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July 24, 2007

Mayor Sandack called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Ron Sandack; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin, Geoff Neustadt, Bruce Beckman; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Staff Attorney Beth Clark; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Village Attorney Enza Petrarca

Visitors: Press: Samantha Nelson, Downers Grove Reporter; Eva McKendrick, The Sun Residents: Jackie Karlson, 4832 Florence; Carol Schmidt, 4800 Florence; George Joch, 4800 Florence; Edward and Marge Earl, 4720 Florence; Nancy Svoboda, 4702 Florence; Gene Zolezzi, 4701 Florence; Carol Mitchell, 4737 Florence; David Reynolds, 4919 Bryan Pl; Mary Hason, 5720 Hillcrest; Andy Clark, 1226 62nd Street; Bill Wrobel, 7800 Queens Ct.; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Laura Crawford and Damienne Sauter, Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce, 1015 Curtiss; Greg Bedalov, Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation, 2001 Butterfield; Frank Falesch, 820 Prairie; Mark Thoman, 1109 61st Street; Clark Wildenradt and Mark Levine, Sara Lee/Forcade, 1626 Payne; Evanston; George Nicholaou, 4845 Highland; John Hazard, 1029 Blanchard; Ken Lerner, 4933 Whiffen Pl. Staff: Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Kurt Bluder, Deputy Police Chief; Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Community Events; Megan Bourke, Management Analyst; Robin Weaver, Interim Director, Public Works; Judy Buttny, Director, Finance; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling & Social Services; Wes Morgan, Director, Human Resources

Mayor Sandack led the audience in the Pledge of Alliance to the Flag.

Mayor Sandack explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


1. Active Agenda and Informational Items

Florence Avenue Sidewalk Plan.

Cara Pavlicek , Village Manager, said the Florence Avenue Sidewalk Plan was approved by the Village Council as part of the Sidewalk Matrix. Council asked staff to delay the sidewalk installation on Florence Avenue due to residents’ concerns as to the side of the street on which the sidewalk should be installed. The Manager said a corrected green sheet has been provided with information regarding the fiscal impact of the installation on the east side of the street. The guard rail is inclusive in the listed cost. Ms. Pavlicek said the staff recommendation is based on standards applied over a number of years.

Marge Earl , 4720 Florence said she lives on the west side of Florence. She asked that the sidewalk be on the east side. She noted that the setback on the east side is 35 feet; on the west side it is 25 feet. There would be less of an impact on the east side. She said the landscaping on the street takes into account that the west side would not have a sidewalk.

Ms. Earl said she has lived on both sides of the street. She referenced a house on the west side where there will be only 6 ½ feet from the bedroom to the sidewalk. She further referenced connectivity to the park and schools with sidewalks on the east side of Florence. She said there is an additional cost of $4,329 due in large part to the guard rail that would be needed to put the sidewalk on the east side.

Ms. Earl said 30 houses were surveyed – 16 want the sidewalk on the east side; 6 on the west side and 8 gave no answer. Fire hydrants are on the west side of the street. The topography is flatter on the east side of the street.

Carol Mitchell , 4737 Florence, said he lives on the east side. She would like the sidewalk on the west side. She thanked the staff for recommending placement of the sidewalk on the west side.

Nancy Svoboda , 4702 Florence, said there are many unique aspects and inconsistencies in their neighborhood.

Gene Zolezzi , 4701 Florence, lives on the east side of the street. The staff report is to put the sidewalk on the west side.

Jackie Karlson , 4832 Florence, lives on the west side of the street. She referenced the distance from her neighbor’s bedroom to the sidewalk. She said she feels this is significant.

Commissioner Schnell said the west side of the street has more hills. She asked for the rationale for installing the sidewalk where it is hillier.

Manager Pavlicek said she would consult with the engineers.

Commissioner Neustadt said three large trees have to be removed on the west side; five large trees have to be removed if the sidewalk is on the east side. He noted the Village is a Tree City and is always trying to maintain the tree inventory. Further, the proximity around the park is identified as a priority in the sidewalk matrix. He said he does not want to see pedestrians in the street anymore. It was very helpful for Public Works to put markings on both sides of the street so everyone could see where the proposed sidewalk would go.* * He is leaning toward the staff recommendation as it meets the criteria of the matrix.

Mayor Sandack said this is an example of a good process. As leaders, the Council has the obligation to make decisions, and now the Council has enough information to make a decision. Retrofitting an old Village is more of an art than a science. Council has listened. He asked the Public Works staff to work with the neighbors to issue a block party permit so they can meet and put this matter behind them. He said he is leaning toward installation of the sidewalk based on the staff recommendation. He thanked the residents for their input.

The Manager noted that next week is a fifth Tuesday and the next Council meeting will be Tuesday, August 7, 2007.

Ad Hoc Committee on Housing. The Manager said staff has put together a compilation of Council comments meant to help move this matter forward.

John Hazard , 1029 Blanchard, said he is a member of the Downers Grove Housing Team. He is pleased with the work and that this issue is moving ahead. Regarding the make-up of the task force, he would like to see seven voting members, including four residents, a realtor, a lending institution representative, and an employer. He suggested the purpose be changed to “exploring and proposing solutions appropriate to Downers Grove.” He suggested the bullet points listed on page 2 of the green sheet be eliminated. The last four are part of the solutions and the task force is charged with exploring all solutions. He said the solutions involving IHDA do not need to be part of the charge of the committee as that work is already available. Finally, he said the Downers Grove Housing Team would like to review the final report.

Christine Fregeau , 1918 Elmore, commended the Council for moving on this matter. The research she has done indicates that the issue may be far more regional than municipal in terms of the approaches. She finds the bullet points to make good sense in keeping the right perspective. She suggested a member-at-large that may be able to help in terms of municipal planning associations or a person more experienced in terms of a more regional approach.

Ken Lerner , 4933 Whiffen Place, said he is pleased to see the Village moving ahead on this in an expeditious manner. He referenced language in the green sheet and suggested the ad hoc committee might do a better job if they have a freer hand. He asked if the committee can be in place in the next 30 or 60 days in light of a report expected in January 2008.

Commissioner Beckman said he is pleased to see the Council take these steps. He urged the Council members to stick to the calendar but also to offer flexibility as the green sheet may be categorized too tightly. He said he is pleased we are at this point.

Commissioner Neustadt said he is happy to see this before the Council. The biggest question is to define what we are talking about. As far as the make-up, he thinks 11 people would be manageable. He asked that one of the residents-at-large be a person who is able to be qualified for some of the options listed on the green sheet. He said it is important that Mr. Morsch of IHDA make a presentation. It is an important step to find what our community can do. Establishing the ad hoc committee puts this in line with the approach taken by the Village whereby our Boards and Commissions look at issues and tackle problems.

Commissioner Schnell said it is important to define affordable housing as there are shades of differences. She recommended leaving the first four bullet points. She said she is not sure the IHDA points need to be included.

Commissioner Schnell said she initially recommended nine members. She said 11 may make more sense due to the time when the committee will be meeting. Regarding the make-up of the committee, she recommended someone with a background of a planner as this may lead to more creativity.

Commissioner Waldack said the make-up of the committee seems appropriate. He has a concern about a resident who represents a Downers Grove employer. He feels that although some employees may not be residents, they could represent their employers and speak to the issue. He suggested the IHDA bullet points could be consolidated into one bullet point. He agreed to the need to define middle income and affordable housing and get it on the record as an issue.

Commissioner Beckman said he does not want to spend too much time discussing the number of people on the committee, but rather the type of people.

Commissioner Tully said he questions the need for two Council members. He feels one Council member will be sufficient. He said it is important to have a representative from the business community.

Regarding the size of the committee, Commissioner Tully said 11 is good because the more voices, the better. Regarding the purpose, it is wise to give the committee a definition, structure, direction and an appropriate amount of flexibility. He said he felt the bullet points about what the committee would be doing were fairly stated. He agreed that the IHDA bullet points do not need to be in the resolution. He suggested language that the committee “may wish to consider potential community solutions.”

Commissioner Tully said there is a considerable amount of information available on this matter. In terms of the report, the committee may ask for more time with appropriate information. He expects the committee will look at the issues and conceptual solutions.

Commissioner Durkin said he supports 11 members. He said the committee needs an employer’s perspective and the participation of someone who has a housing program in place. The committee needs to define attainable or middle-income housing. Regarding the timeline, if the committee needs more time, Commissioner Durkin would not find that to be a problem.

Mayor Sandack said each Council member made a commitment to this issue and would like to move forward. He asked if Council would support 11 members on this committee. They answered affirmatively. The Mayor suggested Council members could facilitate the committee. He recommended keeping two Council members as ex-officio members. The Council agreed to nine members and two Council members.

Commissioner Tully noted that Council members vote when an issue comes before them. Two Council members on the committee would shrink the number of voting members.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the facilitators could participate to which the Mayor answered affirmatively.

Council discussed the composition of the ad hoc committee in terms of a quorum and a majority of a quorum. With nine members, a quorum is five and a majority of a quorum is three members. Only two people on the committee could have a conversation without it being considered a “meeting.” Council agreed to 11 members with two non-voting Council members. They also agreed to include the first four bullet points on the green sheet. The Mayor said there is no reason to limit solutions. Council will be mindful of IHDA . A Downers Grove business is to be represented, but the representative does not have to be a resident.

The Mayor said Tom Dabareiner will be the staff liaison. He noted that the report due date, January 22, 2008, is not etched in stone, but he would like an end date to keep the committee working. The Mayor thanked everyone for their involvement in this issue.

In response to Commissioner Schnell, the Mayor said the Village has received less than a dozen applications so far. He said he would leave it to the Village Manager to advertise for applicants.

Commissioner Schnell said it is important to solicit potential sources as to their willingness to serve.

Business Registration Certificate Ordinance . The Manager asked Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager, to address this matter.

Mike Baker , Assistant Village Manager, said the Village’s Municipal Code currently contains provisions for business licensing for narrowly defined businesses. This ordinance would expand the number of business to be included as part of this program and would allow for a phased approach of implementation.

Frank Falesch , 820 Prairie Avenue, said the prior Council discussed this topic. He said there appeared to be a need for additional staff. He said some of the zoning and code requirements will disallow certain businesses. He does not see a need for this ordinance.

Commissioner Neustadt asked about the staff time needed for implementation and execution of this program. He suggested the Village may have a greater need for staff involvement in stormwater and other issues. He said the negative endorsement from the Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce may make this a topic for a strategic planning session.

Commissioner Waldack said he feels that Council needs to know what is going on in the Village. This is a matter of getting basic information. He would support the staff’s recommendation as to a fee. He said this has been taken much further than it was meant to go as the intention was to put together basic information such as name, location, information regarding dangerous chemicals, etc. The Chamber of Commerce was originally supportive of getting basic information. Now the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation fear the information requested will lead to site visits, etc. The first step is to identify who is out there. Commissioner Waldack reiterated that he would like to keep this simple.

Commissioner Schnell said this was a top priority of former Council members. The ordinance is a compromise, although it alienated some groups. It has code implications. It will be very labor intensive. She noted that the Village has other identified priorities and residents have been clear about stormwater and road priorities. She said she would agree to review this in two years. She said she does not think it is a priority at this time.

Commissioner Durkin said he supported a data collection so the Village would have a compilation of businesses, home or otherwise. He noted that all surrounding communities have a program. There is a need for the data. It is imperative to collect data.

Commissioner Beckman said he supports the recommendation to delay this decision for 24 months. He said he was alarmed when he first saw this. He asked as to benefit to businesses and to the residents. When he saw the information from the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation, he agreed more information is needed and to delay action.

The Mayor said staff is adhering to the strategic plan. Council identified business licensure as a top priority. The driver was a new Economic Development Corporation (EDC) the Village needed to make vibrant and relevant. This was to give the EDC the tools to undertake true economic development. Initially the EDC and the Chamber of Commerce were supportive of this, but members of the previous Council saw this as a measure of statutory authority to make sure that life/safety ordinances were being followed. It became much more statutory and comprehensive than originally envisioned. This resulted in more administrative costs. Others on the Council felt that this should be a registration only to arm our new EDC with a tool to attract and retain businesses. He suggested that the Council listen to the Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber. The Mayor said he does not think this is necessary, in and of itself for the Village of Downers Grove. The Village can enter into discussions with the EDC and Chamber regarding data bases they may maintain. He wants to be fair and to be clear to staff. He said he will support tabling this ordinance for 24 months. He feels this is a ripe topic for discussion during the budget meetings.

The Mayor questioned the Commissioners and said there are four Council members who want to table this for 24 months as proposed by staff.

US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The Manager said a motion is requested to refer this item to the Environmental Concerns Commission (ECC) for further discussion.

Frank Falesch , 820 Prairie Avenue, said the US government has not accepted the Kyoto Protocol. There are other things people and Council can do to recommend conservation methods.

Commissioner Waldack said this resolution makes suggestions, not requirements. He noted there are no penalties. He agrees to refer this to the ECC for recommendation of possible solutions.

Commissioner Schnell said she has no problem with sending this to the ECC .

Mayor Sandack said he would like to see a best practices provision uniquely carved out for Downers Grove. He recommended removing some of the overtly political language in the resolution.

Planned Development Amendment with Zoning Variation. The Manager asked Tom Dabareiner, Director, Community Development, to address this matter.

Tom Dabareiner , Director, Community Development, said an ordinance has been prepared for an amendment to Planned Development #31, Esplanade, regarding adoption of a master sign plan with a zoning variation for wall signage. This is strictly related to P.D. #31. He depicted the area and the proposed sign for Sara Lee on the overhead. The current regulations do not permit signs to exceed 100 square feet per sign. The petitioner is proposing a 765 square foot Sara Lee logo sign to make the building unique to those traveling along the expressway. Mr. Dabareiner provided background on other signs in the Village including the X-Sport Fitness sign, which is a 1,380 square foot wall sign.

Edward Earl , 4720 Florence, said this is an important issue in that signage is part of brand imagery. He said the Council may want to think about giving corporations latitude.

George Nicholaou , 4845 Highland, said he was the former sign chairman. The Sign Committee had a great deal of respect for businesses. They looked at the surrounding communities in order to be consistent with their signage. They recognized that building brand is important. Mr. Nicholaou said X-Sport Fitness was a variation. To allow exceptions of this magnitude is a serious mistake as it sets a precedent.

Mark Levine , 1626 Payne, Evanston, said he is the designer of the sign for the Sara Lee Corporation. There are exceptions to every rule. The guidelines are consistent with or appropriate for the size of the building or setbacks. The size was based on what is appropriate for legibility and the size of the building. He feels this size is appropriate.

Frank Falesch , 820 Prairie Avenue, said he feels the sign is not a bad thing as it is not out of character with the size of the building.

Commissioner Durkin asked if the Sign Committee discussed one tenant having a sign on a large building with the setback requirement.

Mr. Nicholaou said this specific situation was not discussed.

Commissioner Beckman said he is troubled by this proposal. He said both Mr. Nicholaou and the petitioner make compelling cases. He needs to have more information regarding the impact this will have on the community.

Manager Pavlicek noted that this is a Planned Unit Development (PUD), which is a unique situation. Businesses along Ogden Avenue are not PUDs. She will provide clarification between the PUD and the sign ordinance. A PUD is a large development with a unique set of zoning standards.

Commissioner Tully said the sign ordinance was the result of a great deal of work by many people. It has been hugely successful. It started on Ogden Avenue and expanded to the downtown as well as elsewhere. He noted that the various corridors of the Village are very different. It was always intended that the ordinance would be revisited as it was recognized that there are rational differences in the corridors. He looks forward to revising the Finley area. It is within the policy to consider variations. He said this request makes sense. He said one of the Village’s goals is to attract and retain businesses when it makes sense to do so. He asked that staff explain this request in the context of a PUD . He said he feels this is reasonable.

Commissioner Schnell said this is a modification to a sign plan within a PUD . This would be part of the PUD . That makes this different from an individual requesting a variation. She asked if this ordinance would apply to other similar buildings.

The Manager said there are currently no other buildings of that size. She will report how this change would impact other existing buildings.

Commissioner Schnell noted that the X-Sport Fitness sign is very large. She asked about the distance between the RR Donnelley sign and the tollway. She noted that this is not a clear-cut issue. This seems like an excessively large sign. She asked if other communities in the western suburbs have similar sized signs.

The Manager said some PUDs may reserve their signage area for multiple tenants.

The Mayor said the sign ordinance was born out of a committee that met regularly and reviewed all four corners of the Village. The Council is discussing a PUD and is being asked to deviate from the sign ordinance. He noted that there has been considerable success on Ogden Avenue. Variations are in the ordinance and can be made in conjunction with a PUD . He said he would like to see renderings of the sign.

Mr. Nicholaou said he agrees with this as long as it is specified that this is in the context of a PUD .

Demolition Ordinance Amendment . The Manager asked Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager, to address this item.

Dave Fieldman , Deputy Village Manager, said the proposed amendment to the ordinance includes six key changes: 1) Prohibit structures from demolition until the Village has approved the applicant’s grading and site restoration plan or until an application for construction has been placed on file with the Village and the applicant has been issued an initial review letter; 2) Expand authority to require a written fencing plan for construction activity; 3) Allow for the issuance of administrative citations to violators of the demolition/construction site management ordinance; 4) Establish fees and fines for violation of the Village’s demolition/construction site management ordinance; 5) Establish fees for the Village installation of required parkway trees; and 6) Require the installation of a six-foot tall chain link fence around existing parkway trees.

Ken Lerner , 4933 Whiffen Place, said he is glad to see this discussed. He and the Coalition for Managed Redevelopment have worked with staff on many of these issues. The administrative citation revisions are the most complex. The Coalition has worked hard in conjunction with Village staff to get compliance. He noted that the citation falls under the same part of the Municipal Code as liquor violation citations and asked how well this works. Regarding the problem sites, Mr. Lerner asked if there is a correlation between repeated violations and a site being closed down.

Bill Wrobel , 7800 Queens Court, said he agreed with Mr. Lerner’s comments. He said he has been very active with the Community Response Center regarding code enforcement. He noted that these changes would have been helpful in the past and will be useful to Code Services.

Andy Clark , 1226 61st Street, questioned the fencing of parkway trees in terms of the exact dimension requirements. He referenced a property on Main Street, north of Ogden.

Mr. Fieldman responded that the Code requires installation to the drip line. He said staff will look into these issues.

Commissioner Neustadt applauded staff for their hard work. They have listened carefully to Council and to the residents.

Commissioner Schnell asked for a report in six months.

Mr. Fieldman said staff is reporting quarterly.

Commissioner Waldack applauded staff on the update to the ordinance.

Mayor Sandack extended his thanks to the staff. He noted that residents are seeing more activity on the part of the Village. The Mayor said there appears to be almost no flexibility in the ordinance with respect to penalties to homeowners who commit an act inadvertently vs. a builder who should know the rules.

The Manager said the departments are working to train staff to use judgment and to educate people.

An Ordinance Amending Provisions of the Human Services Commission and the Community Events Commission. The Manager said this ordinance adds ex-officio members to both the Human Service and Community Events Commissions. A member of another Downers Grove unit of local government would become an ex-officio member to the Human Service Commission. The Manager of the Downtown Management Corporation would become an ex-officio member of the Community Events Commission.

Solid Waste Contract Process and Specifications. The Manager said no decision is needed tonight on this matter. Staff would like to meet with the Environmental Concerns Commission (ECC) to solicit comments on the content of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for solid waste collection and disposal services.

The Mayor said the contract with Allied Waste, Inc. expires March 31, 2008. Information and the schedule for moving forward with this is included in the green sheet. Collection and disposal of solid waste is a vital and critical service. He noted that the Village receives good service now. He said he hopes that with this referral to the ECC people can participate in this conversation. He urged staff to notice this in every way possible.

Mark Thoman , 1109 61st Street, commended staff for starting this process early. The process is exceptional. He recommended a single solid waste collector in the downtown area and for recycling.

Commissioner Neustadt said he agrees with Mr. Thoman. He agrees with the recommendation to include in the RFP a preference for fuel-efficient vehicles and practices.

Commissioner Waldack said this is a very important service. Regarding public input, he knows that many people travel and he urged them to share their ideas. He noted that this is a major attempt to improve the Village’s process of solid waste collection and disposal.

Commissioner Beckman asked about the option for a single solid waste collector for businesses in the downtown area.

The Manager said this would be an add alternate on the bid. Staff wants to develop a set of specifications that provide for flexibility.

Commissioner Durkin said that, with respect to yard waste leaf collection, Hinsdale is the only community he knows where leaves are picked up from the street and they have now eliminated that program. He asked that this item be struck from the RFP .

Commissioner Schnell recommended the schedule be adhered to as much as possible.

The Mayor said a single solid waste collector is an intriguing idea. He likes that this is an add alternate. This would be a drastic change in procedure. He noted that leaf collection from the street would compound stormwater problems. He asked staff to stick to the schedule.

Parking and Traffic Recommendations.

Authorization of Request Intersection Controls at Middaugh Avenue and Franklin Street and at Franklin Street at Oakwood Avenue. The Manager said this is a combination of yield signs.

An Authorization to Request Park Zone Speed Limits on Franklin Street and Linscott Avenue near Prince Pond. The Manager said this is on Franklin Street between Linscott Avenue and Parkway Drive, and on Linscott Avenue from Franklin Street to a point about 100 feet south of Franklin Street. These are both near Prince Pond.

Authorization to Request No Parking Restrictions on 68th Street, west of Main Street. This is to address the issue of vehicles parking on both sides of 68th Street and causing access and safety issues near the Main Street intersection.

Authorization to Request Temporary Road Closure of Prince Street and Grant Street during North High School Student Dismissals. The Manager said this is to temporarily close Prince Street between Lincoln Avenue and Sherman Street, and Grant Street between Saratoga Avenue and Prince Street for a period beginning 20 minutes prior to the dismissal bell and 40 minutes after the dismissal bell at North High School during the school year when school is in session.

Bill Wrobel , 7800 Queens Court, said all these matters call for enforcement. He asked that a timetable be established for revisiting these matters, as that has never been done. He noted that in the past there has been noncompliance.

The Mayor agreed that the ideal of sending this back to the Parking & Traffic Commission for review after six months makes good sense.

Margaret Earl , 4720 Florence, asked if it is necessary to go 40 minutes after the school bell.

The Manager said this is at the request of the school district.

Commissioner Beckman asked about early release dates and how the ordinance addresses that.

The Manager said staff will look into this.

Surface Transportation Program Grant Application to the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference. The Manager said staff would like to proceed with a grant application to the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference (DMMC) for federal funding support of the Cumnor Road, Rogers Street and 59th Street resurfacing projects for consideration as part of DMMC ’s 2007 application cycle. The grant amount would be approximately $1.54 million with a local match of $600,000.00.

Commissioner Tully said no widening of the roadway is planned. The Manager concurred.

Consent Agenda Items

FY 2008 Budget Process. The Manager reviewed the schedule.

Commissioner Waldack complimented staff on the additional comment time.

The Mayor said the budget is the most critical task the Council undertakes. He urged residents to come to the meetings, call or e-mail their comments. It is important to get residential input. The budget is using residents’ tax dollars. The schedule will be advertised.

First Amendment to License Agreement with American Tower Asset Sub, LLC , for Antenna Space on Katrine Well House.

There were no comments.

Fee Waiver Request for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Facility at 4501 Main Street.

There were no comments.

Change Order: 2007 New Sidewalk Program and CBD Crosswalks Upgrade (CIP Project S-004 and S-007).

Commissioner Schnell asked about the work at Acadia on the Green regarding sidewalk color changes.

Mr. Fieldman said staff is working on this in conjunction with CBD crosswalks upgrade project. This project will take place in the fall.


Storm Sewer Watershed Improvement Plan Update

The Mayor noted there is no report as of yet.

Mr. Fieldman said the goal is to improve the stormwater system throughout the Village. There are two major components: Conveyance and storage. The plan will be presented in August. It creates additional capacity for residents.

Mr. Fieldman provided background on the improvement plan and described the approach to this project. There are four consultants working on this project. The Village has three primary watersheds: Lacey Creek, St. Joseph’s Creek and Prentiss Creek. He described their work and provided a summary of the results. Mr. Fieldman addressed a number of issues including flooding of homes and businesses, major street flooding, major yard flooding, etc. Causes include inadequate storm water storage as well as inadequate storm water conveyance. There is insufficient maintenance of both storage and conveyance. Mr. Fieldman reviewed solutions, noting there are specific causes of specific stormwater flooding. Prioritized solutions include new storm sewers, upgrading or replacing storm sewers, street improvements, existing and new detention basin improvements, and enhancing natural areas. He showed examples of solutions. He said 33 projects identified to solve problems are categorized as high priority; 62 as medium priority; and 35 projects are categorized as low priority.

Mr. Fieldman discussed the roles of the Village and the next steps. The final report will be completed in August. He said the funding strategies would be part of the budget discussion. He said the plan is to start on identified projects in 2008.

The Mayor asked that this presentation be made available on the website. He said this may be the biggest capital project the Village has ever undertaken. This must be thoroughly reviewed and discussed as there will be many tough decisions.


Village Staff Attorney Beth Clark said she was presenting ten items to the Council: 1) An ordinance approving a planned development amendment to Planned Development #31 for a master sign plan with a variation; 2) A resolution for an ad hoc committee on housing; 3) An ordinance amending construction site management provisions; 4) An ordinance amending provisions of the Human Services Commission and the Community Events Commission; 4) An ordinance establishing a business registration certificate; 5) An ordinance amending traffic regulations to the intersection of Middaugh and Franklin; 6) An ordinance amending park zone speed limits; 7) An ordinance amending parking restrictions on 68th Street; 8) An ordinance establishing temporary road closures; 9) A resolution authorizing submittal of grant application to the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference for FY 2007 Surface Transportation Program; and 10) A resolution authorizing execution of a first amendment to license agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and American Tower Asset Sub, LLC .


Commissioner Durkin said there were over 3,000 visitors to Anderson’s Bookshop on Friday night. Over 13 businesses helped sponsor the event. He reminded everyone that the Art Moo-veau event was held this weekend.

Commissioner Beckman said he had the pleasure of attending the Art Moo-veau. It is an annual library fundraiser. It was an excellent event with great food.

Commissioner Waldack said that with respect to the VCT application, his concerns have been addressed. The application is complete. He hopes the Village gets the one per cent processing fee. He thanked people for attending the Circulator Study meeting Thursday night. He was told it was the best turnout of the four communities that had this event. He noted that the system is under review. There is no intention to have the bus system replace the taxi subsidy program or any other transportation system.

Commissioner Schnell said she also attended the transportation meeting. There were misconceptions on the part of senior citizens attending the meeting in that they perceived this as a senior transportation system allowing them to go to Yorktown, etc. An educational component is needed and it is important to be clear about expectations.

Commissioner Schnell said she met with the DMMC about the Cable Bill, previously HB 1500 , now SB 962 . She provided information to Ms. Clark.

Mayor Sandack said he attended the Art Moo-veau event. He said Joyful Café/Stillwater catered the event. On another matter, the Mayor said he participated as an observer at a tree planting at Lyman Woods.

The Mayor said has tried to address the length of the Council meetings. He will try to be more succinct and hold his colleagues to brevity.


There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 10: 25 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh