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Stormwater Project Analysis Report 2014

The 2014 Stormwater Project Analysis includes a new approach for prioritizing stormwater capital improvement projects that is consistent with the Village's fee-based stormwater utility.

The goal of this new approach is to establish a minimum service level standard for stormwater management such that the stormwater system will safely convey and store 95% of all rainfall events.

2014 Stormwater Project Analysis Report

The 2014 Stormwater Project Analysis includes a new way to prioritize projects which:

  • Assigns a priority level (High, Medium or Low) to each project based on the extent to which the existing stormwater system achieves the minimum service level standard. For example, a project that would serve an area that currently has no stormwater infrastructure would be a High priority.
  • Prioritizes projects within each level based on cost effectiveness (the cost of the project compared to the amount of impervious surface in the area served by the project).

Implementing this cost effective approach to stormwater improvements allows the Village to:

  • Align the stormwater project decision making process with the stormwater utility fee-based system (project investment decisions would be based on the cost per amount of impervious area served just as fees are based on the amount of impervious area)
  • Construct stormwater improvements where they are most needed
  • Provide a uniform level of stormwater management services to all properties
  • Improve the predictability and transparency of project decision making process