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Facility Sustainability Plan

Update: Thursday, February 21, 2019

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You can watch the Facilities Sustainability Plan discussions here:

How to Participate

It is important that this process actively engages the community and provides many opportunities for participation.  Opportunities for participation include:

  • Attend Public Meetings - Meeting dates, times and locations will be publicized on this page of the website and through the Village's Facebook page and Twitter feed. 
  • Email the Village at 
  • Watch meetings live on YouTube and Channel 6 


Summary of the Issue

This process is designed to develop a long-term plan for the sustainable maintenance and operations of its facilities, with particular emphasis on the Police Station and Village Hall.  The issues facing the Village are summarized below:

  1. A 2012 Facility Condition Assessment identified $10.3 million of maintenance needs - $3.6 million in the Police Station and $6.7 million at Village Hall

  2. The age and condition of both facilities have resulted in operational deficiencies that can interfere with efficient service delivery and effective employee/customer interaction.  

  3. The Village has limited resources available to undertake improvements to these facilities.

Supporting Information/Resources

The following information has been compiled to provide more detailed information for those interested in understanding the maintenance needs and operational deficiencies within the Police Station and Village Hall:


During the August 18, 2015 Long-Range Planning session, the Village Council identified "Create a Facilities Sustainability Plan" as a top-priority action item. This action item consists of creating a plan to address maintenance and functional needs of the Village's buildings, including Village Hall and the Police Station. More information can be found in the Long Range Plan Report. 

The Village Hall and Police Station were specifically identified because they are categorized as "Below Average / Requiring Major Renovation" by a 2012 Facility Condition Assessment of major Village facilities. The Facility Condition Assessment was performed by an outside expert hired by the Village to provide an impartial assessment and set of recommended improvements for the future maintenance of Village facilities. The other five major buildings, which include four fire stations and the Public Works Facility, were determined to all be in maintainable condition.  

Summary Table of Police Station and Village Hall

Table 3. Facility Summary

                              Police Station                               Village Hall

Year Constructed



Year Occupied



Current Size (sq ft)



Employees (FTE)



Departments Housed

  • Police Department

  • Finance Department
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Community Development
  • Legal
  • Village Clerk's Office
  • Village Manager's Office

Functions Performed

  • Administration/Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Customer Service Area
  • Booking/Detention Area
  • Evidence Processing/Storage
  • Dispatch Center
  • Patrol/Roll Call Room
  • Investigations
  • Firing Range
  • Locker Rooms
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Administration/Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Customer Service Area

Top Maintenance Needs
(identified by Facility
Condition Assessment)

Photo Galleries:


  • HVAC System Replacement ($915,000)
  • Electrical System Upgrade ($540,000)
  • Window Replacements ($454,000)
  • Interior Lighting Upgrade ($322,000)
  • Elevator Installation ($217,000)
  • Carpeting Renewal ($164,000)
  • Roof Replacement ($151,000)
  • Locker Room and Restroom ADA Renovations ($126,000)
  • Water Supply Piping Replacement ($119,000) 
  • HVAC System Replacement ($1,950,000)
  • Electrical System Upgrade ($908,000)
  • Interior Lighting Upgrade ($480,000)
  • Roof Replacement ($462,000)
  • Boiler Replacement ($434,000)
  • Window Replacement ($391,000)
  • Passenger Elevator Installation ($313,000)
  • Carpet Replacement ($273,000)
  • Water Supply Piping Replacement ($187,000)

Operational Deficiencies

Photo Galleries:


  • Interview Areas Lack Privacy
  • Evidence Storage Inefficient
  • Space for Investigations and other Key Functions Limited
  • Lockers Don't Hold Gear and  Equipment
  • Vehicle Parking not Secure
  • Lobby Area Space Limited
  • Challenges in Accommodating Large Public Meetings
  • Space to Meet with Permit Applicants Limited
  • Inefficient Interior Space Layout
  • Multiple Public Access Points

Staff Report: Evaluation of Proposals

The following information was released on February 24, 2017 and includes evaluation/analysis of the development proposals and information about the Village's proposed combined facility: