seeing residents at the bike race.

The Mayor extended his appreciation to the Noon Lions Club in welcoming new teachers with other community groups. .He invited everyone to come to the bike race.


There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk