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October 10, 2006

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, Stan Urban, William Waldack, Sean P. Durkin; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioner Ron Sandack

Visitors: Residents: Wayne Tasic, 21W122 Butterfield, Lombard; Andy Clark, 1226 62nd Street; Michael Anderson, 385 Airport Road, Elgin; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Greg Bedalov, 2001 Butterfield; Chris Lavoie, 1928 Wellington Place; Mike Rectorik, V3 Companies of Illinois, 7325 Janes Avenue, Woodridge; Rich Slehoter, Harris Bank, 4161 DuBois, Brookfield; Brad Pausha, Valerio Dewalt Train, 500 N. Dearborn, Chicago; Jon Peterson, Harris NA, 111 W. Monroe, 7-C, Chicago; Mike Roth, Wildman Harrold, 2300 Cabot Drive, Lisle; Mark Staehlin, Community High School District 99, 6301 Springside Staff: Fire Chief Phil Ruscetti; Police Chief Bob Porter; Dave Barber, Director, Public Works; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling & Social Services; Don Rosenthal, Director, Community Development; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Tourism & Events; Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Rita Trainor, Director, Financial Services; Doug Kozlowski, Director, Marketing & Media; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Consent Agenda Items

Manager Pavlicek reviewed the items on the Consent Agenda and asked for questions. She said that Staff requests withdrawing Item #5, Bid for Stormwater and Wetland Consulting Services 2007-2008, in order to obtain additional information.

Bid: Parking Lot Improvements – McCollum Park Satellite Maintenance Facility (SMF) & Fire Station #5 (CIP Projects WP-007 and MB-045).

The Mayor asked exactly where the lots are located.

Dave Barber , Director, Public Works, said that they are resurfacing the parking lot for Station 5 as well as the parking lot around the new maintenance facility. Mayor Krajewski said that he thought there was no parking lot before in the place of the old shed. Mr. Barber said that in looking at the agreement the Village agreed to build the maintenance facility with a parking lot, fencing and landscaping. The Mayor asked for a copy of the agreement, saying he knows what it looked like before and what it looks like now. The Manager said that staff would provide a sketch and a copy of the agreement for the next meeting. The Mayor said he could see that they might need to do a road leading to the facility, but not a parking lot.

Commissioner Urban asked whether Dan Cermak was under some impression that the Village would build a parking lot for the Park District. Mr. Barber said that he was. Commissioner Urban asked whether Mr. Barber thinks a parking lot is needed there. Mr. Barber responded that he was not here when the project was approved. He is working off of the set of approved plans. The Village Council approved the plans in 2003 for $489,000. Mayor Krajewski said that the scope seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. He suggested looking at the budget from 8-9 years ago when this was originally budgeted. He understands the Code has changed. Mr. Barber said the price escalated significantly in 2000-2001. The Mayor said he did not think the Council has seen the agreement. The staff may have had discussions with the Park District that were not part of the agreement. He also asked Village Attorney Enza Petrarca to review this in terms of what has actually been agreed upon for the Village to do on that site.

Commissioner Tully said some time ago there was an agreement between the Park District and the Village with regard to land to build a water tower. The Park District agreed to have the tower placed at McCollum Park, and in exchange for that land the Village would build a maintenance facility for the Park District. The facility has been built. He believes that the Council saw the agreement about three years ago, and noted reasons why this has escalated in price, including changes in Codes, increases in materials prices, etc. He recommended just getting this done and closing the book on it for good.

Renewal of Maintenance Contracts with AT&T for Fire Station Paging Systems.

Commissioner Waldack said he saw that the $20,000 includes 56k modems. He noted how quickly the cable bills add up, and is concerned about the 56k modem. The Manager responded that the difficulty might be that they are dealing with maintenance of existing paging systems. When they get further along into the Fire Station process they may look at new technology.

Intergovernmental Agreement Dedicating an Educational Access Channel to High School District 99.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether this would open up programming time.

Doug Kozlowski , Director, Marketing & Media, said this will open up a significant part of the Village’s daytime programming. Tomorrow evening they will air the budget meeting from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and they could run that again during the day.

Commissioner Waldack said he hoped there would be an agreement between the two stations to share programming.

Mayor Krajewski asked whether District 99 would televise the Board meetings.

Mark Staehlin , of Community District High School 99, said that this is for student use and they do not intend to televise Board meetings.

Commissioner Urban asked whether there would be interest in joint purchases of some items, such as paper, snow removal, etc.

Commissioner Tully said that in 1981 when it was Cable Access Channel G, students did some of the programming and he sees this as a great opportunity for the students to obtain first-hand experience at what it takes to put together a television program in a studio environment.

Fire Department Annual Physicals. There were no questions.

Bid: Stormwater and Wetland Consulting Services 2007-2008. This item was withdrawn.

Purchase of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). There were no questions.

2006 Community Grants Award.

Manager Pavlicek said that this is a corrective action for some earlier awards that were not used. The Mayor recommended putting language in the Ordinance to address this.

Commissioner Tully said this is the first time someone returned unused Community Grant funds, and there was no contingency in place for this situation. In the future the Community Grants will have a contingency so as to avoid having to come to Council again.

The Mayor said that the $500 was reallocated to the Marching Mustangs Music Bowl, and to the West Towns Chorus Christmas show.

Commissioner Waldack said that at the budget discussions, it seems as though the Community Grants was for cultural projects. He mentioned a civic project and asked if it would qualify as well.

Commissioner Tully said that there are established criteria for the applicants to meet. The purpose and use has evolved over time. The question is what it should be today, noting that most event recipients have been cultural. He noted that there are always more requests than dollars available.

The Manager said based on Saturday’s conversation, staff intends to bring this back as a Workshop item in advance of the 2007 grant cycle.

Commissioner Schnell noted that Sue Brassfield has a brochure that describes the criteria for the grants.

Active Agenda and Informational Items

Manager Pavlicek reviewed the Active Agenda items for questions.

2006 Heritage Festival Annual Report.

Commissioner Durkin said he has attended the event for a number of years, and noted all of the work that goes into this. It is one of the best neighborhood activities and he looks forward to next year’s celebration.

Commissioner Tully commended Mary Scalzetti, the staff and volunteers for all of their work. This is a free festival, and the goal is to break even. He noted that staff does this every year and further commended them for accomplishing this goal.

Commissioner Urban extended compliments to the Community Events Commission, and his appreciation to Mary Scalzetti and her staff. Her predecessor was Lynn Saladino and they were charged in the beginning with simply putting together a “block party.” This year is the 175th anniversary for the Village and the Village needs to do something special as a community, and for each event. He would want to invest more money in Heritage Festival next year. He would like recommendations to the Council from the Community Events Commission. He also recommended thinking “out of the box” and coming back with suggestions that will make everyone remember the 2007 Heritage Festival for many years to come.

Commissioner Schnell said that the report was well done and Mary and her staff have this down pat, giving a great amount of time and effort to its success. She suggested that the original Committee be recognized in the 175th anniversary.

Commissioner Waldack said it was a great Festival and he would like to see next year’s event be very special.

Mayor Krajewski asked when the Village book would be coming out. Mr. Kozlowski responded the first or second week in January. The Mayor suggested coordinating sponsors of Heritage Festival in that Village book.

Commissioner Durkin asked whether plans are being addressed regarding possible concerns caused by the redevelopment in the area with new residential units. Mayor Krajewski said that they would have rides on both sides of the tracks due to the Acadia on the Green. This will create a need for closer monitoring and supervision of the tracks.

Commissioner Tully said that this is a challenge that the Community Events Commission has faced many times. Once the ordinance and budget is passed, the Community Events Commission looks at the logistical issues and will bring the plans back to the Council.

Manager Pavlicek added that there are always innate conflicts with mixed zoning and staff works closely with Council and the downtown businesses to address the issues that may arise, including things such as street closings and parking.

2007 Heritage Festival Ordinance and Budget.

The Mayor said he has no problem with the ordinance. Regarding the budget, he asked about the funding. The Manager said that $75,000 has been specifically identified for the 175th anniversary activities during Heritage Festival. The Mayor asked if the budget is approved, could they still put more money into it through the general fund. The Manager said the $75,000 was specifically to approve the headliner act, and the dollar amount can be enhanced.

Commissioner Urban asked if the entertainment budget is $95,000 and Ms. Scalzetti responded that it was. Commissioner Urban said he would like to have the opportunity to approve the entertainment line up over $15,000 before contracts are signed. Ms. Scalzetti agreed. The Manager said she understood that of the $75,000, $65,000 was for entertainment, and $10,000 for the fireworks. Ms. Scalzetti said they are trying to do fireworks all three nights of Heritage Festival. They are budgeting $20,000 for the fireworks for the 4th of July, and the Village intends to be more actively involved this year in the decisions for the 4th of July fireworks.

There was some confusion as to what is actually budgeted for the 175th Heritage Festival or the 4th of July. The $20,000 is for a combination of the Heritage Festival fireworks and 4th of July.

Ms. Scalzetti said that on October 17 they will discuss these items, as well as unveil the logo and general marketing materials.

The Mayor said that the Council needs to decide exactly how much money to put into the 175th anniversary activities. The Manger said that was correct. The ordinance before the Council now is for the base line Heritage Festival activities. The Mayor noted that the figures show $235,000 which is the amount the Council has to review for the anniversary activities.

Commissioner Tully clarified that Heritage Festival expenses last year were about $400,000. Next year’s budget is approximately $430,000. He noted that additional amounts would be in a separate fund. He urged the Council to give direction for the 175th anniversary celebration. The Community Events Commission (CEC) has not been given direction, and he has been asking for two years for the Council to move forward with plans for this event. The Commissioner said that the CEC has come up with the logo, plan and schedule. They suggested enhancing all existing community activities throughout the year, and he said he challenged the Council some time ago to make those events better. He said he is troubled that they are hearing things so late in the year as this is the 11th hour.

Commissioner Urban said that the Council has never really challenged ideas coming out of the Community Events Commission. He agreed that the Council is behind on this. He questioned the number and cost of polo shirts. Commissioner Tully said this information was given out to everyone a month ago. The Manager said that this was provided in late August/early September with the costs, and staff asked for input.

Commissioner Tully said that there is a plan in place, and there was little comment from Council members. He urged the Council to bring forth ideas.

Commissioner Urban said perhaps the budget process change is what’s spurring these questions at this time. He reiterated that it is important that they make this the best Heritage Festival ever. He apologized for not being on top of this sooner, but is willing to invest in this community to make this the best Festival.

Mayor Krajewski asked about the meeting on October 17. The Manager said that it will be a rollout of the logo to generate interest and talk about plans for the event, as well as get volunteers. Commissioner Tully said they should reach out to the many service organizations in the community that have a long history with the Village.

The Mayor also apologized for not recognizing the document provided, saying that he was looking for a number of recommendations coming to the Council from which they could choose.

Commissioner Urban said he also expected a list of choices from which the Council would choose, and stated he would attend the meeting.

Commissioner Waldack said that right now the cost is $431,670 split between Heritage Festival and the 4th of July events. Revenues are expected to cover expenses. He noted that Astro Amusements was mentioned in the news. He said that the Committee must make sure that they get a top-notch company safe for children with people who know how to operate rides safely. The Manager said that the Village does have a criminal background check done on all workers. She said that the Police Chief could provide details on that if the Council chooses. Commissioner Waldack said that it seemed to him that although the weather was great and the attendance was up, they are the same rides every year with increased costs and the lines don’t seem to be as long as previously. He said they could use a variety of rides. The Manager also said that the Council controls the cost of rides and the number of coupons per rides.

Commissioner Waldack said there were questions about participation by certain nonprofit organizations. He said that anyone wishing to participate can get more information on the website. He also suggested a concert by District 99 in honor of the 175th anniversary, and suggested that they could involve the Park District as well.

Mayor Krajewski asked about the cost of rides, and Ms. Scalzetti said they are from 2-5 tickets at $1.00 each. The Mayor also asked about adding a provision to eliminate other carnivals coming to the Village immediately prior to the Heritage Festival.

Village Clerk April Holden said that there is a draft ordinance providing for 90 days.

Commissioner Schnell said she also was under the impression that there would be a list of items to chose from, but she would prefer putting the money into the fireworks at Heritage Festival over the 4th of July celebration. They need to enhance the entertainment on all three nights. She also suggested enhancing the image of the vendors.

Commissioner Durkin referenced the 10th anniversary celebration of Darien and noted the importance of crowd control.

Commissioner Waldack noted that the Village does not have a Village song.

Special Use and Lot Split for Harris Bank: Ogden Avenue & Cumnor Road. The Manager said the location of this is in the outlot of the Trader Joe’s and Office Depot mall.

Commissioner Durkin said he is pleased to see the amount of landscaping planned. The greenspace will be greater than the requirements and he complimented the developer.

Commissioner Urban asked if any other lot splits are contemplated.

Deputy Village Manager Dave Fieldman said this is the only lot split for this property that’s been reviewed.

Michael Roth , attorney for the petitioner, said that this is the only lot split that is contemplated as the Code restricts the number of lot splits for the property to one. He pointed out that traffic was an issue, and he said that they have addressed the issue of egress out of the main drive. There is sufficient width for two lanes.

The Mayor asked who owns the entrance, and when is the completion date. Mr. Fieldman said that the survey in the packet distributed to the Council shows the separation of property by the median. Mr. Roth said that the completion date anticipated is late summer of 2007.

Commissioner Tully clarified that the petitioner is requesting both a special use and a lot split, and the lot split criteria appear to have been met and are not an issue. He said that the traffic study indicated that the traffic increases would be marginal.

The Mayor thanked the petitioners for a good plan, saying that this generates TIF income as well which will help School District 58. He asked the attorney to look into amending the Municipal Code with respect to fees for banks requesting a special use. He suggested a fee of $150,000 or thereabouts for a drive-through, due to the loss in sales tax revenue.

Commissioner Durkin said he would like to see the Village implement a second use for a bank facility once it is constructed so it does not sit vacant if the bank leaves. He referenced Bolingbrook’s ordinance. The Mayor asked that Bolingbrook’s ordinance be reviewed.

Commissioner Urban said he lives within walking distance of this mall. It is a great improvement. He hopes this will increase the traffic flow to the mall, and sees this as a great proposal, particularly with the proposed greenspace improvement.

Planned Development Amendment for Woodcreek Office Park . The Manager said office park is located at 2211 Butterfield Road.

The Mayor asked about amendments to PUDs.

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said that to the extent that proposed plans do not conform to the original design, the applicants need to come before the Council.

Wayne Tasic, 21W122 Butterfield Road, Lombard, said he has been before the Council before, and commented on signage and nuisance lighting. He distributed literature to the Council, then read a statement referencing the issue of improper illumination, and noted that the petition he submitted contains signatures of 100 local residents requesting that signage be turned off from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the following day, and Saturdays and Sundays. He asked whether the developer still agrees with the lighting requests because he saw nothing in the development proposal. Mr. Tasic said the signage was permitted as part of the architect’s plan with illumination on all four sides.

The Manager said that the Village Attorney can work with the petitioner to determine a way to codify the language.

The Mayor then asked the petitioner about the proposed restaurant use. Mr. Roth said there is no restaurant use for this lot. They are not looking for a restaurant at this time. The Mayor noted that there are 21 restaurants coming in on Butterfield Road within the next two years.

Commissioner Waldack noted that the Village has ordinances regarding illumination. He said that he has assurance that the lighting emitted will be the same as is allowed within the Village. He is sensitive to lighting issues.

The Mayor asked staff to check when the lights go out on Butterfield Road in Oak Brook, and asked for clarification regarding the hours of illumination.


Manger Pavlicek said that on October 7 the Council held a Budget Workshop meeting, and at that meeting staff asked to continue the Workshop to this meeting to discuss the Capital Improvements Program.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting six items to the Council: 1) A resolution authorizing execution of a certain agreements between the Village of Downers Grove and AT&T; 2) A resolution authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Downers Grove Community High School District 99; 3) An ordinance regarding the 2007 Heritage Festival; 4) An ordinance approving a lot split for the property commonly known as 120-152 Ogden Avenue; 5) An ordinance authorizing a special use for 120-152 Ogden Avenue to permit a drive-through banking facility; and 6) An ordinance approving a planned development amendment to Planned Development #20 for an office facility.

The Mayor called for a five-minute recess, after which the Council would discuss the CIP portion of the budget.

Community Investment Program Discussion

Upon return from recess, Manager Pavlicek said that the Village’s CIP program covers a five-year period under fund 220. She asked Public Works Director Dave Barber to review the process.

Mr. Barber described the strategic plan and goals including six objectives: improve fire, emergency and medical services; improve neighborhood infrastructure of gutters, curbs and sidewalks; operate Village facilities efficiently, promote productivity and support effective customer friendly services; improve stormwater and drainage system; completion of major capital projects on time and within budget; upgrade the water system. Mr. Barber reviewed the funds allocated saying that they expect to come in at 91% of the budget, noting that of the 31 current projects, almost all are basically completed. The first year of the plan is a total of $21,905,020, and the first five years total $51,024,520. Including future years, all projects added together make up a total capital plan of about $108,000,000 for the projects identified. The Manager pointed out that the figures are on page 14 of the CIP book. Mr. Barber further explained how the projects are identified in the book.

Mayor Krajewski asked about the vehicle storage facility and roof replacement. Mr. Barber said that is for the facility behind vehicle services and would house any fire department vehicles displaced during upcoming construction.

Mayor Krajewski asked that they make sure they bid alternates on the sidewalks program. As for 63rd and Woodward, Mr. Barber said the Village would resurface their portion of the roadway up to Woodridge’s resurfaced area.

In response to the Mayor’s question regarding water security enhancement, Mr. Barber said it involves putting in special dial up devices on the water tower to know when someone enters the facility unofficially.

The Mayor asked about the entrance signs into the Village. The Mayor said they are asking for $20,000 per sign, but staff would have to come in with drawings and estimates. The question is whether they want to begin with four entrance points. The Mayor said they should replace the ones they have, and there was consensus among the Council that the signage needs to be enhanced at the entrances to the Village. The Manager asked if the Council agrees to put in $100,000 in the budget for the signs. Commissioner Durkin also asked that staff look at the Burr Ridge signs, as they are low maintenance.

Mayor Krajewski asked about Parking Lot I and Mr. Barber said that is the Fairview Avenue lot.

Commissioner Urban questioned the $1.2 million water main replacement for the Sun Ridge Subdivision. Mr. Barber said that a good share of watermains need to be replaced in that area. Commissioner Urban said he is proud of the fact to see an investment of $21 million in one year, realizing that includes the firehouse. He would like to see what surrounding communities are doing in terms of capital improvements.

Mayor Krajewski then raised the subject of brick streets at a cost of $900,000 in the capital fund, with $400,000 in the Special Service Area. Mr. Barber said they had preliminary meetings with the neighbors and came up with a cost sharing formula based on the same methodology used in the past. There is another neighborhood meeting scheduled for next week to discuss finalization of the plans. Mayor Krajewski asked for the cost of asphalt for that area if it were not brick streets.

Commissioner Tully noted that the name for this portion of the budget is the Community Investment Program (formerly Capital Improvement Plan). This is an investment in our community and speaks in plain terms about what is being done. He referred to page 15 with respect to revenues, showing $75,000 in developer’s contribution for sidewalks. He asked if that is in addition to the $360,000 or is part of it. Mr. Barber said that $360,000 is inclusive of the $75,000. Commissioner Tully asked if the Village has any plans to amend this fee. Mr. Barber responded that he reviews it annually based on the running foot costs. He does not think it will change drastically.

Commissioner Tully then noted that with respect to the electricity tax, he heard that HB 5766 passed out of Committee and may be voted on by the General Assembly by November. This could impact the rate and what the Village projected for the electricity tax.

Commissioner Tully then asked Mr. Barber if there are any new projects in the CIP from 2005-06. Mr. Barber said there were. He explained the coding of the capital sheets in the budget book and gave examples of the new projects.

In regard to stormwater and sidewalks, Commissioner Tully said that curb and gutter plays a big part in stormwater control, and asked whether curb and gutter should be done as part of sidewalk construction. Mr. Barber responded that in designing the right-of-way for curb and gutter, the streets may have to be redesigned to cut them down by as much as 18”. Streets are designed to serve as open channels. It is a significant project and is more complicated than it appears to be.

Commissioner Tully then commented on the gateway signs, saying that they don’t need to be ridiculously expensive, but they need to be consistent and handsome.

Mayor Krajewski noted he was troubled by the Home Rule Sales Tax figure. He asked who collects the electricity tax.

Rita Trainor , Finance Director, said that the Village collects it directly. She said she would check as to the lag time.

In response to the Mayor’s question regarding major building projects, Mr. Barber said that other projects are enumerated in the FY2006 Capital Projects update.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether all of the surveys are done regarding sidewalks. Mr. Barber said they have not yet been authorized. Commissioner Schnell then said that if the Council wants staff to add sidewalks, they should direct staff to conduct the surveys and engineering. She then noted that it appears as though the stormwater projects are minimal this year awaiting the Stormwater Master Plan. Mr. Barber responded that the Stormwater Master Plan does not identify the projects. It identified maintenance needs and obligations to fix the system. There will be an increase in projects in future years as a result of the Plan. There are no bricks and mortar projects recommended, though there is a recommendation regarding a process for watershed plans.

Concerning the street maintenance for 2007, Commissioner Schnell asked how close the funding gets the Village to where we want to be with respect to improving streets. Mr. Barber said that the streets that were in bad condition are getting worse. Those that were in the mid-range are getting better. He noted that they are behind in terms of total dollars.

Commissioner Schnell said she would support giving direction to the staff for more sidewalks.

Commissioner Waldack complimented staff on the budget book explanations. He noted that there are projects proposed which are expensive and are recommended for work that was originally done in the 1970s. He also noted projects which reference the need to be an SSA and asked what drives the motivation for an SSA . Mr. Barber responded that some homeowners paid for materials when they purchased their homes in the way of an initial storm sewer infrastructure. Clyde Estates is a storm sewer project, but those homeowners never paid for an initial storm sewer system. There are many areas that initially did not pay for the infrastructure investment and dialogue needs to be conducted as to how to address those areas.

Commissioner Waldack then noted that the Village is making progress in the bikeways, and that there is inadequate bike parking in the CBD . He would like to see planning and progress on this issue.

Commissioner Durkin asked about the comments on cutting a street height. Mr. Barber said it would involve cutting down the whole roadway. Commissioner Durkin said he would be interested in knowing the cost of putting curbs, gutters and sidewalks as a package, versus piecemeal. He also asked if there is a tax or fee associated with teardowns that provide for fees for roadway impact. Mr. Barber then explained the fees collected, noting there are no basic fees for roadway impact.

Mayor Krajewski asked about watermain replacement. Mr. Barber said these are identified watermain projects based on maintenance history. Regarding the SSA , Mr. Barber said more information would be forthcoming to the Council in terms of borrowing the funds. The Mayor said if the funds are in the general fund he would prefer considering using those funds rather than borrowing.

Manager Pavlicek clarified that Council does agree to allocating $100,000 for gateway signage, and that the CIP will now be called the Community Investment Program. She also noted that the budget is not in accordance with the cash balance policy, and that there is the possibility of having to revisit that policy.

There being no further discussion, the Mayor adjourned the Workshop meeting at 9:18 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh