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January 11, 2005

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil, Ron Sandack; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Assistant Village Attorney Ann Marie Perez; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioners Sue McConnell and Stan Urban; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca

Visitors: Press: Kevin Stahr, Downers Grove Reporter Residents: Todd Cahan, 2424 Ogden Avenue; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; William Waldack, 1409 Willard; Mike Parilla, 1409 Ridgewood; Barry Peckhart, 1028 61st Street; Stan Ferguson, 4620 Main Street; Willis & Shirley Johnson, 603 Rogers; Lee Eisenberg, Bill Kay Nissan; Bernie McQuillan, Bill Kay Nissan Staff: Dave Barber, Director, Pubic Works; Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager; Ann Marie Perez, Assistant Village Attorney; Mike Baker, Assistant Village Manager; Rita Trainor, Director, Financial Services; Deputy Police Chief Pam Church; Police Sergeant Ralph Tessman

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Bid: In-Car Digital Camera System Bid for Squad Cars. Manager Ginex asked Pam Church, Deputy Police Chief, to address this item.

Deputy Police Chief Pam Church presented the information on this bid. The Department has 18 in-car VHS camera recorders, 1/3 of which are unusable due to constant repairs. The remaining cameras utilize the VHS format which will soon be obsolete. In addition, copies of such recordings to be used as evidence take a great deal of staff time. The proposed system is automated and will allow officers to enter the information into evidence wirelessly. Round Lake Beach and Bolingbrook use this system. The Department has $42,527.56 in the DUI fund, as well as $3,951 from the mini-alcohol enforcement grant. She said that the Illinois Statutes require that Illinois DUI funds be used to purchase law enforcement equipment to assist in the prevention of alcohol-related criminal violence which would include this type of camera system. Staff recommends the purchase of five in-car digital video recording systems and one server from AMR Digital Corporation for $31,622.35. The RFP did not include an extended warranty; however, it is an option for an additional $4,000. Staff recommends purchase of that warranty.

The Mayor asked whether the budgeted amount of $55,000 was for the camera system. Deputy Church said that there are other DUI items such as video tapes and other supplies. She said $35,000 was budgeted for that part of the items. The Mayor said that in the future it would be helpful to see the whole amount to determine whether they are on budget or under budget. He then asked if Bolingbrook & Round Lake Beach purchased their systems from AMR , and Deputy Church said they did.

Mayor Krajewski then asked if, when the officers come into the parking lot to use the wireless, they write their reports using the lap tops purchased previously. Deputy Church said they are. She said they use a Word document now but will be going to field reporting soon. As for the lap tops, Deputy Church said they have had some issues with the docking stations.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked about the upload portion and how much time it would take to upload a night’s worth of video. He asked if they can shut the car off and run it on battery. Deputy Church said that it takes a matter of minutes. It stops when the officer leaves the car, then picks up when he gets in the car again. Commissioner Zabloudil said that the extended warranty is a better way to go and asked if the obsolescence clause is included versus repair of the product.

Police Sergeant Ralph Tessman responded that Bolingbrook is already doing upgrades and the same would apply to the Village.

Commissioner Sandack asked whether the Technology Committee was involved and Deputy Church said they did not bring it before the Technology Committee. She said several officers in the Department as well as the Records Manager have considerable background and expertise in the topic. They were used in the decision-making process. Commissioner Sandack then said that he thought this technology ought to be used, and asked whether it can be integrated with the lap tops. Sgt. Tessman said they are recommending a stand-alone system as the integrated technology is only now being developed.

The Mayor said that perhaps they should have the Technology Committee review this system. Commissioner Sandack agreed that they do know a lot about capacity, integration, basic services, etc.

Commissioner Schnell asked how many VHS cameras there will be, and Deputy Church said these cameras will replace about a third. The cameras will be used on shifts with the most DUIs.

The Mayor then asked what other items are being used for technology funding, and Deputy Church said she would provide that information.

Commissioner Tully clarified that the existing budget amount for this category is $55,000 and the entire amount was not allocated for the replacement of the VHS camera recorders. He asked if there was an amount budgeted for the replacement of these camera recorders for all 18 vehicles. Deputy Chief Church said about $25,000 of the $55,000 was allocated for replacement. She said that the DUI tech fund and the DUI tapes and equipment were combined to reach the $55,000 figure. She said that they contemplated only replacing a few at a time with like equipment. She said that they would not replace them without the DUI Tech funds in hand. She indicated that they were looking at new technology at budgeting time. As to the remaining 13 units, they hope they will last until next year and the following year for replacements. She said that some were purchased in 1999, but there are others that were purchased more recently. The remaining 13 will be phased in over time.

Commissioner Tully then asked about the server, saying these five cameras rely upon a single server, and questioned whether more servers will be required as cameras are added. Sgt. Tessman said that the existing server will handle at least 25 vehicles.

Mayor Krajewski then reviewed the budget figures again, noting that the cameras are $10,000 more than budgeted. He asked whether cuts are being made in other equipment. Deputy Church said they are not because the DUI Tech funds are more than estimated. She said the DUI Tech funds are $42,478.56 and can only be used for DUI technology. Initially they estimated that the DUI Tech fund would only bring in $25,000. The Mayor asked for a detail of the $55,000. Manager Ginex said that they are using a portion of the previously mentioned DUI tech funds of $42,000 to supplement the cost. It is considered a separate fund and equipment cannot be purchased unless the funds are there. Deputy Church said that they believe they can continue to use the DUI Tech funds for future equipment costs. The Mayor said he is attempting to find out what is being spent, what the expenses will be.

Commissioner Tully then summarized the expenses and funds from the DUI Tech Funds, and asked whether the DUI funds can cover the expenses thereby putting the $30,000 from the general funds to other uses. Deputy Church said that would be correct.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether they should buy additional cameras since the funds are there. Deputy Church said they could do that. They can also carry the funds over from year to year.

Incentive Agreement: Bill Kay Nissan. The Manager asked Deputy Village Manager Dave Van Vooren to address this item.

Deputy Manager Dave Van Vooren said that the Council has a policy to assist in meeting goals and objectives of expanding the economic base through the use of an incentive process. Bill Kay Nissan has been working with the staff and the EDC to take a piece of property they currently lease, remodel the showroom area, and then purchase the property outright. The incentive agreement has been modeled to the Saab agreement of 18 months ago. Some terms and conditions reflect existing activities and move forward an opportunity to enhance the vision along Ogden Avenue as it relates to the Ogden Avenue plan. Sidewalks and landscaping would be included in this project. Staff has determined the financial need to complete the land purchase and the building improvements to be in excess of $500,000; the inclusion of the sidewalks and landscaping brings the assistance package to $600,000. The terms of the agreement use two different types of incentives: 1) a TIF subsidy to assist in the purchase of the land and building remodeling in the amount of $225,000 paid equally over ten years; 2) Sales Tax rebate incentive of $375,000 over seven years. The Village would receive the sales tax on the first $25 million of sales generated and would share equally the sales tax from all sales over $25 million annually for a period of five years after the reopening of the dealership. Mr. Van Vooren said that staff is still finalizing the landscape and sidewalk plan. They are looking for the Council’s feelings as to whether this is a doable arrangement to keep the business in the Village. There are a couple of caveats in that further enhancements and sidewalk construction would be completed within a 24-month period of the contract finalization. He noted that there is a callback feature in the agreement, and he sees it as a win-win situation for both the Village and Bill Kay from an economic standpoint.

The Mayor said that the concept to work together with Nissan is good. He wanted to discuss how they get there in terms of the funding, and asked what type of discussions took place on different methods of getting to this point. Deputy Manager Van Vooren said this is the first TIF incentive agreement that the Village has structured. They looked at the potential increase in taxes and how the Village would benefit from this. The Mayor asked how they got to the $500,000 to $600,000 figures.

Mike Parilla of the EDC said that the car business is cyclical, but the key thing is that the amounts are capped. The Mayor asked what the effect on the budget would be if this was done solely with TIF dollars. Deputy Manager Van Vooren said that the more the funding is from TIF , the bigger the benefit is to the general fund. The Mayor said that he would take it right out of the TIF . Mr. Parilla said that TIF had not been used before. He also noted that the more you allocate to TIF the greater it would be for the general fund on a short-term basis.

Mayor Krajewski said that by doing this through the TIF , there is more money available in the general fund. He said that he has seen substantial acceleration in the EAV along Ogden Avenue over the past three years. By doing nothing on Ogden Avenue, no one wins. He said he would like them to be looking at 15 years. Mr. Van Vooren responded that they will take a look at the TIF projections for this property. They were reluctant to go beyond 8-10 years not knowing what the Council wished. He said that they will review this and give them the increment, which would save the sales tax as a last resort. He said by stretching this, Bill Kay Nissan may ask for more funds. The Mayor said he understood that. He is also fine with the two-year waiting period for the sidewalks. Mr. Van Vooren said there is existing sidewalk across the dead end street on the same side.

Commissioner Sandack thanked Mr. Van Vooren and Mr. Parilla, as well as Bill Kay for being good corporate citizens.

Commissioner Schnell said that the concept of using TIF funds makes sense to her, as it will help with the expiration of the home rule sales tax. In addition, it makes sense to wait for two years for the sidewalks as the Village will need to match the funds. She asked about the exact area they are covering. Mr. Van Vooren said it includes everything west of the street to the white building that is the end of their display area.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that the Subcommittee has made a great recommendation on this project.

Commissioner Tully thanked the EDC for spending time on this project. He said it has two components—the TIF subsidy and the sales tax rebate. He reviewed why the Village considers these types of requests, and explained the benefits of a sales tax rebate, and the TIF subsidy. In this case, the Ogden Avenue TIF district was to enable a redevelopment of Ogden Avenue and expand greenspace and improved aesthetics where possible. He has no problem with the dollar amount. What is important is the return on investment, and he wants to more thoroughly study the information. As to why the Village would assist the business in purchasing the land and improving the property, he said that aside from the public improvements, this increases the tax base, and increases the likelihood that the business will remain in the Village as a contributor to the sales tax base. He noted that the agreement includes a requirement that Bill Kay Nissan commit to continue their dealership on the property for at least twelve years. He noted that there is no assemblage of parcels. Mr. Van Vooren said his understanding is that they are acquiring the parcels on which the business presently exists.

Commissioner Tully asked if the remodeling will allow an increase in inventory, and Mr. Van Vooren said it would not for the showroom.

The Mayor said it should also be noted that one reason for remodeling the showroom is to meet the requirements of the manufacturer. He repeated that the best case scenario is that the improvements enable them to do an increase in business which benefits the Village, School District 58 and the business itself. The Mayor then asked as to the Code Enforcement fees. Mr. Van Vooren said he would get that information.

Lee Eisenberg and Bernie McQuillan , representatives from Bill Kay, introduced themselves. Mr. McQuillan said they are expending a lot of money and want to finish the project as quickly as possible. Mr. Eisenberg added that this was more than simply a renovation. The landlord has been reluctant to make improvements to the property, so they have chosen to take the direction of purchasing the property, taking the showroom to the ground, replacing it with a modern facility, and adding improvements that would bring the balance of the facility up to Code. Mr. McQuillan noted that Mr. Van Vooren and Mr. Parilla have been great to work with on this project.

Commissioner Tully asked whether they would be increasing the inventory. Mr. Eisenberg said that they are not at a shortage of space. He expects that they will reconfigure some of the space, and they will be closing at least one curb cut.

Willis Johnson , 846 Rogers, asked whether Downers Drive has been vacated or whether it should be. Mr. Eisenberg responded that the used truck lot is not part of their overall plan nor is it part of the overall property they are purchasing. It is rented so no one else will rent it. They have no plans to renovate it.

Commissioner Zabloudil noted that if there is an interest on the part of the petitioner to include the street, it might be something to consider.

Mr. Van Vooren said he spoke with them about this. The biggest problem is the elevation changes between the road and the existing site.

Incentive Agreement: Max Madsen. The Manager asked Dave Van Vooren to address this item.

Mr. Van Vooren said this agreement is a bit unique. The Village entered into an incentive agreement with Max Madsen in 1999 to complete the removal of an existing hotel to expand their existing dealership. That original agreement expired on December 31, 2004. It included in it the opportunity for Madsen to recoup $400-$500,000 of their original investment, and it has operated as designed from 1999-2004. Recently, representatives of Max Madsen have met with staff to extend the agreement for an additional two years. He said because of the cyclical nature of the car business, the money they have recouped over the last two years is significantly less than in 2000 and 2001. He noted that Madsen also wishes to acquire two additional parcels as part of this new agreement. They are purchasing two parcels that they currently lease to complete the acquisition of all the sites on both their new car and used car dealerships. He said that EDC has reviewed this agreement. He noted that Todd Cahan of Max Madsen is in the audience to answer questions.

Mayor Krajewski said it would be helpful if a map were provided to specify the parcels under consideration for both of these cases. He noted that this is outside of the TIF District. He understands that they did not recoup what they anticipated. The Village also did not receive what was anticipated. He reviewed the purchase of the two parcels, and asked what the problem was in acquiring the pieces. Mr. Van Vooren said their original request was to recoup what they failed to do in the original agreement. The Mayor said he would like to see what they were projecting in the original agreement. Mr. Van Vooren responded that they received $290,874.74 over the years, while $600,000 was projected.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked that the EDC Subcommittee look at this. Mr. Van Vooren said they have looked at this. He said that the Retention/Attraction Committee worked with Rita Trainor and himself to develop the project terms, and that information was then sent to the full Board for their review.

Mr. Parilla said that everyone at the EDC has reviewed this project. What is happening here is happening to all of the Mitsubishi dealerships around the country. They are now undergoing a turnaround which is a good sign, and they are trying to keep this business viable.

Commissioner Zabloudil suggested that they put a cap on the agreement.

Commissioner Tully asked whether there are other terms besides extending this for two years. Mr. Van Vooren replied that the dealership has agreed to extend its commitment to remain in Downers Grove.

Commissioner Sandack said this property is not in the TIF District, and not is as flexible as the other property. He noted that the dealership is going from a renter to an ownership situation. He did not feel the two-year extension to be onerous.

In response to the Mayor, Mr. Van Vooren said that the parcels could always use landscaping and sidewalks. Staff has discussed getting assistance in right-of-way for the sidewalks.

Commissioner Schnell said that there was a problem with the County to get greenspace for the corner area in the past. The County wanted to acquire additional right of way at the corner. She suggested checking on that situation as well.

Todd Cahan of Max Madsen said he thinks the County has acquired the property.

FY 2006 Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) Grant Project Application. The Manager explained that this grant for 2006 is to purchase three natural gas buses at an estimated cost of $210,000. The Village is requesting $160,000 in federal funding, making the Village’s portion $42,000.

The Mayor asked what would happen if the grant goes through and the Village discontinues the buses. He asked if the funds can it be returned. The Manager said if the Council decides to discontinue the Grove Commuter Shuttle the grant application will be withdrawn and the agreement will not be executed. The Mayor said that they need to make a decision on the buses. Manager Ginex said that staff is preparing information on ridership and costs.

Commissioner Schnell said that the Council has tried to provide transportation for seniors. This would allow the seniors to be more flexible, and the Council needs to have an open mind. This may allow creativity to provide services to seniors at reasonable costs. The Mayor said that if the buses are continued, this would probably be how it would be done. If there is no grant funding, he doubts the Council will come up with the funds to replace the buses.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that the budget meetings are February 5 and 12. He suggested they may want to have the bus discussion in a Workshop setting to provide ample time to discuss the situation.

The Mayor recommended setting aside taxicab subsidy funds for senior centers. They have lost the HUD subsidy for bus rental.

Commissioner Tully said he doesn’t see why they should not go forward with this grant request. They will not know until after the budget is set whether or not they will get these funds. The funds can always be returned. He said that this has come before the Village because the Transportation Advisory Commission is charged to look at ways to address current and long-term plans. He noted that the buses warrant a separate discussion from the budget hearings as this concerns whether or not to continue providing the service.

The Mayor asked whether the grant could be used for leasing, rather than purchasing.

Commissioner Tully also asked what the anticipated impact would be for on-going maintenance expenses if these three vehicles were purchased and substituted for existing equipment in the fleet.

Commissioner Zabloudil commented that if they look at a continuation of service, they should look at options such as a full-service lease maintenance agreement that would address capital exposure as well.

Massage Ordinance Amendment. * The Manager said this relates to PA 93 -0524 which preempts Home Rule authority to license and regulate massage therapists. This ordinance removes all reference to massage therapist licensing; however, the Village will continue to license establishments.

The Mayor asked if this was a recent law.

Assistant Village Attorney Ann Marie Perez* said it was to be enacted in 2004, but the Department of Professional Regulation indicated they were not ready to accept the responsibility. The law is about 18 months old and is just now coming into effect. The State will regulate this now. She said policies have not been released as yet.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if there is an opportunity to put in our licensing of the establishment that a violation will result in a loss of their license with the Village of Downers Grove. Attorney Perez said the Village can do that. Commissioner Zabloudil said he would recommend considering this, and the other Council members agreed as well. Commissioner Zabloudil said this is a way to keep the business as legitimate as possible.

Ordinance Street Name/Deck. The Manager said that the parking deck opened October 1. The main entrance is from Curtiss Street with a new drive that was also developed. Staff has been requested to provide the necessary ordinance to name this drive under the official Village policy on street names. This policy was adopted by Resolution 95-12. The name submitted was Mochel Court. The name of Mochel is included as a possible street in the Village policy, and there was no special method for arriving at “Court.”

Commissioner Zabloudil said that typically the streets that are Courts are cul-de-sacs or dead-ends and this might logically fit the location.

Commissioner Tully said that the north/south access route into the deck, south of Curtiss Street is the portion under consideration. The name was chosen as Mochel as been associated with the downtown business district for over 100 years. He provided a history of the Mochel business which originally opened in June of 1894 and remained as such until 1994. Commissioner Tully suggested inviting members of the Mochel family to the meeting where this is approved. He noted that in the Montrew Dunham book, Revisiting Downers Grove, there is a story on the Mochel name as well as photographs of Charles Mochel. He always thought of this as a drive since it moves into the deck, and might continue as part of the Curtiss redevelopment.

The Mayor said it was a good idea to invite the Mochel family and tie it into the Ice Festival. He also agreed with naming it Mochel Drive.

Corporate Banking Ordinance. The Manager said this corporate banking ordinance authorizes changing signatories regarding the change in the Third Party Administrators for health benefits.

The Mayor asked whether they checked with the Downers Grove banks.

Rita Trainor , Director, Financial Services, said she contacted Downers Grove National Bank, and they came very close to matching all of the provisions of Lake Forest Bank but the Village is due to go out for an RFP on banking services. She said they felt it didn’t make sense to change now and then have to change again. The Mayor said that both Downers Grove Community Bank and the Lake Forest Bank are both owned by Wintrust. Ms. Trainor said that the GCG receives a lot of refund checks and they literally walk them over to Lake Forest Bank. The Mayor said they can mail them in. He would prefer to bank in Downers Grove.

Commissioner Sandack agreed that if they can get a local provider, it would be preferred. He would rather give business to a local provider.

Commissioner Zabloudil also agreed with the Downers Grove Community Bank change. He said that GCG had a relationship with the Lake Forest banking family at that time, but since the relationship can be extended to the local bank, he would prefer to do business within the Village.

Ordinance Increasing the Number of Recreational Liquor Licenses. The Manager said at the December Liquor Commission meeting, it was recommended to increase the G-2 recreational licenses by one (1). It would allow full alcohol for on-premise consumption in places where the public may participate in sports or physical fitness activities. He said that the Tivoli would like to upgrade its G-1 license to allow full alcohol service.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that the Tivoli has come to the Council before, and he would be in favor of approving this. This is a great opportunity for them to grow their business. He also suggested that if the opportunity arose, the Liquor Commission might want to restrict the license at North Beach since it has not been managed appropriately.

Commissioner Sandack said that this is appropriate and the Tivoli is a good corporate citizen. This makes sense, and is a logical extension of a known entity. He said he echoes some of Commissioner Zabloudil’s concerns about the current license holder.

Commissioner Schnell said that Tivoli Bowl is a good citizen, and this puts them on a level playing field with the other bowling alleys. She suggested also increasing their food menu.

Willis Johnson said that they addressed the menu before the Liquor Commission. They do have some other items and are always looking at microwavable items. Many of the parties they host bring in their own food. He said that this does benefit other restaurants in Downers Grove. He said they will look at items that can be re-heated in an oven that doesn’t have to be vented.

Commissioner Schnell said she was impressed that the Tivoli took the DUI problem very seriously, and she wished that other places would take it that seriously. She thanked them for taking that extra step.

The Mayor said that since 1995 there has only been one DUI involving the Tivoli.

Commissioner Tully agreed that the Tivoli is a good corporate citizen and has been responsible with its liquor licensing. He said that the functions he has attended have had plenty of food available.

Mayor Krajewski addressed the banking issue again, and asked for clarification that the Village would be going out for an RFP for all banking. Ms. Trainor said that they are starting to work on that process. It will be 3-4 months before it goes out. She said the thinking was since they were going out with an RFP within a reasonably short time it didn’t make sense to change at this time. They intend to include Downers Grove Community Bank in the RFP .

Commissioner Sandack suggested contacting Wintrust to determine whether this would be a major problem.


Public Services Committee

Commissioner Tully said that the Public Services Standing Committee is scheduled to meet on January 18 at 5:45 p.m. in the Committee Room.


Manager Ginex reviewed the snow removal and ice control policy. Last week there was a 10” snow storm. He pointed out the highlights of the program, with the goal of maintaining safe travel routes. The target level of service is bare pavement. He explained that the roadways are divided into three priorities. Primary roadways are those with the highest traffic volume, roadways adjacent to schools, and roadways leading to Good Samaritan Hospital. These streets have an average daily traffic of 2,000 to 10,000 cars and are generally considered arterial and collector roadways. Priority 2 roadways are all other secondary roadways with average daily traffic of 200 to 2,000 cars. The ultimate goal is to have bare pavement targets for the Priority 1 and Priority 2 roadways within 12 hours of the storm’s completion. The goal for Priority 3 roadways, cul-de-sacs and dead-ends, is to plow within 18 hours of the storm’s completion. He said staff did an excellent job.

Regarding the downtown sidewalks and the railway platforms, he said that the Village takes care of Fairview and Main Street within 8 hours of the storm’s completion, while METRA is responsible for the Belmont Street platform. The parking lots and deck are plowed during the first available night shift following the storm event. Piled snow is removed during the first available night shift as well. The Manager also said that roadways such as 55th Street are maintained by the County, and Ogden Avenue is maintained by the State of Illinois.

The Manager said the Police Department is working with Public Works to measure the intersections in town for accident reconstruction. They are developing templates for this project. He also mentioned that Sue Brassfield is working on submitting a grant for bullet-proof vests with the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The amount of grant funding was reduced for police departments this year.

The Mayor asked whether staff responded to residents regarding their specific snow removal questions. He further asked if Powell Street was omitted. Manager Ginex said all questions were responded to. Powell Street is a priority 2 street. It appeared that personnel just didn’t get there prior to the time of the e-mail that was sent.

The Mayor said a resident asked about the ordinance regarding shoveling sidewalks. Attorney Perez said that there is a state statute that indicates that the people who clear their sidewalk area are not responsible for anyone who falls. As for other communities, she checked with three communities and none of them had an ordinance requiring that residents shovel their sidewalks.

Commissioner Schnell said they should encourage people to shovel and let them know that if they do it they are not liable. She recommended putting this in the Village Corner.


Assistant Village Attorney Ann Marie Perez said she was presenting six items to the Council: 1) A resolution authorizing execution of a redevelopment sales tax rebate agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and J.K. Pontiac, Inc. d/b/a Bill Kay Nissan, and a resolution regarding Max Madsen for future action; 2) A resolution authorizing submittal of grant application to the Chicago Area Transportation Study for the FY 2006 Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ); 3) An ordinance amending massage therapist permitting; 4) An ordinance establishing a name for the driveway leading from Curtiss Street to the parking deck; 5) A depository ordinance for future action; and 6) An ordinance increasing the number of recreational facility liquor licenses.

The Mayor asked that the attorney check into the depository ordinance.


Commissioner Tully said that the next Coffee with the Council will be held on January 15 at the American Legion Post 80 at 4000 Saratoga. He said the remainder of the schedule is available and will be on the website. He said that they will continue to move the Coffee with the Council around to the various neighborhoods.

The Commissioner also reminded the public that the 8th Annual Ice Festival and Ice Carving Competition will take place January 28, 29, and 30. The ice carving competition will be of Olympic quality because it will qualify the winner for the Olympics ice carving competition.

The Mayor thanked former Commissioner Greg Vogler, North High School, the Mullins family and the Nomads Traveling Basketball team for the 4th Annual Mayor’s Classic Basketball Tournament for 8th graders which was won by Jefferson School. He reviewed the competitions throughout the tournament.

The Mayor also announced that on Thursday at 10:00 a.m., See’s Candies grand opening will take place. They are located near Trader Joe’s and will have a raffle and free samples. He said they also have a billboard up on Ogden Avenue.


There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh