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April 22, 2003

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Thomas Sisul, Michael Gilbert, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Press: Kevin Stahr, Downers Grove Reporter; Laura Taylor, Sun Residents: Steven Scantlen, 5436 Lyman Avenue; Cub Scout Pack 85: Jan Woods, 5125 Blodgett, Rick Walsh, 745 Farley Place; William E. Graves, 2407 Inverness; C. Graves, 2400 Inverness; Ken Holbrook, 2141 Maple Avenue; Kathy Nybo, 5253 Blodgett; Terri Brzezinski, 2219 Haddow Avenue; Dave Tatterson, 1240 Gilbert; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore Avenue; John Haine, 1110 Grove Street; Ron Sandack, 4833 Linscott; Marilynn Gerloff, 4241 Highland; Ann Muniz, 5617 Pershing Avenue; Randy & Pam Owens, 5900 Pershing Avenue; Hobbs Group: Ted Barlas and Diana Jacobs Staff: David Hankes, Webmaster; Phil Ruscetti, Fire Chief; Information Services: Liangfu Wu, Steven DiNaso, Mike Sweeney; Public Works: Jack Bajor, Director, Dorin Fera, Traffic Manager, Stan Balicki, Support Services Manager; Trisha Steele, Assistant Director, Financial Services; Code Services: Don Scheidler and Bill Porter; Deputy Village Manager for Administration Dave Van Vooren; Director of Tourism and Events Mary Scalzetti; Assistant to the Village Manager Mike Baker; Human Resources: Greg Zimmerman, Director, Dennis Burke, Risk Manager; Public Information Officer Doug Kozlowski

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.

The Mayor said the items regarding insurance would be voted upon this evening.

The Mayor welcomed Cub Scout Pack 85 from fourth grade at Whittier School. He asked the Scouts to introduce themselves. He said they were here in fulfillment of their citizenship badge requirement. In response to one of the Scouts, the Mayor asked that staff look into the request for a sign at St. Luke’s Church.



Tent Rental. The Manager said Chicago Party Rental Braun Event and Tent has provided tents for the last four Heritage Festivals. They have agreed to keep the pricing the same as last year, and have also donated $1,500 in-kind toward the cost of the beer garden tent and stage.

Mayor Krajewski asked about the rides expected for Heritage Festival.

Mary Scalzetti , Director of Tourism and Events, said there will be 23 rides and a few more are on hold pending space.

Public Works Uniform Bid. The Manager said staff recommends extending an exclusive contract to North Shore Uniform Service for outwear, and a joint contract to Modern Career Apparel and North Shore Uniform Service to supply uniform items. Both vendors have maintained overall contract price increases for FY 03 /04 within 2%.

Fire Department Uniform Bid. The Manager said the Fire Department is recommending renewal of the contracts for fire uniforms using the third year option provided by current vendors. The vendors are Kale Uniforms, Red Wing Shoe Company and Holy Cow Sports.

Traffic Signals Maintenance. The Manager said this is a recommendation to extend the contract with Pinner Electric, Inc. for FY 2003 /04 for traffic signals maintenance. The contractor has agreed to a 2% increase for FY 2003 /04.

Commissioner Tully asked staff to elaborate on contract extensions and how it benefits the Village to enter into a multi-year contract.

Jack Bajor , Director, Public Works, said contract extensions have been part of the purchasing policy since 1989. With contract extensions, staff can recommend continuation of a contract for two renewals if prices are within a 2% increase of the last year’s prices. He said new bids can be costly as staff time can exceed $1,000 per bid.

Street Sweeping Services. The Manager said the Traffic Division is recommended that Dejana Industries, Inc. be awarded the contract again for FY 2003 /04 for street sweeping services. He said the work will be carried out for approximately 12 to 15 working days during the first half of November 2003.

Commissioner Tully said that some residents have asked how they can find out when the street sweeper will be in their neighborhood.

Dorin Fera , Traffic Manager, said there is a regular schedule in the neighborhoods. Residents could call Public Works for information.

Mosquito Abatement. The Manager said in 2002 the West Nile Virus was a major problem in our area, causing numerous infections and one death in Westmont. The bird population has also been affected. He said the mosquito abatement program focuses on eliminating mosquitoes in their larvae stage by treating ponds, streams and catch basins with chemicals. The Village has budgeted for three sprays with the potential of a fourth spray, if necessary.

Manager Ginex said the chemicals are acquired from Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc., as a single source vendor. They have agreed to limit their increase to 2%. Staff is recommending awarding the bid to Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. in an amount not to exceed the FY 2003 /04 budget of $41,527.50.

Commissioner Schnell asked how staff will determine if a fourth spray is needed.

Bill Porter , Code Enforcement Officer, explained that mosquito traps are set in the four quadrants of the Village. The mosquitoes are counted and a spray is decided based on the count.

Commissioner McConnell asked how many sprays were done last year. Mr. Porter said two were done last year.

Commissioner Schnell asked if additional traps could be put in neighborhoods as necessary. Mr. Porter explained that the traps are in the four quadrants of the Village. Code Services will inspect an area if they receive complaints.

Supply of Liquid Asphalt Cement. The Manager said K-Five Construction Corporation of Lemont was the only bidder for the FY 2003 /04 supply of liquid asphalt cement. He said the price dropped from $1.70 per gallon last year to this year’s bid of $1.35 per gallon.

Supply of Bituminous Cold Mix and Bituminous Concrete Mix. The Manager said K-Five Construction Corp. of Lemont and Harry W. Kuhn, Inc. of Wheaton bid on the FY 2003 /04 supply of bituminous cold mix and bituminous concrete hot mix. He said the original contract was awarded in FY 2001 /02, and this will be the first extension. Staff recommends awarding the contract to two vendors as in the past in order to have the flexibility of getting different types of asphalt mixes when needed.

GPS – Sanitary District Joint Purchase. The Manager asked Dr. Liangfu Wu, Director, Information Services to address this item.

Dr. Liangfu Wu , Director, Information Services, said this is a joint purchase of a GPS unit among the Downers Grove Sanitary District, DuPage County and the Village. He said the Village will provide expertise and manpower. The data to be collected is of value to the Village. The cost of the system will be funded 100% by the Sanitary District.

Commissioner Schnell asked how this will enhance the Village as we have other GPS units.

Steve DiNaso , Information Services, said this will supplement existing programs with a centimeter accurate receiver. This will provide higher level accuracy than can be obtained with the current equipment.

Commissioner Gilbert asked if the Sanitary District will pay 100% of the cost of the unit. Mr. DiNaso said that was correct; the Village will provide expertise.

Commissioner Gilbert said this was a terrific example of intergovernmental cooperation.

Commissioner Tully asked if this new GPS system will assist in meeting the mapping requirements for Phase II of the Clean Water Act.

Mr. DiNaso said it should. He said they would be establishing a core station, which is a continuously operating reference station. It will be meet national map accuracy standards.

Annexation Petition: 4920 Cross Street, north of Burlington. The Manager said the owners of the property at 4920 Cross Street have submitted a petition for annexation. The property is contiguous to the Village limits. The owner desires to connect to Village water, and because there is no pre-annexation agreement arrangement is this area, annexation is required for the water connection. The owner has opted not to rezone the property upon annexations; therefore, the zoning of the property will default to Village R-1, Single Family Residential, upon annexation.

Prosecution Contracts. The Manager said staff recommends the Village renew its agreement for FY 2003 /04 with Michael F. McMahon for prosecution services for DUI violations for a term of six months, after which a new in-house prosecutor will handle the DUI prosecution services. The cost of the contract is $20,000 for six months. Mr. McMahon is not proposing a rate increase over last year.

Regarding the prosecution contract for Linda Pieczynski, the Manager said staff is also recommending a six-month renewal of this contract at a retainer fee of $12,862.50. The cost of additional services, such as trial preparation and meetings, is $105 per hour. Ms. Pieczynski is not proposing a rate increase over last year.

Liability & Workmen’s Compensation Renewal. The Manager asked Dennis Burke, Risk Manager, to address this item.

Dennis Burke , Risk Manager, said this is for renewals of general and auto liability, property and Workers Compensation insurance for FY 2003 /04. He said quotes were received from three brokers. Staff is recommending that the Council accept and bind insurance quotes from Hobbs Group for General & Auto, and Property and Crime Insurance. Staff is further recommending that the Council accept the quote from Custard Claims Management Services from Safety National Insurance for the excess Workers Compensation insurance for 2003/04. Mr. Burke said the Village is self-insured for $1million of liability insurance. He said representatives of Hobbs Group were present to answer any questions.

Mr. Burke reviewed the procedure for the insurance renewals. He said the policies expire on April 30, 2003. RFP ’s were sent out on February 4, 2003. Last year the Village signed a Broker of Record agreement with Marsh USA to be the exclusive broker for all Village insurance renewals, except Workers Compensation in the expectation that it would be beneficial to the Village’s renewal quotes. He said last year’s renewals reflected a 66% increase in premiums and a reduction in coverage from a $50 million excess program to a $30 million excess program. An analysis of our risk assessment would dictate carrying $30 million in general & auto excess liability.

Requests for quotes were mailed to four brokers recommended by Illinois Self-Insurers Association. Three proposals were received, and Hobbs Group was the only group to make a complete proposal. Staff is, therefore, recommending the Village accept the quote submitted by Hobbs Group for the insurance coverage for FY 2003 /04 for Excess General & Auto Liability, Property, Crime and Terrorism insurance. All of the recommended companies are rated A++ by Best’s Key Rating Guide. Mr. Burke said aggregate stop loss insurance is not available. The Workers Compensation excess insurance is quoted by Safety National Insurance through Custard Claims. The premium was reduced from last year’s by $391 for a total premium of $60,600.00. Mr. Burke reviewed spreadsheets showing the various proposals and comparisons.

Mr. Burke said Hobbs Group received a letter from Hartford declining to bid on property insurance; however, the Gallagher proposal included a bid from Hartford for property insurance.

Mayor Krajewski requested that Mr. Burke ask Gallagher for a copy of the letter from Hartford.

Mr. Burke reviewed the proposal from Hobbs Group. He said the total cost is $327,866.00, which represents ½ of 1% decrease in cost over last year.

Commissioner McConnell said this is an amazing job.

Commissioner Tully said he appreciated the hard work done by Mr. Burke and Hobbs Group. He asked if $30 million of excess liability is sufficient and typical for comparable communities.

Mr. Burke said it is necessary to find a comfort level regarding the amount of excess coverage a community wants. This amount is more than sufficient for a single occurrence with public safety. He said with a transportation system, one occurrence with a bus could require $30 million of excess coverage.

Commissioner Tully asked about the limits on property and criminal coverage.

Diana Jacobs , Hobbs Group, outlined the property and criminal coverage. She said they meet or exceed the specifications. She said the limit on criminal coverage is $500,000.00.

Mayor Krajewski asked if Mr. Burke specified the companies the brokers were to work with. Mr. Burke said he did not.

The Mayor asked why the Village doesn’t accept the Marsh proposal for property insurance. Mr. Burke said he is recommending a broker for the complete package. Mr. Burke said under the Hobbs Group proposal, Chubb has lowered their cost for the property insurance.

The Mayor said the spreadsheets include the prices but not the details as to coverage.

Mr. Burke said Gallagher did not find carriers for excess liability coverage. He said he was disappointed in Marsh because they wanted a guarantee.

The Mayor asked about commissions the Hobbs Group receives.

Ms. Jacobs said they do not receive commissions on casualty policies, but they do on property policies.

Commissioner Sisul said Gallagher has a $45,000 service fee with asterisks. He asked what the asterisks are for. Mr. Burke said he wanted to represent that $20,000 is a service fee for Gallagher and $25,000 is a fee for Gallagher Bassett.

Commissioner Sisul asked about aggregate stop loss.

Mr. Burke said it is not available. He said it would protect the Village from severe catastrophic claims over $2 million.

Recommendations for Contracts for the Administration of the Village’s Benefit Programs. The Manager asked Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager for Administration to address this.

Dave Van Vooren , Deputy Village Manager for Administration, said the health insurance fund has not performed well in the fund balance. Staff is exploring options to reduce costs while maintaining comparable benefit levels. One of the options is a consumer directed health plan offered by Humana, known as SmartSuites. This is a product that lets employees choose from a bundle of up to six health benefit plans. This is still being developed and analyzed. If it were to be implemented, the effective date would be January 1, 2004 to coincide with the Village’s benefit plan year. Mr. Van Vooren said it is necessary to renew the existing program. He said there have been significant increases to both the employer and employees. He asked Greg Zimmerman, Director, Human Resources, to review the recommended renewals of the benefits program.

Greg Zimmerman , Director, Human Resources, reviewed the companies and costs of renewal. He said some of the recommendations are in conjunction with the changes proposed for January.

Commissioner McConnell said the SmartSuites program is very beneficial in terms of choices and opportunities. She said she agrees with the staff recommendation to wait until January 1 to implement this program. It is a very different program from what employees have had.

Mr. Zimmerman said it is a consumer driven program and is very new. He said there will be more of these in the next few years.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the increase in administrative fees is in line with the industry. Mr. Zimmerman said it was.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the difference in the quotes for the stop loss coverage. Mr. Zimmerman said the Village will be paying more now to save money later.

Commissioner Gilbert said the cost of health insurance is going up approximately 28%. Mr. Zimmerman said the program has a positive cash flow this year, although there are past deficits. He said employees are becoming more educated which is why the Village can look at a consumer-based program.

Commissioner Gilbert said he is in favor of a cafeteria-type program, but he said this represents an 83% increase to employees. Mr. Zimmerman said that was correct, but the percent increase was misleading as to the dollar amounts.

The Mayor said the Village is paying 85.7% of the costs on a family plan.

Commissioner Gilbert said it seems to him that the increase is very deep to employees. He would like to see this split up and recommended going slower. Employees would not expect that much of an increase especially with the economy as it is.

Mr. Van Vooren said the increases are intended to draw approximately $500,000 into the fund as it needs to break even. He acknowledged that this is a significant rate increase to employees.

Commissioner Gilbert said he thinks it is too big of an increase in one year. He asked if the Village should go out to bid rather than being self-insured.

Mr. Zimmerman said there are only one or two other comparable communities that are self-insured. He said the benefit is the ability to offer flexibility, particularly to retirees. The benefits to employees are on a case-by-case basis. He said it is important to look at programs as well as costs.

The Mayor asked if the Village has a medical savings account plan. Mr. Van Vooren said we do and he would get information as to the number of employees that take advantage of it. The Manager said the numbers fluctuate yearly.

Mr. Zimmerman said there is a retirement health plan the Village has been looking at.

The Mayor asked if the Village prepares W-2 statements in-house.

Trisha Steele , Assistant Director of Finance, responded that we do.

Water Rates. The Manager asked Deputy Manager Dave Van Vooren to discuss this item.

Deputy Manager Dave Van Vooren said staff studied the water fund’s revenue and expenses for FY 03 /04 and also reviewed the budget for the next five years. He said staff is proposing a rate increase that when instituted would result in additional water sales revenue of approximately 27%. Staff proposes a two-tiered rate system with a minimum bill of two units per billing cycle. The existing water rate of $2.30 per 100 cubic feet would be raised to $2.80 per 100 cubic feet for all Village residents. The second rate would be $3.25 per 100 cubic feet for all water customers that currently reside outside the Village boundaries. The added increase would assist the water fund in supporting the costs associated with providing water service and maintenance operations in areas projected to receive water over the next two years. The minimum bill will increase to $5.60 for Village residents and $6.50 for others.

Commissioner Schnell asked when the rates were last raised. Mr. Van Vooren responded that it was in 1992.

Commissioner Schnell asked when they are anticipating raising them again. Mr. Van Vooren said the five-year plan calls for a 15% increase in FY 20007 /08.

Mayor Krajewski asked if there is a recommendation to replace 4” mains with 6” mains. Mr. Van Vooren said that was correct. The water fund includes a repair and replacement program. Starting in FY 2004 /05, it will include $½ million annually for new construction.

The Mayor asked about the Water Commission rates. Mr. Van Vooren said the fund includes a $.05 increase in water rates after this year and for each year thereafter.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the monies would stay in the Water fund. Mr. Van Vooren said they would as it is an enterprise fund. He said the monies are necessary to cover all of the associated costs of the water fund as well as the bond.

Commissioner Tully asked about increased revenues due to the increased accuracy of the AMR system. He said he recalled discussions that the meters would pay for themselves because the new system would record use not being metered under the old system.

Mr. Van Vooren said the water revenue tracking reports may provide some insight into this, but may not answer this question completely.

Commissioner McConnell asked about the methodology used to determine the non-resident water rate.

Mr. Van Vooren said it was supported by actual costs. He said they reviewed the impact of new customers on support staff and analyzed the need for additional staff.

Commissioner McConnell asked about the cost of maintenance other than personnel. Mr. Van Vooren said those costs are reasonably assessed in the original rates.

Village Attorney Enza Petrarca said the rates have to justified by quantified costs.

Marilynn Gerloff , 4241 Highland, said she was present for the AMR presentation. She said her last water bill was an estimated reading, even though the new system is intended to provide a constant reading. She said her meter stopped sending a signal about a month ago. The system is not yet completely accurate.

The Mayor asked for the number of similar incidents.

Jack Bajor , Director, Public Works, said he would get the number of calls of defective meters.

Ann Muniz , 5617 Pershing Avenue, asked what the rate of $3.25 per 100 c.f. translates into in gallons.

Mr. Van Vooren said the rate is $3.25 per 750 gallons and the cost would be approximately $4.00 per 1000 gallons.

Ms. Muniz asked how those in unincorporated areas will be notified. The Manager said this will be discussed in the near future. They will probably do a mailing.

Parking/Transportation Rates. The Manager asked Mike Baker, Assistant to the Village Manager, to discuss this item.

Mike Baker , Assistant to the Village Manager, said the Parking Fund and Transportation Funds are Village enterprise funds. The Transportation fund accounts for the financial activity of the Village’s bus system and the Parking fund accounts for the financial activity related to the maintenance and administration of the Village’s parking lots and meters. Both of these funds show deficits even with the proposed increases.

The parking fund has more capital expenditures due to the maintenance of the lots. The transportation fund has historically operated at a deficit. It is 90% Village funded.

Mr. Baker reviewed the proposed rate increases for the charter and commuter service. He said the increase will generate approximately $95,000 in revenues although staff anticipates a decline in ridership due to the increased rates. He said staff recommends putting the fare increases in effect June 1, 2003.

Regarding the parking fund, Mr. Baker said staff recommends rate increases in the meters and quarterly permits. Staff proposes decreasing the fee for the student permits to be more competitive with others. Mr. Baker presented two charts of proposed rate increases. The first leaves a deficit of approximately $175,000.00. The second chart generates sufficient revenues to meet budgeted expenses. Mr. Baker said he received a question regarding rates of other charter services. He said charter rates vary depending on use and amenities. It appears that the Village is still competitive.

The Mayor said he received an e-mail regarding the daily cost and asked about the interfund transfers.

Mr. Van Vooren said there are three interfund transfers in the Transportation fund: For maintenance, for insurance, and for administrative support for a total of $300,000.

The Mayor asked about the cost of wear and tear on the buses when they are chartered. He said there are about approximately 300 residents on the waiting list and suggested the new Council review the matter of residents vs. non-residents.

Commissioner Tully asked how the parking rates compare to those of other communities. Mr. Baker referred him to a survey included with the parking materials.

Mr. Baker said the draft ordinance includes the rates on Chart 1-2.

Farmers’ Market. The Manager said the Village and Indian Boundary YMCA have participated in annual agreements for the YMCA to administer the summer farmers’ market for several years. This agreement is to begin the 2003 Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 21 for 17 weeks at the Train Station. It will be moved to the YMCA parking lot for June 28 in order to avoid a conflict with the Heritage Festival.

Lighting Ordinance. The Manager said staff was asked to examine the possibility of a residential lighting ordinance. The purpose would be to control improper use of exterior lighting and the adverse affect it has on neighboring properties.

Mayor Krajewski said there have been 14 inquiries since 2000 involving two properties.

Commissioner Schnell asked how many other communities have an ordinance.

Don Scheidler , Code Services, said four other communities have an ordinance ranging from a single sentence to seven pages. This is a compilation of the ordinances of other communities.

Commissioner Gilbert suggested removing (i) 2. glare control and directing lighting inwardly; and (i) 4. wall packs.

Commissioner Zabloudil thanked staff for working on this issue. He recommended not proceeding and not bringing this forward for a vote.

Commissioner McConnell asked if the nuisance ordinance could be used to address this situation.

Attorney Petrarca said the nuisance ordinance as written does not address the issue of light.

Commissioner McConnell suggested tracking the number of different instances.

Commissioner Tully said he is not convinced the Council needs to legislate neighborhood disputes. He said absent a more widespread issue, he is not convinced this is needed at this time. He said he has a number of issues with respect to the ordinance. He said there is an attempt to try to define what is permitted. He referenced (i) 2 of the ordinance and said it presents a great deal of difficulties. He said one of the rules regarding display of the American flag is that it be kept lit at night, which would mean a spotlight and would be in violation of this ordinance. He said a more practical and measurable way of measuring light is by foot candles which are easily measured and enforced. He said this ordinance has too many practical problems. He said it has nothing to do with the way staff put this together. He commended staff on their efforts.

Commissioner Sisul said he has not heard strong support for this ordinance. He asked as to the proper procedure for withdrawing this.

Commissioner Schnell suggested this be brought forward again if staff receives numerous complaints from multiple locations.


There were none.


Manager Ginex said the Village was again honored as Tree City, USA . The award recognizes municipalities that effectively manage their public tree resources, encourage implementation of community tree management, and meet the high standards of the National Arbor Day foundation in cooperation with the US Forest Service and National Association of State Foresters. The designation has been given to Downers Grove since 1984. Tree City, USA is required to have a tree ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance. Downers Grove will celebrate Arbor Day with the students of Kingsley School on Friday, April 25, 2003. He said trees are vital to the quality of life in an urban environment. They shade and protect our homes, they help provide clean air, filter out unwanted sights and sounds, and they beautify our landscape. Since the 1970’s the Village has had a forestry program in place to preserve existing trees and promote new plantings for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. Under the direction of our Forester, Kerstin von der Heide, the Forestry Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of over 23,000 parkway trees.

The award will be displayed at the Village Hall


Village Attorney Enza Petrarca presented 15 items to the Council: 1) A resolution authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Downers Grove Sanitary District; 2) An ordinance annexing 4920 Cross Street to the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois; 3) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement for legal services with Michael F. McMahon; 4) A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement for legal services with Linda S. Pieczynski; 5) An ordinance amending the metered water rate; 6) An ordinance amending parking meter and parking permit rates; 7) An ordinance amending rates to be charged for service for the Village of Downers Grove bus system; and 8) A resolution authorizing an agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Indian Boundary YMCA to jointly conduct the 2003 Downers Grove Farmers’ Market. These items will be on the May 6 Active Agenda.

She requested that the one-week waiting period be waived for the other seven items in order to meet the May 1 effective date.

Commissioner Sisul moved to waive the one-week waiting period to consider new business. Commissioner Gilbert seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for property and crime insurance effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Sisul moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Hobbs Group, LLC , as presented. Commissioner Gilbert seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for workers compensation excess insurance effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Sisul moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Custard Claims Management Services, Inc., as presented. Commissioner Gilbert seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for health insurance claims administration and stop loss insurance effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Gilbert moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Humana, Inc., as presented. Commissioner Zabloudil seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell Sisul, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for dental insurance claims administration effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Gilbert moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Delta Dental Plan of Illinois, as presented. Commissioner McConnell seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Gilbert, McConnell, Zabloudil, Tully, Sisul, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for long term disability insurance effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Schnell moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Fortis, Inc., as presented. Commissioner Sisul seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Schnell, Sisul, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell, Gilbert, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for flexible benefits program administration effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner McConnell moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from Incentus, Inc., as presented. Commissioner Sisul seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner McConnell, Sisul, Zabloudil, Tully, Gilbert, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



This will authorize acceptance of a proposal for insurance consultant services effective May 1, 2003.

Commissioner Sisul moved to adopt a resolution authorizing acceptance of a proposal from GCG Financial, as presented. Commissioner Gilbert seconded.

VOTE : AYES : Commissioner Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, McConnell, Schnell, Mayor Krajewski

NAYS : None

The Mayor declared the motion carried.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk