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July 11, 2006

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban, William Waldack; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Residents: Rita Martin, 4942 Montgomery; Jim Durkin, 2300 Cabot, Lisle; Dave Bradley, 1032 Ogden Avenue; John Spriet, 1209 Jefferson; John Schofield, 1125 Jefferson; Barb Wysocki, Chamber of Commerce; W. Benda, 4400 Pershing; J. Olson, 2800 Maple; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Andy Clark, 1226 62nd St.; Bill Wrobel, 7600 Queens Court; Gigi & John Elza, 7417 Main; Joe Whiteside, XSport Fitness, 47W210 Rt. 30, Big Rock; Bob & Patti Pazkowski, 7421 Main; Richard Weglarz, 1036 73rd St.; Greg Bedalov, 4840 Seeley; Sean Patrick Durkin, 857 Bonnie Brae; Alice Strelau, 5611 Brookbank; Robert Barnett, 730 Maple; Guy Brownson, 5905 Downers Drive; Gary & June Vandervest, 5912 Brookbank; Shery Baldwin, 5830 Brookbank Rd.; Gloria Kryzak, 5834 Brookbank; Barbara & James Holmes, 513 Chicago; Tom Schroder, 4815 Forest; George Swimmer, 7041 Creekside; Tom Sisul, 5120 Main St. Staff: Bob Porter, Police Chief; Don Rosenthal, Director, Community Development; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Dave Fieldman, Deputy Village Manager; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services; Rita Trainor, Director, Financial Services; Dave Barber, Director, Public Works; Greg Zimmerman, Director, Human Resources; Andy Matejcak, Director, Counseling and Social Services; Megan Bourke, Intern

Mayor Krajewski explained that this meeting is a combination of both a regular Council meeting and a Workshop style meeting. Council will be asked to vote on the consent and active sections of the agenda. All public comments on these items will be taken at the beginning of the meeting. The changes to this meeting format are due to the cancellation of the regularly scheduled meeting from the prior week which fell on Tuesday, July 4, 2006.

Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.

1. Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

2. Roll Call

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban, William Waldack; Village Manager Cara Pavlicek; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden


3. Minutes of Workshop and Council Meetings

Strategic Planning Session – June 12, 2006 Council Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2006 Strategic Planning Session – June 20, 2006 Workshop Minutes – June 27, 2006

There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, Mayor Krajewski said they would be filed as submitted.

4. Public Comments and Questions

Comments on the Consent and Active Agenda

1. George Swimmer , 4905 Main Street, congratulated Commissioner McConnell for doing such a great job for the Village and he wished her the best of luck. Mr. Swimmer then said he was concerned about the Main and Maple lot being sold. The downtown area is very fragile at this time, and there are not enough parking spaces now. People shy away from using the deck, and the downtown area has to be approached carefully and slowly. That corner lot will only go up in value, and he believes the Village should wait for a time. He noted that the Main and Maple lot is filled most of the time.

Mr. Swimmer then added that there is parking space on Burlington Avenue where Acadia has the area blocked off. He asked staff to look at this. He understood as well that there was a long-term lease with Metra. He also asked what is happening with Al’s Beef.

The Mayor said he doesn’t know what is going on at Al’s Beef. In regard to Metra, the Mayor stated that the agreement is that Village will provide a certain number of spots in the downtown area but the spots were not specified.

2. Rita Martin , 4942 Montgomery Avenue, asked if anyone remembered the Lakota Plan which featured a park use at Main and Maple. She said the idea of developing it as a townhouse development goes way beyond what was originally envisioned. She agreed with Mr. Swimmer that the Village should move more slowly. There will not be any green space after Acadia on the Green is built. She hopes that Ebersold Park remains a park and that it will be taken care of by the Park District.

The Mayor said the Village does not own Ebersold Park. He noted that there is a park in the Acadia on the Green development.

The Manager said details of that park will come back to the Council for review.

3. Bill Benda , 4400 S. Pershing, said he is here to discuss item ORD 00 -02403, Preserve at Belmont. He said he lives across the street from the area under consideration. He said that the document submitted PC 21 -06, is calculated incorrectly. He brought this information to the Plan Commission and they ignored him. He said that at the Plan Commission meeting, the document shows 7 lots being developed at 2.06 acres, when in fact three of the lots shown are part of another development. He asked how the plan can be approved when the base calculations are completely wrong. It affects all the wetland and other calculations. He has received no responses to his inquiries from Community Development. He asked whether it has been resubmitted correctly. His development has to pay for wetland maintenance and needs answers to his questions. All of his questions have been ignored, yet the Council is getting ready to vote on an ordinance concerning this. Mr. Benda said he has sent 50-60 e-mails with no responses. He asked how he gets responses to his inquiries. He said that he is in constant contact with Dan Grecco, stormwater, Mike Millette and others. He said he is a property owner of the property adjacent to this property. Mr. Benda said he is an engineer and would like to see the actual plans.

The Manager reviewed the case saying that Mr. Benda can obtain copies of the document by signing the Freedom of Information Act request. Mr. Benda stated he was told that those documents cannot be released to him.

Mayor Krajewski then asked if the stormwater detention calculation was based on other property.

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said Mr. Benda can come and look at the plans but the Village is not allowed to release copies of the plans.

Mr. Benda then began to review figures on the documents which are totally incorrect, according to him, because those figures include land owned by him and others. In his opinion, including the other land helps the developer meet the zoning requirements in regard to density.

Manager Pavlicek said that the information that the Council has received is from the Village’s engineer, while the information provided by Mr. Benda is his opinion, as he is not an engineer with the Village. She said that she believed the applicant was present and could respond further to any questions, or the Council could choose to delay a decision on the item until questions are answered. She then reviewed the document submitted regarding the planned development, noting that other staff are present for further discussion.

Mr. Benda responded that there is still question as to what has been done in regarding to the wetland situation, clearing of the property from the original construction in 2004, drainage issues, etc. The Mayor asked Mr. Benda to contact the Village Attorney with his concerns about the property. He would be able to look at the plan in Village Hall.

Commissioner Tully said for clarification that the petition before the Council is for a final planned development with a variation for a multi-family residential development. The variation affects building height. There is no request for variations for stormwater. The Plan Commission recommendation specified that the stormwater must comply with the Village and County requirements. There is no request to the Village or the County for variances regarding stormwater requirements. He said that he thinks there is a misunderstanding as to the property in question, and that Mr. Benda is looking at the parcel where the building will be constructed, while staff is looking at the entire parcel.

Comments and Questions on General Matters

There were none.

5. Public Hearings

6. Consent Agenda

MOT 00 -02399 Motion: Authorize Approval of the FY2006 -07 Budget for the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation (Sponsors: Manager’s Office)

RES 00 -02401 Resolution: Authorize Execution of Agreements with Versar, Inc. re: Acadia on the Green (Sponsors: Deputy Village Manager)



MOT 00 -02409 Motion: Approve the Space Program for Fire Station 2 (Sponsors: Deputy Village Manager)

Commissioner Tully moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Commissioner Urban seconded the Motion.

Commissioner Sandack asked that resolution 00-02400 be removed from the Consent Agenda for a separate vote.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Tully, Urban, Waldack, Sandack, McConnell Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.

Commissioner Tully moved to approve the Consent Agenda as amended. Commissioner Urban seconded.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Tully, Urban, Waldack, Sandack, McConnell Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.

7. Active Agenda

RES 00 -02400 Resolution: Call for Reduction of Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants in Illinois and Support the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Proposed Mercury Emissions Reduction Rate (Sponsors: Marketing & Media)




Commissioner Sandack said he supports this matter, but does not feel it is appropriate for this Council to consider. It is outside the four corners of the Council’s purview. They could spend hours talking about many issues, but they should contain their discussion to those matters directly related to the Village of Downers Grove. Therefore, out of principle only, he will be voting against this resolution.

VOTE : YEA – Commissioners Tully, McConnell, Waldack, Urban, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY – Commissioner Sandack

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.

MOT 00 -02410 Motion: Approve Strategic Planning Documents Including Vision and Mission Statements Support by Core Beliefs (Sponsors: Village Manager)

This will approve strategic planning documents including vision and mission statements support by core beliefs.

Commissioner Tully proudly moved to approve strategic planning documents including vision and mission statements supported by core beliefs as presented. Commissioner Urban seconded.

Commissioner McConnell said this is a great document but will only be as good as the execution. She said she spoke to the Manager on this and knows that Ms. Pavlicek is behind this. Commissioner McConnell said she hoped she’d be able to follow up on this on the Village’s website.

Commissioner Sandack said he is proud to support this statement which is a product of workshop meetings with a facilitator. It is the sum aggregate of beliefs the Council shares.

Commissioner Waldack said he thought this is a good Mission Statement and is a snapshot in time as to what the Council believes the priorities should be. It is a living document which can and will change over time. He is proud of this and of the Council working together.

Commissioner Schnell thanked the staff for all the time and effort they put into this document, and thanked her colleagues for their efforts. She expressed her pride in everyone pulling together noting that four members had to agree to an item for it to be considered as a high priority. This gives the staff a clear understanding of the Council’s vision, and asked that this be put on the web page.

Commissioner Urban added his feelings of pride to be part of this document. It is a living and working document which provides the staff with direction. He agreed that all priority items had to be agreed upon by four Council members.

Commissioner Tully explained the process of the strategic planning which resulted in the Mission, Vision and action plan before the Council. He thanked the facilitator, Lyle Sumek, as well as the entire management team. He noted that minor typographical corrections need to be made before this is placed on the website.

The Mayor thanked the Village Manager for suggesting a Strategic Plan. He thanked the Council and staff for their work, noting as Commissioner Schnell stated, that at first there was some reluctance to proceed with this project. A good work product resulted from both staff’s and the Council’s meetings. He noted that about 95% of the items received six votes, and this is direction of the Council for Village staff. It provides a clear roadmap for priority issues at this time.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Tully, Urban, Waldack, Sandack, McConnell Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.


MOT 00 -02402 Motion: Authorize Negotiation of a Redevelopment Agreement with InterCapital Partners, Ltd., Chicago, Illinois, for the Northeast Corner of Main Street and Maple Avenue (Sponsors: Deputy Village Manager)

This will authorize the Village Manager to negotiate a redevelopment agreement with InterCapital Partners, Ltd. for the redevelopment of the northeast corner of Main & Maple.

Commissioner McConnell moved to authorize the Village Manager to negotiate a redevelopment agreement with InterCapital Partners, Ltd. for the redevelopment of the northeast corner of Main & Maple as presented. Commissioner Schnell seconded.

Commissioner Tully said that comments were made about this site having once been considered for a park. He said in 1997 there was a plan to use this is a park, and noted that a number of plans have changed as circumstances dictate. As long as he has been on the Council, this parcel has been considered part of the downtown and part of the TIF area. This has been on-going for a long time. He thinks it is a good plan and he is in support of this project.

The Mayor agreed that there have been a number of plans over the years, noting that the Council has been moving on this project for almost two years.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners McConnell, Schnell, Waldack, Sandack, Tully, Mayor Krajewski NAY – None RECUSE : Commissioner Urban

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.


ORD 00 -02403 Ordinance: Amend the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to Designate Preserve at Belmont as Final Planned Development Number 39 with a Variation (Sponsors: Community Development)

At their meeting of May 1, 2006, the Plan Commission recommended to designate Preserve at Belmont as Final Planned Development No. 39 with a variation.



Commissioner McConnell encouraged the Council to pay attention to the stormwater issues and resolve them definitively.

Commissioner Schnell agreed with Commissioner McConnell. She asked staff whether stormwater for both sites will be taken care of under this building.

Deputy Village Manager Dave Fieldman said that was not correct. The detention for the existing facility is on the existing site, and the detention for the proposed facility is on the proposed site; however, they are both designed to allow the pass-through water to move through from site to site.

Commissioner Schnell then asked for verification that this development must meet all County and Village stormwater ordinance requirements. Mr. Fieldman said that was correct.

Commissioner Sandack asked for clarification, based on what was said this evening. They are voting on a final plan of redevelopment, and clarified the criteria on which the Council will base its consideration. He said that staff’s report identifies the property as 2.06 acres. Burke’s report discusses the wetlands portion. Commissioner Sandack is troubled that what they are relying on and adopting by reference appears to be incorrect information. He said that the statements of fact and standards for approval of planned developments reflect that the site is approximately 2.06 acres in size and is adequate for the proposed development. He does not think the figure is correct. He said he wants to be sure that this is accurate.

Manager Pavlicek agreed that it should be tabled, if the Council chooses, to give staff an opportunity to review the figures and confirm the information presented for consideration. Mr. Fieldman agreed.

Commissioner Sandack then moved to table the Ordinance until July 18, seconded by Commissioner Schnell.

Commissioner Tully said he has no problem with tabling the item, saying his comment earlier was to point out that the variation before the Council related to height. He understands there are other issues which need verification and confirmation. The Burke report in the packet says .75 acres.

The Mayor said there is a Council meeting on the July 18, and staff will obtain that information for that meeting.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Sandack, Schnell, Waldack, Urban, Tully, McConnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion tabled to July 18.


ORD 00 -02405 Ordinance: Annex 1524 and 1556 61st Street to the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois (Sponsors: Community Development)

This will annex the property located at 1524 & 1556 61st Street to the Village of Downers Grove. AN ORDINANCE ANNEXING 1524 AND 1556 61ST STREET TO THE VILLAGE OF DOWNERS GROVE , ILLINOIS


Commissioner Schnell moved to adopt “ AN ORDINANCE ANNEXING 1524 AND 1556 61ST STREET TO THE VILLAGE OF DOWNERS GROVE , ILLINOIS,” as presented. Commissioner Waldack seconded.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Schnell, Waldack, Urban, Sandack, Tully, McConnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.


ORD 00 -02404 Ordinance: Amend the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to Rezone Property Located at 1524 & 1556 61st Street from R-1, Single Family Residence District, to R-3, Single Family Residence District (Sponsors: Community Development)

This will rezone the property commonly known as 1524 & 1556 61st Street from Village R-1, Single Family Residential, to Village R-3, Single Family Residential.




VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Sandack, Tully, Waldack, Urban, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.


RES 00 -02406 Resolution: Approve the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision for McInerney Woods Subdivision with Exceptions (Sponsors: Community Development)

At their meeting of May 22, 2006, the Plan Commission recommended approval of the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision with exceptions for the McInerney Woods Subdivision.




VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Tully, Urban, Waldack, Sandack, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.


ORD 00 -02407 Ordinance: Authorize a Special Use for 1245-1249 Ogden Avenue to Permit an Automobile Dealership (Sponsors: Community Development)

At their meeting of May 22, 2006, the Plan Commission recommended that a Special Use be granted for the property located at 1245-1249 Ogden Avenue for an automobile dealership.



Commissioner Urban moved to adopt “ AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING A SPECIAL USE FOR 1245 -1249 OGDEN AVENUE TO PERMIT AN AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP ,” as presented. Commissioner McConnell seconded.

VOTE :YEA – Commissioners Urban, McConnell, Waldack, Sandack, Tully, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAY None

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried.

8. Workshop Agenda and Informational Items

These items will be discussed during the Workshop and acted upon by the Village Council during the next Council meeting, unless otherwise noted. Informational items require no action by the Village Council.

a. Planned Development, Special Use and Final Plat of Subdivision for X Sport Fitness (PC 25-06).

Mr. Fieldman gave a PowerPoint presentation showing the site which is 10,000 square feet in size. He focused on the proposed sign variations for a Tollway sign 38 feet tall and 439 square feet in area. The second variation is to permit a shopping center sign of 90 square feet rather than the allowed 60 square feet in area. Finally, the petition is requesting total signage of 1,380 square feet.

Mr. Fieldman pointed out that petitioner’s proposal, the Plan Commission recommendation, and staff’s proposal are entirely different. Regarding the Tollway sign, the Village Code permits Tollway signs up to 20 feet in height and 225 square feet. The petition is requesting one 38 feet high and 439 square feet in area. He showed slides depicting the size. Mr. Fieldman said that most of the signs are 20 feet in height with an average area of 175 square feet. He said that the Wannamaker’s sign was used as a measuring stick for Tollway signs which is about 200 square feet in area. He showed other Tollway signs.

Mr. Fieldman said that the petitioner presented information to the Plan Commission showing their sign computer enhanced, and staff’s concern is that it might not have been to scale. Staff prepared their own comparison sheets. He described the proposed building as 38’8” tall, which is only 8” taller than the proposed sign. Staff recognizes that the 8 foot berm could impact visibility of the sign. He showed staff’s sketches of comparison. He said that the only signs they could find that compared in size were billboards. While staff recognizes that the proposed Tollway sign is architecturally very pleasing, the size is more related to a billboard than to a typical Tollway sign.

Mayor Krajewski asked whether the sign includes the brick base. Mr. Fieldman said he did not believe so, but would ask petitioner to clarify that.

Mr. Fieldman said that staff does not recommend the Tollway signage proposed by the petitioner be approved. He said that the Plan Commission recommended approval of the area of the sign, but recommended lowering the base to 32 feet. Staff recommends compliance with the Code.

The other sign was the shopping center sign which by Code should be 60 square feet, while the petitioner is proposing 90 square feet. The Plan Commission recommended denial of the shopping center sign, while staff supports the sign as they see it in character with the neighborhood. This is the sign on Finley.

As for the wall sign, staff and Plan Commission both agreed with the petitioner’s request.

Mayor Krajewski said he has no problem with two panels on the monument signs. He also has no problem with the Tollway signs or the wall sign area. There are many signs along the Tollway on the back of buildings or other larger signs, and he has no difficulty accepting that.

Mr. Fieldman said the draft ordinance before the Council represents the Plan Commission’s recommendation. The Manager said whatever Council recommends will be included in the document for approval on the July 18.

Commissioner Sandack asked about the amount of the variance for the shopping center sign. He agrees with the Mayor that the PUD process is the correct process. He believes the Tollway sign seems disproportionately high, and while he wants them to get customers, he doesn’t want it to be disproportionately large. His only concern is the totality of the Tollway sign.

The Mayor asked whether the Tollway issue was discussed when the Sign Ordinance was amended, and Mr. Fieldman said he understood it was not given a great deal of attention. The Mayor said he understands that many businesses, in particular office buildings, are concerned about this as a key for advertising, and he suggested that this should be reviewed.

The Manager said there are two issues, such as the signs physically attached to buildings, and then the monument signs such as those facing the Tollway.

Commissioner Schnell thanked Mr. Fieldman for the presentation which provided perspective on the sizes requested. Her only question is what is an appropriate sign in terms of size. If this sign will be 90% larger than allowed, is it going to dwarf other signs in the area, such as the Extended Stay sign. She is worried that billboard signs could be smaller than the proposed Tollway sign, and suggested there may be room for compromise. She’s not comfortable with the numbers being presented for the Tollway sign.

The Mayor said that there is a monument sign at the northeast corner of Finley and Butterfield, and he asked for the square footage of that sign.

Commissioner McConnell said she drove I-355 and the signs on that parcel are readable even in the rain. She would be reluctant to change this ordinance. She suggested there may be a way to do some modifications to the signage, and said if anyone has not driven there it is worth seeing the site to get a better perspective.

Commissioner Urban said he had no problem with the wall sign or shopping center sign, and asked about the size of billboard signs. Mr. Fieldman said that the ones he researched were 300 square feet and less. Commissioner Urban then asked how tall the lettering would be and Mr. Fieldman said that should be part of the petitioner’s presentation.

Commissioner Tully summarized the request for the three variations and drive through. The Sign Ordinance attempts to recognize that there are some very different areas of the Village. He noted that the parcel in question is very large and abuts the Tollway and deserves different treatment. The PUD process works for this type of project. As to the variance for the wall signs, Commissioner Tully said he has no problem with it, particularly in light of the specifics of the site. As for the monument signs on Finley Road, he understands that one of the existing Fry’s monument signs would be shared with XSport Fitness, and that would be legal as part of the PUD . Mr. Fieldman agreed that was correct. Commissioner Tully noted that the petitioner could actually have two Finley Road monument signs, but by sharing a panel there will only be one sign. Regarding the Tollway signs, Commissioner Tully said that visibility on the Tollway is critical and he sympathizes with the petitioner in terms of getting adequate visibility. The concern is what is the right size. He was stunned to learn that the Bill Kay sign was only 117 square feet, because from I-355 the Bill Kay sign looks more massive than other signs. He asked again if the proposed sign is 439 square feet on one side, and Deputy Manager said that’s what he understands. Commissioner Tully said then that there must be a way to be more creative on the site.

Commissioner Waldack said he also had no problem with the shopping center or wall sign. He can see the need for a variance on the Tollway sign, but the proposed sign seems to be very large. He hopes something can be done about this.

The Mayor said it appears to be unanimous in terms of the monument sign.

Tom Sisul , attorney for the petitioner, with offices at 5120 Main, said that the discussion has been very thorough. The petitioner is trying to meet their obligations as prospective tenants for the building. The complication of the topography has led them to this proposal. They are concerned with the berm and the sunken aspect of the Tollway. He noted that this was thoroughly discussed as well at the Plan Commission. Mr. Sisul then introduced Mr. Whiteside.

Joe Whiteside , petitioner, said he appreciated the Council’s time in reviewing this. He noted that this is a unique situation, and value of the sign is the ability to provide visibility on the Tollway to get quality tenants. He said that the sign is diminished when you are driving on I-355 because of the distance of the sign from the drivers. He wants the Council to consider the need for quality tenants at this site, and he is trying to generate value for the outlot.

Commissioner Tully said that everyone appreciates the need to attract quality tenants, but the question is how to do it for this site. He asked if there was any consideration to having two smaller signs taking into consideration the berm. There are three businesses to consider rather than just one. Mr. Whiteside responded that due to the berm, it is difficult to see a sign from the Tollway, and that is why they’re requesting the added height.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether they have thought about using their building for signage for the outlot. That would get away from the billboard look. Mr. Whiteside said they considered it, but assumed the Village would reject that proposition. Commissioner Schnell suggested using the existing building for the signage. She said going west on I-88 to the Outlet Mall there are signs on the buildings to identify the businesses. She said it seems as though they are rushing this through when construction on the outlot has not even begun. Commissioner Schnell said perhaps they should consider approving the Fitness Center sign and the monument sign, and then step back and find another way to attract appropriate tenants in a more creative way without violating the intent of the Sign Ordinance.

Manager Pavlicek said that one of the challenges of this site is that traditionally the signs on the building are for the tenants of the building. There are unique situations with the Tollway, however. If the Council wants to consider approving part of the signage, that would require an amendment to the Planned Development. It is difficult to have an outlot with three tenants and provide them with visibility from the Interstate. The petitioner would like to know what will be approved before they build their building.

Commissioner Waldack said he would be willing to consider a reduction from the 38 feet. He agrees that the 20 feet would be too small.

The Manager said that staff is happy to work with the petitioner, noting that there is a sense of urgency on the part of the petitioner. She suggested considering the 32 foot height which the Plan Commission mentioned.

Mr. Sisul said they have been discussing setting the size of the panels which might provide a workable formula for one, two or three tenants. He added that there is another issue that was not included in the Plan Commission’s report. It involved the existing structure and placing a courtesy walk to the building. The building is already up and the parking lot is built, with curbs in place. He said they would like the Council to consider this, as it was not discussed at any other point until the staff recommendation. This would have substantial impact on the petitioner. They would have to tear up the parking lot, and they are asking for relief in this issue.

Deputy Fieldman said that staff recommended this but has no objection to removing that recommendation.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether the parking lot is totally striped. Mr. Sisul said it was. Commissioner Schnell suggested a striped walkway.

Commissioner McConnell asked where the walk was intended to be, and Mr. Whiteside said the wording is that the walk should be provided from the parking lot to the front door, which would eliminate 10-12 parking spots.

Mr. Sisul then wished Commissioner McConnell his best wishes.

b. Final Planned Development Amendment: Planned Development No. 18, Family Shelter Services (PC 22-06).

Don Rosenthal , Director, Community Development, said the preliminary planned development was approved in February 2006. He indicated that there is no substantial change, and it will include temporary residential living quarters for children and female clients. They are proposing a two-story, 14,900 square foot building for up to 18 women and children, in addition to counseling and administration offices. The use is consistent with the B-2 District. He indicated that the Plan Commission reviewed this and gave an unanimous positive recommendation.

Commissioner McConnell encouraged the petitioners to continue to reach out to their neighbors. She said she was glad to have them here.

Commissioner Schnell appreciates that the petitioner has listened to their neighbors. She understands that they will work with the Police to ensure safety in terms of screening the adjacent neighbors. She then encouraged them to continue reaching out to the community and the neighborhood to alleviate any fears they may have.

George Swimmer , 7041 Creekside, which is slightly west of Main Street, said he is the elected precinct committeeman, and this is the first he’s heard about this. Nobody has reached out to him to tell him of this, and he doesn’t know anyone in his neighborhood that is aware of it. He is on a task force for kids with special needs and is involved with foster care. He would like to know more about this. He wants to know a lot more about this before he could support this.

The Mayor said the petitioner was before the Council several months ago, and there have been articles in the newspaper regarding the family shelter. The Manager added that prior to any formal meetings through the public hearing process, there were neighborhood meetings. She said staff and Police have been out to explain that these are administrative offices with counseling services and temporary living quarters. She said staff feels comfortable that there has been a proactive attempt to educate the public as there has been a great deal of outreach. She added that articles were also in The Reporter. The Mayor said a lot of residents attended the Plan Commission hearing several months ago, as well as at the Workshop meeting.

Mr. Swimmer said he has heard nothing about this nor have they mailed him anything about this. “A lot” could mean anything. He is not happy about having problematic people in his neighborhood. It’s like putting a commercial development in a residential area.

The Mayor said that “problematic” means that the problem is that these women have been abused and need a place to live.

Mr. Swimmer said they are taking a residential area and making it something else. He said that a lot of people in prison have been abused as children, and he doesn’t know if that’s the type of facility that should be in a residential area.

The Mayor said that DuPage County awarded a $1 million grant for this project, which also received a good deal of publicity. There are facilities in other areas of the County as well. The Mayor noted that this is zoned as B-2 commercial property.

Commissioner Schnell said that once the facility is up they will need to reach out to the community. The more information they have the better it is for the community.

Commissioner Tully said that this matter has been discussed for a long time and has been very well handled by the petitioner. He said with all respect to Mr. Swimmer, somehow this must have slipped past him. The petitioner has reached out to the neighborhood and community. There have been at least five public meetings. Few neighbors had an issue with this petition. The preliminary approval was given in February. This is for final approval, and staff has testified that nothing has changed. The petitioner has been exceptionally outreaching to the neighborhood and the community. Commissioner Tully said that this is a far less intense use on this site than there could be as this is a commercially zoned property.

The Mayor said that a number of people living next door to similar facilities in the County testified at the Plan Commission as to how great the shelter center residents have been as neighbors.

Richard Wright , 1036 73rd Street, said that the true test of any project is if there is a win/win situation. He doesn’t see that with this. The property will be taken off as real estate. The stigma of the facility will probably negatively impact the community. The community loses tax dollars and has to provide more services. He doesn’t see the logic of this. The neighbors should have had direct input in this.

Mayor Krajewski said that the area has been vacant for thirty years. He thinks this is an ideal location for this facility.

c. Amendment to Planned Development #1 and Final Plat of Subdivision with Exceptions for Meyers Addition to Prentiss Creek (PC 24-06).

Commissioner Schnell asked whether this has been actively marketed as a single lot. The Manager said she would ask the petitioner.

Commissioner Tully said that this is an unusual situation in that a few spots were not finished when this was first constructed. The petitioner is asking for lot depth exceptions—42 feet less on one lot, and 52 feet less than what is required for the second lot. Even if one house were built it would still need a lot depth exception. The other houses in the neighborhood would be consistent with this as well. He feels it is appropriate to allow this.

d. Request for Vacation of Public Alley.

Mr. Fieldman said that the site is adjacent to a 14 foot alleyway, and the petitioner is seeking vacation in order to get to the back of their house. Last year the petitioner approached the Planning staff to request vacation to the property owner, and the Code requires that the property be appraised. The Plan Commission gave a positive recommendation, but the Village Attorney said there was already a license agreement on this property. After further consultation, staff recommended continuing with the license agreement. Whether used through license agreement, or owned by the property owner, the Village would still need an easement for the site. He said this comes down to a policy call for the Council. The Village can maintain ownership and allow the petitioner to use it as part of a license agreement, or allow the petitioner to own the land.

The Mayor asked what utilities are on the alley, and Mr. Fieldman said drainage, Commonwealth Edison and AT&T have utility lines and poles in the alley. Attorney Petrarca said the Village may have other licenses in that area.

Commissioner Sandack said he agrees this is a policy call. Philosophically, he prefers private property in private citizens’ hands and putting the property on the tax roles. With respect to easements, he doesn’t see that as a problem. He favors vacation of the lot. The staff can look at appraisals to determine the value.

Commissioner Waldack said he agreed with Commissioner Sandack. There was a license agreement and now it is back. He noted that the license agreement is revocable, and he also would rather see the property on the tax roles. He would like to see this property vacated, and have an appraisal conducted for the property.

Commissioner Schnell said that the advantage of a vacation is that if there is no public purpose it puts the property on the tax rolls. The petitioner needs to understand that down the road the Village may need the petitioner to take some action for stormwater purposes or some other necessity. She has no problem with vacating the property as long as the Village has no use for it. She noted that the neighbors do not appear to need any part of the 14 feet. The problem in this case is that normally the appraisal is done on vacant land, and in this case it is improved property and is an intrinsic part of his property in that it is his driveway. The petitioner may end up being penalized because this is an improved piece of property.

Mayor Krajewski said that he has no problem with vacating the property. He doesn’t see that the Village would want this property at some time in the future, and he wouldn’t require an appraisal or ask for money in this particular case.

Commissioner McConnell said that more property on the tax roles is appropriate as long as the Village has an easement. She thinks there should be some compensation.

Commissioner Urban asked the size of the property. Mr. Fieldman said it is 14’x175’. Commissioner Urban asked if there has been any discussion with the petitioner as to the value of the site. Mr. Fieldman said there has not been any discussion as to cost to date. Commissioner Urban said he favors vacation, and putting it on the tax rolls would be adequate compensation.

Commissioner Tully said there are two issues here, whether to vacate and to what degree we adhere to policy. He recommended being cautious about vacating property and to be sure it will not be of some future use to the Village. In this particular case, the property serves as a driveway. He would like to hear more about vacation with an easement versus maintaining ownership and the license agreement. Currently he is in favor of this as a vacation with maintaining the easement. Regarding the policy and the value of the land, the Council and community is owed an understanding of the value of the property. He noted that the license agreement can be terminated. The additional land adds to the value of the petitioner’s property. He is not sure the Village has reasonable understanding of the value of the property and would also like to know more about this. He said that an informal assessment may be adequate.

The Manager said that staff would talk to a certified appraiser to determine the cost of the appraisal. They may be able to address the increase in the value of their property. This issue will be Workshopped again in two weeks.

Joe Holmes , 513 Chicago Avenue, said he wants to reconfirm that they have no issue with easement, plowing, maintaining the property, or doing anything they are told to do. They will not build on it, put a fence on it, or whatever. They will only use it as a driveway. Their garage is not detached because they had to put a four foot foundation on it to make it an attached garage.

The Manager asked Mr. Holmes to provide a copy of the license agreement, but he said that all he has is a receipt for his check. Mr. Holmes gave the Manager historical information on the situation, and informed the Village Attorney that the Assistant Village Attorney informed him that she had a record of the license agreement.

e. Proposal: Design Services for Brick Streets Reconstruction Project (CIP Project ST-002). There were no questions.

f. Ordinance Amendment: Parking in the Downtown Area, including Disabled Persons Parking, Loading Zones and Parking Regulations on Washington Street. There were no questions.

g. Ordinance Amendment: Liquor License Availability. The Manager said this includes two minor housekeeping matters and a request to increase the number of P-3 licenses by one for packaged-wine shop licenses.

9. Mayor’s Report

The Mayor said there was a farewell reception today at 4:00 p.m. for Commissioner McConnell. He then read a proclamation in honor of Commissioner McConnell’s contribution to the Village. He encouraged her to visit the Village and congratulated her on her new position.

The Mayor then reviewed the process to fill the vacancy being left by Commissioner McConnell. He noted that 17 residents submitted their resumes for consideration. A list of questions has been prepared to be sent to the candidates. He thanked the residents for their interest.

The Mayor then thanked the Village staff for their work on the Fourth of July Parade and Tracy Butler for serving as Grand Marshal. He said that the Governor was present at the parade as were other candidates for Governor. He thanked the residents who spoke with the Governor and asked about the funds owed for the Village’s parking deck. The Mayor then read a letter that he wrote to the Governor asking for the funds for the parking deck, and suggested a ceremony to present the funds.

10. Manager’s Report

The Manager expressed her thanks and the thanks of the Directors for work on the Strategic Plan. It will be presented publicly, used internally, and will be shared with the Boards and Commissions.

Manager Pavlicek then announced Coffee With the Council will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at the Farmers’ Market. She then expressed her appreciation on behalf of the staff to Commissioner McConnell for welcoming her when she joined the Village, and for her guidance.

11. Attorney’s Report

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting eight items to the Council: 1) An ordinance amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois to designate X Sport Fitness as Final Planned Development Number 40; An ordinance authorizing a special use to permit a drive-through banking/restaurant facility; 3) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the XSport Fitness Subdivision; 4) An ordinance approving final planned development plans to permit a sheltered care facility for Planned Development #18; 5) An ordinance approving an amendment to Planned Development #1 to subdivide a single lot and to permit the construction of residential structures; 6) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the Midhurst Road Subdivision with exceptions; 7) An ordinance amending disabled parking zones; and 8) An ordinance amending the availability of licenses.

12. Council Members Reports and New Business

Commissioner Sandack thanked Commissioner McConnell for the tremendous job she’s done for the Village. She has always had a voice of gentle persuasion and advocacy. He extended his best wishes to her in this new endeavor. Whoever takes her place will have a lot of work to do to fill her shoes.

Commissioner Waldack thanked the staff for their work on the Fourth of July parade, especially Mary Scalzetti and the Police Department.

Commissioner Waldack said he agreed with the Mayor’s and Manager’s comments as well as Commissioner Sandack’s regarding Commissioner McConnell. He noted that public service is the highest calling for the highest caliber person. She contributed her free time to the Village, Partnership for a Healthier Community and Character Counts. He has a lot of respect for her and offered her his best wishes.

Commissioner Schnell said she missed the parade as her son was married that weekend, though she did think about the Village. This was the first parade she missed in 18 years.

When people ask her why she does this, she tells people that she does this job to give something back to the community. She spoke of Commissioner McConnell’s commitment to the community. She has known Commissioner McConnell beyond her years on the Council. Commissioner McConnell was on the Total Community Development II (TCDII) committee* * and is a caring person who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s been evidenced by her interaction on the Character Counts Coalition. She thanked the Commissioner for representing people who could not represent themselves. Commissioner Schnell thanked her for her service to the community.

Commissioner Urban said he also enjoyed the Fourth of July Parade and would like to see more time spent on the reason for the parade rather than politicians.

Commissioner Urban said he met Sue McConnell many years ago and she has made a difference in this community. She cares for people in the community and will be sorely missed.

Commissioner Tully thanked staff and Tourism and Events for the Fourth of July Parade. He reminded everyone that the Coffee with the Council will meet on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. in the Farmers’ Market.

Commissioner Tully said that regarding Sue McConnell, tonight is about her and her passion to this community. He cannot begin to count her contribution to the Council and the community. She has demonstrated her passion and has left Downers Grove better than when she found it.

Commissioner McConnell thanked the staff for their work on the Fourth of July parade. She said this has been a great last meeting, and thanked Cara and the staff and Council for the reception which was very heartwarming. She said that they have all been great to work with. Downers Grove has done a great job of creating a community that allows people to be happy. She said it has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens. The contributions made over the past seven years were not made individually but as a team. She encouraged her successor to listen first, and noted that she left a box of materials in Cara’s office for her successor. She also said she could be contacted at

Mayor Krajewski said that he and Sue came on to the Council at the same time. Every Monday morning there was a list from Sue of questions on items on the Agenda. She always did her homework. He wished her the best of luck.

13. Adjournment

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh