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November 25, 2003

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Press: Kris Owens, The Sun Residents: Kevin & Mary Kurnik, 1136 62nd Place; Andrew Clark,1226 62nd Street; Chris Lavoie, C.M. Lavoie & Associates, 633 Rogers; Mel Cramm, Turner Construction, 945 Curtiss St.; Judy Sidrys, 5223 Lee Ave; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Sue Smith, 1133 62nd Place; Marge Keenan, 1132 62nd Place Staff: Stan Balicki, Support Services Manager, Public Works; Pam Church, Deputy Police Chief; Dorin Fera, Traffic Manager, Public Works; Don Rosenthal, Director, Code Services; Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works; Steve Rockwell, Director, Economic Development Commission; Doug Kozlowski, Public Information Officer; Mike Baker, Assistant to the Village Manager

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Parking Deck Update. Village Manager Ginex asked Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works, to address this item.

Mike Millette , Assistant Director, Public Works, said the project is pretty much on time and on budget, although they are seeing a few things which were omitted from the design or left open. They have a bid price for finding and removing unsuitable soil. Such soil was found in the backyards of the homes south of the 5202 building. There will be an official change order. The only other official change order is for the stainless steel panels in the elevators for an amount of $8,000. The original design was for plastic. He explained that there will be credit for work already done on the south design. He said that nothing has been a “deal breaker” so far. There have been some small items to be addressed. In terms of schedule, there has only been one rain day, and concrete was put in yesterday and today. Propane tanks are on site to provide heat as the weather changes. There are provisions for a more permanent connection for the generator through NICOR .

Commissioner Zabloudil asked about the soil remediation and the extent of the need. Mr. Millette said it is on the area where the slab will be placed on grade for the elevator tower. There is too much humus that has to be replaced with a stone/sand/gravel mix.

Commissioner Tully asked for clarification that they are on budget and on schedule, with the exception of some small change orders, and Mr. Millette said that was correct.

Mayor Krajewski commented to Turner that they have done a very good job of keeping the job site clean, and thanked them for that effort.


Squad Cars. The Manager said a fleet plan was developed, and an additional squad car has been added. They try to use local vendors, but have had no response from Joe Madden. He indicated that staff has reviewed the studies concerning cars having fuel tank fires. Village Police cars have an upgraded kit installed to shield for rear-end crashes. Staff’s recommendation is to purchase four Ford Crown Victorias from Landmark in Springfield, and one Chevy Impala from Miles Chevrolet.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked the justification for the fourth squad car.

Deputy Police Chief Pam Church said that the plan for the additional squad car is for the midnight shift for DUI enforcement. There are enough funds in the DUI tech fund for the additional squad car. They are presently using marked patrol cars, but have asked for an unmarked vehicle. The funds have to be used toward DUI enforcement activities or equipment activities.

Commissioner Tully asked for an explanation of the DUI tech fund, and Deputy Chief Church said the funds come from a portion of the fines paid by DUI offenders.

The Mayor asked staff to look at the revenue records from the County.

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said that they are monitoring it and will provide a report. It’s a time consuming and manually conducted job. The Mayor asked if they can at least provide the amount that is outstanding.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked whether additional funds are anticipated over time to replace this vehicle, and Deputy Chief Church said that is what they expect to do.

Lee & Ogden Storm Sewer. The Manager said staff came to the Council a few months ago regarding this location. Recent rains have required additional pumping operations, and it may be necessary to fix this immediately.

Mr. Millette said Council received a memo regarding two quotes received on this project. The low bid was from Swallow Construction in the amount of $117,721.75, and another bid from Fiordirosa in the amount of $142,750. He said that on the surface it is not as easy as going with the low bid. He said he doesn’t think the price is correct. He questioned their ability to handle the 15” storm sewer pipe needs for the cost quoted. The only possible explanation he has is that Swallow is located close to the site.

Attorney Petrarca said there is imminent litigation with Swallow.

Mr. Millette said that since this is an emergency situation the staff sought quotes. He said if the Council directs him to do so, he will contact Fiordirosa to assure that the cost quoted is accurate.

Commissioner McConnell asked if staff knows anything about Fiordirosa. Mr. Millette said they worked in town about three years ago, and to his knowledge there were no real issues with the exception of being a bit slow to complete. He said he worked with them previously up north and one project was excellent, while another was average. He would depict them as average.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if there was any possibility of getting other bids. Mr. Millette said that the other companies known are unable to do it due to other commitments.

Commissioner Schnell said she knew about problems with Swallow this past time, and asked whether there have been other problems. Mr. Millette said he knows there have been other problems. His experience with them up north was that they were terrible on one project, and average on another. Commissioner Schnell said the concern is that people have been waiting for this work to be done, and if it’s not done correctly the problems will just continue. She said if there was the possibility of negotiating with the other contractors she would encourage that.

The Mayor said they shouldn’t accept anyone that is involved in litigation with the Village.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked that they go back and challenge them on the numbers submitted.

In terms of timeframe, Mr. Millette said it is 2-3 weeks, depending upon the weather. The North Belmont County storm sewer will probably be tied up through the holidays, and the watermain replacements on Grand began yesterday and will probably go through February. He said they could consider whether the watermain work being done could be flipped back to cover this project.

Commissioner Tully asked about the anticipated funding source. Mr. Millette said they determined that it is TIF eligible and suggested that as the funding source. The estimate is $125,000. He said they can talk to Trine.

The Mayor said the Council would still have to approve it.

Commissioner McConnell said that if Trine cannot do it, she would prefer Fiordirosa rather than Swallow.

Demolition Ordinance. The Manager said that the Council has been concerned about site protocols for site demolition.

Don Rosenthal , Director, Code Services, said that Code Enforcement has received increasing numbers of complaints over the past several years regarding demolition of existing construction with replacement by larger construction. There have been safety hazards and general maintenance problems. Trees have been left unprotected during construction. He said that this Ordinance is staff’s attempt to address these concerns and is based on the Ordinance used in Hinsdale. He noted that the Council has received a copy of the Ordinance.

The Mayor mentioned the 6’ high temporary screening, and said he didn’t feel the chain link fencing was necessary as much for residential as for commercial.

Commissioner Zabloudil clarified to Mr. Rosenthal that they recommend the 6’ fencing for commercial construction, with the yellow or orange fencing around the residential areas.

Commissioner Schnell said if the plastic fencing is staked properly it will keep kids out. Mr. Rosenthal said that the plastic fencing is good for just a barrier, but not to prevent kids from falling into a hole. He said he thinks the plastic 3-4’ high fencing is adequate for the residential area.

Commissioner Tully said if Code Services feels a 4’ high plastic fence is sufficient in a residential area, that is fine. The issue is safety, and if staff has concerns, he is not opposed to using a higher fence or different materials. Mr. Rosenthal said if they are looking to provide a barrier, the 3’-4’ plastic fence is fine.

Commissioner Tully asked if some type of bond, at some stage, could be tied into the construction bond so that a contractor who demolishes and doesn’t clean up properly will be responsible for providing funds to cover the clean up. Mr. Rosenthal said that he doesn’t feel it is necessary since the lots are $250,000 or more now, and it is imperative that the developer gets in and out quickly.

The Mayor asked about street cleaning. He noted that he was on Grove Street and it has not been cleaned up properly. If necessary, Public Works should be sent out to clean it up.

Commissioner Tully said he would like to see whatever is sufficient to correct the situation included in the Ordinance, and Mr. Rosenthal said that clean up can be incorporated into the Ordinance.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if there is a need to include a time frame as to when the fencing should be installed and when it should be removed. Mr. Rosenthal said they can also include time restraints, but that is normally dictated by economics.

The Mayor said that the time should be established from the time the permits are pulled, and from time of completion of the project.

Commissioner Zabloudil then referred to the setbacks of 6’ off the property line. He asked if they might want to increase the front yard setback perhaps to 10’ or 20’. The Mayor said that one issue is the distance for trucks on the site.

Commissioner McConnell commented that the timing issues seem to be related to the events rather than days or weeks.

Mr. Rosenthal noted that they are talking about two types of fencing, the protective fencing and silt fencing.

Commissioner Urban asked about some term definitions in the Ordinance, such as “minor.” Mr. Rosenthal said that something like a small shed could be considered “minor.” Commissioner Urban asked what the “start” of the structure is, and Mr. Rosenthal said when the backhoe is placed in the ground the construction has started.

Commissioner Schnell asked about setbacks for dumpsters, as she had complaints about dumpsters being close to the property line and having debris blown around. Mr. Rosenthal said they can also include a setback for the dumpster in the Ordinance. Attorney Petrarca said this will not come back to Council next week, but will be re-workshopped.

IDOT Construction Agreement for Dunham Road. The Manager said this project will improve Dunham from Lemont Road to 71st Street. They will remove the existing pavement and construct a new two-lane road, with sidewalks on the east side of the roadway. There will be street lighting, storm sewers, etc. The total estimated cost is $978,000, of which the Village is required to provide a match of $293,400.

Design for Pedestrian Walkway. The Manager asked Joe Skach, Director, Planning & Community Development, to address this matter.

Joe Skach , Director, Planning & Community Development, provided a brief background of the project and the design. He said that the decision was to remove this aspect of the project from the complete project. They have looked at this as an extension of Main Street designed to handle pedestrian activity. Several issues were raised about the design including emergency access, safety issues, and four-season use of the space. Mr. Skach then showed a slide of the pedestrian access-way design. The landscaping has been moved to the center portion of the access. They propose using different types of materials for economic reasons. Trees planned will be ornamental and smaller scale. The stone proposed is similar to what exists in the cemetery area to provide consistency in design.

Mr. Millette said the design concept was originally very fluid and a drain on resources. The present plan is an extension of the elements seen on Main Street. Each bay will have light poles and banners. Using handouts, he showed the horseshoe effect in the front which is designed with materials similar to those used at the cemetery. He said that staff is prepared to go to bid, and there will be four alternates: 1) use only paver blocks; 2) use some stamped color concrete; 3) keep pavers with red stamped colored concrete; 4) use stamped colored concrete only. Estimates vary between $92,000-$160,000. About $125,000 was cut from the original deck allocation for this space. Staff is seeking direction in terms of going out for bid.

The Mayor asked whether snow removal will be done in the winter in this area. Mr. Millette said they have considered that and it is wide enough for the plow.

Commissioner McConnell asked about the fencing between the trees and the plantings and where it goes. Mr. Skach said there is no fencing in between the area in question, just pavers. What is shown is the temporary fencing for the restaurant use. Ornamental fencing is not part of the bid. If there is fencing it would be on a temporary basis only. Commissioner McConnell said it doesn’t seem like a good idea to have the ornamental fencing take up additional walkway.

Commissioner Schnell asked the time frame. Mr. Millette said it is weather dependent. With a bid placed out now, they could begin some of the construction elements in February. The deck progress would be another factor. He said that they would intend it to be completed in time for Heritage Festival.

Commissioner Tully asked the height of the entry-way monument, and Mr. Millette responded that the center portion is a seat wall at 2’ in height.

Commissioner Tully asked if that could be used at some time as a frame for signage. Mr. Skach said they anticipated the potential of using it with the light poles and banners; however, it doesn’t preclude inserting signs. Commissioner Tully said it would be a high traffic area that could be put to good use to promote events in the community. Mr. Skach said staff did discuss something of that nature. One issue related to that was the potential of using the planters to hold art pieces in the future in competitions. Commissioner Tully said he is glad to see they have been thinking ahead to making it a pedestrian gateway.

Commissioner Urban asked again about the size of the walkway. Mr. Millette said that it is 12’9” from the centerline to each building space. The planters are 2’ wide leaving 10’9” to the sides of the buildings.

Commissioner Urban asked about the entranceway off Curtiss Street, and Mr. Skach said that is vehicular with parkway, trees and planting.

The Mayor asked about the photo of the Curtiss entrance on the west side showing greenery. Commissioner Urban said they might want to also add all the trees to the bid. Mr. Millette stated that there is 74’ of parkway on the west side. Commissioner Urban asked that this be added to the proposal.

Mr. Skach said that this space is unique. They could look at pulling this out of the construction contract. They can get an estimate for the cost.

The Mayor asked if staff has talked to the Downtown Management Board about this plan. Manager Ginex said that they were shown this last week and were excited about it.

Commissioner Schnell said the four corners on Main and Curtiss are specifically pedestrian walkways. The Curtiss entrance cannot be defined strictly as a pedestrian walkway. She agrees they should get a bid to see what it would cost. She thinks they are defining it strictly as pedestrian walkways for consistency. Mr. Skach said the Curtiss block will likely have some pedestrian dedicated areas in it. The Mayor said he expected the Curtiss block would become a large pedestrian walkway as part of that entire development.

Chris Lavoie from CM Lavoie and Associates said they are pleased with the design for this walkway. He then said he wanted to speak as a Downers Grove Rotary member as well, saying that Rotary International asked that their group look at a centennial project, and they looked at several sites around the Village. The Rotary Club International’s 100th anniversary is in 2005, and as part of that centennial all clubs have been asked to provide a community service project. The Club would like to target one of the planter areas closest to the deck as an area with a monument, and they would like to have a design competition involving community groups and schools. The Rotary would fund the project. They were also considering a design element that could be used around the Village, parks, train stations, etc. He wanted the Council to know that the Rotary Club is interested in providing that service and funding that project. Another consideration may be a mural on the wall along the south side. It would not be part of the bid.

In response to the Mayor, Commissioner Schnell said that the Lions Club came before the Council about seven years ago and donated the clock at the train station. She said what the Rotary Club does needs to be in line with what is appropriate for the community. She thinks the idea of the mural has appeal.

Commissioner Urban reviewed history of how the Lions Club obtained the clock.

Commissioner Schnell said there was a design for a park at Main and Maple some time ago, and at that time suggestions were made for putting murals there. It is consistent and could celebrate the heritage of the Village.

Mr. Lavoie said they want to get everyone involved as much as possible. He said that they will follow whatever protocol is necessary. He wanted to be sure that the Council approved the Club’s proposal. There are many things that can be used as a design concept such as Village history, Veterans, Olympians, etc.

Commissioner Sandack thanked the Rotary Club for their intent, and he commended them for their forward thinking.

Mayor Krajewski thanked them as well and asked that they work through the Village Manager.

MFT Resolutions. The Manager said staff is asking for authorization to appropriate the MFT funds for the amount of $192,200.

The Mayor asked whether the special census was done for the incorporated areas that have annexed to the Village.

Village Clerk April Holden said that was done and those figures were submitted for inclusion with the census figures.

Good Samaritan/Highland Avenue Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation. The Manager asked Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works, to address this item.

Mr. Millette said this is the next water tank due for rehabilitation. The 71st Street tank was completed by TIC , who has worked with the Village for the past 8-10 years. He noted that staff has looked at other consultants in the past, and have chosen TIC since they know the Village specs and tanks well. Staff needs Council approval to enter into an agreement with TIC .

Commissioner Tully said he thought they should periodically re-bid this since it is a substantial amount of money. He then asked about the tank repainting which is estimated to be about $465,000. He asked whether that has to be done in 2004-2005, or can it responsibly be delayed. Mr. Millette said that it is a Catch 22 situation. This tank is the next in the rotation. His “gut” feeling is that it is getting close to rehabilitation. He said that TIC could provide information as to the life expectancy of the current coating. Commissioner Tully said he would like to have that report. Mr. Millette said that this is more of a science than an art. TIC can tell how thick the paint is now and how long it is expected to last.

The Mayor said he agreed with going out to bid. He asked how they came up with the $67,000 bid. Mr. Millette said it was based on what was done on the last tank.

Commissioner Urban concurred with this going out to bid. He asked if this is the original paint. Mr. Millette said it was the first coat of paint.

The Mayor asked for a report on the tank rotation and how far in advance they need to plan for future rehabs.

Commissioner Schnell noted that this particular tank has been covered by trees and woods with more protection than other tanks. She commented that when it was originally painted, it only had a logo on one side because of the concerns of residents to the west. There was an agreement for the logo to be only on one side.

Mr. Millette said it was a 14-16 week project.

Parking & Traffic Commission: File #15-03 Parking Restrictions on 62nd Place, between Brookbank Road and Carpenter Street. The Manager said this petition was received from the neighbors due to two issues including the number of students parking in that area, and the blocking of residential driveways. Staff studied the area and recommended no parking on both sides of the street.

Commissioner McConnell noted that the minutes referenced that there are some days when students do not come until 10:00 a.m.

Dorin Fera , Traffic Engineering, Public Works, said there are approximately eight late arrival days in the year. He believes that will stay the same.

The Mayor said he has asked before about signs differing on the north and south sides of town. He asked if they discussed changing the signs to 7:00-11:00, rather than 4:00 in the afternoon. Mr. Fera said he has no good answer for that. There have been no direct complaints from the residents. They would need a comprehensive review. The Mayor said he has heard from a number of residents and retirees who would like to see the afternoon hours available. He doesn’t understand the difference between the north end and south end of towns. It is no longer an open campus and the students are in school all day. Mr. Fera said they can put this on the P&T agenda.

Sue Smith , 1133 62nd Place, asked what the progression will be since this is a safety issue. The Mayor said the Council will vote on it next week. Ms. Smith asked if they need more information. The Mayor said he assumed it will pass next week as no one has an issue with it.

Commissioner Schnell asked if it is possible to put temporary signs up since it is a safety issue.

First United Methodist Parking Agreement. The Manager said the Village has a lease agreement for 50 spaces for the parking lot on Grove Street. Ten of the parking spaces were previously designated permanent residential parking spaces at all times. Due to the construction of the parking deck, the Village has requested that the church increase the number of permanent residential parking spaces to 14 and they have agreed. The compensation is presently $1000 per month and would increase to $1150. The lease runs from December 1, 2003 through July 31, 2004 and may be extended on a month-to-month basis after July 31, 2004.

Illinois Tomorrow Grant. The Manager said this is a planning grant for an integrated management module for the development of the Ogden Avenue corridor. The grant is in the amount of $44,478, with a 10% match from the Village. The grant will require an amendment to the General Fund budget in the amount of $22,240.

Mr. Rockwell said staff determined that only 70% is TIF eligible.

The Mayor then asked staff about the earlier bid and asked why Madden Ford doesn’t respond. Mr. Rockwell said he has a call into them to discuss this.

Highway Authority Agreement. The Manager said Hi-Tech Import Auto Service has requested an agreement regarding contamination from a leaking underground storage tank for which Hi-Tech has assumed obligation.

Commissioner Tully said he was glad to hear that the responsibility of this runs with the land.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions. The Manager said these appointments will be made later in tonight’s meeting.

Discharge of Firearms Amendment. The Manager said Chapter 15 prohibits the discharge of air guns within the Village. Some guns, such as paint balls and BB guns, are not in the Code and staff would like them included in the prohibition.

Taxation Ordinance. The Manager said this revision concerns tax payment for the sale of motor fuel and submittal of the proper documentation.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked about the Village’s recourse. Attorney Petrarca said that a violation could be issued each day. The Mayor asked if this tax included a sunset clause when the Fairview bonds were paid. Ms. Petrarca said it is not in the Ordinance but she will review it.


Public Services

Commissioner Tully said that the Local Transportation Subcommittee met and discussed the first draft of the report they hope to present to the Council in January. He said that members of the Subcommittee are providing comments, input and fleshing out the report and they hope to have this completed on schedule. The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.


Manager Ginex said that the schedule for the Christmas tours for seniors has not yet been finalized, but he hopes to have that available next week. The schedule will also be placed on the website.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting ten items to the Council: 1) An ordinance establishing standards for demolition and construction activities; 2) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Illinois Department of Transportation (Dunham Road Improvements); 3) A resolution for improvement be municipality under the Illinois Highway Code; 4) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement for engineering services (Good Samaritan/Highland Avenue water storage tank rehabilitation) between the Village of Downers Grove and Tank Industry Consultants; 5) An ordinance establishing certain parking restrictions on 62nd Place; 6) A resolution authorizing execution of a lease agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the First United Methodist Church; 7) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) (Illinois Tomorrow); 8) A resolution authorizing execution of a tiered approach to corrective action objective agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and Sali Salievski; 9) An ordinance prohibiting the discharge of certain firearms; and 10) An ordinance establishing procedures for tax delinquency. She asked that the Council consider waiving the traditional one-week waiting period to consider new business to appoint members to the Liquor Commission.

Commissioner Tully moved to waive the traditional one week waiting period for the discussion of new business. Commissioner Urban seconded the Motion.

AYES :Commissioners Tully, Urban, Sandack, Zabloudil, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAYS :None

The Mayor declared the Motion carried.

Village Clerk Holden then read the Resolution appointing members to Boards and Commissions.

This will confirm the following appointments to the Liquor Commission:

Appoint Michael Kubes as Chair for a term expiring 4/30/05.

Appoint Judith Haider for a term expiring 4/30/05, and Michele King and Daniel McInerney for terms expiring 4/30/06.



Commissioner Tully moved to appoint members to the Liquor Commission. Commissioner Urban seconded the Motion.

The Mayor thanked Commissioner Sandack for conducting the interviews of the applicants.

Commissioner Sandack said the three new appointees will contribute diverse talents to the Commission, and he thanked them for volunteering.

AYES :Commissioners Tully, Urban, Sandack, Zabloudil, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAYS :None

The Mayor declared the Motion carried.


Commissioner McConnell said that she participated in a team interviewed on Friday by the committee members from the Illinois Chiefs Association for the Community Policing awards. The Village is being considered for one of those awards for our Community Policing program. The Character Counts Coalition is one of the reasons we were considered. She added that the Partnership for Healthier Communities also met and is working on the surveys conducted about a year ago related to character development and the 40 Assets Survey. She said they will be hearing from that Committee early next year.

Commissioner McConnell then mentioned the Car Seat Program that has been officially taken over by the Healthy DuPage group. She noted that there is a new activity called Ring My Bell. Chief Ruscetti was part of the group that fostered this program, established particularly for the elderly in an effort to meet their needs. It will be a County-wide program. She also noted that recently there has been news and a death in our community related to domestic violence. The Committee will look at how to provide better community information on domestic violence.

Commissioner Urban reminded everyone that Santa is coming to downtown Downers Grove on Sunday in the parade, which begins at 1:00 p.m. He congratulated Downers Grove North on their accomplishment in getting to the Semi-finals. He then wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Commissioner Tully recommended that the water tank rehab be taken off the agenda since several Commissioners have expressed a desire to have that item bid out. He then congratulated the Trojans on a very successful season, and invited everyone to attend the events on Sunday. He wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mayor Krajewski announced that the parade will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, with the tree lighting ceremony taking place at 4:30 p.m.


Commissioner Tully moved to adjourn into Executive Session pursuant to Section 2©(2) of the Illinois Open Meetings Act for the purpose of discussion of collective negotiating matters; Section 2©(3) to discuss personnel, and 2©(11) to discuss pending litigation. Commissioner Urban seconded the Motion.

AYES :Commissioners Tully, Urban, Sandack, Zabloudil, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski NAYS :None

The Mayor declared the Motion carried.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh