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November 27, 2001 - Workshop

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Thomas Sisul, Michael Gilbert, Sue McConnell, Martin Tully, Mark Zabloudil; Village Manager Riccardo Ginex; Village Attorney Daniel Blondin; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Press: Jennifer Taylor, Chicago Tribune Residents & Others in Attendance: Rita Martin, 4942 Montgomery; Andrew Clark, 1226 62nd St.; Jim & Carol Wagner, 2025 Sonnydale, Woodridge; Dave Tatterson, 1240 Gilbert; J. Wesley, 2194 Country Club Dr., Darlene Hammond, 2138 Country Club Dr., Sherri Szczepaniak, 2130 Country Club Dr., Woodridge Staff: Jack Bajor, Director, Public Works Steve Rockwell, Director, Economic Development Mike Baker, Assistant to the Village Manager Stan Balicki, Support Services Manager Brian Pabst, Deputy Village Manager

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.

The Mayor noted that there would be no Council meeting next week due to the National League of Cities Conference in Atlanta.


The Mayor said that members of the Downers Grove South High School State Championship football team were present.

Mayor Krajewski then read a Proclamation declaring the week of November 26 as Downers Grove South Mustangs Football week in Downers Grove. The Mayor showed a sign that would be displayed on the street in honor of the team. There was also a sign displayed on the school grounds made by the Village’s Public Works Department when the team buses arrived back home.

Team Coach Belskis said the team has become a close knit family and they are pleased and proud to represent Downers Grove. He introduced the captains of the team who then presented the Mayor with a championship medal. The Mayor said there was a wager with the Mayor of Naperville whereby the losing mayor has to go to the winning school, put on a school jersey and congratulate the team. He congratulated the team again saying they are truly the best team in the State.


Manager Ginex said that Item 5 has been removed from the Agenda.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering Agreement. Manager Ginex said this item concerns professional stormwater engineering services. The agreement describes the appointment of Kay Whitlock as Administrator for the Village. Kay has worked with the County before and will be working with Jack Bajor. The agreement is to secure professional stormwater engineering services on an as-needed basis. He requested that the one-week waiting period be waived.

Jack Bajor , Public Works Director, said staff is working with outside professional services to consolidate efforts to uphold the Stormwater Ordinance. He said Kay is highly respected by the County, and helped craft the County Ordinance.

Kay Whitlock said she is a Water Resources Engineer and is from the University of Illinois. She said her history with the program and the DuPage Ordinance lets her hit the ground running. She is excited to have this opportunity.

Commissioner Tully welcomed Ms. Whitlock.

Commissioner McConnell said this is a $50,000 contract. She asked about the length of the contract. Mr. Bajor said that was for a one-year period.

Commissioner McConnell then recommended two changes to #1 and #20 of Exhibit B of the agreement.

Village Attorney Blondin said he would review them.

Commissioner Gilbert asked for clarification that the term of the agreement is one year with an automatic renewal. Mr. Blondin said it was for one year but there is no automatic renewal. The Council would have to approve a renewal.

Main & Franklin: Traffic Signal. The Manager said that Metro Transportation found the intersection warrants the construction of a traffic signal, and they have submitted a proposal for the signal. Part of the proposal is to interconnect the signal with the Main Street and Prairie signal. Staff recommends awarding the contract to Metro Transportation in an amount not to exceed $24,000.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the intent is to have this go back to Parking and Traffic in terms of looking at the Forest Avenue impact from the light. Mr. Bajor said it would go back to P&T for review and comment, and then forward it back to the Council.

Commissioner Gilbert asked whether they reviewed the study done previously. Mr. Bajor said that no study was found. He said staff would check again. Commissioner Gilbert said he thought it was about 1997-1998 when an intersection drawing was done together with a traffic study. He is in favor of going forward with this, but suggested they attempt to find that data.

Rita Martin , 4942 Montgomery, asked whether the traffic button would remain. The Mayor said there would be no change to the street. She asked if it would be a traffic light with a “walk” light and the Mayor said it would. Ms. Martin said they are considering traffic but not the people, and asked whether children would be able to control the walk light.

Commissioner Sisul responded that the consultants will design the traffic lights, and one of the main considerations is the students. The traffic light will make the situation better.

The Mayor added that parents of the school children attended the Public Services Committee meetings regarding this issue.

Commissioner Schnell said that members of the School Board have been very active in the Committee.

Adoption of Ordinance 15-28.4 – Ordinance Prohibiting Tampering with Police Animals. The Manager said this Ordinance mirrors the Illinois State Statute, which prohibits teasing, striking or tampering with police animals.

Commissioner Schnell asked how this is enforced when a child is trying to be friendly. Manager Ginex said that the police dog is good with children and others when Kurt is around. This would be enforced in an arrest situation. There have been no problems, and this is a preemptive move.

Intergovernmental Agreement with the Forest Preserve District for the Joint Purchase of Natural Gas, Gasoline, and Diesel Fuel. The Manager said that in 1997 Public Works entered into an agreement to purchase fuel and permit fueling vehicles at the Village. This summer the Forest Preserve District contacted the Village to establish a similar agreement. This specifically would be for compressed natural gas vehicles.

Commissioner McConnell asked whether the $.10 per gallon was the same as other contracts and Attorney Blondin said it was.

Stan Balicki , Support Services Manager, Public Works, said that the $.10 charged may be reviewed. They feel it is sufficient at this time and will review it in the future to determine whether it covers the costs.

Commissioner McConnell asked whether a change should be made to the contract. Attorney Blondin said the Village has the authority to end the contract with 30 days notice.

The Mayor asked how many more contracts are under consideration. Mr. Balicki said that DuPage County has contacted the Village and they expect to contract with them as well. There has been nothing specific with neighboring communities; however, when the grant was put together for the fueling stations there were discussions with neighboring communities regarding alternate fuel vehicles. The Mayor asked by what date these vehicles should in operation. Mr. Balicki said it has been in place for a few years under the Clean Fuel Fleet Programs. He said that 70% of all vehicles under the legislation must be clean fuel vehicles. He does not think other communities have acquired the vehicles yet.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if there are variable costs for self-serve. Mr. Balicki said they use an access control system which is programmed and provided to the users. He said the Forest Preserve has two pick-up trucks and the County has a small number of pick-up trucks.

Commissioner Zabloudil said that any variable costs such as amount of traffic and use of the facility should be considered in the Village’s costs. He asked whether the Village has liability issues covered, recommending that the staff examine this issue.

Downers Grove Park District Fee Waiver Request. The Manager said this item has been removed for the agenda.

2001-2002 Professional Development Services. The Manager said staff recommends that the services of the Lakota Group be obtained to assist in the implementation of the next steps the CBD and Ogden Avenue Master Plan. The contract would be in the amount of $110,225.

Commissioner Tully asked Mr. Pabst to address the issues and problems of the downtown zoning.

Brian Pabst , Deputy Village Manager for Operations, discussed implementation of the master plans through the planning process. He reviewed what has been completed to date in terms of the master plans. He said that in the downtown there is an overlay zoning system which has been created over the past 40 years. He noted that the Zoning Ordinance is difficult to move around, being user unfriendly. This plan for the downtown will address that issue and clarify the zoning.

Commissioner Tully asked what process the Lakota Group would employ in the Central Business District.

Mr. Pabst said that Lakota would review and then make a recommendation to the Council. The public will be engaged as well. The review will be posted on the web and at the Library. They will look at the issues and come back with recommendations. They will also meet with the Zoning Commission and Plan Commission.

Commissioner Tully said the downtown Master Plan and the Ogden Avenue Master Plan were adopted a few years ago. He asked whether the elapsed time will be considered in the review. Mr. Pabst said the Masters Plans for Ogden Avenue and the downtown area are fluid Master Plans. Outdated features will be addressed while staying within the conceptual plan.

Commissioner McConnell said that the Land Use Commissions have to be brought into the process and incorporated into it. She asked whether the contract can accommodate this and Attorney Blondin said the ultimate goal is to change the Zoning Ordinance, which requires public hearings before the Zoning Commission. They will have to have formal hearings.

Commissioner McConnell said there is an EDC subcommittee on the Ogden Avenue issue and asked what their involvement will be in this proposal. Mr. Pabst said that John LaMotte has worked with the EDC Ogden Avenue Committee for a long time.

Steve Rockwell , Director, Economic Development Commission, said that after the TIF was adopted for Ogden Avenue, John LaMotte worked with the Committee between January and April, and started again in August. The Committee has made several site visits with Mr. LaMotte. He said that 39 business met and Mr. LaMotte was at that meeting. He said that the EDC Ogden Avenue Committee voted to bring the contract forward.

Commissioner Tully said that the scope of work presented in the contract is similar to that presented at the meeting on Ogden Avenue.

Commissioner McConnell asked Mr. Lyons where the money was coming from for this contract. Mr. Marty Lyons, Director of Financial Services, said the Ogden Avenue TIF is not budgeted for any funds for the 2001-02 fiscal year. They will need to determine the funding and will probably need a change to the budget. The downtown work will be covered by budgeted funds in the CBD TIF .

The Mayor asked about money for signage on Ogden Avenue and Mr. Lyons said there were funds in the Capitol Projects funds, but it was moved out for this fiscal year. The Highland Avenue and Lemont Road gateway markers were left in.

Commissioner Zabloudil asked if IRB funds are available. Mr. Lyons said there is a revenue shortfall on the sales and utility taxes. The IRB funds may be used for that or for the Village’s commitment to preparedness. He said they have the flexibility in the revenue stream to make this happen. Commissioner Zabloudil asked whether the funds were available now and Mr. Lyons responded there was about $65,000 last year and they are projecting about $75,000 this year for the sale of IRBs.

Commissioner Schnell said the contract references the Plan Commission and that needs to be changed to the Land Use Board. Attorney Blondin said that this agreement is in the process of being changed, and they have identified that issue.

Commissioner Schnell asked about the referenced team review. Mr. Pabst said that includes the EDC , himself and other key people.

Commissioner Sisul said there would be a clearer definition after they meet on Thursday. He said there is a new Land Use Task Force which would include the Chairs of all the land use Boards, the EDC representatives as well as the downtown retail board representatives. The object is to include all of them as part of the process.

Mr. Pabst said that staff has identified areas to be adjusted. It is a flexible contract and will evolve. He said they want to get this moving.

Commissioner Schnell said there is a lot of interest on the part of the community. People need to understand the process and be involved. She does not want groups to feel they are precluded from involvement.

Commissioner Gilbert said that in 1996-97 there was a great deal of discussion with regards to the Master Plan. That also occurred with the Ogden Avenue Master Plan. Each step involved review of the Master Plan. They are at the stage where it is necessary to do a review of the zoning, which requires an outside expert to take a clear look at the situation. Nothing was designed to be an end-all document. He said he believed the Lakota people were the right people to bring in at this time. They are knowledgeable and have the expertise. He does not want to see staff tied up.


Commissioner McConnell said the Finance Committee met tonight and discussed how things were going with the Community Response Center (CRC). They believe things are going well and the Public Works Committee will put together some parameters against which to measure themselves. She said budget updates are on track. Mr. Lyons said that 3 of the 8 surveys sent were returned.

Commissioner Zabloudil commented on the CRC saying they have taken steps to get performance measures. Janene has done a good job.

Commissioner Schnell said their next meeting would be December 11.

Commissioner Gilbert said Public Safety had an interesting meeting last week on the issue of terrorism and terrorism response. He said they will be reporting on the financial needs soon. This is going to take time to review and understand. He said this will change the way the Police and Fire respond to certain events, and will probably require Ordinance changes. The FBI provides good communication with local law enforcement, but they don’t have a lot of information to provide.

Commissioner Gilbert continued that some of the components to making the system better become Council policy decisions in terms of the level of preparedness desired. This will have an impact on the budget. Short term funding in the amount of $30,000 for the Police and $50,000 for Fire will do a lot but not necessarily enough. He said a lot of what is done also carries over to the Public Works Department. Extensive training is needed. He said he was impressed by the level of readiness of the Police and Fire Departments. There is however, more they should do, can do and may want to do.


Manager Ginex said that staff has been sending letters to residents regarding the water meter replacement. Of the first 818 letters sent, there have been 629 responses and appointments made. He said 189 people have not responded. There have been a total of five mailings sent. New mailings will be sent out tomorrow from Chicago to Ogden, and Main to the eastern boundary of the Village. If they receive no response from the remaining residents, they will try to call the residents. As a last resort they will hang specific notices on the doors asking the resident to contact the staff. He asked that the residents who have not responded call 1-800-642-2648, Water Resources, to set up an appointment.


Attorney Blondin reviewed three items he was presenting to the Council: An ordinance prohibiting tampering with police animals, a resolution authorizing an agreement with Metro Transportation Group, Inc. re: Traffic signal at Main & Franklin and a resolution authorizing execution of an agreement for engineering services with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. He said would request that the one-week waiting period be waived for this last item in order to act on it at the Special Council meeting following this meeting.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh