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January 09, 2007

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioner Stan Urban

Visitors: Press: Kevin Stahr, Downers Grove Reporter; Kiran Mehendale, The Sun Residents: Roger Penninger, 4714 Douglas Road; Jack Lucania, First Eagle Development, 438 Pond View, Bartlett; Bruce Martin, 445 Franklin; Bob LeMay, 4825 Oakwood Avenue; S. Tully, 4808 Cornell; Patti Mareno, 803 Curtiss; Bill Gall, Skuddlebutts, 440 Ogden Avenue; Jorge More, 4732 Debolt Avenue; Bruck Beckman, 4629 Middaugh Avenue; Julia K. Beckman, District 99, 1501 Darien Lake, #308, Darien; Sheila McGlone-Eisman, 445 Austin Street; Kirby Eisman, 445 Austin Street; Maria Ibarra Larence, 5712 Hillcrest Road; Mark Thoman, 1109 61st Street; Tom Casey, 4925 Oakwood Avenue; Geoff Neustadt, 4633 Saratoga; Jerry Kuprewicz, 5943 Brookbank; Andy Clark, 1226 62nd Street; Bill Wrobel, 7800 Queens Court; Ken Macal, 4832 Oakwood Avenue; Scott Jacaway, 4828 Oakwood Avenue; Mark Scacco, 4820 Oakwood Avenue; John Schiess, 905 S. Home Avenue, Oak Park; Rada Maksimovic, Regency Development, 2980 S. River Road, Des Plaines Staff: Greg Zimmerman, Director, Human Resources; Bob Porter, Police Chief; Jeff O’Brien, Sr. Planner; Dave Barber, Director, Public Works; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Community Events; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Judy Buttny, Acting Finance Director; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling and Social Services; Naz Yetgen, Intern

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Consent Agenda Items

Manager Pavlicek reviewed the items on the Consent Agenda for questions and/or comments.

Bid: Tree & Stump Removal Contract.

Bid: Mowing Services.

Commissioner Durkin asked whether the Village had a weed control program.

Dave Barber , Director of Public Works, said that the Village hasn’t done this due to the cost involved. He said he will look at it and give the Council a cost estimate, and will discuss it further with the Village Forester, Kerstin von der Heide. Commissioner Durkin said he would appreciate having the weed control evaluated again, particularly with spring coming and the abundance of dandelions and other weeds.

2007 Community Grants Award .

Commissioner Tull y said that the division of the grant categories is Cultural activities, Recreational activities, and Parades, et al. This highlights to him the need for the Council to give some direction to the Community Grants Commission as to what they should do in awarding funds and the focus of the grants. There are activities that survive or don’t survive due to Community Grants funding. He said that there should be direction and a mission for the Community Grants Commission.

Commissioner Waldack said he had asked about the continual funding for parades, and he thought a decision had been made regarding that. Apparently no decision has been made. He believes the Community Grants includes civic funding, and he would like to have this discussed as well. The Manager said that staff’s intent is to bring the subject back to Council by July 2007.

Commissioner Schnell said the original intent was funding for cultural and artistic events, but it was expanded due to limited events. She said that perhaps as the arts grow the Village may not be able to fund parades, etc. She agrees that this merits further discussion. She thanked the Commission for their time in evaluating the proposals.

Commissioner Tully said that part of the interview process with the applicants requesting funding is that those receiving funds will include the Village’s 175th anniversary logo on their printed materials.

IRS Reimbursement Resolution – New Fire Station 2.

Ogden Avenue Corridor Design Services Amendment No. 1 (CIP Project ST-017).

Dave Fieldman , Deputy Village Manager, provided some background information, including referencing the TIF district and the Lakota Master Plan, which provided a vision as to closing curb cuts, burying overhead utilities, etc., and how those would improve the appearance of Ogden Avenue. A master right-of-way plan resulted. There is grant funding for the project, and the item before the Council is the contract with Burns and McDonnell to prepare the right-of-way plan. The cost is covered in the amount of 90% by IDOT funds.

The Mayor asked if this was the same grant that the Village received several years ago and was not implemented. Deputy Fieldman said it was.

Commissioner Waldack asked whether the AutoCAD software work done by Burns and McDonnell will be proprietary. Mr. Fieldman said staff will be able to use it. Commissioner Waldack then referenced meetings with the Village staff and the public. He hopes there will be more than one meeting, and suggested that separate meetings for residents and businesses would be a good idea.

Resolution Authorizing Execution of an Agreement for Prosecution Services .

Commissioner Sandack asked if there is a reason why this isn’t let to bid.

Enza Petrarca , Village Attorney, said that when the in-house prosecutor left, the Village did prepare an RFP . In preparing this agreement, an unofficial survey was conducted and she felt that this was in-line with other quotes. This is not an increase from the previous contract and is in line with other communities.

Commissioner Durkin expressed the same concern as Commissioner Sandack. As long as there has been a survey done, he has no questions. He asked if there has been any outside billing, and Attorney Petrarca said it is a flat fee.

The Mayor asked if they will be evaluating the potential to return to using in-house prosecutors for the coming year. Attorney Petrarca said she will be evaluating the potential for an additional part-time staff attorney to handle the existing workload.

Commissioner Waldack said that for future reference he would like more detail as to why the Village is satisfied with the services.

Mayor Krajewski asked whether the Village is confident that they are getting paid for everything they should be paid for, and the Village Attorney said that staff is trying to monitor this as much as possible. People are given a year to pay.

Manager Pavlicek said that staff could provide the Council with a report.

Commissioner Sandack asked staff to generate a report correlating activity by the outside counsel and the fees paid. He would like to see court appearances and activities vis-à-vis what is paid. Attorney Petrarca said that the Village receives a monthly report of the status of cases. The contract also includes training to police officers.

Active Agenda and Informational Items

Request for Special Meeting on Affordable Housing. Manager Pavlicek said this is based on recent discussion and contains staff’s suggestion that this be required to be part of the Strategic Plan. She said staff has prepared a motion regarding a report on affordable housing that would be presented by a citizen group. They are asking for a half-hour presentation. The Mayor asked that the 2007 Strategic Planning Sessions be moved up from May due to the budget changes.

Commissioner Schnell said she welcomed the idea of a half-hour talk on affordable housing from the group that conducted the presentation in December. She is concerned that the Council hear this, but also gets out the message that this is an extremely complex issue. It will not be resolved in a half-hour meeting and needs extensive community dialogue. The Commissioner suggested limiting the conversation within the Council itself, and then decide how to set up public discussion parameters. She feels this should be done within the confines of the Strategic Plan, and since there will be at least one new member of the Council at the end of April or early May, she thinks the new Strategic Planning has to be done after the new Council member is seated. She said that the Council has also talked about another Total Community Development project within the community and she asked how this issue of affordable housing, tear downs, etc., would fit in. She has a problem with starting the meeting at 5:15 p.m. as working people cannot get there, and would prefer to have a meeting after the regular meeting.

Mayor Krajewski said that all times are fine with him. He received a call from a person from DuPage County regarding this matter.

Commissioner Waldack said they are spending more time on whether they will give a half hour’s worth of time for the meeting. In his opinion, the sooner this is done, the better. He said that the Mayor referenced the fifth Tuesday since it would be convenient for staff, yet staff says there are so many meetings they do not have time to get the work done that the Council directs them to do. Commissioner Waldack said that the public is asking for a half-hour presentation and may need as much as 40 minutes total. If this was held at a regular meeting it would be taped, and Commissioner Urban would be able to watch it on tape. He has seen this presentation. It is complex and will give the Council food for thought. He said that the people have brought up the symptoms of the situation in our community, but it is complex and there are misconceptions. Using the Open Meetings Act as an excuse to put off this presentation is obstruction. He felt the attempt to schedule meetings at other times is also obstructionist, and he sees giving the half hour as simple. Regarding the Strategic Plan and the fact that this isn’t on the Plan also should not affect the presentation. He reviewed the Mission Statement on the Strategic Plan, and he feels that the Village is failing at carrying out many of the missions noted. He suggested that the Council allow one-half hour for the material, with ten minutes for questions, and two-five minutes per Council member after a normal Tuesday meeting, such as January 23. He thinks scheduling it on the fifth Tuesday is inconvenient for staff and everyone.

The Manager clarified that the fifth Tuesday is not inconvenient for staff.

The Mayor said he attended a District 58 meeting, and a board member advised him that she could not attend the meeting if two others members were in attendance. They have the same problem as the Council.

Commissioner Durkin said that with the magnitude of the subject, January 30 would be ideal. He cannot imagine that the Council would subject themselves to a five-minute presentation. He noted that this evening they’ve already spoken for twenty minutes about the possible meeting and they are only half way through the Council. He would be in favor of a motion that the meeting be set for January 30. As for the Strategic Plan, he sees it as a living, breathing document that should reflect the issues of the people of Downers Grove, and if it must be reviewed more than once a year, it needs to be done and must reflect the needs of the people. He asked if affordable housing was part of the original discussion of the Strategic Plan. He was told it was not specifically discussed, and he responded that it needs to be discussed.

Commissioner Tully said they have spent almost half an hour about scheduling a half-hour meeting. He doesn’t see the need for a special meeting. They have been asked to have a group make a presentation. He is against holding a special meeting for this. He referenced the Council rules for special meetings, noting that this is a complex issue and that there must be further discussion about this topic. Staff needs to notice the meeting in the paper. He does not think a half-hour meeting would do this issue justice. In regard to the Strategic Plan, no one has said that this would not be reviewed. He feels a discussion of the Strategic Plan after May 1 makes sense.

Commissioner Sandack said he is open to any date, and the Manager said staff will pick a date for the presentation.

John Hazard , 1029 Blanchard, thanked Commissioner Waldack for expressing the concerns of their group. He said they are not asking for a special meeting, but would like to make their presentation soon due to the upcoming election. Mr. Hazard said their group would like to have an opinion as to whether this is an issue worthwhile discussing. They would be happy to work within the planning cycle.

The Mayor noted that Commissioner Urban is gone until January 25, 2007.

Commissioner Tully said they are talking about a meeting to make a presentation and he is puzzled by the animosity and the accusations. Upcoming elections are not a reason to change the process. Candidates will be happy to give their answers or opinions to the public.

Commissioner Schnell asked for clarification that the Manager is going to give the Council a date. The Manager said she will call Tim Meaney and let him pick the date. The Village Clerk will notice it in the paper.

Tim Meaney, 420 Franklin, said a date of Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. will work well.

Special Use for Skuddlebutts Restaurant with Drive-Up Window – 440 Ogden Avenue. The Manager said staff has a presentation if the Council so chooses.

Commissioner Schnell said that she is concerned that one of the ideas behind the Ogden Avenue Master Plan is to make Ogden Avenue look better. She would like the developer to work with the Forester to have more than just grass on the front of this site. She referenced the southwest corner of Saratoga and Ogden as a good example of improving the appearance.

Deputy Village Manager Fieldman said he will propose a condition to the ordinance for the petitioner to revise the landscape plan in a manner acceptable to the Village Forester, and Commissioner Schnell agreed.

Commissioner Sandack said he sees this as a good addition. This does not reduce the curb cut, but also does not add one. They are adding greenspace to an unproductive site. He said that all requirements of the special use ordinance have been met. This puts an unproductive property to good use and he sees it as a great idea.

Commissioner Tully said that Section 28-1902 of the Code establishes four criteria for approving a special use, and he agrees that those requirements have been met and is consistent with the Ogden Avenue Master Plan.

Vacation of Public Alley. The Manager said this is adjacent to 4714 Douglas Road.

Roger Penninger , 4714 Douglas, said he has been a resident for 18 years and has maintained the alley since they moved in. He said that people are building bigger houses in his neighborhood, and paving the alleys to use as driveways. The only way he can stop his neighbor from paving the alleyway is to purchase it. Over the years his house has flooded because of all the paving that has taken place. He wants to preserve the greenspace. He noted that the Council charged his neighbor $1.00 for an alley vacation. He would like the same treatment as he cannot afford $2,400. He doesn’t think this is fair as he pays taxes, and has taken care of it. He’ll even pay double what his neighbor paid for the alley vacation.

Village Attorney Petrarca said that the Village grants license agreements to allow paving the alleyway.

Commissioner Sandack said that he empathizes with Mr. Penninger. He found the situation as described troubling. It is public property and the citizens have paid for it. He was opposed to giving the property referenced by Mr. Penninger for $1.00. The Village Council before this Council decided that we should not give land away, and he feels it was a mistake to give away that property. They should follow the policy or get rid of the policy.

Commissioner Waldack asked if there was a lease on this property and Attorney Petrarca said there was not. Commissioner Waldack noted the drainage situation, and said that when a neighbor has done something that results in flooding of adjacent property it is inappropriate. He would like the Village to look at this situation. Commissioner Waldack said that he was the one who suggested the charge of $1.00. He did not want to give away property, and wanted to make it an official sale. There was a lease involved as well on the property on Chicago Avenue. The paperwork had not been handled properly, and he anticipated that there would be future problems.

Commissioner Waldack said that in relation to the subject property discussed now, he has no problem with vacating it.

Commissioner Tully said that history is very important here. Public property is a public asset. A considerable amount of time was spent on developing the policy and he feels the price is on the low side of the value. Adding 1,750 feet on to Mr. Penninger’s property makes the property more valuable to him. The example cited by Mr. Penninger was a gross deviation from established policy and a mistake, and he voted against it. He knew it would result in more people asking for property for $1.00. He said that the amount staff is recommending for the property is appropriate and fair for the 14’x125’ strip of land. It is fair to Mr. Penninger and to the taxpayers of the Village. He supports staff’s recommendation as it is consistent with the policy.

Kerby Eisman , 445 Austin Street said he understands some of the issues. It may have been a mistake to sell the previous property for $1.00, but it appears to him that the Village will not maintain the property. It becomes an eyesore and the owners have to maintain it. The owners use their own funds to maintain it and they are also paying taxes on it.

Mayor Krajewski commented regarding the policy, asking the Attorney about paving over alleys and paying a license fee. He would like to know if this is a separate policy, as it creates more stormwater runoff. The Attorney said this is a revocable license agreement.

Mr. Penninger said he cannot build on the land, and he is not benefiting. It is worthless except to the people next door. He noted that the Village will not maintain it. He is here to protect the land for his family, and does not feel he is being treated fairly. He doesn’t want to own the land, but he wants it to stay the way it is. He takes it personally that the Council is accusing him of trying to grab a quick deal for $1.00. He doesn’t think he has to suffer because the Council agrees they made a mistake.

Commissioner Tully said he was not accusing Mr. Penninger of anything. He understands that Mr. Penninger wants to own the land, and Mr. Penninger interjected that he doesn’t want to own the property. If the Village tells him that the land will remain as it is with no one building on it or paving it, he will walk away happy. He wants to keep it the way it is. Commissioner Tully said he understands that but the request before the Council is to vacate that parcel of property to Mr. Penninger. It is the Commissioner’s intention that the policy be followed as that is fairest to all the residents. He is not trying to be unfair.

Mr. Penninger said he has tried different ways to resolve this issue.

The Mayor asked if there is a way to maintain the properties in question. The Manager said this is not dissimilar from asking people to shovel the snow off their sidewalk and mow the parkway. The Mayor asked staff to look at prohibiting homeowners from using the alley as a sideyard setback, and he would like to have more information about the license agreements.

Commissioner Schnell said that prior Councils did not charge for vacation of land because it is put on the tax rolls. The policy says that there has to be compensation. The last time this came up she did not want to charge, and she sympathizes with the petitioner, but since the policy was adopted by the majority of the Council it has to be followed.

Mayor Krajewski asked whether Mr. Penninger could have a license agreement, and the Attorney said he could do that. The Manager said the reason it didn’t go that way was because the petitioner requested a guarantee that it would not be purchased by an adjacent property owners. With a license agreement an adjacent property owner could come in and ask to purchase the property. The Manager said that staff will talk with Mr. Penninger after the meeting to determine whether this is a preferable alternative. Mr. Penninger said that he was told that anyone could pave that property. Deputy Village Manager Fieldman said that any improvement to public owned property would require a permit from the Village and there are policies and procedures in place with respect to granting those permits. He said that the staff would like to take the opportunity to clarify some of these issues for both the applicant and the Council and bring that information back to the next meeting.

Vacation of Public Alley. The Manager said this refers to property at Austin and Franklin.

Bruce Martin , 445 Franklin, said that there are four neighbors who have maintained the property as the Village does not maintain it. He noted that there is a ten-foot east-west easement. He said that staff is requiring an easement the width of the alley, on top of being asked to purchase it and be taxed on it.

Special Use, Variation, Final Planned Development and Final Plat of Subdivision for 922 Warren Avenue. Deputy Village Manager Fieldman said this property is commonly referred to as the Reporter Building. The petitioner wants to demolish the structure and build 20 townhomes. They are proposing narrower drive-aisles which would designate then as a fire lane and would prohibit parking at that location.

Commissioner Durkin asked if there are color renderings available. Mr. Fieldman distributed the renderings.

Commissioner Tully said this petition has one variation. In reviewing the materials from staff and the Plan Commission, he feels that the criteria have been met. He asked if parking would be allowed if they kept a 24-foot aisle.

Jeff O’Brien, Senior Planner, said they would have to designate the drive aisle as a fire lane with either 20 or 24 feet; 20 feet is the minimum required by the Fire Department. The Fire Department concurs with the request for the narrower drive-aisles.

Commissioner Sandack said that this meets and exceeds almost all of the requirements under the PUD statute. He asked whether the Forest and Warren property has the same concept. Mr. Fieldman said it does. Commissioner Sandack said that there is more than enough parking available, and meets all the other criteria. He thinks it would be a good addition to the Village.

John Conrad Schiess, Architect and Representative for the developer, has his place of business at 905 S. Home Avenue in Oak Park. The average price for the townhomes is $515,000.

Commissioner Waldack referenced the Plan Commission minutes regarding the comments about the developer working with the neighbors. He said that the neighbors expressed concerns about the retaining wall and he would like to be able to include language in the ordinance regarding this concern. Stormwater drainage is a problem and he would like to have it specified in the ordinance that the developer will take proper steps and will work with the neighbors. He referred to Standard 7 which requires adequate utilities, access roads, drainage and other necessary facilities, and what type of consideration is being given to the neighbors. Mr. Fieldman said that the retaining wall was built before the County Stormwater Ordinance, and the Village’s Ordinance. The wall will be torn down. Commissioner Waldack said he would like to see Standard 7 include communication with the neighbors in future petitions.

Mark Thoman, 1109 61st Street, commented on the turning radius for the cars. There is a deadend on both sides which is not an issue for the Fire Department, but there was supposed to have been a parking study conducted to assure that cars could manage the turn around. He also said he thought there was a ban on full-size cars for this development. He is concerned that people will have problems accessing the property.

Mr. Scheiss said that there was a lot of discussion at the Plan Commission meeting. The developer is confident that the 20-foot turnaround will work as it has been done in two other developments. He doesn’t believe there will be a problem. They provided staff with a turning simulation for both medium and full-sized cars. This is a parking space that people will use routinely. He noted that parking spaces are deeded to a unit. The purchasers understand the vehicle size restrictions. In regard to the retaining wall, Mr. Scheiss said that the developer has historically done urban in-fill work and take that work seriously for the neighbors. They met with the neighbor and agreed to take the wall down that causes a drainage problem. They are looking for a way to rectify the problem. The rainwater will not go on the neighbor’s property. He doesn’t mind if staff adds to the agreement the condition to work to the satisfaction of the neighbors.

i. Boundary Agreement with the Village of Lisle.

ii. Agreement with the Village of Lisle and First Eagle Development, Inc.

The Manager said these two portions of the Agreement with Lisle were Workshopped earlier, and staff has discussed this further with Lisle.

Deputy Village Manager Fieldman referenced the Council’s packet green sheets. The benefit of having jurisdiction over Walnut Avenue is that the Village can control the right-of-way from Warren to Ogden Avenue, and can maintain the road in a uniform fashion. As to other alternatives available, there is a watermain located within the Village of Lisle about 85 feet from the development in the existing apartment development. The developer prefers pulling water from the existing watermain on the property. He indicated that Lisle does not want to establish I-355 as a boundary between the two Villages. As to customers, Mr. Fieldman said the Village has numerous water customers outside of the Village limits. Staff recommends approval of the boundary agreement, and then approval of the water service agreement with the developer.

Mayor Krajewski said that he has mentioned already that he will not vote for this and he has concerns with taking over the entire road. He asked about the amendment to the original Agreement in 1995. Mr. Fieldman said the amendment was to clarify the centerline approach in the boundary agreement. The Mayor asked for clarification that the first municipality to annex gets the entire road, which Mr. Fieldman said was correct. The Mayor said he doesn’t want to take control of land south of our own boundary, particularly in light of potential Metra station and development.

Commissioner Schnell asked if, with the existing boundary, the Village would have any say about planning issues in relation to the Metra station. Mr. Fieldman said that from staff’s perspective, they believe that the municipality with jurisdictional control gets a seat at the negotiating table, and the Village would be in a better position to have a voice regarding any proposed development.

The Mayor suggested putting that requirement in the boundary agreement. He said the Village owns the road west of the Alter property. The only development will come from Lisle.

Commissioner Tully said that there are both pros and cons to the boundary agreement. The water agreement has a long-standing policy regarding annexation to the Village to obtain the Village’s water.

Commissioner Sandack said that staff has made a compelling case that good planning dictates being ahead of the issue. He thinks a condition or codicil to the agreement makes perfect sense. There is a policy regarding the water agreement, and absent any compelling reason to move away from that policy, they should simply follow it.

The Mayor asked about the north Fairview District. Mr. Fieldman said that the Village took over operation of the water issue prior to any policy regarding annexation. Some of the water agreements vary in terms of time frames since they stretch from 1976 to 2002.

The Manager said if there is no intention to provide water without annexation, it makes moot the point of the boundary agreement.

Commissioner Schnell feels that the Village should stay within the policy.

Commissioner Durkin agreed that they should maintain the policy.

Financing for the Brick Street Improvement Project. The Manager said that this is part of the FY 07 budgetary adoption process.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether this is consistent with other situations, and Mr. Fieldman said it was.

Mr. Barber said that there have been two public meetings on this. Staff has worked with the people who had questions about the project. They are looking at this as a comprehensive improvement in this particular area.

Commissioner Sandack said that if there is an opportunity to look at the stormwater situation, staff should do so.

Mr. Barber commented that the process is that there would be a public hearing on this SSA . Further, staff would be glad to conduct another neighborhood meeting. In response to Commissioner Durkin, Mr. Barber said that they will be rebuilding the majority of the aprons . Construction will take the rest of this construction season and staged so that all six blocks will not be torn up at the same time. He added that emergency vehicles will be able to get to the streets.

Mark Scott, 4820 Oakwood, thanked staff for the information that was provided to him and the neighbors. There is a concern on the street as to how the costs are developed and what will be the residents’ responsibility. He said that the overall breakdown of the costs is unclear, and they would like a breakout of the $1.4 million cost for the street construction. He noted that the difference between this and other streets is the brick and the cost of labor to install the brick. He asked whether the maintenance costs were based on historical data, and whether there has been a follow-up survey as to the desire to do this work.

The Mayor asked staff to schedule a meeting to explain how the costs are developed and then do a follow-up survey with the residents. Mr. Scott then asked whether all of the aprons would be replaced along the length of the road. Mr. Barber responded that the cost to the homeowners if they just paid for the bricks would be higher than when figured out this way. The grade may not change but they are doing all of the aprons.

Scott Jacaway, 4828 Oakwood, said he attended the October meeting, and he encouraged the Council to slow down the process for the SSA as there are a number of people who no longer want this project. They would like to have an opportunity to vote on this after they know the costs to the residents.

Bob LeMay, 4825 Oakwood, said the October presentation was good and gave them a good deal of information including an estimate of the costs. He feels that the people are still in favor of this, and recalls that the cost is less than was first estimated.

Tom Casey, 4925 Oakwood, asked that the Motion on this item be tabled since none of the citizens were notified that this would be discussed by Council. The streets were reconstructed in 1982 and done without an SSA . The reconstruction work failed. The Mayor explained that the Council is not voting on this tonight.

Participation in Phase 3 & 4 of the DuPage Mayors & Managers Circulator (DMMC) Study. The Manager said the Council has had conversations about public transportation, and one issue was the Circulator Study which would provide for a public transportation system that would cross jurisdictional boundaries.

Commissioner Durkin asked what other communities are part of this proposal. The Manager responded that Addison, Lombard, Wheaton and the Village of Downers Grove would be part of the proposal. Mr. Barber said that no additional money is being put toward this other than staff time. He indicated that the involvement has been minimal to date.

Mayor Krajewski asked if there is someone else who can handle the project besides Mr. Barber. Mr. Barber said they are splitting up a few projects now, and staff has tried to share some of these efforts. The Mayor said his concern is that he does not want to subsidize the circulator system.

Commissioner Schnell noted the original documents said that the Village would donate a specified number of hours per month of staff time, and she asked how much of that time was used. Mr. Barber said staff did not come near the estimate. Commissioner Schnell asked if they have spent less time than they committed. Barber said that was correct. Commissioner Schnell said it appears to be as though this system would be of benefit to some to the Seniors. She would like to see Phase 3 and 4 done, and thinks it is advantageous to continue with the study to establish what the benefits actually will be. There is no commitment at this time and she is in favor of this.

Commissioner Sandack said he considered it premature to put restrictions on the Village’s participation, given that the Village has no out-of-pocket expenses before the results of the survey are obtained. He thinks it makes sense to continue forward.

Commissioner Waldack commented that this would help in moving from the Village’s commuter shuttle to an all-day transportation system. He noted that 13 communities are in the study and four have been invited to participate in Phase 3 and 4 of the study. He was happy to read about the routing. He thinks the Village may be able to keep its subsidy the same with this project and he supports it. He thanked Mr. Barber for his work.

Commissioner Tully said that one of the arguments made in support of the commuter system was that this would be an investment in an opportunity which might allow expansion of the benefits of the system to serve more of the needs of the community. He thinks it would be a disservice not to at least explore the potential of Phases 3 and 4 of the DMMC circulator study. He noted that costs have been minimal to date. He agreed that it is important to manage expectations and suggested adding to the resolution language that participation is limited and must have the expressed approval of the Village Council.

The Mayor said he has no problem with Phases 3 and 4, but doesn’t want to raise the expectations of the DMMC .

Cash Management and Investment Policy. The Manager said staff has made a few modifications to the policy and is open to questions.

The Mayor asked about the fees paid annually for investments over the last three or four years. He also noted that the U.S. Bank yield is 2.9% and asked if there was anything better available.

Judy Buttny, Acting Director, Finance Department, said that the operating account is for accounts payable and payroll, and deposits go into the Illinois funds and then are moved to the operating account.

Commissioner Durkin asked why the policy references yield instead of rate. His primary question is, with the opening of the Finance Director position, will there be a different job description with respect to the portfolio. The Manager said that Council authorized a search for the Financial Director with Mercer. Mercer will meet to establish the job requirements. She doesn’t expect the job description to include the management of the cash portfolio.

The Mayor said that it is not that complicated to manage cash.

Commissioner Durkin said he would like to see the fees being paid and determine what was lost in revenue. The Manager said they are still in the process of installing the software which may make it more manageable by staff.

Commissioner Waldack referenced section 6.0 in the policy and requesting deleting the word “generally.” Manager Pavlicek said that staff recommended the language and format for a reason. The language was proposed intentionally in regard to management letters from the auditors.

Commissioner Durkin said it is possible this may be addressing tax receipts in the Illinois funds.

The Manager said that staff will provide this section of the audit report.

Commissioner Durkin then noted that he only sees two local banks in the 32 CDs.

Ordinance Amendment – Meeting Attendance Via Electronic Means. The Manager said this was prepared to mirror State law.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting 14 items to the Council: 1) A resolution a resolution declaring official intent regarding certain capital expenditures to be reimbursed from proceeds of an obligation; 2) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement for prosecution services with Dolci & McMahon; 3) An ordinance authorizing a special use for 440 Ogden Avenue to permit a drive-through restaurant facility; 4) An ordinance vacating a certain portion of a public alley north of 4714 Douglas Road; 5) An ordinance vacating a certain portion of a public alley west of 442 Austin Street and 445 Franklin Street; 6) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the Downers Grove Townhomes; 7) An ordinance authorizing a special use for 922 Warren Avenue to permit multi-family residential dwellings with variations; 8) An ordinance designating Downers Grove Townhomes as Final Planned Development Number 42; 9) A resolution authorizing the 2006 intergovernmental jurisdictional boundary agreement between the Village of Lisle and the Village of Downers Grove; 10) A resolution authorizing an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove, the Village of Lisle and First Eagle Development for water system design, construction, connection and service; 11) A resolution supporting continued participation in Phase 3 and 4 of the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference Circulator Study; 12) A resolution amending Village Council cash management and investment policy; 13) A resolution designating signatories for investment purposes; 14) An ordinance amending provisions for meeting attendance via electronic means.


Commissioner Sandack said that February 16, 2007 the Downers Grove Junior Woman’s Club will sponsor Taste of the Town.

Commissioner Durkin thanked staff for putting the tabs in the packets.

Commissioner Tully said that he learned that two residents were recently honored by the Hinsdale Community House which was founded in 1941. As part of their celebration of their 50th year at 8th and Madison they recognized Amy Liss and Brian Krajewski, among others, for helping to positively shape the future of our community.

The Mayor thanked Downers Grove North and Greg Vogler of the Nomad Travel Team for hosting the Goodwill Games.


There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk Tmh