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July 22, 2003

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil, Ron Sandack, Stan Urban; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Press: Kris Owens, The Sun, Downers Grove Residents: Mel Cramm, Turner Construction Company, 945 Curtiss St.; Sara Davis, Alfred Benesch & Co., 5202 Washington St.; Laurel Q. Bowen, 829 Clyde; Andrew Clark, 1226 62nd St.; Tom and Michael Weiler, 709 Maple Ave. Staff: Mike Millette, Assistant Director, Public Works; Jack Bajor, Director, Public Works; Dorin Fera, Traffic Manager, Public Works; Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager, Joe Skach, Director, Planning and Community Development, Bob Schiller, Assistant Director, Public Works, Trisha Steele, Assistant Director, Financial Services

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.


Parking Deck Update. Manager Ginex asked staff for the parking deck update.

Mike Millette , Assistant Director, Public Works, said that Mel Cramm and Sara Davis were also present to respond to any questions. Mr. Millette said that construction began June 23, and a security fence has been installed around the site. The site has been cleared and asphalt has been stripped from the old site. Today the first of the larger equipment was delivered to drill holes for the foundation.

The Mayor asked if there were any scheduling problems.

Mel Cramm of Turner Construction said that everything is going well so far. They are digging the retention base, and it appears as though they will clear the St. Joseph’s Creek culvert.

Sara Davis , Alfred Benesch & Co., also said that there have been no problems to date.

Bid: Purchase of Single and Tandem Axle Cabs and Chassis. The Manager said staff recommends awarding the bid to TransChicago Truck Group of Elmhurst, the low bid. He noted that Council asked that the 5-ton be upgraded to the 10-ton truck at a cost of an additional $8,613, bringing the total cost to $212,275.

The Mayor asked if this is just for the axles.

Deputy Village Manager Dave Van Vooren said that the total budgeted for the axles is in the vicinity of $210,000 – $220,000. He said that roughly $450,000 has been allocated for the four vehicles. This expenditure is part of that total amount budgeted.

The Mayor clarified that this portion is approximately $8,000 over budget. Mr. Van Vooren said that was correct.

Commissioner Tully asked if they know why the other five vendors did not respond to the bid and Mr. VanVooren said he did not know.

MFT Discussion – Additional Funds. The Manager said Council requested a discussion regarding recommendations for specific projects for the balance of the MFT allocation amounting to $172,000.00. He said that staff provided a list of items to the Council.

The Mayor said the simplest approach would be to apply it to the STP funding. He said they would need a list of all the projects. The list so far includes sidewalks, streets, and stormwater for certain areas.

Mr. Millette said the most important is probably the 35th and Hickory Court area (35th and Venard) for the feeder branch to Lacey Creek.

The Mayor asked if funds have been allocated for the 35th and Venard project. Mr. Millette said that no funds have been allocated as yet. The Mayor said he was under the impression that was being done. He suggested that the 35th and Venard then be included.

Commissioner Tully said the 35th and Venard location has been discussed a number of times. He was not aware that other projects ran over and took funds from this project. He considered this to be a top priority item.

Commissioner Schnell said that there has not been much money appropriated for stormwater projects this year. She said it would be good to commit to them for projects including open culverts, erosions, etc., around Lester School.

Commissioner Tully said beyond 35th and Venard, he agrees with Commissioner Schnell and said it would be useful for the Council to see the information presented to SWUEC so the Council could understand how serious the problems actually are.

Manager Ginex said that staff can begin on 35th and Venard, and will prepare a list for further Council review.

Commissioner McConnell asked about the cost for 35th and Venard. Mr. Millette said about $50,000. She said it would be helpful to see the details, and thought it would also be good to look at the sidewalks.

Mr. Millette confirmed that the priorities are the Hickory Court area at 35th & Venard and stormwater issues.

The Mayor added that they should look at tree replacements as well.

MFT Maintenance Resolution. The Manager said $75,000 MFT funds are available to be used to pay a portion of the Village’s local share of the current STP project, the Main Street and Fairview Avenue resurfacing. Staff is requesting Council authorize the appropriation of the monies.


Public Services Committee

Commissioner Tully said that Public Services Committee will meet twice next week, with the Local Transportation Subcommittee meeting on July 31 at 6:00 p.m. at Village Hall. Further, the Stormwater Utility Exploratory Committee (SWUEC) will meet to continue stormwater utility discussions on August 1 at Public Works at 6:00 p.m.


Manager Ginex reminded everyone that there would be no Council meeting next week.


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said she was presenting three items to the Council: 1) A resolution for improvement by municipality under the Illinois Highway Code; 2) A resolution appointing an authorized agent for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF); and 3) A resolution authorizing a loan agreement with Downers Grove National Bank.


Mayor Krajewski introduced Michael Weiler of Troop 80 who was attending the meeting to earn his Citizenship in the Community badge.


Commissioner Tully moved to go into Executive Session pursuant to Section 2©(11) of the Illinois Open Meetings Act to discuss potential litigation. Commissioner Urban seconded the Motion.

VOTE :AYES: Commissioners Tully, Urban, Sandack, Zabloudil, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Mayor Krajewski adjourned the Workshop meeting into Executive Session at 6:48 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh