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March 16, 2004

1. Call to Order

Mayor Brian Krajewski called the regular meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Downers Grove Village Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Mayor Krajewski led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

2. Roll Call

Present: Commissioner Ron Sandack, Commissioner Stan Urban, Commissioner Marilyn Schnell, Commissioner Martin Tully and Mayor Brian Krajewski Absent: Commissioner Mark Zabloudil Non Voting: Village Manager Riccardo Ginex, Village Attorney Enza Petrarca and Village Clerk April Holden

3. Minutes of Workshop and Council Meetings

Council Meeting – March 2, 2004 Workshop Meeting – March 9, 2004 Commissioner Tully said he provided a correction to the March 2 Council minutes. Mayor Krajewski said they would be filed as corrected.


Mayor Krajewski read two proclamations. He proclaimed Tuesday, March 16 at Natalie Chan day in recognition of her award-winning peace poster. Ms. Chan said she worked 40 hours on the poster. She entered this contest sponsored by Lions International three previous times. She said it was amazing to get to this level in the competition. She said she spent a lot of time thinking about this as it is very important for people around the world to know that it is important to live in peace and harmony with each other. She said she believes it is important to see each other’s differences and similarities and to respect people for who they are. She tried to show this in her poster.

Mayor Krajewski further proclaimed April 2004 as Illinois Donate Life Month.

4. Public Comments and Questions

A. Comments and Questions on Active Agenda

There were none.

B. Comments and Questions on General Matters

Alice Dornan, 5125 Blogett, said she is one of the 46,000 people per year who has retained her vision as the result of two corneal transplants. She is also an ambassador representing the Midwest Eye Bank and Transplantation Center. She thanked the Village for supporting National Donate Life Month. She urged people to sign the uniform donor card or the back of their driver’s license indicating their wish to be a donor.

5. Public Hearings

6. Consent Agenda

COR00 -01559 Claim Ordinance: No. 5523, Payroll, March 5, 2004 Sponsors: Accounting A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: N/A

BIL00 -01560 List of Bills Payable: No. 5518, March 16, 2004 Sponsors: Accounting A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: N/A

BID00 -01549 Bid: Award Contracts to Ziebell, Inc., Mid American Water, Inc. and National Water Works for Water System Clamps & Fittings for FY 2004 /05 Sponsors: Public Works Summary of Item: Bid amounts totaled $85,758.12; however, the budgeted amount of $79,000.00 will not be exceeded.

Bid awards are as follows: Ziebell, Inc. – $33,139.39; Mid American Water – $12,304.10; and National Water Works – $40,314.63. A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Water Clamps & Fittings

BID00 -01550 Bid: Award Contract to U.S. Filter Distribution Group for 30 Fire Hydrants in FY 2004/05 Sponsors: Public Works Summary of Item: This is to supply various fire hydrants for replacement and new installation in the Village water distribution system in accordance with the following unit prices:

5’ flange – $937.00 each 5’6” flange – $957.00 each 6’ flange – $978.00 each 5’ M.J. – $944.00 each 5’6” M.J. – $975.00 each 6’ M.J. – $995.00 each A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Fire Hydrants

BID00 -01551 Bid: Award $11,800 to M.E. Simpson Co. for Leak Detection Survey for FY 2004 /05 Sponsors: Public Works Summary of Item: The unit price is $0.03 per lineal foot. A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Leak Detection Survey

BID00 -01552 Bid: Award $20,904 to Forsythe Solutions for NatApp FAS250 Unified Data Storage System Sponsors: Information Services A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Computers

BID00 -01553 Bid: Award $26,180.00 for Addendum to CM Lavoie Contract for Parking Deck and Main Street Pedestrian Access Projects Sponsors: * Public Works *A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Central Business District – Parking Deck, Main Street Pedestrian Access Alley

BID00 -01554 Bid: Award $22,381.50 to Sebert Landscaping for Municipal Turf Maintenance Sponsors: Forestry A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Turf Maintenance

BID00 -01555 Bid: Approve Invoices Related to East Pond Excavation and Contract for Landscape Management Activities as Part of the Lacey Creek Improvement Project to Conservation Land Stewardship Sponsors: Manager’s Office Summary of Item: Invoices for East Pond Excavation:

Invoice #1 (1844) – $8,550.00 for disposal/dump fees; Invoice #2 (1848) – $11,500.00 for additional equipment charges; Invoice #3 (1853) – $16,000.00 for sealed sludge box equipped trucks. Total – $36,050.00.

Contract for Landscape Management Activities – $20,546.94 A motion was made to Approve this file on the Consent Agenda. Indexes: Lacey Creek, Orchard Brook Homeowners Association Passed The Consent Agenda

A motion was made by Commissioner Tully, seconded by Commissioner Urban, that the consent agenda be passed. The motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Yea: Commissioner Sandack, Commissioner Urban, Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Tully and Mayor Krajewski

7. Active Agenda

ORD00 -01557 Ordinance: Amend the Foreign Fire Tax Sponsors: Fire Department Summary of Item: This will make certain amendments to the Foreign Fire Tax ordinance.


ORDINANCE NO . 4576 A motion was made by Commissioner Tully, seconded by Commissioner Urban, to Adopt this file. Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Yea: Commissioner Sandack, Commissioner Urban, Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Tully and Mayor Krajewski Indexes: Foreign Fire Insurance

ORD00 -01544 Ordinance: Adopt and Approve Publication of the Village of Downers Grove Zoning Map Sponsors: Planning and Community Development Summary of Item: This will approve and authorize publication of the 2004 Village of Downers Grove, IL Zoning Map, corrected to 03-01-04. Pursuant to state law, the Village is required to approve and publish its Zoning Map on an annual basis.


ORDINANCE NO . 4577 Commissioner Tully said the Zoning Map is published each year. The 2004 map reflects changes made since 2003. This does not make any changes to the Zoning Ordinance. A motion was made by Commissioner Urban to Adopt this file. Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Yea: Commissioner Sandack, Commissioner Urban, Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Tully and Mayor Krajewski Indexes: Zoning Map

8. Mayor’s Report

Materials to be Received – Minutes

Finance Committee – 2/17/04 Library Board – 2/11/04 & 2/25/04 Performing Arts Study Commission – 2/4/04 A motion was made by Commissioner Tully, seconded by Commissioner Urban, to Note Receipt Of this file. Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried by the following vote: Votes: Yea: Commissioner Sandack, Commissioner Urban, Commissioner Schnell, Commissioner Tully and Mayor Krajewski

Materials to be Received – Monthly Reports

Materials to be Placed on File

9. Manager’s Report

Village Manager Rick Ginex said refuse amnesty days will be held next week, Monday through Thursday, March 22 – 25, 2004, on residents’ regular collection day. It is a one-time pickup. The first three bags must be tagged with a $2.10 refuse sticker. If a resident rents a toter, they will not need the stickers. Items not acceptable include tires, used motor oil, white goods (appliances), and household hazardous waste. Yardwaste is not included in amnesty day.

10. Attorney’s Report

Future Active Agenda

11.Committee Standing Reports

Public Safety Committee

Commissioner McConnell said the Committee did not meet formally. She said there was an informal discussion of creation of a public safety strategy.

Finance Committee

Commissioner Sandack said the Finance Committee also did not meet formally. He said there was an informal discussion of budgeting items for next year, concluding some items for this year, and propriety and timing of a potential change from our current fiscal year to a calendar year.

Public Services Committee

Commissioner Tully said the Committee did not meet. There is no report at this time.

12.Council Member Reports and New Business

Commissioner Schnell said she went to a seminar last week on the formation of stormwater utilities. She said there was considerable discussion on NPDES Phase II and compliance. She said it was extremely beneficial. She said she will make information available to the Council. She said it shows that the Village has a long way to go as far as disseminating information to our residents. She thanked the Council for the opportunity to attend this seminar.

Commissioner McConnell reminded residents that the Signature Grill at Seven Bridges is donating 10% of the proceeds related to their select menu to the Downers Grove Character Counts Coalition this month.

Commissioner Tully discussed the need to review, assess, and revise ordinances that would pertain to residential redevelopment. It would involve the Zoning Ordinance, building code and Stormwater Ordinance. He said residents have spoken to him about this issue and the Council owes it to the residents to move on this. He said George Nicholaou of the Plan Commission mentioned he would be happy to assist in bringing together a group of local realtors to get their views. He said there is considerable interest in this in the community.

Commissioner McConnell said that both she and Commissioner Sandack have heard from people interested in being involved in this.

Mayor Krajewski said the Council needs to narrow its focus from 13 issues to three or four issues.

The Mayor thanked St. Mary’s third grade class for inviting him to speak about the community. The class is studying local history.

He said the Fairmount third graders have invited him to speak to them. They have prepared their questions. They will video-tape the session.

The Mayor further said he received thank you letters from the Belle Aire third grade class. He read a book to the class.

The Mayor said tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. Ballydoyle is charging a cover at the door and the proceeds will be used to fund a wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a Downers Grove resident. He said he was very involved with this foundation before becoming Mayor. He said there is a seven-year old child, Morgan, in Downers Grove who has been diagnosed with Rett syndrome. She and her family will take a much needed vacation to Disney World. Some of the money charged at Ballydoyle’s will go to fund this trip. The Mayor said there are two children on the DuPage wish list from Downers Grove. Both are suffering from Rett syndrome. Capital Budget

The Mayor said the Council verbally agreed to put $650,000 to $750,000 of additional monies into capital projects. He said they need to focus on what they will spend that on.

Manager Ginex said Dave Barber, Director, Public Works, put together some items on sidewalk improvements.

The Manager said Commissioner Tully suggested an additional $200,000 in gap sidewalks, $175,000 in stormwater projects, $300,000 more in roads, and $100,000 in trees. He said the Council could use these as starting numbers.

The Mayor asked if the $35,000 in sidewalks for Ogden Avenue was for the portion outside of the TIF district.

Commissioner Schnell said the budget includes many infrastructure improvements to Village Hall and fire houses and other Village structures. She said it is time to take a serious look at the facilities and make a plan.

Commissioner McConnell said the Public Safety Committee will review this in the context of five-year plan for public safety.

Manager Ginex said Commissioner Zabloudil said he would go along with staff recommendations, but he would like to see some extra funding in gap sidewalks.

Commissioner Tully said Council decided on $750,000 for capital projects. With $100,000 for trees, that leaves $650,000 to decide how to allocate. He suggested it be put into three areas: Stormwater, sidewalk construction, and roads. He said staff has identified the next stormwater project estimated at $175,000 leaving $475,000. He asked for an explanation of gap sidewalks.

Dave Barber, Director, Public Works, said he provided a summary of the gap sidewalk project. He said a gap is defined as completing both sides of the block or a segment where there is unconnected sidewalk blocks. He said he recommends a new definition of gap which is completing pieces to get to a complete sidewalk on one side of the street, particularly in areas near schools, where there are safety issues, etc. He said he would be able to have information on gaps on one side of the street only within two weeks.

Commissioner Sandack thanked Mr. Barber for pointing out potential inconsistencies.

Mayor Krajewski asked if the funding requested for Authority Drive will fix the problem. Mr. Barber said it will.

The Mayor asked if Woodward is being done in connection with the STP program. Mr. Barber said it was not. The Village is doing that project.

The Mayor asked about the Maple/Fairview signal modernization project. As Maple is to be redone, he asked if it would be better to wait until Clarendon Hills, Westmont and the County have made their decisions. Mr. Barber said he will look into this.

The Mayor asked about the projects in St. Joe’s Creek.

Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works, said they are separate projects.

Mayor Krajewski said staff is suggesting $500,000 be put into streets. He asked which streets staff is recommending to do. Mr. Barber said there is a need to do maintenance work as well as reconstruction to bring them up to standard. They have been under funded for many years. He said he does not have the list the extra funds would provide for.

Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager, said that with the existing funding, MFT funds and additional funding being requested, staff is hoping to get to approximately $1.9 million. The ten year road maintenance program calls for a funding level of $2.5 – $3.0 million. He said this funding would still be under the level in the ten year program, but it would be as close as we’ve been to meeting it in four years. It is a high priority.

Mr. Barber said there is an index rating for roadways. They look at where they can best spend the money to do the most good. He said they requested $500,000 based on funds available. The Mayor asked the Council members for their thoughts as to the funding of various projects.

Commissioner McConnell said she recommends $300,000 for roads, $200,000 for gap sidewalk with the newly defined definition of gap, with any remaining toward new sidewalks on the matrix, and $150,000 for stormwater.

Mr. Barber said the stormwater project would be the bank stabilization project.

Commissioner Schnell said she concurs with Commissioner McConnell. She said the Village needs to do at least one more stormwater project.

The Mayor asked if there are smaller stormwater projects that would affect more people.

Commissioner Tully said the issue is a deteriorating wall that jeopardizes the integrity of the road.

Commissioner Sandack said he would like to start prioritizing future years’ capital projects. He said he would like $250,000 toward sidewalks, gap or new, $250,000 for roads, and $175,000 for stormwater.

The Mayor said he still thinks the new sidewalk matrix needs to be reviewed because Janes and Hobson Roads got extra points due to a state designation.

Commissioner Urban said he would recommend $375,000 for roads, $175,000 for stormwater and $100,000 for sidewalks. He said roads have been deferred for a long time.

The Mayor said all the Council members agree with the stormwater project.

Commissioner Schnell asked for a report on sidewalk gaps and roads. Mr. Barber said he would provide a schedule soon.

Commissioner Tully suggested the Public Services Committee have a meeting to review the road report on a semi or annual basis.

The Mayor asked about the building maintenance and roof work.

Mike Baker, Assistant to the Village Manager, said there are three different roof sections on Village Hall.

The Mayor asked if it should all be done at one time. Mr. Baker said he would discuss it with the Building Services manager.

The Mayor said he had the same question regarding the HVAC . Mr. Baker said those were separate units.

The Mayor asked if the $35,000 for Ogden Avenue sidewalks is for engineering and if it should be incorporated into the next year’s budget.

Mr. Baker said it was for design work that is outside of the TIF boundaries. Mr. Barber said there are three components to the Ogden project: the design, land acquisition and construction.

Commissioner McConnell said the land acquisition totals $500,000 in 2004/05 and 2005/06. The construction is $1million in 2006/07.

The Mayor asked if Council wants to spend an extra $100,000 on capital projects as there will be $1.4 million in reserves at the start of the fiscal year.

Mr. Van Vooren cautioned the Council in indicating that there is a surplus in the projected budget as this is based upon staff’s best estimates of revenues coming in and expenses being paid.

Commissioner Schnell said she would only want to do this if we have additional revenues. She said we do not really know what the revenues will be. She said she feels money should be put into reserve to fund next year’s projects. She said she would rather error on the side of being conservative and look at it again mid-summer.

The Mayor said he would rather spend $100,000 to get a road done than let it sit in the bank.

Mr. Baker said the reserve in the capital projects fund is only a couple hundred thousand dollars. He said the primary revenue sources in the capital projects fund are a portion of telecommunication, electricity and natural gas taxes.

Commissioner Tully said he would be inclined to do projects as funds become available as has been done in the past.

Council agreed to determine the funding for sidewalks and roads after receiving the staff reports.

Mr. Van Vooren said he needs to prepare a document for public review at the time the notice of the public hearing is posted. He said he will include $475,000 for sidewalks and roads, $100,000 for trees and $175,000 for stormwater.

The Mayor said he has not accepted the budget of $38 million. He does not like the elimination of the Meals on Wheels program.

Commissioner Tully said he is reluctantly accepting the $38 million budget presented by staff.

Commissioner Schnell said she agrees to the $38 million budget. She said there may be some things the Manager can do that will bring it down further.

Commissioner McConnell said she accepts the $38 million budget as it was presented last week and the recommendations the Village Manager made.

Commissioner Urban said he also accepted the $38 million budget.

Commissioner Sandack said he has no reluctance. He said he feels the process needs to go in another direction which starts with this Council. He said the Council has a collective responsibility to give clear, concise direction. If that occurs, the process will be easier next year regardless of economic conditions.

The Mayor said he reluctantly voted for the budget last year. He said a lot of taxes were put in last year to increase revenues. He said he cannot do it again. The general fund was increased last year by 8% and this year the increase is $2.5 million while ignoring infrastructure. He feels it is necessary to look carefully at what the money is being spent on.

Commissioner Tully said he appreciates all the hard work staff has done on this budget. He said the whole budget process is balancing competing interests.

13. Adjournment

Commissioner Tully moved to adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to Section 2©(11) of the Open Meetings Act to consider pending litigation. Commissioner Urban seconded.

VOTE : YEA – Commissioners Tully, Urban, Sandack, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

Mayor Krajewski declared the motion carried and the Council convened into Executive Session at 7:45 p.m