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March 27, 2001

Mayor Krajewski called the Workshop meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Downers Grove to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present:Mayor Brian Krajewski; Commissioners Marilyn Schnell, Thomas Sisul, Michael Gilbert, Sue McConnell; Village Manager Michael McCurdy; Village Attorney Daniel Blondin; Village Clerk April Holden


Visitors: Press: Susie Gura, Downers Grove Reporter; Residents & Others in Attendance: Mike Kelch, 5729 Carpenter, Linda Kunze, Downtown Management, 1015 Curtiss; Tim Hart, Hart’s Garage, 939-945 Curtiss; Mark Zabloudil, 620 39th St.; Pat Peterman, 1143 Gilbert; Jeff & Mary Mack, 1111 Gilbert; Stephen Daniels, 840 Valley View Dr.; Marilynn Gerloff, 4241 Highland; Sharon & Martin Tully, 3678 Venard; Vincent Barrett, 4921 Highland; Terri Gilbert, 4617 Highland; Ken Ellingson, 4702 Wallbank; Jeff Ceren; Pete Mousadis, 806 Rogers; Dave Humphreys; Larry Rosol, 6556 Berrywood Staff: Mary Scalzetti, Community Events; Fire Chief Lanny Russell, Jerry Sprecher, Deputy Village Manager; Greg Zimmerman, Director of Human Resources; Liangfu Wu, Director of Information Services; Jack Bajor, Director of Public Works; Dave Conley, Director of Engineering; Ron Kring, Manager, Fleet Services; Mike Baker Assistant to the Village Manager; Brian Pabst, Director of Redevelopment

Mayor Krajewski explained that Council Workshop meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are video taped live and for later cable cast over cable channel 6.

The Workshop meeting is intended to provide Council and the public with an appropriate forum for informal discussion of any items intended for future Council consideration or just for general information. No formal action is taken at Workshop meetings.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to comment or ask questions in an informal manner on any of the items being discussed or on any other subject. The agenda is created to provide a guideline for discussion.



Apparatus Floor Sealing – Fire Station 5. Manager McCurdy said staff is recommending approval of a contract in the amount of $15,750 to Artlow Systems to coat the apparatus floor of Fire Station #5. He noted that the application of the coating will prolong the service life of the floor as well as improve its appearance. The Manager said adequate funds are available for the project.

Commissioner Schnell asked whether there is a maintenance schedule for the firehouses, and the Manager said that there is a schedule. He noted that the apparatus floors take a beating due to the trucks. He said this would appear on the April 3 Consent Agenda.

Tuckpointing of Station 5. The Manager said staff recommends awarding a contract to Master Masons, LTD of Downers Grove in the amount of $13,600 to complete the window and masonry repairs for Fire Station #5. He said there is masonry deterioration around the windows that has to be addressed. There are adequate funds available. The Manager said this would appear on the April 3 Consent Agenda.

Heritage Festival – Sound. The Manager said staff recommends approving a contract with R.J. Recording in the amount of $18,400. He noted that although this was not the low bid, staff and the Community Events Commission felt that R.J. Recording provided a more complete bid in terms of service and technicians available to manage six stages.

Commissioner Gilbert said that the sound system is very important to the entire Heritage Festival, and the hiring of a sound system needs to be auditioned, rather than bid.

The Mayor said he received a call from someone regarding setting up tents for the Heritage Festival. He referred that call to Commissioner Gilbert. The Manager said this item would be on the Consent Agenda of April 3.

Geortechnical Engineering Services – Project #18-00. The Manager said staff recommends awarding a contract to Claude H. Hurley Company at the quoted unit prices for soil and materials testing.

Commissioner McConnell said that having the low bids highlighted in the table was very helpful.

Manager McCurdy said this would be placed on next week’s Consent Agenda.

Laptop Computers for the Council & Staff. The Manager said staff is recommending purchase of laptop computers from CDW at a total cost of $18,401. He noted that the Village is phasing out hard copy paper documents and will be purchasing ten laptop computers to be used by the Village Council, and three staff members. The cost includes installation of wireless networking equipment.

The Mayor asked whether the press and others will be given CDs as well. The Manager said documents will be provided in whatever format they can use.

This item will appear on next week’s Consent Agenda.

Update Personnel Manual. The Manager said the primary purpose for this update was to include language pertaining to the sexual harassment policy, as well as modifications to language in the compensation plan to reflect changes in the compensation studies. The Manager said Council members have asked about language concerning communication between staff and Council members. He said changes in that area will be submitted at a later date.

Commissioner McConnell asked about modifications to the definition of full-time staff status. The Manager said he will review it and insert clarifying language. Commissioner McConnell said they don’t define full-time as to the number of hours. Regarding the sexual harassment language, she said that the language should also include contractors as well.

Commissioner Gilbert questioned Section 2.11.1 regarding outside employment and limitations. He is concerned about the first clause regarding obtaining approval of their superiors and would like that modified. He has no objections to Section 2.11.2. The Manager said he would look into that further.

Commissioner Sisul suggested that the Table of Contents and pages be reviewed so they match up.

Mark Zabloudil , 620 39th Street, stated he shares Commissioner Gilbert’s concerns about outside employment. He said that several sections in the manual need to be cleaned up regarding wording and implications regarding employees. He also suggested clearing up the ambiguity regarding directors making suggestions for employees.

The Manager said this will be on the April 17 Active Agenda.

Landbank RFP . The Manager said this is a proposal for the disposition of the landbank property. This has been Workshopped several times and the Council directed the staff to prepare an RFP for the sale or redevelopment of the landbanked properties. He said that staff has met with representatives from the neighborhood on this issue as well. He asked Mr. Baker to highlight some of the proposal areas.

Mike Baker , Assistant to the Village Manager, said that the Council has received a draft RFP in their packet. He stated there has been continuous dialogue on this issue for several months, and emphasized that the document presented is a draft only and can be changed as needed. The RFP purpose is to articulate explicitly what the Village wants to happen regarding the properties. Mr. Baker said that the RFP is a comprehensive document with options to interested bidders.

In reviewing the document, Mr. Baker said that the objectives are the key to the process and speak to the foundation of the document. Objectives include enhancing the aesthetic and historical character of the neighborhood, increasing property values, optimizing Village benefits in utilization of the site, and providing sound owner-occupied structures that will enhance the neighborhood. He then reviewed the different types of options available in the RFP as applied to specific parcels.

Commissioner Schnell said that initially there was discussion about the Architectural Review Board reviewing the proposal, and she felt if the Council concurred, that it should be stated in the document. She agreed that the document needs to be tightened up a bit. She said that the Block 117 RFP very clearly outlined what the Village wanted to see on the site and what the options were. Commissioner Schnell said those options for the landbank properties need to be clear in the RFP as well. She suggested including pictures of what the Village wants in terms of blending in with the character of the community. She also stated that in addition to sending this out to developers, it could be made available on the Internet to be available to those who might want to form a consortium in developing the properties.

The Manager said they did mention the Architectural Review team; however, they will review it and emphasize that point.

Commissioner Schnell said she will give staff further comments of her concerns with the RFP .

Commissioner Sisul said there needs to be careful direction from the Council, and he wants to know what the Commissioner’s concerns are. He said they need to be careful about the direction they wish the RFP to take. He said the Council was concerned that this would be an enhancement to the community and evolve into a financial benefit to the community as well. He said it is important to remember they are acting for the whole community. Commissioner Sisul said he has reservations about the Council being able to control the development after it begins. Their first obligation is to the community as a whole, and a return on the investment made on the properties.

The Mayor asked the Manager if he has met with any of the developers for Block 117, and the Manager said he has. The Mayor said there will be more questions as this moves along that can be directed back to the Manager.

Commissioner Schnell agreed that the first obligation is to the community as a whole; however, she said it is possible to have a development that blends in with the character of the community and provides a return on the investment as well.

Commissioner Sisul asked how many developers have expressed interest so far. Mr. Baker said there were several. Some have been in contact with Steve Rockwell. In addition they thought of using the list that was sent to those interested in Block 117.

Commissioner Schnell said there are people who specialize in rehabbing houses and she does not want them to be excluded from the list.

Commissioner McConnell referred to Section Six regarding qualifications. She said they need to be clear and concise to eliminate people who would not fit.

Commissioner Gilbert asked for clarification of Options D and E and whether E refers only to rehabbing. He said he did not believe the Council is in a position to decide if someone is qualified to rehab the properties. He asked what they would do if someone agreed to purchase properties 8 and 9 independently. The Mayor said he thought they were considering going out separately for 8 and 9. Commissioner McConnell suggested they be taken out and just sell them separately.

Commissioner Sisul said there is a possibility where a swap could occur with 1 and 8 or 9, making a continuous piece of property for greater possibilities.

After some discussion regarding certain parcels, Mr. Baker said that Parcel #1 is optional and there could be negotiations to include it.

Commissioner Gilbert recommended negotiating to that end and advising the developers that #1 could be swapped for parcel #8 or #9.

Commissioner Schnell said they need to define the ability to redraw the lot lines. The Mayor said that they should add the ability to redraw the lot lines under 4.3.

Commissioner Gilbert mentioned 7.3 regarding the Architectural Review Team, and said that structure should be clarified.

Commissioner Sisul also said it should be clarified that the Architectural Review Team is a recommending body and not a decision-making body.

Commissioner Gilbert recommended specifying a time frame so the developer has some idea as to when they will receive an answer to their proposal.

Commissioner Schnell said that 7.3 needs to list what the criteria are and she believes that pictures would be helpful.

Commissioner McConnell said that under the Project Summary she thinks it is somewhat confusing in terms of the options, and suggested that the comment on page 1 be placed in this section regarding a combination of alternatives. Also, under D, she thinks they must be clear that they are looking for a comprehensive plan including parcels 1-7 as a package. She said they need people who will do more than just buy the properties, but people who will enhance the properties as well. Regarding the goals, Commissioner McConnell said it needs to be clear that the view from the street to remain essentially the same with the tree-lined streets and that the ambiance and character needs to be maintained from the street level.

Commissioner Sisul said the developers could include what they expect the values of the properties to be after completion. He recommended looking at the verbiage regarding the Village objections. He said the phrase “to enhance the aesthetic and historic character” could be reworded, so what is built is better than what is there now. The word “historic” can be confusing.

Commissioner McConnell recommended wording to the effect that it would be in keeping with the character of the area. She wants the wording clear that the Village would like a traditional type of structure.

Commissioner Schnell also said they could ask for the renovation plans including their timetable.

Commissioner Sisul added they could include some figures as to the minimal investment that would be made in the property.

Commissioner Schnell said she thinks they are looking more for a consortium of investors, rather than an individual. Commissioner Sisul said that is not clear in the RFP and perhaps should be clarified.

Commissioner Gilbert said under Village Objectives, it refers to owner-occupied, and he is concerned with that term. He does not think the Village can direct what they can do with their own property. He does not think that phrase is necessary. Commissioner Sisul agreed that the Village cannot control whether they rent it out after the development is completed. Mr. Baker said there are currently two-flat structures that would be converted to single-family. Commissioner Gilbert said he would remove the words “owner-occupied” completely.

The Mayor stated that Option E will be pulled out. He asked Mr. Baker about options A &B, as developers may combine those. He would like to see those broken out in the proposal.

Commissioner Sisul asked about addressing Section Six, qualifications, and how they plan to fill in 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3. He would like to see a clear formula so it is taken care of as soon as possible. He asked about the real estate board that was involved and whether they could assist with this in some way.

The Manager said that under 6.1 they need to submit financial information, and 6.2 they need to submit a project budget. He thinks staff can clarify that.

Commissioner Sisul asked whether staff needed any outside assistance in filling out those sections, and the Manager said they will handle it through staff. They will come back to the Council with this in two weeks.

Commissioner Schnell said she believes they need to get out information to the property owners as to how the bidding process will take place.

The Manager said there are a couple of alternatives of disposing of the property, such as auction, or soliciting a real estate broker.

Tom Julian , 6223 Springside, said in researching this project, he thought there was an Architectural Review Board established some time ago. The Manager said there is a Design Review Board which met almost monthly and they could be included in the process. Attorney Blondin said there is a body called the Architectural Review Board, however, they are not very active.

Jim McBride , 1217 Gilbert, said there was a lot of discussion previously about having 2 RFPs, and now there seems to be only one. He said that Block 117 included larger developers such as Hamilton Partners. There is agreement on the Curtiss site property, and he would like to see them get Curtiss moving forward, as well as 8 and 9. Mr. McBride said the residents are looking to maintain the residential character of the area. To help maintain the residential character, down-zoning from R-6 would be beneficial to prevent someone from buying both 8 and 9 and establishing a townhome project on the corner. There are many issues on the Gilbert side. He indicated that the last Workshop referred to two RFPs, and that would provide more movement. Mr. McBride said that 1137 was a teardown. He said some people already inquired as to that property. However, this evening they are now talking about a consortium, which he thinks will be difficult. Individual owners put more money into their home. A developer would not do that as it would not make sense. He said the document is worded such that it cuts out a lot of people who might want to move into the neighborhood. He would like to see the Village move forward on Curtiss; however, the Gilbert side has a lot of complicated issues to address. He said that guidance for individual owners is not laid out in the document, and he would like to see that addressed.

Jeff Mack , 1111 Gilbert, thanked the staff for including that property in the RFP . He clarified his position regarding what they are proposing for a swap for their property. They proposed to staff and Council acquiring both 8 and 9, with a combination of a swap of their property (parcel #1) and a cash payment to the Village. That would complete the continuity of Lots 1 through 7 for development and increase the value of the project as a whole. Mr. Mack said it would also allow the Village to divest themselves of 8 and 9 and reduce their ownership by one parcel. He would propose to put 5117 Carpenter back to single-family configuration and occupy that home ultimately. Regarding 1201 Gilbert they would occupy it while renovating 5117 Carpenter, and then rent or sell 1201 Gilbert.

The Mayor said the Village staff will meet with him this week, and added that it would be 8 or 9, not 8 and 9.

Mark Zabloudil, 620 39th Street, asked whether there would be a change in the zoning. The Mayor responded that staff is working on down-zoning the entire area of Gilbert Avenue. The Manager verified that they are looking at the whole area for down-zoning.

Mr. Zabloudil suggested that there were a number of reputable builders residing in the community. He suggested that they ask Code Enforcement for a list of those local builders and attempt to get them involved.

Commissioner Schnell said she thought they were moving forward with the down-zoning of all the properties. The Manager said that if they go with single-family detached housing, they would be down-zoned.

Vincent Barrett , 4921 Highland, said he was encouraged by the conversation about reflecting some controls after it returns to private hands. He asked that the Council makes sure the developers do what they say they are going to do. He asked how the Block 117 RFP uses specific language that directs control. The Mayor responded that Block 117 will be developed as a whole block. Mr. Barrett said that his concern is what type of language is included in the sale of a large piece of property to enforce how the developers use that property. Village Attorney Blondin said that some restrictions can be incorporated in the deed to transfer the property. There are numerous ways to deal with how the property is developed. Mr. Barrett asked if the Village would include language in the transfer of the property to direct to some extent how it is developed. The Manager said that in terms of an RFP for Block 117 or the landbank project, the Village would have a redevelopment agreement in place and the property would not be transferred until the redevelopment occurred. The guidelines in the RFP for Block 117 were very specific, and staff did a tremendous job in putting it together.

Commissioner Schnell said the Block 117 RFP contained specific definition in terms of the amount of greenspace, the height of the structure, etc. That is what she would like to see incorporated into this RFP .

Commissioner Sisul said they can set specifications in the redevelopment agreement as they are buying the Village’s land.

Mr. Barrett said he is pursuing this because he is learning more about the redevelopment of the downtown area. He has not read a redevelopment document and asked if there is an example of a redevelopment agreement available on the Village website. The Mayor said staff would have something available and get it back to him.

Larry Rosol , 6556 Berrywood, said that parcels 1, 2 and 3 are unusable if they have to meet the 25’ setback, because they are too shallow. He asked whether they can be grandfathered in. Commissioner Sisul asked what the setback was, and Mr. Rosol said it was 5-10 feet. Commissioner Sisul agreed that they will have to be flexible with the front yard setbacks and address that in the RFP . The Manager said that staff will continue to work on this and come back to the Council with adjustments to the RFP .

Natural Gas Fueling Facility:

  • a. Agreement with Gas Technology Institute.
  • b. Agreement with City of Chicago.
  • c. CNG Vehicle Purchase.

Deputy Village Manager Jerry Sprecher provided background information on this agreement originating in February 2000. The Village received a $2468,000 CMAQ grant for the construction of a Natural Gas fueling facility in the Village. In the past year there has been much negotiating between the parties to get the agreement in order. Staff is requesting that the Council approve proceeding with an agreement with the City of Chicago and the Gas Technology Institute to construct the fueling facility at the Public Works site. Secondly, staff is requesting authorization of an agreement with the City of Chicago as administrator of the CMAQ grant. Thirdly, staff requests authorization of six CNG vehicles into the Village fleet.

Mr. Sprecher said he believes the Village will be the first of the grantees to have a facility up and operating. Construction can be started and completed in a matter of a few weeks. It will consist of an approximately 9’x20’ structure. He noted that Staff Attorney Enza Petrarca has negotiated with the Gas Technology Institute, Clean Fuel Services, and the City of Chicago for the past year on this project. He said that the Village will be building an approximately $300,000 facility and spend less than $20,000 as its share, as GTI will fund most of the Village’s share.

The Mayor congratulated staff on its negotiations for this project. He said that other communities have already contacted the Village to use the facility, and the fee charged should allow the Village to recoup its share of the of the facility and maintenance costs.

The Manager said this would be on the Consent Agenda for April 3.

Expansion of Village Council. Village Attorney Daniel Blondin said that last March’s referendum resulted in a decision to increase the Village Council from five to seven members. There will be an election in April to choose the additional Council members. He said the Ordinance he is presenting addresses a number of mechanical changes to reflect seven rather than five members. Secondly, it addresses the number of votes required to adopt any Ordinance, Resolution, etc. Thirdly, the function and duties of the Mayor Pro Tem are defined and clarified. Regarding standing Committees, Attorney Blondin said the Ordinance also considers the creation of a Finance and Administration Committee, Public Safety Committee and Public Works Committee. These would be referral committees

Commissioner McConnell asked whether the term “shall” is correct, as it sounds like an ad hoc committee. Attorney Blondin it can be done as an ad hoc committee system, but was envisioned as established committees. It was intended that the items to be assigned would be ad hoc, and they might not always have something to meet about. The Mayor added it would be similar to the DuPage Water Commission.

Commissioner McConnell asked whether the Mayor has something specific in mind with these committees. Mayor Krajewski responded that he suggested to the Village Attorney to look into creating standing committees. He said Commissioner Gilbert and Attorney Blondin worked on the language for these committees.

Commissioner Gilbert said they were established so that some of the issues that come before the Council could be studied in more depth. It would spread the work load as well. The choice of the three committees represent the three major areas of work for the Village. One committee would address administrative issues, rather than administration.

Commissioner McConnell asked if they might change the agenda to include standing committee reports and the Mayor said that was correct. Commissioner McConnell asked about C3 under Mayor Pro Tem, to assure that the Council members have access to the Mayor. The Mayor said this takes some of the burden off of the Mayor to call Council members. He said that the Council members could still call the Mayor directly.

Commissioner Gilbert added that the discussion was related to the review and evaluations of the Village Manager. He said the Village Manager is placed in a difficult position serving as a referee. This provides for a system whereby the Village Manager is not placed in the middle of a situation. It is not meant to restrict discussions. It allows the Council to operate more as a body separate from the Manager. They felt there should be some mediating factor in the creation of the agenda. Concerning the Agenda, Commissioner Gilbert said there are five criteria which control the agenda: Statutory requirements, petitions before the Council, Council initiatives, staff initiatives and public initiatives. The Village Manager and Village Attorney have to be able to control a good portion of it. The Council initiative and public initiative have to come back to the Council. They are looking for a better flow of information from the Council to staff, and within the Council itself.

Commissioner Schnell asked if the intent of the committee system is to replace the workshop with committee meetings. The Mayor said that was not the intent. Commissioner Schnell said that they may want to change the starting time of the Council meetings if committee meetings precede the regular Workshop and Council meetings. She also said she would like to see a definition of each committee including the duties, function and responsibilities. Commissioner Gilbert said the wording was chosen so as not to restrict the committees in their considerations. He felt further restrictions might prevent the committee from reviewing an issue. Commissioner Schnell said she was not so concerned with specific issues as to the workings of the committees. She asked how other communities define their committees. Commissioner Gilbert said he looked at two examples which were set up similar to this, without being defined too tightly. They are not regulatory boards.

Commissioner Schnell then commented on section 4A which has wording that allows a Mayor Pro Tem’s term to extend beyond those terms of the Mayor or Council that chose him. Commissioner Gilbert said that is covered in the next sentence.

Commissioner Sisul said he liked the idea of committees as they will have a positive effect of involving new Commissioner members in projects right away. It is a good training ground as well. Regarding the makeup of the committees, he said it states that it will consist of two members, including a chair person. He asked how the chair person is appointed, and whether more people will be involved. The Mayor said it would also include the Village Manager, Deputy Village Manager and Department Directors. Commissioner Gilbert said the Mayor would direct who the chair would be, subject to confirmation by the Council.

The Manager said this would be placed on the April 17 Active Agenda.

Ordinance Revision – Open Burning. Village Attorney Blondin stated that staff has surveyed other communities on the issue of outdoor fireplaces. There was basically a lack of ordinances dealing with the issue. He stated that they pulled information from the BOCA Code and developed the Ordinance presented to the Council based upon that information. There are two issues, one of which is where the burning occurs and in what types of containers. Secondly, there is the issue of what can be burned. The ordinance identified recreational fires, and recreational campfires burning seasoned dry firewood only, excluding leaves, grass, etc.

Commissioner Gilbert asked that the word “controlled” be added, such as “controlled burning of recreational fires.” It provides more regulatory power to the Fire Department and Code Enforcement. In addition, he asked that the wording “safely” be added to the wording.

Commissioner McConnell said they could also add the wording “cannot be unattended” or “always attended” to the definition. In addition, she asked what an approved container was. Attorney Blondin said it would be a container designed and intended for that purpose. In further response to Commissioner McConnell, Attorney Blondin said that the Fire Department has reviewed this document.

Commissioner Sisul commented on the description of materials not to be burned, noting that sometimes paper is used as an igniter, and not for the purpose of burning. Regarding twigs and branches, he asked if the concern was the smoke produced from green, unseasoned wood. Attorney Blondin said the problem is that the Code Enforcement people have to be able to determine whether the materials comply or do not comply. The intent was cut, seasoned, dry firewood.

Commissioner Schnell said a resident called and asked what is meant by seasoned, dried firewood. Attorney Blondin said there is no good model to use. They can define the dimensions of the wood as well as the dried quality of the wood. The enforcement people will then have to determine whether or not it is appropriate. He noted that there will have to be further revisions, based on some of the comments made this evening. He said staff would rework the Ordinance and forward it to the Council for further review.

Motor Fuel Tax Resolution. The Manager said this Resolution is for calendar year 2001, and allows the Village to spend the motor fuel tax funds for various street projects. He estimates $1,350,000 in motor fuel tax funds for this year. He said that the streets under consideration for repair were listed in the Council’s packets. The Mayor asked that the list be placed on cable TV so residents know what streets are scheduled for work.


Attorney Blondin said he was only presenting one Resolution to the Council concerning the maintenance of streets and highways by the Village under the Illinois Highway Code.


Tim Hart , 945 Curtiss, said he was present last week to discuss the downtown redevelopment, the SSA and the TIF District. Mr. Hart referred to a comment made by a resident at that meeting regarding a tractor on a street that was unsafe. That comment upset him, but he was especially bothered by the man’s comment that Johnson Printing was paid too much for their relocation. Mr. Hart said he knows that the Council felt they gave a fair price. He also knows that Mr. Johnson was upset by the comment. Mr. Hart said he does not appreciate the “cheap shots” at the Council or at Mr. Johnson by the man who did not know much about the history of Mr. Johnson’s business.

Martin Tully , 3678 Venard, commented on the fact that it was announced that CD ROM disks would be available to the Council. He asked whether this would be available on the website and the Mayor said it would be, and was already available on the website at this time.


Commissioner Sisul said there was construction on Main Street once again. He reminded the residents that this is the 4th year of the downtown construction. He asked everyone for their patience, and asked that they do not forget the merchants on Main Street. The traffic patterns and the parking have been working well. He hopes that the business can stay. Three years of reduced sales is difficult for any business to handle. He reiterated his wish that residents will support the downtown businesses during this time.

Commissioner Schnell said that when people come down Main to Franklin, they should be extra cautious and concerned for school children crossing.

The Mayor said he visited O’Neill Middle School on Friday, and they were in the middle of their Student Council election. He congratulated the winners for the Student Council who were Jeff Verboda for President, Tom Vaska as Vice President, Amanda Cemeria as Secretary, and Lindsay Christensen as Treasurer.

The Mayor also wished good luck to all of the candidates for the Village Council in the election on Tuesday.

The Manager said that there are still some issues being studied with regards to the CBD project, including traffic safety at Franklin and Main Street. The results of those studies will be brought back to the Council.

There being no further discussion, the Workshop meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

April K. Holden Village Clerk tmh/