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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan goals for 2011 to 2018 are as follows:

  • Steward of Financial and Environmental Sustainability
  • Exceptional Municipal Services
  • Top Quality Infrastructure
  • Strong, Diverse Local Economy
  • Continual Innovation

2013 High Priority Action Items



Target Completion Date


Historic Building Survey

Survey of historic and architecturally significant resources to maintain Certified Local Government status



Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Code Update

Update to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Code to Align with the Recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan



Downtown Parking Plan

Implementation of plan recommendations for mix and location of parking, fees & permits, & need for additional parking and enforcement



Wireless Alarm System

Implementation of a Wireless Alarm System to communicate fire alarm activations to VOC



Fire Protection SSA

Creation of a Special Service Taxing Area for Unincorporated Residences that  Receive Village Fire and EMS Services



Downtown Dumpster Enclosure

Construction of a Shared Dumpster Enclosure for Downtown Businesses



Library Bond Refunding

Refund of 2003 Library Bonds to Take Advantage of Favorable Interest Rates



Neighborhood Traffic Management Improvements

Completion of Traffic Study and Improvements in area bound by Ogden Avenue to the north, Main Street to the east, Warren Avenue to the south and Lee Avenue



Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction in Concorde Square Unit 2 and Oak Grove Unit 3. Concorde Square Unit 2 consists of Camden, Ticonderoga, Alamance, Monmouth, Valley Forge and Bunker Hill. Oak Grove Unit 3 consists of Scheldrup, Branding and Butterfield Frontage Road.



Healthcare Reform Preparation

Identify, implement and communicate requirements of the Health Care Reform Act to employees




2012 High Priority Action Items

Completed Items