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August 13, 2002

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Michael Gilbert, Martin Tully (arr. 6:45), Mark Zabloudil; Village Manager Ricardo Ginex; Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioners Schnell, Sisul, McConnell

Visitors: Press: Colt Foutz, The Sun Residents &Others in Attendance: Evelyn Poulin, Montrew Dunham, Phyllis & Frank Betenia, Greg Evans, Downers Grove Historical Society; Peter Hultman, 1410 Gilbert; Andrew Clark, 1226 62nd Street; Bob Rychlicki, Kane, McKenna, 150 N. Wacker Drive; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Ray Meyer, Pat Maloney, R.J. Meyer Builders, 3910 N. Cass; Kevin Lynch and Brian Lynch, 930 Chicago; Christopher Heppner, 228 Maple Staff: Don Scheidler, Code Services; Don Rosenthal, Director, Code Services; Jack Bajor, Director, Public Works; Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager, Administration; Ann Priorello, Manager, VOC ; Brian Pabst, Deputy Village Manager, Operations; Dave Conley, Public Works; Susan Brassfield, Grants Coordinator, Financial Services; Kristin von der Heide, Public Works; Steve Rockwell, Economic Development

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.

Mayor Krajewski introduced a Boy Scout and asked him to come to the microphone. Brian Lynch, 6th grade student from St. Joseph’s School, said he was from Troop 80 and was working on his Citizenship Badge. He presented Brian with a Village pin and wished him good luck.


Bid: EOC Equipment Replacement & UPS Maintenance Contract. The Manager asked Ann Priorello to discuss this item.

Ann Priorello , Manager of the VOC , said that the existing equipment is 25 years old. Last year $30,000 was placed in the budget, $10,000 of which was used as part of the VOC location move. She said that they couldn’t get parts for the existing equipment. Upon further review it was determined that they could obtain new state-of-the-art equipment for $23,400. She said that the remaining $20,000 from the budget was not rolled-over into this year’s budget.

Commissioner Gilbert asked why they had to take the $20,000 from their generator fund and Ms. Priorello explained that the $20,000 that was remaining from the original funds was not rolled over into the new budget.

Ms. Priorello then added that will also be an expense for a one-year maintenance contract for $4,220 for the UPS source.

Change Order for 2001 Water Main – Prairie/Douglas Road Repair.

Deputy Manager Dave Van Vooren explained that this is for the construction project on Prairie Avenue. Swallow Contractors installed the watermain, and during the process of construction there was a watermain leak. They directed Swallow to repair; however, the repair was not made for approximately 24 hours from when it was directed. There was significant water damage as a result, including significant road deterioration at St. Mary’s Church. Discussions between the Village and Swallow have not been successful as Swallow does not believe they are at fault. The staff wants to repair the problem now and then deal with Swallow. In the meantime, three vendors were contacted to bid to repair the damage and the low bid was F&G Construction.

The Mayor asked when the work will begin. Deputy Manager Van Vooren said it will take about three days to repair the road, with a day or two to get mobilized.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that correspondence with Swallow Construction indicates that there was a leak for three days prior to the action. Deputy Manager VanVooren said that they are still investigating the events and time frame. In response to Commissioner Zabloudil regarding the performance bond, Mr. Van Vooren said that Swallow has to bond the full amount. The bond will not be released until one year from completion of the contract. The Village may file with their insurance carrier, however, the road needs to be repaired now.

Historical Society Cemetery Renovation Phase II Presentation. The Manager asked Mike Baker to discuss this item.

Mike Baker , Assistant to the Village Manager, introduced Greg Evans, President of the Downers Grove Historical Society, as well as Montrew Dunham.

Greg Evans , President, Downers Grove Historical Society, referred to the packet distributed to the Council regarding the update of Phase I and proposals for Phase II.

Montrew Dunham said that Phase I began last year with the repair of eight monuments at a cost of $5,500 which was paid by the Historical Society. She indicated that there are 20 markers that are either beyond repair or non-existent and should be replaced. Ms. Dunham said it is impossible to replicate the original monuments, but they hope to vary the replacement stones with appropriate designs. She indicated that the project will be completed over 5 to 6 phases depending upon the timing and the availability of funds.

Mr. Evans then referred to the outline included in the packet, which gave an overview of the repair and replacement work. Regarding the Phase II rollout, the project will be fully funded by the Historical Society with eight markers to be replaced, and one to be repaired. The eight replacement markers will have the same size and shape, as shown in the packet. The material will be an unpolished gray granite which is in line with the time period of the original monuments. He said that much of the information was obtained from monument rubbings taken many years ago. They anticipate having the work done by late fall.

Commissioner Gilbert acknowledged the work done by the Society over the years, with the donation of their time. He said that a great effort was put forth, funded completely by donations to the Historical Society and he encouraged people to make donations to the Society.

Commissioner Tully complimented the work of the Society in preserving the historical site. It is a substantial contribution to the community, and he urged people to support the efforts.

The Mayor echoed the thoughts of the others. He asked that packets be left for the Commissioners who were unable to be present this evening. He also said that he thought there were plans to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Lottie O’Neil who served in the State Legislature for 38 years.

Mr. Evans said that a Committee has been formed and they are attempting to raise $5,500 to place a stone at her gravesite with a biographical table.

Ms. Dunham noted that the names of the markers to be replaced were chosen at random, but they are people who supported the establishment of Downers Grove.

Commissioner Tully said that one way to learn about the people in the cemetery is to view the video that is available at the Historical Society. Mr. Evans said that they are also planning to prepare a video of James Henry Breasted who founded the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, and who was present at the opening of King Tut’s tomb. They also plan to republish Ms. Dunham’s and Pauline Wandschneider’s book on the History of Downers Grove through 1982.

Commissioner Gilbert noted that there is also a Historical Preservation Committee which assists in obtaining information on historical homes in the Village.

ZBA Recommendation: Case MC-7-02

Annexation Petition – 4506, 4508 and 4510 Drendel Road. Rezoning Petition – 4506, 4508 and 4510 Drendel Road. The Manager said these parcels are contiguous to the Village property and the owner wishes to connect the parcels to the Village for water. Upon annexation they wish to rezone the property from County R-4 to Village R-4.

Adoption of 2000 International Property Maintenance Code. The Manager said changes include adoption of the 2002 Electrical Code and Plumbing Code.

Commissioner Gilbert asked about the International Property Maintenance Code.

Don Scheidler , Code Enforcement, said that later in the year all of the codes such as BOCA and the IBC will unite into the International Code. It will be a combination of all of the individual groups. In response to Commissioner Tully he said it will be almost identical to BOCA , but does update it.

Resolution Authorizing Amendment to a Grant Agreement between the Village and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The Manager said that in January 2001 the Council approved a grant agreement of $5,000 to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for an Urban and Forestry grant as part of a disaster recovery plan. Due to some of the extended snow removal and the outbreak of the gypsy moths, staff is asking for an extension of the plan

TIF Public Hearing Resolution.

Deputy Village Manager Brian Pabst said that the Resolution is to set a date and time in mid-October for consideration of amendments to the TIF for the downtown area.


There were none.


Manager Ginex announced an award the Village received for the 2002 Citizens Survey. This award was presented by the Urban Innovation in Illinois Awards Competition. The Village was the winner in the Service Delivery Category. He said that Mike Baker attended the ceremony on behalf of the Village. The Manager said that earlier in the year staff recommended discontinuing the citizens survey for one year as a cost savings, and will bring it back in the fall of 2003. He congratulated the staff for their work in getting the survey conducted every year.

The Mayor commented that the Village’s annual survey is considered a model that is studied internationally.


Attorney Petrarca said she was presenting eight items to the Council: 1) An ordinance annexing 4506, 4508, and 4510 Drendel Road to the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois; 2) An ordinance amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois, Codified as Chapter 28 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code, as amended to rezone 4506, 4508 and 4510 Drendel Road; 3) An ordinance amending the property maintenance code; 4) A resolution authorizing an amendment to a grant agreement between the Village of Downers Grove and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources; 5) A resolution calling for a public hearing to consider the first amendment of the downtown tax increment financing and redevelopment project area, project, and plan; 6) An ordinance amending the nuisance provisions of Downers Grove; 7) An ordinance extending the term of Special Service Areas #2 (Downers Grove Downtown Service Area) of the Village of Downers Grove; and 8) A resolution authorizing submittal of grant award agreement to the Bureau of Justice Assistance for FY 2002 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program.


Chris Heppner , 228 Maple Avenue, commented on the reconstruction of Maple Avenue, Chicago Avenue and Naperville Road from Fairview Avenue to Route 83 which is being funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation. He is not sure whether Downers Grove’s share will be funded by IDOT since it is a Village road. As a resident on the road, he said there are two alternatives. One is to continue it as a 2-lane road, or to extend it to a 3-lane road. As a resident, he favors keeping it as a two-lane road, as that fits the need of the community. He said that the Village needs to get involved in this, and would like to hear that the Village supports retaining the two-lane road. He said that the decision will be made soon, and the Village can have a voice in that decision. Mr. Heppner said he sent out two resident surveys to people along the roadway requesting that a public hearing be held to hear the resident’s feelings. He understands that Westmont and Clarendon Hills are both going toward the two-lane proposal.

The Mayor said that the Village is not going to fund the project for the three blocks. He said it simply makes sense for IDOT to include the last three blocks. He said he could not see why they would want three lanes in the last three blocks if there are only two lanes in the other communities.

Mr. Heppner said he felt someone from the Village should express their interests. The Mayor responded that the Village has informed IDOT that it will not fund the remaining three blocks. Mr. Heppner repeated that he would like someone from the Village to take an interest. The Mayor replied that no work will be done unless the State comes up with the funds. If the State agrees, the Village would go along with the other jurisdictions.

Commissioner Tully said this is being driven by funding issues, and they need to see where the issues fall. If the State will not fund that portion, the Village will not be involved.

Mr. Heppner said he would like the Village to push for the two lanes. He said that speed enforcement is an issue. There is a complete lack of speed enforcement between Fairview and Cass on Maple, and the residents would appreciate speed control. Speed is a huge safety concern in that section of roadway.

The Mayor asked that the Manager also contact Westmont in regard to that issue.

Mayor Krajewski reminded everyone that on Saturday and Sunday the Village will hold the in-line skating and bicycling race and invited the residents to attend. There were a number of Olympians for both sports who participated in this in the past.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh