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Tax Rates

Property Tax

Table 1: 2019 property tax breakdown.
2019 Property TaxPer $100 of Assessed Valuation
Village Government 0.2683
Fire Pension 0.1536
Police Pension 0.1385
Village Library 0.2103

Downers Grove's property tax bills are issued by DuPage County on or about May 1st of each year for the preceding tax year (e.g. tax bills issued in 2019 apply to 2018 taxes). Your property tax bill is made up of payments to a number of separate local government units including county, township, village, library, fire district, park district, and various school districts. 

Your tax bill is computed based on the assessed value of your property  multiplied by a tax rate. Learn more about the assessment process HERE.

Sales Tax

Table 2: Sales tax rates breakdown.
Sales Tax RatesTotal Tax Rate%  to Village
General Merchandise 8.00% 
Qualifying Food and Drug 1.75% 1%
Vehicles 7.00%  1%

The Village receives a portion of retail sales taxes collected by businesses operating within Downers Grove. Questions related to the collection and administration of sales tax should be directed to the Illinois Department of Revenue. All Illinois municipalities receive 1.00% of the State of Illinois sales tax rate of 6.25% on general merchandise.

In addition, municipalities that have "home rule" designation, such as Downers Grove, may impose an additional sales tax (home rule sales tax) on top of the state rate. Downers Grove collects an additional 1.00% home rule sales tax.

Utility Taxes

Table 3: Breakdown of Utility Taxes and Rates
Utility TaxesRate or %
Natural Gas $.015/therm
Electricity 3.5%



Natural Gas Tax

The Village taxes natural gas usage at $.015 per therm. This tax appears on the utility bill from Nicor.

Electricity Tax

The Village taxes electric usage at 3.5% times consumption. This tax appears on the utility bill from your electric provider.

Telecommunications Tax

The 6%  telecommunications tax is imposed on gross charges for all intrastate and interstate messages. It includes charges for home phones, cellular phones, internet and pagers.  This tax appears on the utility bill from your telecommunications provider.

Other Taxes Collected by the Village

Table 4: Other Taxes collected by Village and Rates
Other Taxes

Rate or %
Hotel  4.5%
Motor Fuel Tax  $0.015/gallon
Food and  Beverage  1.5% (as of March 1, 2021)
Real Estate Transfer None