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June 11, 2002

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Thomas Sisul, Michael Gilbert, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Acting Village Attorney Enza Petrarca; Village Clerk April Holden

Absent:Commissioners Marilyn Schnell and Sue McConnell

Visitors: Press: Susie Gura, Downers Grove Reporter; Colt Foutz, The Sun Residents & Others in Attendance: Kay Whitlock, Christopher B. Burke Eng., Ltd., 9575 W. Higgins Rd., Rosemont; Emil Rusnak; Ronald Moravec, 5935 Brookbank; Marilynn Gerloff, 4241 Highland; Dan A. Cermak D.G. Park District, 2455 Warrenville; Thomas R. Ciechanowski, Nicolle Sullivan, Tomco Builders, PO Box 118, Lockport; Dave Humphreys, Tourism and Events Commission, 4221 Saratoga; Philip Bartnicki, St. Joseph School, 825 Oxford St.; Peter Hultman, 1410 Gilbert; Andrew Clark, 1226 62nd St.; John LeDonne, 1221 Parkway; Christine Fregeau, 1918 Elmore; Colette Wrona, 1033 Grove; Peter Lynch, 6009 Brookbank Staff: Dave Van Vooren, Deputy Village Manager, Administration; Bob Schiller, Assistant Director, Public Works; Mary Scalzetti, Director, Tourism & Events Commission; Jack Bajor, Director, Public Works; Mike Baker, Assistant to the Village Manager; Amanda Browne, Planner; Brian Pabst, Deputy Village Manager, Operations

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.



71st Street Tank Painting. Manager Ginex said the purpose of the contract is to prolong the life of the water tank, and to remain in compliance with OSHA requirements. Staff recommends awarding the contract to Am-Coat Painting of Lockport in the amount of $504,125 plus a 5% contingency.

Commissioner Tully congratulated the author of the report for anticipating the questions as to why the bid amount was far lower than the engineer’s estimates. He asked, given the nature of the project and the potential impact on the surrounding areas, whether the contractor is sufficiently insured.

Jack Bajor , Director, Public Works, said there is adequate insurance in place for this contract and will be discussed at the June 19 preconstruction meeting.

2002 Sidewalk Replacements, Project #03-02. The Manager said this will include the construction of gap sidewalk locations. There is $60,000 budgeted for gap replacements and $200,000 for sidewalk repair locations. He reviewed the five locations, which are based on location to schools: Grant Avenue, between Oakwood & Downers; Oakwood Avenue, between Chicago & Grant; Douglas avenue, between Rogers & Prairie; Douglas Avenue, between Austin & Rogers; and Wilson Street, between Douglas & Linden. Staff recommends awarding the bid to A&R Cement of Bartlett in the amount of $240,139.75 with a 5% contingency.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked when the list was compiled of the gaps, and Mr. Bajor said six months ago. Commissioner Zabloudil questioned if this is an all inclusive bid and Mr. Bajor said the list is comprehensive, and was advised it would take ten years to fill all of the gap segments. He said he would provide Council with a copy of the location map.

2. Zoning Board of Appeals Recommendation: Case MC-6-02, property located at 2530 Burlington. The Manager said the ZBA unanimously recommended approval of the requested zoning from County R-4 to Village R-4. The property is currently vacant, and there is no preannexation agreement. Therefore, the property will be annexed and then rezoned.

3. Stormwater Pass Through Ordinance.

Jack Bajor, Director of Public Works, said the Ordinance is designed to cover outside consultant fees, as the current Ordinance does not allow recapture of all consultant fees. He noted that they are very well covered for Special Management Areas such as floodplains and wetlands; however, 80% of reviews are not for Special Management Areas. Mr. Bajor said that the Village has contracted with Christopher Burke & Associates as consultants for the Village’s stormwater program. The subject ordinance provides an opportunity to recapture all outside consultant fees.

Commissioner Tully said this is long overdue, and needs to be taken care of quickly. He said it clarifies a long-standing policy and broadens the language to capture all outside consultant fees. He asked about the operation of this as paragraph 9 outlines the mechanics of implementing repaying of the fees, and whether the applicant will be given a non-binding estimate of the fees. Mr. Bajor said that he is working out the mechanics of how that will be done through Code Enforcement to establish an estimate. Commissioner Tully responded that it is important that the applicant would have an estimate of the costs in order to avoid any surprises.

4. Fee Waivers.

Park District – Recreation Center. The Manager said the Park District has submitted a request to waive the fees associated with the construction of the Recreation Center at 4500 Belmont. The fee breakdown includes the following: Permit & Plan inspection fees – $67,599.60; Water Service inspection fee – $60.00; and Basic Stormwater Management permit fee – $15,012.50 for a total of $82,672.10. The Manager recommended the Council consider the total fees available for waiver to be $82,529.10.

Commissioner Gilbert said he was of the impression that the Council was going to discuss the concept of fee waivers in general and he wanted to see this postponed until that general discussion was held. The Mayor said they could discuss that now and asked Manager Ginex if Commissioners Schnell or McConnell had given him any indication of their feelings re waiving fees. Manager Ginex said they had not.

St. Mary’s of Gostyn Catholic Church – Church Renovation. The Manager said the fees amount to $8,612.60. He is recommending the waiver amount to be $8,487.60

Park District – Gilbert Park Shelter. The Manager said the waiver amount would be $1,290.00.

DuPage County – 40th & Glendenning. The Manager said the Stormwater Plan Review fees total $18,618.63. The Manager recommended the Council consider the total fees available for waiver to be $16,030.88.

Commissioner Gilbert said he thought at this point the Village is not in a position to waive all of the fees. These fees are a cost of doing business for other entities. He said that a 50% waiver for a public entity sounds reasonable to him.

The Mayor said he sees the fees as broken between not-for-profit entities, and other governmental agencies, and within the governmental agencies they are inside Downers Grove or outside of Downers Grove. From the governmental agencies, the funds come from the taxpayers either way. The not-for-profit does not come directly from taxpayers only, and he suggested that perhaps a cap could be established for the not-for-profits.

Commissioner Gilbert said that when the water tower was built there was a financial exchange between the Village and the Park District. He said he dos not think the Village is in a position to waive fees to other governmental agencies as was done in the past. He is concerned about the Department of Environmental Concerns, as we are waiting for permits to be issued for Lacey Creek, which has taken seven years. DuPage County wants a fee waiver of $18,618.63.

Commissioner Sisul said he has no problem with the not-for-profit agencies. He is inclined to go along with treating governmental agencies outside of the Village differently. He would like to know what waivers the Village receives from other governmental agencies outside the Village. He is not in favor of establishing caps for Downers Grove governmental agencies as the Village has some obligations with those agencies. He said the Village needs to go along with the policy of treating them equally.

The Mayor asked what the Village paid for Lacey Creek permits. Commissioner Gilbert said that currently there is approximately $9,000 in fees. He said he has no objection to paying fees to the County, and he would want it to be kept on track. He said that the project should have taken about two and a half years maximum to complete, yet it is going on seven years now, that has resulted in application fees and staff time.

The Mayor said that the Park District worked with the Village when the Village needed the location for a water tower. He said that the Park District stepped up and helped the Village in that matter. Commissioner Gilbert responded that the Park District was compensated for it.

Commissioner Tully said that these waivers were done before but they never reached the amounts that they are at now. He said it is appropriate to think about establishing a policy which will also allow agencies to plan properly. He said he thought the Village should consider a cap either in dollars or on a percentage basis. Commissioner Tully said if they are automatically always going to waive fees, the Village will not have tools to get into cooperative situations with other governmental entities and will have no bargaining tools. He would be in favor of reserving something that would not always be waived in all situations. He said he wants to cooperate with other governmental agencies; however, those agencies should know in advance what the Village might do. Commissioner Tully said he would be in favor of a cap. He is not certain whether that would apply to these four requests, but he would be in favor of it in terms of future fees. He also said the Village should make its first responsibility to its own constituency.

The Mayor asked whether the Council would be in favor of a percentage for governmental agencies, and a dollar amount cap for non-profit agencies.

Commissioner Zabloudil said they could perhaps consider a full waiver under certain catastrophic situations. He said there are a number of different elements that have to be considered.

Commissioner Tully said he thought it was a good idea that a policy be limited to a specified amount, short of extraordinary circumstances. This would give other agencies fair notice of what to expect regarding fees.

Commissioner Zabloudil said he would agree to go through with these requests, but would want to put in an amendment to the policy for future situations.

Manager Ginex asked if he understood correctly that the Council wants to amend its policy to separate out the fee waiver requests into categories. Commissioner Zabloudil suggested they look at fees for non-profits over the past several years to get an average to determine a cap. He noted that for St. Joseph’s they waived all of the fees.

Commissioner Tully said that the recent policy carved out what is eligible to be waived, and now they will determine what amount would be waived.

The Mayor asked whether the high school additions were governed by the State. Manager Ginex said he would check to see if those fees were waived.

The Mayor said that staff will also review the not-for-profit fee waivers in terms of the amounts waived. He said it appears that the Council will be looking at putting in a cap. He said they will also decide on language regarding extraordinary circumstances for specific situations. In terms of taxing bodies, they will look at a percentage figure.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that it could be used as leverage in terms of intergovernmental body cooperation.

Commissioner Sisul said he was hearing two things, one that they give definition so other governmental bodies will know what to expect, and that subjective standards are also to be considered. He asked what will be done regarding the petitions before them now.

Commissioner Tully said he had in mind a policy that would not waive fees with other governmental entities, but exchanging fees through open dialogue which could be identified on a case-by-case basis.

Commissioner Sisul said, for clarification, that it appears they will be applying a cap to all agencies, and that the cap can be waived in consideration of extraordinary circumstances, and in consideration of fees the Village will be paying. Commissioner Tully said the different caps will depend upon whether there is an overlapping tax base or not, and they would need to consider the amounts. Commissioner Sisul asked again whether this would apply to existing requests.

Commissioner Gilbert said he would like to hear from the audience. He said that the Village does not necessarily have the funds to be waiving these fees. These fees are to cover costs expended. He can agree with some kind of percentage regarding intergovernmental agencies.

Commissioner Tully said that regarding the 40th and Glendenning project, the Village should find out if DuPage County is charging the Village any fees before the Village waives the fees. Regarding the Gilbert Park shelter, given the circumstances and amount he has no problem with waiving those fees. Regarding St. Mary’s petition for $8600, he said that might exceed what he would consider the cap for non-profit organizations, but this was done in the past without much discussion. He would be in favor of waiving at least a portion, although it is above what he thinks would be an appropriate cap for a non-profit group. Regarding the Park District recreation center on Belmont, it is the size of this one that troubles him the most. He’s in favor of waiving a large portion, but due to the size he would like to retain a portion of it. He said he would be in favor of perhaps 50%.

The Mayor said that not-for-profits do not always have professional staff to do the work, and the Village’s staff often spends an extraordinary amount of time assisting them with their applications and permits.

Commissioner Gilbert said that with regard to St. Mary’s, he thought it would be appropriate to waive 50% at this time, but in policy he would not waive more than that amount.

Mayor Krajewski said he agrees with Commissioner Tully with regards to the vandalism at the shelter. He agrees with 50% for St. Mary’s, and some amount on the Park District Recreation Center.

Commissioner Sisul suggested that the Council not be too short-sighted in working with governmental agencies. There are many things they do on a regular basis through intergovernmental agreements. They rely on a mutual sense of cooperation. He said the Village should be careful in taking action that they do not in effect create a lack of basic cooperation that has benefited the taxpayers by keeping the costs down to a minimum. As big as this cost may be to the Village, it is also to the Park District particularly since their sources of revenue are considerably more restrictive than the Village’s. He said they should give that a lot of serious thought if not providing full waivers to governmental bodies.

The Mayor reviewed the fees with the Council. Manger Ginex said he would check on the history with DuPage County. The Council agreed to waive the total fees for the Park District Gilbert Shelter. They agreed with a 50% waiver for St. Mary’s which would amount to a fee of $4,000.

Commissioner Zabloudil said he would at this time be in agreement with waiving the total fees for St. Mary’s as he is not sure what discussed with staff might have been with St. Mary’s

Commissioner Sisul said that with regards to St. Mary’s he is concerned with applying the cap as that was not the situation when they undertook the project.

The Mayor said that they are split on St. Mary’s, and do not have Commissioners Schnell’s or McConnell’s opinions at this time. The Council will vote on it.

Commissioner Zabloudil said with regard to the recreation center for the Park District, in a spirit of cooperation, he could see waiving the full fee based on the Council’s past practice. It would be coming from one taxed pocket to another. He said they do not know what understanding there was in this situation.

Commissioner Gilbert said he would be in favor of a 50% reduction for the Park District.

Commissioner Tully said, with regard to the Park District’s request, he appreciates the comments to cooperate with other governmental agencies. However, $86,000 is an unprecedented request, and it is not reasonable to expect that this amount would be fully waived. If some arrangement or discussion took place, he would like to know about it. He would be in favor of waiving a large portion of this, but it is an unprecedented request. He thinks expecting that amount to be fully waived is unreasonable.

Mayor Krajewski said that two years ago building permit fees were 1/10 of what they were in other communities. The fees were increased to be closer to surrounding communities. He said the Park District may have thought that their fees would be lower based on the old fee structure.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if there is a list available of who has applied for fee waivers. Manager Ginex said that there are two more churches. Commissioner Zabloudil said he would like to know who the applicants are and what the amounts are.

The Mayor said the Manager will need to get opinions of the other Commissioners on the two requests.

Christine Fregeau , 1918 Elmore, said the issues raised tonight are interdependent upon reaching any type of consensus. She said she sat in on the budget meetings and expressed concerns for other interests in having funds available. She watched the staff work very hard to create a sensible budget based on the reduced State funds to the Village. She asked if the citizens are to understand that other agencies do not budget for these fees? She said she finds it hard to understand that the Council would consider waiving $87,000 worth of fees. Ms. Fregeau said she spoke with Mr. Cermak of the Park District to understand the Park District fees, and she said they need to set guidelines before looking at specific fees. She finds it hard to understand how the Village would consider waiving almost $100,000 in fees at a time when there are funding cutbacks and budget cutbacks. She said that in the last three years the Village waived $11,600 in fees, the highest being $1,000. She said she was surprised to see this on the Agenda. Ms. Fregeau said this is unprecedented, and the Council needs to look at its ability to meet expenses. She recommended that they give it more thought.

The Mayor said that it was the Council’s past practice to waive fees for intergovernmental and non-profit agencies; however, now projects are larger and the fee structure has changed. He noted, however, that the Village’s fee structure is still much lower than surrounding communities.

Ronald Moravec , 5935 Brookbank, said that the fees seem to be vastly greater than in the past. He said the Park District should have considered fees in their plan. If they did not and expected the Village to pay for this, he thinks the Park District should be able to reciprocate. Non-profit agencies are financed through the member’s contributions, and the Village should not be forced to finance their projects. He added that generally losses caused by an “act of God” are picked up by insurance companies.

The Mayor said that the Council would act on the fee issue in two weeks.

5. Ground Water Well Ordinance. The Manager said that staff is working with Versar to obtain “no further remediation” letters from the IEPA . There are controls the Village can put in place to meet the IEPA remediation objectives. The IEPA is recommending the Village restrict the use of groundwater wells for all purposes, including use of wells for irrigation, watering crops, landscaping and for cooling towers used in conjunction with air conditioning systems.

Commissioner Tully asked if there is any reason why the Village would not want to do this.

Jack Bajor responded that the IEPA requires groundwater setback requirements. The Village has standby wells, and this Ordinance would support those wells.

Commissioner Sisul asked whether the Village tests the water in the standby wells for contaminants. Mr. Bajor said they test for bacteria on a monthly basis. Commissioner Sisul recommended that perhaps they check the standby well for other contaminants as well. Mr. Bajor said they would check into that, and currently the Village does follow the regulations of the Clean Water Act.

6. Kay Whitlock/Christopher B. Burke Engineering Agreement. Mr. Bajor said that the Village has far exceeded its budget for the use of the outside consultant, Christopher Burke. He said $50,000 was contracted, however, they are currently at $125,000. He explained that some of the reasons for this stem from the fact that the current Village ordinance provides for pass-through of billing for “wetland” but not for “stormwater” outside consultant fees. Mr. Bajor said that the expenses also encompass the new administrator, Kay Whitlock. He added that John Hall has recently been hired and will take on more review work as well. He said that staff is researching timesheets to determine the costs for the watershed study. Those funds should be drawn from that account. In addition, they are reviewing bills from Special Management Areas as well. He said that the stormwater review is highly technical. Staff has reviewed the situation and is asking for an extension of the current contract in the amount of $100,000.

The Mayor asked when Mr. Hall started. Mr. Bajor said this is his fifth week. The Mayor asked if they are looking to phase out Christopher Burke. Mr. Bajor said they anticipate an additional $16,000 in fees, and after that they plan to phase out Burke. He anticipates it would take about a month or a month and a half to phase out Burke.

Commissioner Tully said he understood that the exceeded expenses were for tasks that needed to be done, and the expenses were required. Mr. Bajor responded that the in-house capabilities were not strong enough to handle those tasks. With the acquisition of John Hall, they have been able to secure some of those capabilities.

Commissioner Tully then asked where the additional money will come from and Mr. Bajor said they have looked at the drainage budget, and funds earmarked for stormwater improvements. They are currently pursuing revenue.

Commissioner Tully asked if there is a need for a supplemental appropriation and Mr. Bajor said there was not.

Commissioner Tully asked whether the $16,000 will be sufficient to cover the future expenses. Mr. Bajor responded that if the new pass through ordinance is enacted they will have sufficient funds. In further response he said that Burke would still be involved in SMAs, and would not disappear completely.

Marty Lyons , Finance Director, said there is a difference between the contract that is in place and the budget. If they continue to use Christopher Burke on an on-going basis, they will need a contract to show the value and may need an additional change order.

Commissioner Sisul said that the Council is mindful of the work that has to be done to clear up some of the stormwater issues. He said they must be realistic in their approach. He asked whether the new person will be able to step up and take control of the situation. He asked the Village Manager to keep the Council advised on the progress.

Commissioner Gilbert said he doesn’t like a surprise bill. However it was work that had to be done. He said that staff has indicated, however, that there is a plan to be sure that this doesn’t occur again.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked Burke Engineering about the terms and conditions of the agreement and how they got into the overrun position without stopping the work.

Kay Whitlock , Burke Engineering, said that they have stopped work now. She said that until the Village was placed on probation on December 4, they had no way to know what needed to be done to get the program in place. They put a place holder in the agreement and she and Mr. Bajor assumed that the pass-throughs would be possible. They learned in December or January that was not the case, which caused the shortfall in the estimate. They have been struggling with this issue for some time. They couldn’t stop the work without damaging the situation with the County.

Commissioner Tully said perhaps they need to reassess the available resources regarding being able to fully comply with all the obligations the County places on the Village. He said Mr. Hall’s assignment as stormwater engineer, he is not sure that one man can do it all. The Village may need to re-evaluate if they have enough resources available.

The Mayor agreed with Commissioners Sisul and Tully, and said that the Council needs to know what infrastructure problems are going to be. He said that in addition to doing today’s work, they are also doing the 1992-97 work having to find a way to come in compliance. The Council needs to know how much this is going to cost to clean up the files as well as completing the regular duties.

Mr. Lyons said that Mr. Hall may be able to define the scope of the services for a new contract with a different scope of services.

The Mayor said he also wants to know if the staff is adequate, or whether another person is needed.

7. DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Mary Scalzetti , Director of Tourism and Events, said that at its May 20 meeting the Tourism and Events Commission recommended discontinuing the annual membership of the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau. They also passed a marketing strategy for the funds of $44,000. She said that there is a $10,000 payment due, leaving $34,000 to reallocate. They are looking for Council concurrence for the reallocation of the funds.

Manager Ginex then read Commissioner Schnell’s comments. Commissioner Schnell supported membership in the Bureau as beneficial to both parties since it joined in 1989. She provided background information on the Village’s participation in the Bureau. The Village was one of the first communities to join the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau and to have an elected member sit on their board. Commissioner Schnell served as that board member and worked to reduce the membership dues for municipalities to the present formula of 20% of 1% of the hotel tax, a formula that was deemed fair and helped attract additional municipal members. She noted that the Bureau is certified by the State of Illinois and is thereby eligible for matching funds. As a member community of the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau, Downers Grove has been able to extend its marketing dollars by doing cooperative projects through the DCVB and obtaining print advertising rates that have been discounted by as much as 50%. Matching grants of up to 50% of our membership dues have been sued for projects to acquaint visitors with Downers Grove and the amenities our hotels have to offer. These kinds of funds are of particular importance to some of our smaller hotel properties that have limited or no advertising budgets. These funds are available to members only of the DCVB , and if the Council decides not to joint, this funding source will be lost. In addition to these lost revenues, the DCVB has provided marketing expertise of our Village, providing help with brochure and ad development. They have conducted FAM tours providing opportunities to showcase our community and hotels. Commissioner Schnell stated that she supported continued membership in the Bureau. By withdrawing membership, we are taking a step back.

The Manager indicated that Commissioner McConnell had questions regarding the cost benefit of the program. She noted that the marketing strategy plan has a focus on St. Louis. She asked about the value of this, why the pro criterium bike race was missing, and about the “reunion” postcard.

Ms. Scalzetti commented that some ads have been updated to include the bike race. The reunion postcard is related to and markets family reunions. It can be purchased through DCVB or through reunion organizations directly.

The Mayor asked if the Village is the largest member of the DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau. Ms. Scalzetti said the Village is the 4th largest member. The Mayor said he is still trying to figure out what benefits the Village gets from the Bureau. He asked what a FAM tour is and Ms. Scalzetti said it is a tour bringing prospective customers to the sites to determine whether they would bring their groups to specific areas. He said they advertise Naperville, which is not even a member, while the Village is the 4th largest member.

Ms. Scalzetti said that Lisle and Naperville are not members, but they still purchase ads. She said the Village could have some of the same opportunities. She said that all of our hotels are not members of the DCVB . The Tourism Subcommittee had a lengthy discussion on those funds and said they would like to put this in a website and direct mailings.

Commissioner Tully said after listening to all of the presentations made, he is still struggling with the benefit of membership in the Bureau. He said based on the minutes, it was represented that the hotels voiced an interest in withdrawing the Village’s membership. He asked if any hotels have objected to this withdrawal. Ms. Scalzetti said the Tivoli and the Red Roof Inn objected.

Commissioner Zabloudil said they should consider what the professionals are recommending. He asked if the Village were to opt out and did not renew its membership, would the fee structure change and reimbursement change. Ms. Scalzetti said only if the fee structure is changed for all municipalities next year.

Commissioner Zabloudil then asked whether they could limit the Village from advertising. Ms. Scalzetti said that the Director of the Visitors’ Bureau has the job of seeing that the Village joins again next year.

The Mayor asked whether she has spoken with Skip Strittmatter of the Bureau as to how they do marketing. Ms. Scalzetti said she met with Ms. Strittmatter. The hoteliers felt that the suggestions were not usable at this time.

8. Parking and Traffic Commission Recommendation: File #04-01 Regulatory Control Evaluation at Main and Franklin. The Manager said at its April 10 meeting, the Parking and Traffic Commission (P&TC) chose to recommend implementation of option B from the Metro Transportation Group which would make Franklin one-way westbound, and would restrict parking at all times on the north side.

Commissioner Gilbert asked if this precludes a stop light. Mr. Bob Schiller said that this is in conjunction with a traffic signal. He said staff did a comprehensive traffic study.

Commissioner Tully said that the Metro Transportation recommendation was a 2-way street, but P&T based their recommendation on St. Joseph’s input and the input of residents. Mr. Schiller said that the first recommendation was to make Franklin 2-way, however there was support from the residents who attended the meeting who wanted to see the street in a 1-way westerly direction. There was no substantial increase in benefit by going with a 2-way design; therefore, P&T recommended the 1-way configuration.

Commissioner Tully asked how the signal would work to indicate it is one-way. Mr. Schiller said there will be a left and right green arrow rather than the traditional round “go” signal.

Phil Bartnicki , 825 Oxford Street, said he is a member of St. Joseph’s School Board, and they are concerned about parking during Mass times on Saturday night and Sundays until 1:00 p.m. They would like to use both sides of that street for parking during that time.

The Mayor asked whether an ambulance could get down the street if there is parking on both sides. Mr. Schiller said an ambulance could get through, but fire apparatus would have difficulty if there was parking on both sides.

Commissioner Gilbert said he has no problem using both sides for parking during a limited time frame if it can be done.

Commissioner Zabloudil said they could allow the parking on Saturday and Sunday on both sides, provided the vehicles can get down the street.

Commissioner Tully said he agrees with both Commissioners Gilbert and Zabloudil as long as it doesn’t pose a safety risk.

The Mayor asked the Manager to discuss this with the Fire Chief.

Mr. Bartnicki thanked the Council and said he would put a notice in the bulletin.

9. Ordinance Amending Chapter 14 (Parking lots, Permitting & Meter Rates). The Manager said that with the completion of Phase IV of the CBD , specific parking lots and meters have changed and need to be corrected. The Police Department and Fire Department have corrected any inconsistencies as well.

Commissioner Tully asked about the one-cent parking meters, and Mr. Schiller said this has to do with previous sections of the Code that are now reserved for the future.

10. Interested Parties. The Manager said that on January 1, 2000 there were modifications to the TIF law requiring that as part of the TIF process, the Council approve an ordinance where by citizens can register with the Clerk in order to receive any information regarding Council action as it pertains to the TIF district.


Public Services Committee

Commissioner Tully said the next meeting is scheduled for June 25 at 5:00 p.m. and they will discuss the timeline and plan for stormwater issues.

Commissioner Sisul said the Public Safety meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning.


Attorney Petrarca presented seven items for Council consideration: 1) an ordinance annexing 2530 Burlington Avenue; 2) an ordinance rezoning 2530 Burlington Avenue from Village R-1 to Village R-4; 3) an ordinance amending Section 25-52 regarding groundwater wells; 4) an ordinance amending traffic regulations on Franklin Street; 5) an ordinance amending Village designated parking lots, permitting and meter rates; 6) a resolution authorizing execution of annexation agreements for the properties located at 1801 61st Street, 2152, 2150, 2148 and 2146 63rd Street, 5901 Belmont Road, 5850 Chase Avenue, 2344 College Road, 2517 College Road, 4927 Cross Street, 3744 Glendenning, 5603 Pershing, 5907 Pershing, 5825 Sherman, 5603 Woodward Avenue, 5726 Woodward Avenue, 6106 Woodward Avenue, 6110 Woodward Avenue, 6124 Woodward Avenue and 6216 Woodward Avenue; and 7) an ordinance authorizing the establishment of tax increment financing “interested parties” registries and adopting registration fules for such registries.

The Mayor asked for a Motion to waive the one week waiting period for the appointment of Board and Commission members and for the stormwater pass-through Ordinance.

Commissioner Sisul moved to waive the one-week waiting period for the discussion of new business. Commissioner Gilbert seconded the Motion.

AYES :Commissioners Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, Mayor Krajewski

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



Commissioner Sisul moved to approve the stormwater pass-through ordinance as submitted. Commissioner Gilbert seconded the Motion.

AYES :Commissioners Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, Mayor Krajewski

The Mayor declared the motion carried.



Commissioner Sisul moved to approve the Resolution appointing Wendy Snow to the Tourism and Events Commission. Commissioner Gilbert seconded the Motion.

AYES :Commissioners Sisul, Gilbert, Zabloudil, Tully, Mayor Krajewski NAYS :None The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Commissioner Gilbert said that Ms. Snow comes as general manager of the Holiday Inn Express property. She has been attending meetings and adding input to the Commission.


John LeDonne , 1221 Parkway Street asked about the real estate transaction for the 945 Gilbert property. He asked whether it is just the house and not the service garage. The Mayor said that was correct. It is the house, but not the service garage. Mr. LeDonne said he thought the lot was conveyed to the owner as well, and the Mayor said that was part of the purchase price.

Mr. LeDonne said that at the April 6 TIF meeting, Commissioner Tully asked for updated figures and asked whether those number have been provided. The Mayor said Council has not seen them yet as staff is working on them.

Brian Pabst , Deputy Village Manager of Operations said that information should be available for the June 25 Workshop meeting. He reviewed the information that would be available.

Colette Wrona , 1033 Grove, discussed the businesses and churches on Grove Street. She said she is a registered dietician. She visited the new Library and said they now have vending machines for soda and coffee. Ms. Wrona said that some libraries allow this to be brought in, but our Library is selling this. She feels that this is not appropriate for a public Library supported by public taxes. There are eight businesses on Main Street where a person could buy sodas and coffee. This doesn’t present a good picture of Downers Grove.

The Mayor asked whether she has been to the Library Board. Ms. Wrona said they don’t know about it. She said this is disgusting, encourages overweight, empty calories and empty nutrition. This does not present a good impression of the Village.

Ms. Wrona then said that at one time the Fishel Park band shell had a lovely mural which is now a black wall. She said she was told that someone didn’t like the look of the bandshell mural and changed it to the black wall. They didn’t like the ambience. The Mayor asked if she talked to the Park District and she said she did not. He recommended that she bring it to their attention.

Ms. Wrona then discussed the Memorial Day Parade stating that five students collapsed. She said there were no paramedics or ambulances available, probably because it was sponsored by the Legion and not the Village. She said this was an oversight. Ms. Wrona said that Commissioner McConnell told her she would look into correcting this problem.

Ms. Wrona then brought up Founders Hill saying that the parkway had not been mowed, yet on Friday morning she saw a Village employee mowing the Founders Hill parkway. She asked why they are mowing the parkways instead of the businesses doing it. She also said that on Saturday there is no enforcement as to where employees park in the downtown area and on Grove Street. She would like to park in front of her own home. She was told by a meter police officer that she should call, but when she did there was no response. Employees know they can part on Grove Street and not be ticketed as no one patrols the streets on weekends. In addition, she said that skateboarders are not regulated on the streets or the bandshell.

The Mayor said that they do write tickets on Saturdays. He said that there have been problems with the skateboarders and the Police are following up on it and issuing citations.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned 9:00 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh