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June 14, 2005

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban; William Waldack; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioner Sue McConnell

Visitors: Press: Kevin Stahr, Downers Grove Reporter Residents: Janet and Philip Barr, 4605 Puffer; Adam Schumacher, 5733 Lyman; Bruce Siegert, 4654 Puffer; Hildia Schultz, 4657 Puffer; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; David Matthies, Matthies Builders, 4622 Saratoga; Attorney James Russ, Jr. 4915 Main; Darlene and Howard Brandt, 1135 Carol; Pat and Joe Doll, 1124 Carol; Mary Neubecker, 1104 Carol; Kent Ebersold, Rotary Club of Downers Grove, 1519 Hillcrest; Dan Roberts, Architect; Ken Lerner, 4933 Whiffin Place; Richard Boone, 1125 Carol Street; Kerry Carlson, 1121 Carol Street Staff: Stan Balicki, Assistant Director, Public Works; Dave Barber, Director, Public Works; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Keith Sbiral, Director, Planning & Community Development; Dave Friedman, Deputy Village Manager; Janene Cerulli, Public Relations Specialist; Amanda Riordan, Senior Planner; Rita Trainor, Director, Financial Services; Sam Webb, Fleet Manager

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Consent Agenda Items

Bid: Sale of Old Pumper Truck. The Village Manager said staff would like to use a fire broker to dispose of this vehicle. They have worked with B&P Apparatus before. The recommended sale price is between $15,000-$25,000. P&B receives a commission of 10% of the sale.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether this was the antique pumper, and Manager Ginex said it was not that pumper.

Collection Agency Services. The Manager said staff is requesting approval on a contract for collection agency services for outstanding receivables. KCA Financial Services, Inc. responded to the Village’s RFP with the lowest collection rate of 25% for regular accounts and 40% for legal accounts. They have worked with Batavia and Wheaton and come highly recommended.

The Mayor asked what the 22% of the accounts paid to Harvard represented.

Rita Trainor , Director, Financial Services, said they collected about $11,000 or 23% of the accounts and 7% of the dollars. She said she forwarded account information to the Village Manager.

The Mayor asked about the Fire Protection outstanding, and Ms. Trainor said there are two families who have not paid the additional amount required. She said there are four families who pay the Village on an individual basis who are not in the Village or in the Fire Protection District.

In regard to overweight trucks, Ms. Trainor said that the companies have not paid for their permits.

Commissioner Sandack asked why Harvard did not re-bid. Ms. Trainor said she doesn’t know why, as they said they would respond, but didn’t. She said they told her they had a staffing shortage.

Commissioner Schnell asked if this is the firm that worked on the ambulance collections, and Ms. Trainor responded it was not. The Fire Department uses a separate collection agency.

Ms. Trainor said that last year the collection agency was paid $2,600.

Commissioner Tully asked whether the range the Village recovers is typical. Ms. Trainor said it depends upon the type of bill. Commissioner Tully then asked if there is a procedure in place to check if a permit applicant owes the Village money before issuing permits. Ms. Trainor said it is the procedure in the permit office, but staff is in training on how to use this and incorporate it into e-permit process.

Mayor Krajewski then asked about unmetered water sales and whether the Village simply shuts the water off. Village Attorney Petrarca said with unmetered water it cannot be shut off, but this deals with construction costs rather than individuals.

The Mayor asked what “rental income” represents, and Ms. Trainor said it is from Village-owned properties.

Computer and Server Replacements Purchase . The Manager said this is the third year under the new computer replacement system. This proposal is to replace 45 Public Works personal computers with new machines under State contract. The machines are from Dell at a cost of $1,112.90 each, for a total cost of $50,080.50.

Commissioner Waldack said the Manager’s Memo indicates that a great deal of time is spent on maintenance. He asked whether an on-site warranty is obtained and also whether a four-year rather than a three-year warranty should be sought.

Mike Baker , Assistant Village Manager, said he was not sure of the type of warranty. One of the reasons they believe there was a significant amount of maintenance was the manner in which the equipment was previously purchased. Individual computers were replaced and they were not getting the same machine across the entire department. That has now been standardized.

Commissioner Waldack recommended that they should get the four-year warranty if the intent is to use the computers four years. Mr. Baker said that from a maintenance standpoint, the Information Services staff tries to get parts under warranty.

Commissioner Sandack asked whether the Technology Committee has looked at this or the server replacement. Mr. Baker said they have not since this is a State contract and is straightforward. The IS staff prefers Dell because of the quality of the equipment. He said staff will contact the Committee to see if they have any comments.

Commissioner Waldack said that Microsoft is coming up with a new version of Windows, saying it may pay to wait a month or two. He also felt the Technology Committee should review this matter.

The Mayor said that he would like to receive a running total of accounts as more than one type of purchases comes out of the same account. Mr. Baker said these are the only items scheduled in this account.

Lease Agreement – 63rd at Woodward Avenue Park and Ride. The Manager said this agreement concerns 63rd and Woodward in Meadowbrook for the Park and Ride parking program. The recommendation is for a five-year agreement.

Lease Agreement – 75th Street at Fairview Avenue Park and Ride. The Manager said this facility has been used for over 14 years, and staff would like this agreement for a period of five years.

Intergovernmental Agreement: Downers Grove Park District. The Manager said this concerns supplying power for security lighting at Powers Park and Dunham Place Park. The Park District would be responsible for the electrical feed and parkway restoration, as well as paying annually for electricity used at a flat dusk to dawn rate per kwh set by Commonwealth Edison for each of the lights.

Active Agenda and Informational Items

Rotary Oktoberfest. The Manager said Oktoberfest is planned for September 30 to October 2, 2005, and will be held in the Forest Lot south. The Village requires a license agreement for the use of public property for retail liquor sales. He said the Rotary will have a beer garden. They have run this event in the past without incident.

Kent Ebersold of the Rotary Club said that this project began five years ago. The proceeds of last year’s Oktoberfest were used as follows: $1,000 went to the Library Foundation, $4,000 to Character Counts, $4,000 to District 58 Education Foundation, and $6,000 to Diveheart. They are also sponsoring the climbing wall at Heritage Festival this year. He noted that they are also looking to reestablish their Walk-In Ministry, Sharing Organization, Indian Boundary YMCA for family scholarships, and the Diveheart Foundation for blind and disabled children and adults.

Mayor Krajewski asked whether the application fee is different from the liquor license fee. Attorney Petrarca said it is separate from the liquor license fee and can be waived if the organization requests it. Mr. Ebersold said they will request that it is waived.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether they are having the pancake breakfast this year. Mr. Ebersold said that a new member in their club heads the Boy Scouts of America in Downers Grove and they anticipate having it again this year.

Commissioner Tully extended his compliments to the Rotary Club, saying they are respectful of their neighbors, and that this will be tied in with the Downtown Management Corporation Harvest Day Sales. He asked if there were minutes of the Liquor Commission meeting made available. Attorney Petrarca said that the Liquor Commissioner approved this and it did not go to the Commission as there were no changes from last year’s request.

Water Rate Reduction Ordinance. The Manager asked Dave Barber, Director, Public Works, to discuss this matter.

Dave Barber , Director of Public Works, said that on May 1 the DuPage Water Commission reduced the Village’s rates by $.20 per 1,000 gallons. The Village buys about 2.2 billion gallons of water a year. Based on the amount purchased, there would be annual savings of about $430,000. The Village charges residents for water based on a unit of 750 gallons, at $2.80. This was discussed at the Public Services Committee and staff was asked to pass 50% of he savings on to the consumers, and 50% for capital projects on Cornell as well as an analysis of capital needs.

Mr. Barber then discussed the water that the Village sells, 55% of which is single-family residential. There are about 16,195 customers as of March. Based on the 50% savings, an $.08 reduction per unit would result in a savings of $212,000, with bills effective after July 1, and would amount to about a savings of $1.30 per bill, depending upon the amount of water used.

The Mayor said he thought the rate from the DuPage Water Commission was $1.65. Mr. Barber said in the $1.43 rate there are some fixed charges. The amount of the monthly fee is based on two components, the fixed fee and the amount of water purchased. Mayor Krajewski then asked for a report on the new water meters installed and water loss. Mr. Barber said that based on the two-year period there is about a 10% difference between the amount purchased and the amount sold. Mayor Krajewski said he was interested in finding out whether the new meters were operating more efficiently.

Commissioner Tully said that one of the justifications for incurring the expense of the AMR was to recapture the water at customer points. He agreed it was time for an update on this. Mr. Barber said that there are good records available on water used; however, it is more difficult to pull reports on water billing.

Commissioner Tully then asked about water fund projects, recalling that the projects in the five-year capital improvement plan are funded in the budget. Mr. Barber said the capital projects plan was done based on old studies from many years ago, and a more thorough evaluation has not been conducted. He said a computer model will help determine system deficiencies.

Commissioner Tully asked whether some of the savings will go for other or additional long-term water fund projects. He agrees to the proposed uses of the money, but asked if there are other needs to be met as well. Mr. Barber said he is not aware of any other projects as pressing as those outlined. Commissioner Tully asked then if they will be able to come back with a list of possible projects based on the computer model. Mr. Barber said that could be done with the computer model but it is too speculative at this time.

The Mayor asked whether there is a tracking method on the funds borrowed by the Village from the Water Commission for non-resident connections to the infrastructure. Attorney Petrarca said that the Village is on track in collecting the costs. The Mayor then asked if other communities sell in 750-gallon units. Mr. Barber said some sell in cubic feet, but the Village uses gallons because it is a bit more understandable.

Golfview Estates. The Manager asked Keith Sbiral, Director, Planning and Community Development, to discuss this item.

Keith Sbiral , Director of Planning and Community Development, said this project has been before the Council twice before. It was originally a five-lot subdivision, and then was re-submitted as a four-lot subdivision. The Plan Commission met on the four-lot subdivision petition and said the exceptions being requested if it remains R-1 were of an extreme nature that would degrade the integrity of the R-1 zoning district. They recommended approval of the four-lot subdivision and move forward with the R-3 zoning as originally requested.

The Mayor asked about the criteria for granting an exception in the R-1 district. Mr. Sbiral said that is found in Chapter 20, Section 602 of the Subdivision Ordinance which he then read. Mayor Krajewski asked whether the lots across the street from the site are legally nonconforming R-1 lots. Mr. Sbiral said those lots are 60’ lots and are being utilized as 90’ or more lots. They are all R-1 zoned. They are smaller than what is being proposed across the street. The Mayor said he saw little discussion regarding criteria to grant a lot exception in the Plan Commission minutes. He said the Commission used criteria which is not even mentioned in the Code, such as their discussion on cul de sacs. Mr. Sbiral said the Plan Commission discussion primarily focused on the four-lot subdivision and rezoning to R-3. They did not go over the standards primarily because the majority felt from the beginning that the exceptions were too extreme.

Commissioner Sandack said that the Plan Commission knows this project and believes the best land use designation is R-3 zoning. He said he also believes R-3 is appropriate. It is R-1 by default, and the Commission believes that R-3 is the best zoning designation. He also believes the four-lot plan is a good idea. He said that the Council needs to choose one or the other and move on with this issue.

Commissioner Schnell said she would prefer to see it remain R-1 simply because by applying the standards read by Mr. Sbiral, an argument can be made for keeping it at R-1. She is concerned about the size of the variations. She said in reviewing the standards, there are reasons to keep this R-1.

The Mayor noted the size of the lots across the street. He thinks the zoning should remain R-1.

Commissioner Tully stated that the Plan Commission does an outstanding job. In this situation though, it is not a question of picking R-1 or R-3. It has been discussed and remanded back to the Plan Commission to consider the exceptions under R-1 zoning. He expected the discussion and application of the criteria for granting exceptions under the R-1 zoning. The Commissioner said he disagrees with the Plan Commission conclusion that R-1 zoning would be inappropriate. By applying the criteria he feels the exceptions can be allowed. There is no exception requested from lot width, or lot depth, but to lot total area. Each lot would require a 15%-16% exception. Given the characteristics of the neighborhood, he believes it would set a bad precedent to rezone this property to R-3, and does not see that the exceptions are so severe given the location of the site.

Commissioner Tully noted that there is another exception on tonight’s agenda, which has greater exceptions than the subject case, and those were approved by the Plan Commission. They concerned lot width at a 20% exception.

Commissioner Tully then asked how the sidewalk issue was resolved, and Mr. Sbiral said that the Plan Commission decided the sidewalk should be included.

Commissioner Urban said he has no problem with rezoning this to an R-3 zoning district.

Commissioner Waldack agreed with Commissioners Schnell and Tully and the Mayor saying this is a unique neighborhood. It should remain in R-1 zoning. His vote has not changed, and he will vote for R-1zoning with the sidewalks.

Commissioner Sandack said that the Plan Commission considered this case, and the Council must make the final decision. These are four large lots. He thinks both petitions should be brought forward.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether the bulb of the cul de sac is changing. Mr. Sbiral said it was not. He said that staff will bring forward a resolution for the final plat, and an ordinance for the rezoning.

Commissioner Tully said that, in his opinion, the Plan Commission minutes did not seem to go through the criteria. This was remanded to them to consider the exceptions under R-1 zoning. There is a zoning question, and he would like staff to prepare alternative motions.

Mayor Krajewski said that the minutes did not reflect all of the discussion, and there was nothing in the minutes with respect to discussion for the criteria for lot area.

Commissioner Tully clarified his earlier comments regarding lot area exceptions being requested. He said this is not a situation of how to keep this R-1. His view is applying the ordinance criteria to this specific area, and he feels that the criteria are being met.

Commissioner Schnell said that unfortunately the Plan Commission did not comment on the rules of exceptions. She appreciates that staff made an effort to turn the minutes around so quickly. She said that the decision has to be based on whether or not it meets the criteria.

Janet Barr , 4605 Puffer Road, said she lives directly across from the property in question. She said that staff clarified in their memo to the Plan Commission that two lots are greater than 10,000 square feet and two are at 18,000. She said her side of the street is being characterized as not meeting R-1 qualifications. She also mentioned that the property is platted differently from the way it is used, but the neighbors are considering changing their plats to make it consistent. If that happens, two of those lots will be consistent with R-1. In regard to setting a precedent, the bad precedent is to rezone this to avoid granting a variance. She said that at one time she was told that she could not build an addition on their house due to the zoning. She urged the Council to not rezone the property, and not grant the variances. This would address the concerns of everyone. The property was sold on May 6, 2004 to the developer, and if the property were to remain R-1 the developer would be able to build three houses. She said that the developer knew that the property was zoned R-1 when he bought it, and she thinks the developer will do fine with building three houses.

Philip Barr, 4605 Puffer, said the Plan Commission did not have time to read the minutes where the Council remanded this to them. It was his understanding they received those minutes just prior to the meeting. The Council minutes were on their chairs. Mr. Barr said he thinks zoning gives assurances to the person moving into an area that the area will be consistent. Throwing zoning aside to prevent exceptions makes no sense. He noted that on his side of the street, two of the four houses are oversized and two are below the requirement. Mr. Barr pointed out that at the Plan Commission meeting, there was no request by the petitioner for rezoning, but the suggested rezoning was made by the Plan Commission. Mr. Barr said he is against this petition and has spoken against this in the past and presented petitions to the Village.

Plan Commission File #13-05: 946 Ogden Avenue (A-Len Radiator) Special Use. Mr. Sbiral said this special use is for automobile repair facility at 946 Ogden. There are no variances and no modifications except those noted to improve the building.

Commissioner Schnell asked if staff received negative comments from the neighbors. Mr. Sbiral said there were some concerns expressed regarding neighboring properties. The one concern about this particular petition was the overhead light shining onto a neighbor’s property, which has been addressed.

Commissioner Waldack asked if this was previously a Shell Station, and Mr. Sbiral said this is further west, two lots east of Walgreens.

Plan Commission File #PC 14-05 Request for Approval of a Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Text pertaining to Standards for Approval of Special Uses. Mr. Sbiral said this petition came up some time ago during discussions on car dealerships on Ogden Avenue. This amendment modifies the standard language in the Zoning Code.

Commissioner Schnell said it does not address the Lakota Plan for the downtown area. Mr. Sbiral said that would be considered as one of the Village planning documents.

Plan Commission File #12-05: 5733 Lyman Avenue Lot Split. Mr. Sbiral said this lot is 120’ wide and the request is to split it into two 60’ lots. It is located in an R-3 zoning area and the Plan Commission recommendation was positive. He used an overhead projection to show the location of the property and plan for the lot split. Exceptions are requested for each of the lots as they will not meet the 75’ wide requirement.

The Mayor asked if these would become the smallest lots on that side of the street. Mr. Sbiral said there may be one other 60’ lot. The Mayor then said he remembered a lot split on Fairmount which was a similar situation. He would like background material on that and he thought it did not come to a vote.

Amanda Riordan , Planner, said that property was workshopped but withdrawn.

Commissioner Sandack said he has no objection to this exception because it is a planned zoning, planned land use area. The lots have been systematically parceled and subdivided and have been approved throughout the years. He said he would go along with this recommendation.

Commissioner Schnell said she has reservations on this petition. On the west side of the street, the lots are smaller. The east side has more spacious lots, and these would be the two smallest lots. This would not be consistent with what is in the neighborhood. She will not vote in favor of this.

Commissioner Waldack said he would also not vote in favor of the lot split. He said that one of the Commissioners at the Plan Commission pointed out the sizes of the lots. Commissioner Waldack said that this is a lot that can handle mansions, and they want to split it up. He would like to enforce the 75’ lot width requirement.

Commissioner Sandack said that this is not a building issue, but is a lot split issue.

Commissioner Tully said this is not a tear down issue. The petitioner has the right to bring the request to the Village. The Village has an ordinance that lots shall not be less than 75’ in width, and that is a good plan. He thinks smaller lots can create other issues. He has long been against creating smaller lots when it is not necessary. The east side of the street is not smaller lots, but has a 75’ minimum. The exception requested is a 20% difference. He would not want to start a trend. He asked about other lot splits between Lyman and Fairmount. Mr. Sbiral said he could get that information. Commissioner Tully said he believes smaller lots present challenges that cannot always be addressed in ways everyone agrees upon in residential redevelopment.

Commissioner Urban said he has not made a decision. He is interested in the use of the word neighborhood. He needs to weigh all the facts.

Adam Schumacher , 5733 Lyman, said he and his wife are residents of Downers Grove and have deep roots in the Village. They are here for an exception. He has discussed this with most of his neighbors and two of them supported this at the Plan Commission meeting. Mr. Schumacher then said he would like to address the criteria. As for the value and use of the surrounding property, there cannot be found any negative effects on the use of the neighboring property, and those properties may increase in value. Regarding consistency with development trends in the area, Mr. Schumacher said he believes it is. There are six new homes on his block. The homes directly across the street on the east side are the result of a lot split. As to property characteristics supporting this exception, Mr. Schumacher said that the current width is 120’, and the current depth is twice the minimum of 140’. The square footage is 36,000 square feet in an area requiring 10,500 square feet. He said he believes this exception will allow for the replacement of a 1,000 square foot 1950s ranch on nearly an acre, with two new homes. The house does not fit the land. He does not believe this will change the characteristics of the neighborhood. The homes across the street are large houses on 50’ lots. He wants to use the funds from the sale of one lot and build a new home for himself.

Mayor Krajewski asked about the lot to the north, and Mr. Sbiral said he would obtain that information.

Plan Commission File #10-05: Gronych’s Walnut Grove Subdivision, 66th Street:

Annexation of a portion of the subject property. Rezoning from R-1, Single Family, to R-3, Single Family. Final Plat of Subdivision with Exceptions.

Mr. Sbiral said this item includes multiple requests for annexation, rezoning, and approval of the final plat with exceptions as listed dealing with lot depth and public utilities. He indicated staff recommends a connector sidewalk. The Plan Commission has recommended not approving the sidewalk.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the sidewalk and the location. Mr. Sbiral said that a right-of-way is adjacent to the property, and staff recommends that they connect a pedestrian path.

Mike Millette , Assistant Director, Public Works, said that the thought process was that there is a school nearby and this would provide a safe walk route. Children on St. James walk all the way around to school.

Commissioner Waldack said that he lives in a cul de sac. He said that kids will find a shortcut whether there is a sidewalk or not. He asked if there is a way to reserve funds for sidewalk installation without installing it as this time. Mr. Millette said that the petitioner could be directed to do so.

Commissioner Waldack said from the viewpoint of the owners, it would look like everyone is walking through their back yards. He then asked about a neighbor’s comment that there would be water problems. The petitioner stated that if there is a water problem, he would correct it. Mr. Sbiral said the petitioner must comply with the DuPage Stormwater Ordinance, and that is part of the permitting process.

Commissioner Schnell asked how many cul de sacs have sidewalks for ingress and egress to schools. She’s grappling with the sidewalk issue and hasn’t made up her mind as yet.

Commissioner Tully said there will be sidewalks around the cul de sac. He agrees with the Plan Commission’s recommendation.

Jim Russ , 4915 Main Street, said he was the attorney for the petitioners. Regarding the water issue, the problem already exists along the stub of 67th Street. It is not something they would go off of the property to fix. Regarding the sidewalks, there is some concern expressed about kids hanging out there. He also said there may be a petition to vacate 67th Street.

Dan Roberts , architect for the project, presented drawings to show how the sidewalk would work. He doesn’t think they should build the sidewalk, but understands the suggestion. He is very concerned about putting the sidewalk in, as the site drains from the west to the east. Homes to the west will not be affected. He showed how the flow would occur on overhead projections.

IDOT Agreement for Ogden Avenue Signs. The Manager said this is for installation of larger street signs from funding through IDOT CMAQ Funds. IDOT will pay up to 80% of an anticipated cost up to $330,000 although it is anticipated that the project will only cost $205,250.

The Mayor asked whether these funds can go toward the gateway signs.

Mike Millette , Assistant Director, Public Works, said they cannot. The purpose of the funding is to provide better street identification signs to move traffic more efficiently. Part of the money will also go for curb cut elimination and sidewalk installation. There is another STP fund amount of $700,000 and staff anticipates using it all.

Commissioner Waldack asked whether the design has been chosen. Mr. Millette said that it has been reviewed, and the signs will closely match the downtown design. Commissioner Waldack suggested designation of numbers on the signs. Mr. Millette said that will be done. Commissioner Tully asked that staff show Commissioner Waldack the renderings.


The Public Services, Public Safety and Finance Committees will meet on June 21, 2005.


Manager Ginex said there will be a third Community Dialogue on residential development. The proposed changes will be presented on Wednesday, June 29th from 2:00-3:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. The public is invited to attend the meeting, which will be rebroadcast on Cable Channel 6. He said that people who attended the other dialogues will be contacted via e-mail.

The Manager said the Council received information from Greg Evans and the Downers Grove Historical Society regarding changes at the Main Street cemetery. He asked that any questions be directed to Mr. Evans or himself.

Manager Ginex said that the Village will be receiving a grant from the Department of Homeland Security for security cameras for Village Hall and the Police Department.

Manager Ginex then referenced a complaint made last week in regard to open burning. The Manager asked the Police Department to look into the complaint and said that the last contact they had at that location was in October 2004 for stolen campaign signs. There were no specific open burning complaints. However, in the 2002 records there was an open burning situation where an individual was grilling and a citation was issued but voided as the individual was grilling at the time.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting fourteen items to the Council: 1) A resolution authorizing execution of a fire apparatus listing agreement with B&P Apparatus, Inc.; 2) A resolution authorizing an agreement with Arun Enterprises Real Estate corporation for the lease of parking spaces for the Village’s Park and Ride Program; 3) A resolution authorizing an agreement with Rossi Real Estate corporation for the lease of parking spaces for the Village’s Park and Ride Program; 4) A resolution authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with the Downers Grove Park District; 5) A resolution authorizing a license agreement with the Rotary Club of Downers Grove for the 2005 Rotary Club Oktoberfest; 6) An ordinance amending the rates charged for water service; 7) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the Golfview Estates Subdivision with exceptions; 8) An ordinance for a special use for A-Len Radiator to permit construction of an automobile repair shop; 9) An ordinance amending standards for approval of special uses; 10) An ordinance approving a lot split with exceptions for 5733 Lyman Avenue; 11) An ordinance annexing property located at 515 66th Street; 12) An ordinance to rezone property located at 515 66th Street from R-1 to R-3, Single Family; 13) A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision for the Walnut Grove Subdivision with exceptions; 14) A resolution for an IDOT agreement for Ogden Avenue signs.


Ken Lerner , 4933 Whiffin Place, announced that the Downers Grove Watch and the Downers Grove Heritage Alliance will host a forum on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until noon at the Downers Grove Recreation Center regarding Teardowns, Part II. There will be speakers from Oak Park and Hinsdale, as well as Mayor Krajewski. There will be a survey about what is going on in your neighborhood.

Richard Boone , 1125 Carol Street, commented on the flood plain provisions requesting that the Council put in on a future agenda. Manager Ginex said it is scheduled for the June 21 Public Services Committee and by the Council on June 28. He said the discussion is localized. Mr. Boone gave the Attorney a letter to the Council.

Mr. Millette said that he and Jon Hall met with the County explaining the concerns of the Carol Street and Ridgewood Circle residents. He received assurances that the County will discuss the Carol Street issue as there appears to be a lack of communication between County departments. Regarding Ridgewood Circle, there will be “as built” letters submitted to the County, and from the County to FEMA . Two or three other areas were discussed as an aside. The Mayor said they should look at them all. Mr. Millette said that Ridgewood Circle is the biggest, and then Carol Street, followed by the area around Community Bank. He hopes that the problem with the Carol Street area will disappear.

Mr. Boone said that the County wrote a letter that there is a 1% chance of flood which does not eliminate the flood risk.

The Mayor asked that staff talk to Tony Charlton at the County as to when he will have an answer.

Commissioner Sandack also agreed that they should get all the areas covered.

Mr. Boone said he has not received a bill for flood insurance as yet, although others have.

Kerry Carlson , 1121 Carol Street, said that the letter says there is no base flood elevation determined for the area. That question has to also be asked.

In response to the Mayor, Mr. Millette said he will have a report for the June 21 meeting regarding the Gilbert Avenue sidewalk. They should have final plans ready on Friday.


Commissioner Sandack reminded everyone of the Downers Grove Relay for Life at North High School this weekend.

Commissioner Waldack reminded everyone as well about the Teardown #2 at the Park District Recreation Center on Saturday. He noted that the Village will have another Dialogue as well.

Commissioner Schnell said she has received phone calls regarding the Pepsi sponsorship at the Heritage Festival. She asked how many not-for-profits did not participate this year due to the new policy. Comments or feedback as to how this worked will be beneficial. There is concern that people will take a loss on this issue and she feels the Council needs to receive a report on this as it affects the non-for-profits.,

Commissioner Tully said he serves as Chair of the Tourism and Events Commission. He said there will be feedback provided. He noted that the Council asked that Heritage Festival break even. Pepsi will be a sponsor and Pepsi products will be available for sale. In the past, not-for-profits would buy sodas and water and be stuck with what they didn’t sell. This year, Pepsi will buy those products back, and Pepsi will track the number of participants. He noted that this is an experiment and was discussed by the Tourism and Events Commission at great length. He said he hopes that it will be a benefit.

The Mayor said the one big unknown is how much money is made by the food vendors for food, pop and water. He said he didn’t know how early people were notified of this change.

Commissioner Schnell said that anytime there’s change there is concern. She said they need to have hard data to determine the effectiveness of this change. It needs to be a Council decision.

Commissioner Tully said that Heritage Festival is ten days away, and nine days to the ride preview. Tickets are available for the Temptations performance at the Tivoli Theater. Coffee with the Council will be held on June 18 at 9:00 a.m. in the Farmers’ Market. He also noted that the Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the Indian Boundary YMCA and is held on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to noon. The June 25 Farmers’ Market will be at the YMCA Parking Lot.

The Mayor then asked about the mosquito abatement representative. He noted that the County has a 15-minute informative presentation and he thinks it might be beneficial to have them make that presentation at a Workshop meeting.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh